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12 Rules for Life: An Antidote to Chaos
What does everyone in the modern world need to know? Renowned psychologist Jordan B. Peterson's answer to this most difficult of questions uniquely combines the hard-won truths of ancient tradit with the stunning revelations of cutting-edge scientific research.Humorous, surprising and informative, Dr. Peterson tells us why skateboarding boys and girls must be left alone, what terrible fate awaits those who criticize too easily, and why you should always pet a cat when you meet one on the street.
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u/justplainmark · 80 pointsr/JordanPeterson

Hi there! Thanks for taking the time to ask honest questions and start conversation. It benefits everyone when we’re able to discuss openly without the vitriol and condescension often found in other places online.

I want to start by stating that I don’t consider /r/JordanPeterson to be a right wing sub. I consider myself fairly left, though more of a centrist than most of my friends. Example: I voted for Hillary in the last election, have mixed thoughts on gun control, dislike the identity politics that have lately become more prevalent on the internet/campuses lately, am pro-choice, and have been openly gay for about 12 years now. I’m more interested in the message that Jordan Peterson promotes than the politics sometimes discussed here. Jordan Peterson all types, so you sometimes get that "lol leftist cucks" garbage every now and then but it's not the spirit of the sub as a whole.

That said, let me try to answer your questions as honestly as I can:

Question #1

I don’t consider universities to be dominated by radical leftists. I consider universities to be places where people can openly discuss their views, learn new ideas, and have their ideas challenged in environments that encourage growth and understanding (and based on your tone and style, I feel we agree on this). However, I disagree with your equating departments like economics, engineering, and law with social sciences like gender studies or social justice largely because the approach to the ideology is very, very different. My understanding is that the objection to social sciences doesn’t stem from the fact that they’re more liberal/left, but that they are more interested in silencing and shaming people who disagree with them than other typical college departments.

Let me give you an example. Imagine a context where a left leaning economics student disagreed with a professor’s take on financial policy, or a visiting speaker’s approach to the foreign exchange market. An objection voiced in class, office hours, or during the Q&A portion of a speaking event would likely spark meaningful conversation where multiple viewpoints are presented. Outside of people rolling their eyes at each other in class, it’s unlikely that fellow economics majors would call for professor resignations, disrupt a speaking event, or openly shame each other for disagreeing.

Generally speaking, Engineering, Business, Economics, and Law majors would not sabotage a speaking event they disagree with, or vandalize campus property in an attempt to disrupt an idea they didn’t like, or barricade a door and imply physical harm to their opponents.

My point is this: the objection is not that the social sciences are left; the objection is that generally speaking, they are more likely to shut down an opponent than listen to them, which is the start of fascism (this is not hyperbole - the forcible repression of opposition is literally one of the tenants of fascism).

Remember above when I said that universities are places where people can openly discuss their views, learn new ideas, and have their ideas challenged in environments that encourage growth and understanding? Social sciences often (not always) stand in stark contrast to this by presenting their ideas with the caveat “agree with me, or else.”

You wouldn’t see this behavior from Engineering, Business, Economics, and Law majors.

Question 2

I mostly answered this in my answer to your first question, but my main objection is that the majority of social science classes actively discourage debate. The links I provided above are a small sample, and I could easily put together a larger list.

Again, you would not see this behavior in Engineering, Business, Economics, and Law classes.

Question 3
>You always seem to be championing traditional social hierarchies/relationships and also the primacy of the individual. But traditional social arrangements placed women in a socially subservient position with greatly diminished options for individual fulfillment relative to males. How do you reconcile this contradiction?

I haven’t seen anyone in this sub champion traditional social hierarchies, nor do I remember any comments from Jordan Peterson in his recent book suggest this. JP talks a great deal about how it’s the responsibility of the individual for self-improvement, but I’ve never heard him suggest that social repression of women was women’s fault. Assuming I haven’t misunderstood your question, is it possible you’ve mis-inferred this somewhere?

>Do you really presume to tell women they'd have more individual fulfillment if they gave up their autonomy and submitted to a backwards social relationship?

God, no. I have yet to see any posts from this sub or concepts presented by JP that would imply women would be happier in a subservient social role. In fact there are plenty of places in his last book that would say otherwise (that subservience isn’t a useful trait). Where are you getting this?

>Likewise with racial minorities.

Nope. No one is suggesting this.

Question 4

>You're always advancing this notion that leftists are gonna impose totalitarian oppression on society any day.

Are we? Where?

>Do you really think that rad-fems are at the cusp of seizing absolute power?

No, but it’s disheartening to see radical feminists discourage conversation, or assume that disagreeing with them is some moral sin that makes me a monster.

Question 5

I disagree with most Evangelicals I meet, and I do consider many of the practices of the religious right to be totalitarian.

Question 6

I have a lot of concern for the group-think of churches, especially ones that tell their followers how to vote and yet don’t pay any taxes. It’s appalling.

One question for you - have you read any of Peterson’s books? I’ll totally buy you a copy of 12 Rules if you’re interested.

u/Francis_Dollar_Hide · 38 pointsr/personalfinance

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  1. Get into physical shape, start working out. You don't need a gym, you can use your own body weight and Calisthenics. Try r/bodyweightfitness this will help you to improve your sense of self worth and give you motivation to succeed in other areas.
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  3. Read this:

    Good luck!
u/Curudril · 20 pointsr/MurderedByWords

Well, you might want to start with the famous Cathy Newman interview which got a lot of attention. Then, you can get to many of his debates from here. If you are interested to learn more about the ideas Dr. Peterson defends, you can see some videos on his youtube channel. There are also cuts from his lectures all over youtube. A random clip from a lecture. He recently published a book 12 rules for life. And this quora segment pretty much sums up all the basic stuff:

EDIT: typos

u/HalfwayHoagie · 13 pointsr/comicbooks

Interesting, I specifically asked you to be specific. I am maybe a tenth through this article, which is incredibly long and full of problems in journalistic writing, and it hasn't said anything that Ethan has done specifically. I do not hold anyone responsible for what other people do, and so far that is the only accusation this article has leveled against Ethan. He 'associates' with accounts that say bad things... which, from glancing below this person isn't against showing embedded tweets, but chooses not to embed the tweets of Ethan associating with people saying bad things. But even if it were showing him associating with those people, he isn't saying anything bad. He isn't responsible for other people. And I don't like people who witch hunt others based on who they talk to on twitter... as though people go through the entire history of the people they interact with and vet them like a politician would - it's ridiculous.

Now I am a little further in and I have some more thoughts, like this person, for the length of this article, didn't do a lot of research. An example is when this person states that "Van Sciver illustrated the cover of Peterson’s latest book, 12 Rules for Life,..." Say what you will about the books contents or the books author, Ethan didn't illustrate the cover. He created illustrations for the chapters - THERE ISN'T EVEN AN ILLUSTRATION ON THE COVER.

