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1ml Syringe Only - 100 Sterile Syringes by Care Touch (No Needle) (1ml Luer Slip Tip, 100)
VALUE PACK: This package contains 100 1mL Syringes with a Luer Slip Tip. *No needles are included* Each syringe is made with the same high quality, non-toxic, and pyrogen free plastic. They are ideal for environments like hospitals, nursing homes, kitchen, labs, work desks, hobby shops, or anywhere where quality and precision is required in bulk.SYRINGES ONLY: This package does not come with needles, and only contains syringes. Luer Slip Tips will slip on securely and snugly onto the top of the needle, but they are not included in this box.PET CARE: Makes the process of feeding on nursing your animals much easier. Works for both administering proper oral dosages of medicine, nursing sick or injured pets, or feeding young or older animals.PERFECT FOR HOBBYISTS & HOME USE: Syringes have an endless amount of uses outside of the medical field and makes the perfect addition to any hobbyist kit. They are necessary for any task that requires precision measurements such as: refilling ink cartridges, applying wood adhesives or other glues, transferring liquids out of perfume bottles, giving medicine to children, transferring vape liquids, applying sealants, feeding or nursing animals, cooking, and so much more.DISPOSABLE: The syringes are intended for single use only, and are easily disposable.
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10 Reddit comments about 1ml Syringe Only - 100 Sterile Syringes by Care Touch (No Needle) (1ml Luer Slip Tip, 100):

u/sirlearnsalot · 12 pointsr/howto

They're very affordable in bulk

u/styxil86d · 3 pointsr/FloridaTrees

great way to measure and deliver tiny amounts of terps

u/damm_ · 2 pointsr/CannabisExtracts

Searching was nearly impossible for me; I have no clue how I landed on that. I think this is something Amazon doesn't make easy to search for

P.S. that lacks the caps at the top

so there is

then just pickup the locking caps

u/kmerr001 · 2 pointsr/ftm

Here's what my doc suggested for me:

18g Needles for draw:
NIPRO HYPODERMIC Dispensing NEEDLE 18g x 1 1/2" (1.2 x 40 mm)100 pieces

Syringe for low-dose (01.mL - 0.5mL):
1ml Syringe Only with Luer Slip Tip - 100 Sterile Syringes by Care Touch

23g Needles for injection:
Dispensing Needles 23gx1 1/2" (0.60x38mm); Sterile; Luer Lock; Individual Packaged; Qty: 1 Box of 100 Needles

$50 of supplies should last you almost a year.

u/nachos420 · 2 pointsr/CBD

if you use too much it will taste extra derpy and you'll have a lower concentration of CBD. You can leave it out and the terps will evap, mostly.

u/Bearslovecheese · 2 pointsr/Steroidsourcetalk
30g 1/2" needles
23g 1" Drawing needles. I would probably recommend going with a 1.5" needle for drawing though. Can be kind of tricky getting last bits out sometimes. Could also go down to 21g, but the bigger the needle the harder it is on the stoppers over time.
1mL syringes. They work!
Individual prep pads.
Something like 65 dollars for all of this to have you set for a good long time on "stickin' supplies."

This is a copy/paste, I know you didn't ask for the other needle shit, but posting it may very well help others. I sent this in a message to a guy asking in a post from a med lab supplier. I would frown upon somebody linking competitors if I were the source in the post, so it was kept private.

u/coloradoconfidential · 1 pointr/Testosterone

Just to add on, if you get annoyed drawing T into insulin syringes, there are "no waste" syringes which also work very well:

I enjoy the convenience of not having to fuss with needles anymore, so I've just switched to insulin syringes.

Also, Defy's staff are sticklers when it comes to early refills. I asked for a refill a week early and they said no...I had to wait out the week, then a few more days for the pharmacy to send it, and then a few more days for FedEx to deliver.

u/AyoKilluminati · 1 pointr/Vaping

Hey thanks I was looking for a "holy grail" juice source and that looks pretty good I'll def check it out!

What is the proper way to store it to keep it buttery smooth?

Are this the best kind of syringes to use or should I just stick to a typical juice bottle dropper?

u/MorituraZebra · 1 pointr/beyondthebump

NovaFerrum comes in both a raspberry grape flavor and a chocolate flavor, and seems to be the easiest to tolerate.

If you use a medifrida pacifier to administer it, it should go past the back of her tongue, which helps. You can also use a disposable syringe each time instead of re-using the medifrida one, which makes it WAY easier - you only have to rinse out the pacifier part, and the disposable syringes fit just as well into the pacifier hole.

If you do the syringe+pacifier combo, and give it to her riiiiiiiiiiight before a feed when she’s already hungry, she may be able to gulp it down without really noticing. You can even chase it with an extra syringe of milk/formula to help push it through the pacifier and get the taste off her tongue before transitioning to the bottle/breast, if she tends to refuse her feeds after tasting the iron. That’s been the winning combo for us!

u/BackSmoking · 1 pointr/opiates

Can people not order them off amazon? Are you just expecting them to be free?

1ml Syringe Only with Luer Slip Tip - 100 Syringes by Care Touch