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12 Pack Cincinnati Chili Mix packets
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5 Reddit comments about 12 Pack Cincinnati Chili Mix packets:

u/major_lugo · 4 pointsr/cincinnati

You could order these -

I get them from walmart or Krogers, and personally I think it tastes better than the skyline brand version.

Its pretty simple. Just boil hamburger, add in spice packet.

I also like adding a heaping spoonfull of crushed garlic.

To be honest, you'll probably have a lynch mob after you if you call Cincinnati Chili Chili to people out west. Refer to it as "Hot dog sauce". I like both kinds, but I've noticed people that aren't from this area tend to order a bowl of Cincinnati Chili then get pissed when its not what they expect as "chili". "What the fuck is this shit? Its just boiled meat water!"

u/DrStephenFalken · 3 pointsr/baseball

> Cincinnati Recipe packets

I thought you were bullshitting then I went and looked at them on Amazon. You're right they're made by /for Skyline.

u/whodaloo · 3 pointsr/LasVegas

If you're hurting... - pretty close if you need a fix.

Can't help with the goetta though. Smith's is owned by Kroger, maybe they can get a case.

u/omeara4pheonix · 1 pointr/cincinnati

I saw you went with a case of cans, but for future reference the packets are normally cheaper online. This brand is skyline (the fine print on the back says skytime but the address is the skyline factory in Fairfield on Thunderbird Ln.) and comes out closer to restaurant quality IMO. One packet makes about 4 cans worth of chili.

Edit: Now I see someone else suggested the same idea.