Later on the author brings up when Ethan offered Darryl Ayo a platform to talk to John Malin, because they were having a disagreement. He invited Darryl Ayo on, even though Darryl had called Ethan a Nazi, multiple times - to which Ethan takes offence. It seems to me that Ethan is honorable here, taking the opportunity to talk rather than to continue flaming on twitter, but the authors slant appears to be toward Darryl. Darrly claimed that "People should call for Ethan to lose his job because of the creepy stunt that he tried to pull." This was Darryl's response to an offer to TALK. Go check out the other interviews Ethan did on his channel, they are the most tame content he does, and way less cringey than his Star Wars videos.

This article continues to appear hold Ethan responsible for what other people do and say on Twitter, which he is not responsible for. He never calls for anyone to harass Darryl, or anyone else - which if he had I doubt expect this article would have quoted.

I stopped about 2/3 through this article. Do you seriously think this is evidence of Ethans misbehavior or racism or bigotry or whatever you think he is? I said be specific, you sent an article must be well over 3000 words long, of which I read of a portion that was about 2500 words. I also read the embedded tweets and the screenshots, and not one thing in there is something Ethan did wrong.

So you can either get specific, or you can send another long rambling article with no evidence. It's up to you, but I won't read another one. It shouldn't be that hard to find something evil he said. I can find plenty of evil things that people on the left have said. And I think seriously calling someone who isn't a Nazi, A Nazi, is pretty evil - and there is an abundant supply of that on twitter from the people who think themselves Ethans enemy.

u/matlockmatt · 11 pointsr/brasil

1- Arrume um emprego - vai conhecer pessoas, ganhar seu salario, e conhecer mais de si mesmo sobre que tipo de trabalho você quer fazer pro resto da sua vida ou não. Se não gostou do que trabalhou, mude. Ou, se não gosta mas paga bem e é algo suportável, fique. Essa história de trabalho dos sonhos é utopia. Você não precisa necessariamente amar seu trabalho, você pode gostar bastante do salário deste trabalho e as coisas que este salário te proporciona fazer, como viagens etc... Basta não ser um trabalho que te deixe louco por você odiá-lo.

2- Vá pra uma academia e cuide de sua aparência - vai melhorar sua auto estima

3- Faça algum esporte que goste ou tem interesse em fazer - outra boa forma de conhecer pessoas e criar amizades

Enfim, foque no seu desenvolvimento pessoal e social, não tem como você conhecer pessoas, ter amigos, conhecer potenciais namoradas sem sair de casa.

Also, leia este livro:
Veja os vídeos dele, é um psicólogo professor da universidade de toronto e um cara muito foda que ja me esclareceu muita coisa.
Acredito que falta pouco tempo pra chegar o traduzido.

u/Kathend1 · 7 pointsr/AskMen

Tell you one I'd like to read, if I had the time or expendable income..

[12 Rules for Life: An antidote to Chaos] (

I'm currently half way through his YouTube lectures, although he can be hard to follow at times, and his train of thought is often branched, he speaks many very profound truths.

u/[deleted] · 6 pointsr/JordanPeterson

This is a decent place to start:

Why ask someone on here to boil down in third person when you can get the info you seek straight from the source?

u/Big_Theta · 6 pointsr/chapotraphouse2

I gotchu homie

PM me your address before the boycott starts

u/sethinthebox · 5 pointsr/slatestarcodex

It seems like your real question is how to deal with the anxiety of facing chaos. I choose drugs and alcohol, but I suppose you could try reading Peterson's book.

u/Buzz-Kill-Joy · 5 pointsr/asktrp

Seconded. I would also just add his book “12 rules for life” and his lecture series “Personality and its transformation

u/farewell_traveler · 5 pointsr/suggestmeabook

12 Rules for Life. I'm halfway through it myself, but thus far its proven to be an insightful read.

u/512165381 · 5 pointsr/raisedbynarcissists

> Called my wife


> Pulled a knife on me


> So after my dad tells me "I'm done with you - don't call me anymore. I don't want you in my life."....he tells me right after that he's still going to be at my law school graduation ceremony???

Intermittent reinforcement.

> What kind of person disowns their kid - but then also says

Chaos. The point is ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... there is no point.

Concentrate on the word "chaos" in the picture above. Notice the cycle ... ... ... ... ... never ends. Its completely pointless and does nothing but waste your time.

Concentrate on the word "chaos" in the book above.

u/jp_books · 5 pointsr/NormMacdonald

You referenced a tweet from December. Unless you're looking for a reason to be angry at Andy Richter the Swedish-German there is no way that you see that tweet six months later.

> Retard, read the post again.

Jordan Peterson wrote a pretty good book to help grown men who aren't able to deal with the stress of people disagreeing with them.

u/CircadianRadian · 5 pointsr/intj

Buy him this as a breakup gift.

u/MattP598 · 5 pointsr/GetMotivated

I didn't see what your exact age in your post so I'm not sure exactly how old you are, but I'm guessing you are around 10 years younger than me and I am 38.

I'm not going to be able to give you any answers unfortunately, because I still don't have any, but tell you about me and hope that maybe it helps you in some way.

I was raised in an almost perfect family. Now, my dad is one of the most stubborn, hard to talk to, and a person that has that old school mentality that men don't talk about the way they feel and they keep it all inside them and just get over it. Also my parents are extremely Christian, not that that is a bad thing, but I think it has kind of shaped me in my life. I'll explain a little more later. My dad is also one of the most absolutely hardest working people I've ever seen. He's retired now but it doesn't matter because he's still up out of bed at 6.30am, 7 am every morning and then he is outside doing some kind of physical labor all day. He is almost working on something, it's amazing. I would kill to have a tenth of work ethic. I just wanted to give you a little back ground information on my life.

I went to high school, never studied, was always highly active in sports, then college, and pretty much the same way. I did the bare minimum to get by all the time in everything I did. I've never had any passion for any kind of career, still don't. That has led to me never having any kind of job I enjoy.

When I was in college I was like most college age kids and partied(is that how you spell that?} on weekends. I always liked to have fun first before responsibilities. I'm a huge procrastinater, and always have been. Also, even though, I was a party person, I was always socially awkward and shy which led to very few relationships of any kind. I have a very small number of close, and have been in only a couple of romantic relationships in my life that always ended in me being dumped. So I have always had very low self esteem. Alright so I graduated college, moved away to a city a couple of hours from where I grew up and started working at a decent paying job. It was an easy job with decent pay. Did I like it? Of course not. Since I knew no one in the city I started drinking a lot. My weekend party habit turned into a daily drinking habit. The little bit of social life I had turned into none. You combine all this together and remember how I was raised led to a ton of guilt and lowered self esteem even more.

That led to even more substance abuse. So much so I thought I was having a heart attack at one point and called 911. It turned out to be a severe panic attack. I don't know changed in that part of my life but I think it was a combination of everything. My few friends were all getting married by this point. I developed severe anxiety and depression. This was probably around 25 or 26 years old. So the doctor prescribed me with anti-depressants of course, never mentioned therapy, and then my anxiety started to stabilize, and depression eased up a bit and allowed me to continue with my life. However, I never changed my lifestyle. So I continued to use drugs and alcohol.

A couple of years later, I was 28, the company I worked for was bought out and I was laid off. Combine that with substance abuse, a lack of friends, lack of hobbies, no motivation, and 0 dating and its not good.

Unfortunately I just got a phone call and have to step out so I will be back in a few to finish my story. In the meantime watch this and bookmark this guy's YouTube channel....

Ok finally back..... I know this is gotten long so I will try and hurry. It's good for me to write it though, and if it is even a small chance it could help you or someone else it's worth it to me.

So anyways, I was laid off about 10 and a half years ago. I had to move back home with my family because my lifestyle didn't lead to any kind of savings the way I was living. During the last 10 years I can't count the number of meaningless, low paying jobs I have had despite having a degree and experience in the IT field. The IT field, I received my degree in Management Information Systems, is one of those fields you have to constantly continue learning and I never did that. Because like I said before, I didn't have any type of passion about it, I just knew I kinda liked computers so that is what I decided on after changing my major two previous time. So I lack the skills necessary to get a job especially now. 10 years of not working in the IT field and everything has completely changed. However, I'm still paying back that massive student load bill but that's a whole other topic. I have a job now and I scrape by barely but it's pretty miserable. I'm still battling addiction. It is getting better because I finally decided to make some changes. Now it is very, very slowly getting better but any step in that direction is better than going the other way. One of the reasons I started making some changes is because of the guy I posted in the link above. He is psychology professor and one of the smartest human beings on the planet IMO. Now there will probably be people who reply to this and bring politics into because Jordan Peterson became a well known name after his stance on the Canadian Government trying to pass a law that basically says you have to call transgender people by the pronoun of their choice and they are just a bunch of made up words basically. It's nonsense. Peterson doesn't have a problem with transgender people only the fact that the government is trying to interfere in basically the English language and making laws about it. So if anyone brings any of that up just ignore that political crap.

He has tons of videos on depression, suicide, motivation, just basically anything to do with ways to help you improve your life. The one that truly made me make the decision to start making changes is one in which he talks about 5 factors that ultimately lead to depression and/or suicide. These include.... substance abuse, lack of social circle, lack of intimate relationships, no job/structure/goal, and additional health problems. He says that in his experience in in working with people with depression is that if you suffer from 3 of those problems it is nearly impossible to overcome. I have 4. I do have a job, but it's a meaningless job and the only structure I have is going to work and back home to lay on the couch or go to bed. So you can see I have 4 out of 5. I don't have any additional health problems....YET.

So you can see how when, what I consider to be, one of the smartest men in the world say something like that it's horrifying. Because I could always lie to myself and say that I would start changing later. I will post the link to that video as well.

My whole point in this is to say that I am closing in on 40 and I am in a worse situation than you. There is a very good chance I will never recover from this and it's going to end badly somehow, someway, with that either being dead, homeless, or in prison. So I believe that has shaken me enough to tell myself to at least try. I've started making daily goals to accomplish. It might something as simple as coming home from work and going walking, doing the dishes, and studyiing/reading. I probably won't do 95% of them most of the time but it's a step forward even if it's just 5% of the time. I have signed up for one of the thousands of online courses in computer programming I've always thought computer science was interesting. Now I'm not passionate about it but I'm working on that. I'm getting help for substance abuse and going to meetings/therapy and it's getting better. But I still have a long, long way to go and I may be in my 50's even if it does finally work out.

So what I'm saying to you is..... don't do what I have done. Change things now, not tomorrow, but right now. Do not tell yourself you will do it tomorrow. Even if it is going and cleaning your room and doing situps after you read this....anything. You still have some time to correct things and have a productive life and a family if you want it. More than likely I will never have my own family and that is extremely difficult to think about. If you were anything like me you probably used to think about getting married someday and starting a family and there is a very very good chance I will never have that now. There's a really good chance that I won't make it and be dead by the time I'm 50.

So that has motivated me enough for now to at least try for now. Time will only tell what ultimate happens as it is for everybody. You said you didn't suffer from depression so that means you have an excellent opportunity to make a change and take a different path. Good luck! I don't know anything about anything but if you ever need to talk to someone, send me a message. I would be happy to try and help even if it's just by listening. That goes for any other single person that reads this. We can do this!

I just noticed I actually posted a movie link I was watching at the time lol sorry...I corrected it lol
This is the link to the video I mentioned earlier and what I mentioned earlier about the 5 things starts about 2 and half minutes in....
This is another one of just a ton of excellent videos.....

Buy his book and read it as well.....

u/defenee · 4 pointsr/ChapoTrapHouse
u/randomchatbot42 · 3 pointsr/Romania

> In primul rand ca peterson nu prea are treaba cu self help

“Grow up and man up is the message from this rock-star psychologist. . . . [A] hardline self-help manual of self-reliance, good behaviour, self-betterment and individualism that probably reflects his childhood in rural Canada in the 1960s. As with all self-help manuals, there’s always a kernel of truth. Formerly a Harvard professor, now at the University of Toronto, Peterson retains that whiff of cowboy philosophy—one essay is a homily on doing one thing every day to improve yourself. Another, on bringing up little children to behave, is excellent…. [Peterson] twirls ideas around like a magician.” —Melanie Reid, The Times

Din recenziile oficiale de aici

Sunt multe lucruri de dezbatut despre el, dar faptul ca focus-ul lui e self-help mi se pare destul de clar

u/AnxiousBasterd · 3 pointsr/brasilivre

Ele é um psicólogo muito conceituado (Harvard etc) que publicou um livro com 12 regras para dar significado à vida, focando muito em responsabilidade pessoal (clean your room). Lógico os vermelhinhos ficaram butthurt porque eles não gostam de nada que foque no indivíduo, acham que a solução para tudo está na luta de classes/sexos/raças. É essa disparidade que o desenho tenta captar.

A lagosta é um exemplo de como hierarquias não são só normais como estão embutidas no nosso DNA como uma característica imposta durante a evolução. (Os comunistas não gostam de hierarquias, bidu) Isso é demonstrado pelo fato que as lagostas possuem um sistema de controle de estresse muito parecido com o nosso, tão equivalente que antidepressivos feitos para nós (serotonin uptake inhibitors) funcionam em lagostas da mesma forma, apesar de nosso ancestral comum ter aparecido a 600 milhões de anos atrás. Acabou virando um meme depois dessa entrevista desastrosa com a Cathy Newman do Channel 4 UK.

u/MadSparty · 3 pointsr/RedPillWomen

12 Rules For Life: An Antidote to Chaos

If you like fiction, check out Ayn Rand's three novels in order of: Anthem, Fountainhead, and finally Atlas Shrugged. If you must only read one of them, read Fountainhead if you want to learn more about yourself, and Atlas Shrugged if you want to be red-pilled about the world.

u/randoogle_ · 3 pointsr/gainit

INTP/ENTP "spiritual person" here. Your routine and motivation is not the root issue. The self-hate is the root issue. The way you view yourself and how you relate to yourself (and by extension, the world) is very very dysfunctional, and I guarantee it's fucking up your life in more ways than one.

The negative self-talk is not reality, not objective, and not who you really are. The voice in your head is not only wrong and destructive, it's not even you.

You have a disconnect between different parts of yourself. You hate being "grounded" because when you're in that state, your ego isn't in charge, and you're forced to look at everything inside you you've been fighting. Learn to sit with that pain and not fight it... just let it happen, and watch it swell and then recede. This is, in essence, mindfulness meditation.

Try reading some of these, based on what stands out to you. They are all helpful.

  • The Power of Now --A book about the true nature of self and reality. Heavy Eastern influence. This book has influenced me the most out of the list, and maybe even altered the course of my life.

  • Radical Acceptance --A Buddhist book about loving yourself fully and completely. You are worth it!

  • 12 Rules for Life: An Antidote to Chaos --A book by a brilliant man about how to live in a world defined by pain and suffering. Heavy Jungian influence. Quotes and references the Bible a lot, but from a Jungian/Campbellian perspective. Occasionally questionable politics.

  • Iron John --A sort of esoteric book filled with poetry and fairy tales about how to be a man. Heavy Jung/Campbell influence.

  • The Enchiridion by Epictetus --This is one of the best introductions to Stoicism, and it's free. Written circa 125 CE.

  • Feeling Good --CBT book clinically shown to be as effective as antidepressants. Your post is filled with things this book addresses directly. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED

  • The Happiness Trap --A book about ACT, which is similar to CBT with more mindfulness. Basically CBT tries to get rid of/replace the distorted images of yourself and the world, and ACT tries instead to see them for what they really are, which are meaningless ramblings of an organ using evolved mechanisms to protect its host, and as such are safely ignored.

    Tl;dr: Learn to be kind to yourself, love yourself, and accept yourself just as you are right now, flaws and all.
u/rjacome · 3 pointsr/booksuggestions

12 Rules for Life: An Antidote to Chaos – Jordan B. Peterson
Read the table of contents to see if that's what you want:

u/syntaxsmurf · 3 pointsr/Denmark
u/sendddit · 3 pointsr/Vent

12 Rules for Life: An Antidote to Chaos

this book changed my perspective and helped tremendously. this comment will prob get voted down by leftist ideologues but dont listen to them. trust me on this and give this book a shot.

u/MaxManus · 3 pointsr/RedditForGrownups

This book helped me immensly. Hope you give it a go and it does the same for you.

u/QNIA42Gf7zUwLD6yEaVd · 2 pointsr/canada

Don't try to read "Maps of Meaning", listen to the lectures instead. The book is incredibly dense and makes for really dry reading.

I'm about 65% of the way through 12 rules for life, and for the most part it's excellent. I feel like he could've condensed the chapters down a bit more than he did - some tend to run on a little for what you'd expect of a "list of rules" type book, but the messages they're getting across are good.

One thing to note - he heavily references Judeo-Christian Bible stories, and to someone who's not a "believer" it can be a little jarring. The way to look at it is that he's not discussing them as literal true stories (and he makes this point too), but that they're stories that exist because they serve (or served) a social and psychological function, and the underlying themes can absolutely still be relevant (even if you don't believe in bearded sky-zombie-fathers).

u/get_a_rewrite · 2 pointsr/Divorce

I loved:

12 Rules for Life: An Antidote to Chaos. I got the audible, muy excelente. Brilliant content, not a self help book but its drenched my brain with perspective and was very interesting.

Cognitive Behavioral Workbook for depression Very helpful for general behavior mindfulness even if someones not depressed. That book has helped a ton. My therapist says it is a good replacement if I don't have time or interest in therapy.

u/ophel1a_ · 2 pointsr/SeriousConversation

This book helped me and is still helping me. I think it can help you, too. Find Jordan Peterson on YouTube and listen to some of his interviews. :)

u/Amator · 2 pointsr/JordanPeterson

It just came out as a message to Patreon supporters yesterday.

> Hi everyone A couple of things. First, I'd like to welcome my 5000th Patreon, as of today. Second, I want to tell you about what I am doing and my present plans. Here's what I am working on (you can watch the YouTube video instead at But here's the text version. You might be particularly interested in announcement 2.1., my next salvo in the battle for the universities. 1. Launch of new YouTube channel: Jordan B Peterson Clips: This will feature 5-15 minute videos, original and edited from previous lectures, released at the rate of 2-3 per week. 2. Design and pending release of 2.1. a consumer information website aimed at helping students discriminate between courses pushing the post-modern/neo-Marxist cult of indoctrination and those offering a classic education, furthering their ability to communicate and introducing them to the great works of science, technology and civilization. 2.2. The Online Big Five Aspect Scale, which will enable its users to obtain a psychometrically-valid portrait of their personality along the well-established dimensions and aspects of Extraversion (Enthusiasm and Assertiveness), Neuroticism (Withdrawal and Volatility), Agreeableness (Compassion and Politeness), Conscientiousness (Industriousness and Orderliness and, finally, Openness to Experience (Aesthetic Openness and Intellect/Interest in Ideas). In the next stage, we will produce a version of this that will allow pairs of people (parent/child, husband/wife, employer/employee, brother/sister or, simply, friendship pairs) to generate individual reports AND a joint report indicating where conflicts in the relationship are likely to take place and what might be done to bridge the conceptual and perceptual gap. Future plans include adding an IQ test, as well as integrating suggestions for career success (based on the analysis of personality and general cognitive ability). If you go to, you can enter your email address, so that we can notify you when the test launches, and provide you with a 20% discount. 2.3. The high school version of the SelfAuthoring Suite (, a set of writing programs that allows its users to write about and understand their past experiences, current faults and virtues, and future plans. The adult version is four separate programs, one of which – the Future Authoring Program – helps its users create a positive vision and negative counter-vision of the future 3-5 years down the road. The high school version will integrate elements of all four adult programs, and ask its users to attend to their personal development 3-6 months in the future; and, finally, 3. Completion of my new book, 12 Rules for Life: An Antidote to Chaos, published by Penguin/Random House Canada (estimated release date January 9, 2018). Pre-release orders can already be made at Amazon. Thanks VERY much for your continued support. It has been invaluable while I was defending my words and actions last fall, and over the last months while I planned the Biblical Lecture Series (which has been viewed 1.7 million times) and continued to write, speak and work on the new programs, describe above. There's more to come. Dr. Jordan B Peterson

u/_Ausencia_ · 2 pointsr/brasil

Cara, acho que te falta auto conhecimento, antes de mais nada. Você precisa responder a pergunta ''por que eu não faço as coisas mesmo sabendo que eu preciso faze-las para ser feliz ? "

Um psicologo podia te ajudar muito nisso, talvez seja válido ir atras.

Por hora vou te deixar um link de uma leitura que me ajudou muito nisso.

u/rebeccagwen · 2 pointsr/AskMom
u/Cattus-Magnus · 2 pointsr/london
u/Swiftshirt · 2 pointsr/INTP


>I can’t change anything and I can’t make history.

You can't change history but you really do have the power to change. Change is often frustratingly slow, but it is real. Start small. Like really small. Like clean up your room or eat a bit better, or exercise.


I'd recommend checking out this book.

u/arbenowskee · 2 pointsr/JordanPeterson

The sad part is that you are boasting with someone else's accomplishments. And bringing in the "superpower" part just confirms that you need to work on yourself. I suggest you read this book.

u/Chemistryz · 2 pointsr/cripplingalcoholism

He has a bunch of books and publications -- and a youtube channel with his lectures (he was a professor before he got fired for taking a stand against Canada's law making it illegal to use wrong gender pronouns) most of which are about religion But I found him through a Joe Rogan podcast which was a bit less dry then the youtube videos and highlights a lot of his beliefs without sitting through a lecture.

Then I read a few of his books (his most recent one was a best seller on Amazon for weeks. It's a little wordy, but no worse then the engineering textbooks I was forced to read.

I really like his "clean your room" bit.

u/Avenger_ · 2 pointsr/CompTIA

Well this worked for me: reading this book. This may or may not work for you but it can’t hurt. He is Canadian professor that says the things we need to hear but sometimes don’t want to process.

u/DronedAgain · 2 pointsr/RedditForGrownups

Yes, a shrink/counselor/psychiatrist, and also a book by one, written precisely for this purpose.

u/Just_made_this_now · 2 pointsr/JordanPeterson

Curious, where did you get the link from? Unless I'm mistaken, there's a referral in the un-shortened link. I don't mind if it was from Peterson himself, but it's otherwise a dick move of whomever is trying to cash in by using a referral link without being affiliated.

Here's one without it and also Amazon donates a portion of your purchase to a charity of your choice:

u/n0tanalt42 · 2 pointsr/IWantToLearn


If you cannot afford it then I'm sure there are ways you can read it

u/ngr900 · 2 pointsr/JordanPeterson
u/yammerstammer · 2 pointsr/pics

Good luck with the depression. Can I make a recommendation?

Consider reading This Book

u/massivewang · 2 pointsr/confession

A friendly suggestion for some resources that may be useful/helpful to you:

12 Rules for Life: An Antidote to Chaos

u/jafbm · 2 pointsr/Marriage

Your husband needs to read 12 Rules for Life: An Antidote to Chaos by Jordan Peterson. It's basically a manual for men (and women of course, but mostly for men).

u/BubblegumTitanium · 2 pointsr/cscareerquestions

Hey man, I know it can be hard. Here is a list of things that you can do that I think can improve your outlook. This isn't a magic bullet but perhaps it can steer you in a positive direction so you can achieve your potential.

I'm not a shill but these two resources have had a very positive effect on me and I hope you can get some value out of them as well.

Remember it's still up to you to implement these changes and no one else can do it for you.

Good luck and PM me if you need someone to talk to.

u/SlugTheToad · 2 pointsr/seduction

I mean, yeah, your friend was just trying to shoot the shit with some buddy talk, don't be harsh on him. But you should definitely talk to your best friend about what would you say in these situations, its a good way to be "prepared," and also to work on wingmanship with him (imagine if he's present when you freeze up while talking to a girl at a party or something, he could help you stay in flow). Prepared is not a good word, as it always makes it sound anxious, "sprezzatura" is better, oh, and also be firm in your values, again, honesty helps in building attraction. I think that Machiavelli wrote about this italian expression, how men should act in court with women, and that even if you work hard on something, (he was talking about artists and nobles and their duties, hobbies, so I guess frame is true here too), be non-chalant during a talk about it.

I think this is also true about possible situations, where you have epxectation about a girl, and prepare for talks in advance, then when "shit hits the fan" you can actually say something, even if most of the times it sounds "canned." I had some pretty surprising outcomes because of this, so yeah, if you know that a girl is going to talk about a topic next time, actually think about what you feel about that topic, like getting a girlfriend. This question gets more relevant if you imagine why the girl asked it in the first place. Did she think that you'd be a nice partner or she thinks that you have fucked up something in your life? It doesn't matter, really. All you need to do is to realize why this is the case, why your life looks like as it is now.

I had some pretty cute girls ask this girlfriend topic, and they were genuinely interested, and it was because they were into me or just liked me, in that situation you already have the ace in your hand, you just have to be nice to them in return. In antoher situation, another type of girl might ask the same question, just to push your buttons (maybe with a RBF), not even looking at you, just fiddling away with their phones. In this case, you shouldn't worry about this, they are just shit-testing you if you are confident enough to face issues like these. If you worry, they've managed to embarrass you and they got the confirmation that they were expecting. So just stay calm and you can be brutally honest too, these types of girls won't get offended that easily if you act like this. Maybe they'll throw a hissy fit if you cross a line (by telling them some cheeky joke about how they have a lot of boyfrined or something in riposte to this girlfriend question), and in that case you pretty much snatched the rein of the conversation at that point from their hands. You should definitely talk to them about these issues if an argument like this happens, as it is very eye-opening to see why they act the way they do, as this RBF attitude is most of the time just a defensive act for them to not get wind up in unnecessarily emotional situations (and you shouldn't judge girls only by the very first impressions).

Main thing is that remain calm and don't lose frame, tell them what you actually think, but if you have a very-very good joke, you can even thaw girls who might open by giving you the cold shoulder (just don't act like a white knight after you get their attention, "sprezzatura" all the way). To tell you a more specific response, I'd need some info about what you do and what are your goals. If you really feel that you need help with getting your shit together, dont be afraid, I was in the same boat as you, and I don't want to be a dick. Just read Jordan Peterson's 12 Rules for Life. It really helped me get better future prospects, work for them, and to be more confident in general, including girls too.

u/ConsummateBureaucrat · 2 pointsr/newzealand

Not as much as it you it would appear!

Without googling it I don't know what TSA psychology is........

I like your other reply to the guy promoting meditation also.

The long unnumbered list is from Jordan B. Peterson and related to a condensed list/his book due out next year "12 Rules for Life":

The rest is some of the helpful quotes and sayings attributed to people far smarter than me (which is not hard and therefore basically means most people!) I've found really helpful in orienting my mind to accepting certain difficult parts of reality.

Thanks for the recommendations.

u/elegant26 · 2 pointsr/IWantToLearn
u/Melvinwhite32 · 2 pointsr/Gunners

>I don’t need to “learn” from you about grammar school English. Or even colloquial english.

Your comprehension needs work as that's not what I was implying. I was giving you the wise life advice that you can learn something from everyone because everyone might know something that you don't. Entering conversations with people while keeping this idea in mind can be hugely influential in the development of your intelligence as well as your humility. I wasn't implying you could learn about the English language from me. But let's take a look at your comment to make sure you didn't make any mistakes because you sure would look fucking retarded after all that talk if you did make any.

>colloquial english

English has a capital 'E.' Always. There are no exceptions. In certain languages like French and Spanish, it does not. To use some of your own words: "I'm sorry but this isn't up for debate of interpretation." "These are the rules of English language structure." "It is wrong. 100%, no question whatsoever, grammar school morning pop quiz level english." "Grammar isn’t subjective. It has rules. I know you don’t like that because it puts you in the wrong. I’m sorry those very clear rules put you in the wrong and I mentioned them. I’m sorry being wrong makes you grumpy."

>I’m sorry you’re blaming your deficiency of being corrected on the messenger

My deficiency? My lack of being corrected? Is that a bad thing? Why would I need to blame my lack of being corrected on anything? Oh wait a minute, you didn't mean to write that. You meant to say my deficiency of being able to accept being corrected. The way that sentence is at the moment, doesn't make sense. So to use some of your own words again: "That sentence is wrong." " Again, sorry, but that's not up for debate." "You arguing this point only serves to undermine your arguement, not add shades of nuance or intellect." "Re-write the sentence if you want to be correct--which is very easily done."

>You're obstante and argumentative without a leg to stand on

"Obstante" isn't an English word, and we have already established that we are speaking in English, and only in English. You might be trying to spell obstinate? If so, you butchered it. To use more of your own words: "Sorry we had to learn you in front of people. Stop blaming other people for your ignorance and work on improving yourself." "Sorry you can’t write basic English my man." "You wrote a comment that had fundamental errors. No big deal. You’re not a terrible person for making a small mistake."

So I've provided 3 examples of some of your mistakes, you hypocritical jackoff. I'll stop there, even though there happen to be more, because I'd rather address the content of your comment.

>you can’t take honest correction on the chin like an adult. You have to moan and whine about it.

Did I do that? I pointed out that correcting people's grammar is sad, because it is. It shows you lack a perspective of the bigger picture and what's really important. It's not whining. Hell, I didn't even argue against being wrong, or doubled down and said I was actually right. What I did do was question if correcting my grammar was really what you were doing.

>Toss out your Jordan Peterson alt right “ I’m a victim and anyone that points out faults is my oppressor” lens you wear on your your sleeve

If you actually educated yourself about Jordan Peterson, you would know he proclaims the exact opposite message of playing the victim, and that the only person oppressing someone is themselves. So you really fucked that point up.

>For Christ sakes kid, this is anonymous advice in a chat board. If you can’t deal with this you’re getting nowhere in life. That’s real talk.
You wrote a first comment that had fundamental errors. No big deal. You’re not a terrible person for making a small mistake. But your reaction to someone pointing out that mistake evidences something way worse. It points to a serious problem you’re probably already aware of. Hence your disproportionate reaction

I don't think I need to say anything to this. Maybe take a minute to self reflect on this passage? Notice any irony? You should since it's littered in it... and if you end up not taking my advice that's even more ironic.

So have you realised how much of a complete fuckwit you are yet? You are dripping with bitterness and contempt, desperate to prove your status at the cost of bullying others. It's gross. Go find something productive to do. In fact you might find Jordan Peterson's new book very helpful.

u/BadLaziesOn · 2 pointsr/JordanPeterson

The short link in the submission resolves to the following:


That "ref=..." part is indeed an optional part of the URL, but as far as I know it is not part of an Amazon Affilate system (where someone is getting a few pennies if you purchase through their links). It just shows Amazon where are you coming from, like you clicked it in a promo email, or as a part of this or that ad campaign, etc.

Dr. Peterson used the link in his tweet, which resolves to the following:


That's another ref, plus it shows - among other things - that he searched for "12 Rules for life" and got it that way :)

But is indeed the "clean" URL to the book. But not all people are as precise with these things - or as nitpicking :) - as us.

u/CarlosValdosta · 1 pointr/gaming

I have to admit. I made the mistake of looking thru your comment history. It’s quite obvious that you comment to try and get a reaction out of people. Possibly to give you some semblance of attention that your parents neglected to give you. I’m sure you like to spout racist and sexist remarks at other 13 year old on call of duty because you don’t have the average social skills to make it thru a normal day. I do feel sorry for you.

You may decide to reply back in a snarky trolling way and that’s fine. If you have some ability to separate yourself from your online persona for a moment, I recommend you read the following book. Hopefully I can make a difference.

Pleas know I’m a proud American. I hope the best for you.

u/etzpcm · 1 pointr/JordanPeterson

Using the internet archive you see the page as it used to be. On April 23 there were over 2000 reviews.

u/ASMR-Porn · 1 pointr/Advice

This is a good read.

u/Reven1911 · 1 pointr/changemyview

I prefer Jordan Peterson's 12 Rules for Life: An Antidote to Chaos, but thank you for your suggestion. I have all the reading material I need.

u/PM-Me-Your_PMs · 1 pointr/BettermentBookClub

Ok, thank you!

Right now I'm reading 12 Rules for Life, but I'll add this to my wishlist for my next read. :)

u/VaticanCattleRustler · 1 pointr/AskMen

Read Jordan Peterson's book 12 Rules for Life: An Antidote to Chaos

u/z2727 · 1 pointr/INTP

Read this book.

u/Damassteel_ironworks · 1 pointr/aspergers

Read 12 rules for life.

12 Rules for Life: An Antidote to Chaos

u/Paint3 · 1 pointr/dating_advice

Hey man, are you sure that getting a relationship would be the best thing for you right now?

From what I am getting I feel like you need to work on yourself a bit, before putting yourself out there and face the dating game (rejection is tough and you need to be able to take it in your stride). Also if you had a relationship now, would you be able to stand up for yourself?

What I would recommend to help you work on yourself. Is 12 rule of life by Jordan Peterson.

It will help you become a stronger person, define your values and help you decide what you want

u/strongfaithfirmmind · 1 pointr/latterdaysaints

Gospel and Church service are not cheat-codes to life. It is a pathway to illumination.

And gospel and church service is not the only tool you have. "when we obtain any blessing from God, it is by obedience to that law upon which it is predicated." You need to identify which law you need to understand and obey to get the end result you are looking for.

There are things you can control and things you cannot control. For example, you cannot control your IQ, but you can control what you read, do with your time, and discipline, etc... You can't control your genetics, but you can control what you eat, how you get exercise, hygiene, and style, etc...

As you note, the world is not evenly distributed. But it does follow a rhythm.

You also might enjoy:

u/stratys3 · 1 pointr/BasicIncome

I normally don't recommend this book to anyone... but I think it may be appropriate here.

u/hired_g00n · 1 pointr/datingoverthirty

Alright. Triage time.

Read this:

Then read this:

Then take some of that 6 figures you make and allocate it to fucking off.

Use this:

Fuck off wherever it tells you, book a flight, and go away for 2 weeks minimum. When you get there, pick a random direction and travel that way till you hit water or 2-3 weeks are up.

You need a reset and a change of scenery. Get your head screwed back on straight, clear your thoughts and get out of your rut.

But here's the thing: it's totally okay to feel like this and be fed up. Dating as an activity sucks giant donkey dick for everybody that's left. It's a grind and a treadmill, and sometimes the beat thing to do is hit the stop button and step off. Fuck all that noise, it's garbage.

Reset, take a sabbatical, go somewhere. Then come back with a new perspective.

u/Ryan_TR · 1 pointr/greentext
u/WolfofDesign · 1 pointr/socialskills

Just read / listen to this.

12 Rules for Life: An Antidote to Chaos

u/SaskabushSaskParty · 1 pointr/saskatoon,204,203,200_QL40_&dpSrc=srch

This will help you stop mocking the winners and start becoming one.

Join us!

Being successful and having lots of money, toys, vacations, self respect, you'll love it trust me.

u/uuuu777777 · 1 pointr/LifeAfterSchool

Ouch. Heartfelt! Don't just stop and drop out if you can help it. You don't want to be poor and lost. That's worse than lost. I would honestly recommend that you read all the posts here - I'm sure they all have excellent advice. I would not rule out depression, although, you might justifiably feel bad because your situation is bad. That's OK.

Perhaps you need to do some really, really difficult questioning about your goals and things. I know that one of the best resources out there are:

  1. Your old university. They will offer free careers advice for alumni for a long time after you graduate. That is worth getting in touch with
  2. Other societies or learned bodies. I don't know which guild or society that there is out there for your specific profession, but there are always professional bodies for people with professional level qualifications like yours. Find out which organisation is there for people with your qualifications
  3. Get a hobby in the field that is tempting you. If you think that animal care is more rewarding, then start to do it while you don't need to earn money at it. You just can't see how you could earn money at it and that's because you're too far removed from it. If you get involved in the industry, say, at weekends, and you can offer your time for free or very cheaply, then you might find a way to earn a living at it afterwards. At least you will know, and that alone is worth something
  4. Look into self-authoring and developing who you are, to fulfil your potential. Dr. Jordan B Peterson has many resources online that really help you get a better understanding of yourself. You might want to look at what your personality is like, what you want to do with your life, and learn a bit more about giving yourself a bit more meaning; which makes the unbearable horror of life worth suffering for. It's like happy, but deeper and more meaningful (he is a prolific producer of resources)

    I think, combined with all the other great advice that you are going to get here (and some unhelpful stuff too) you will go down an avenue that will become fruitful.

    Good luck. Be certain
u/kainazzzo · 1 pointr/videos

This book could change your life: 12 Rules for Life: An Antidote to Chaos

u/el_capitan_obvio · 1 pointr/funny
u/WingerSupreme · 1 pointr/JordanPeterson

What is your definition of "majority"?

And I know some sources I listed are garbage, I said so in my post. I was pointing out that if you want to put up trash, there's trash on both sides.

Ignoring the fact that you still don't understand how google's algorithm works, you have now shifted from "mainstream media" to "most media" to "media that is higher up in the google results" to "media that is viewed by more people, even though it's really just one video"? And yet you still try to use the words "majority" and "most"? You know those words mean "more than half" and "the majority of" (which again, means more than half) right?

So when you post 6 links (of which 1 is not even remotely saying what you're claiming, 2 are not media sources, 2 are inherently biased and 1 is the CBC video) and then I post countering links to MacLean's, Toronto Sun, Huffington Post and Post Millennial (along with other garbage links because you seem to prefer quantity over quality), all of which are actual media news sources, what do you mean by the words "majority," "media outlets," and "sources" because...I don't think those words mean what you think they mean.

I'm going to sleep, but I do have to question if you actually listen to what Dr. Peterson says or just follow him because "Fuck SJWs." The fact that you assumed I was a detractor of his simply because I'm challenging your statements makes me believe it has to be the latter, because it seems like you believe everyone who is a fan of Dr. Peterson is also in the "Fuck SJWs" camp.

See if you listen to the man, you'll understand one of his major points in debates is that you can't take one person's view on one subject and paint them with a giant brush. Look at how people treat him - he makes a comment on the gender pay gap or forced language and all of a sudden he and everyone who listens to him must be a transphobic misogynistic alt-right asshole. We both know that's wrong, so why do you assume anyone who isn't "Fuck that bitch for her tweet and fuck the media for not railroading her" must be a Peterson-detracting SJW?

Your refusal to admit for a second that you were wrong, and the incredible mental and linguistic gymnastics you are partaking in, makes me think maybe you need to take a deep intrinsic look and figure things out. I know a book that could help you out, if you need a copy you can borrow mine.

u/NJosephRICAN · 1 pointr/asktrp

I'm still working through this book, JP is the man.

u/ZaggahZiggler · 1 pointr/BettermentBookClub

I just started listening to Jordan Peterson's 12 Rules For Life. My only complaint is it's read in his own nerdy voice. As an atheist I find his bible references are not overbearing or proselytizing but brought up in a form of basic moral truths and therefore palatable when referenced

u/NewPortugal · 0 pointsr/portugal

Estás simplesmente a sentir o Vazio e Niilismo de uma sociedade, a Ocidental, que não te dá qualquer razão para viveres a não ser Consumir qualquer coisa. Recomendo este livro para começares a tua procura por Sentido:

u/DMann420 · 0 pointsr/GetMotivated

I don't know if it is so much of a self-development book, but 12 Rules for Life: An Antidote to Chaos is a really good book that I enjoyed reading. There's a lot of good "self-help" books that aren't labeled as such if you dive deeper into the psychology side of it.

Mind you, the author gets a lot of flak for his other activities in life, but most of it is heavily misplaced.

u/48Stepsup · 0 pointsr/getdisciplined

Jordan Peterson speaks on this subject in some of his videos. Go to his official YouTube channel.

It’s also rule #2 in his book, 12 Rules For Life .

Here’s a short clip that you might find useful.
Treat Yourself Like...

u/bitter-optimist · 0 pointsr/CanadaPolitics

Zizek and Peterson remind me of each other more than either would ever like. There is a quaint parallel to the two men; they both have well-known obsessions over the symbolism of art -- Nazi art for Zizek and Soviet art for Peterson.


Peterson has correctly diagnosed an illness in our society. He has however misdiagnosed the cause, and is now trying to sell us his patent remedy. (Quite literally!)

Peterson says things a lot of us think but which are taboo in many liberal circles to say aloud. By doing so he grabs the attention of those who see the "lying with truth" that so many liberals commit that Zizek mentions in the article.

Both liberals and the left have to confront and process certain ugly topics. Simply ignoring political matters that are inconvenient, painful, or complex to handle is ceding those domains to anyone who else will speak plainly, even if incorrectly, to those topics. One can make the case for selective truth on other topics ranging from race to economic equality, just like Zizek's demonstrated with sides on the immigration-refugee issue in Europe.

u/Lucullus_93 · -1 pointsr/JordanPeterson

That's right, I didn't read him. I was made aware of him by a fellow student, and then listened to a few lectures on Youtube over the last few months. But why should I read something that is obviously popular scientific after I didn't like his theses in the lectures? He is a motivation trainer, proof? Read the title for yourself:

u/Well_Sorted8173 · -1 pointsr/dating

Read the book The Subtle Art of Not Giving a Fuck

Spend some time watching Jordan Peterson on YouTube. Also, try reading his book 12 Rules for Life.

Change your life, change your way of thinking.

u/PLEASE_USE_LOGIC · -2 pointsr/ChapoTrapHouse

Tell one of the top commenters in this thread that agree with me that they're one of "those 'well, actually' style pedantic fanboy nitpickers" too and let me know how that goes

If you change your mind, I can help you cope. I would recommend a book for you.

u/drqxx · -2 pointsr/blackmagicfuckery

Let's break this down:

Yeah, right. Like anyone can afford college anymore except for those well off upper middle class kids that have everything paid for by mommy and daddy, while some of us work our asses off doing crap jobs that you rich snobs only see as managers while the rest of us are working hard.

Fuck you.

>Fuck this entitled bullshit you're spewing because some of us, are going to be paying for our college until we're 70 or dead, because it's so expensive, no one except the rich can afford education.

I never went to college (other than a worthless associate tech degree) I went into commission only sales. When my kids get old enough I'll tell them to go to trade school. Avoid college at all cost unless you're going to become a lawyer or doctor.

>And fuck that medical shit. If we had decent medical care in the USA, I wouldn't have to deal with over 3K medical bills because I attempted suicide over having a job that sucked so bad, I felt sick going to work every day.

Be the victim / stay the victim.

Respectfully I'm sorry that life was so bad you decided to try and end it.
I want you to know that I come from methamphetamines and trailer parks in a very shity part of the country. Everything I created; I worked for; I slaved for; I chased after.

we are all given a random hand from the deck of life.

If I decided to be the victim I would have still been stuck in that border town like all my friends: underage pregnancies; obesity; drug use & a shitty dark life.

>Right now, I'm doing ok, but I can never really get to pay off my debt. I don't even have a car, with how poorly my job pays.

Have you considered a second job?

>Fuck you.

Sure how's next Tuesday? Are you a top or a bottom?

>I hope you never find true happiness in life, and the only thing that gives you any comfort is posting shitty comments online, because other than that, you are empty inside.

You sound like a school shooter in the making. I hope you find your light. Stop being the victim

Let me tell you about my life:

I have thropple with two beautiful women. We have all been together for almost 1.5 years.
We have a total of three children. 7 3 and 1.5 they are all healthy and very happy.

I'm going to the following places this year:
New Orleans; Japan; Orlando (volcano bay); Vienna; Slovakia; Finally Austin Texas.
Maybe New York if there is time.

I have created everything from nothing. And you can have exactly what I have if not better.

I leave you with this it really helps me in my darkest moments of my life I hope you find some light from it.

Edit:You should grab a copy this book take a listen.12 Rules for Life: An Antidote to Chaos

If you don't have an audible account I can send you a free copy of this book.

u/Heyeddieadams1 · -2 pointsr/malementalhealth

Everyone should read 12 Rules for Life: An Antidote to Chaos by Jordan Peterson.

Really insightful wisdom. Real, succinct and cuts right to the problems a lot of young men struggle with everyday.

u/KolevDarko · -2 pointsr/DecidingToBeBetter

I will recommend 12 Rules for Life by Jordan Peterson (

He connects the mythical the ancient with the modern in such an interesting way. Just 10 pages in you will feel like the hero of your life and you will search for responsibility and mature in the process.

This description of mine probably doesn't do it justice. I can't recommend it enough.

u/Shiesu · -3 pointsr/leagueoflegends

I don't know if you are just trying to make fun of that sort of thing or if you genuinely feel this way, but for people who do feel this way a book like Jordan Peterson's "12 rules for life" can be a really good read to try to put your life together. Aside from whatever political painting that has been thrown at the guy he is first and foremost a clinical psychologist with the ability to reach out to people like you describe and help them get their lives straight.

It's not a ticket into the alt-right like some would have you believe, it's a ticket out.

u/Red_Dog_Dragon · -5 pointsr/BoJackHorseman

I know it's basically cliche at this point but I would strongly suggest you check out Dr. Jordan Peterson. He has been instrumental in helping people identifying and addressing issues everybody faces in life.

His Youtube channel

I also suggest his book 12 Rules for Life: An Antidote to Chaos

u/judge_bergan · -8 pointsr/politics

I've watched dozens of hours of Jordan Peterson on his main channel and read his (Amazon #1) book, and never had I seen a suggestion that blame be pushed onto another, or anything close to the idea of white supremacy or nationalism normally attributed to the alt-right.

If anything, I'd peg him as a Centrist. His opposition to the far-left social justice warriors is why he and so many other center-left to center-right voices get called alt-right. When the position of the author is extreme-left, everything else looks alt-right. His message is one of personal responsibility and individualism, which is antithetical to both the collectivist alt-right and the neo-marxist left.

The author is either uninformed or being intentionally deceitful.

> lecturer Jordan Peterson could even look legitimate or knowledgable — a quick Google search will reveal that he even spoke at Harvard once.

The quick google search missed decades of clinical psychology practice, and teaching at Harvard. Big miss.

I don't doubt that the alt-right may have a presence in the depression groups, but it's not coming from JBP. One would have to be pretty far to left to call him alt-right with a straight face.

If you're feeling charitable with an hour an give, this talk is the best introduction I can recommend. Digg's bias is disappointing, but not at all surprising.

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