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24 Pockets - SimpleHouseware Crystal Clear Over The Door Hanging Shoe Organizer, Gray (64'' x 19'')
24 clear pockets hanging shoe organizerHangs on standard door or closet rod, no hardware neededProtects shoes or items from dust and damageGreat for organizing shoes, kids toy, beauty accessories and more stuff in your bedroomDimension: 64" H x 19" W
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21 Reddit comments about 24 Pockets - SimpleHouseware Crystal Clear Over The Door Hanging Shoe Organizer, Gray (64'' x 19''):

u/acetrainerelise · 45 pointsr/femalefashionadvice

College student here, used to shitty dorm closets: If you don't mind having to iron things at the change of seasons, I like to keep off-season clothes and things I don't wear much in my suitcase. The suitcase is just sitting there taking up space anyway, and by packing it well (rolling!! roll as much as you can!!! I only fold heavy knits and sweaters) you can fit a lot into a simple carry-on. Multi-pants hangers and multi-skirt hangers are really useful for maximizing closet space, but I personally don't like multi-shirt hangers and find them incredibly inconvenient. I keep all of my jackets on an over-the-door hanger like this and use the basket (mine only has one) to hold my clutch, spare wallet, dry umbrellas, and sunglasses. On the other side of the door I have a shoe organizer that can also hold scarves and gloves and such. Honestly, seeing what college students are doing could be really good inspo for you since we live in tiny spaces with almost no closet and find a way to make it work.

u/MableXeno · 17 pointsr/Parenting

Cull the toys, heavily. They are young and do not play with more than 1 or 2 things at a time anyway. This also gives you a chance to decide what you really WANT for them to play with. What do they need right now for development? I tend to avoid stuffed animals. They take up too much space - like one or two "favorites" like their bedtime bear and a friend for the bear. The loud plastic shit that is just a hulking piece of noise? Let it go.

For the 3-year-old, based on developmental milestones for this age I would choose:

  • A handful of small [hand size] toys (like the Little People size/style...not the big playsets just a few people/cars/animals so they can start to make up their own stories).
  • Something that encourages color and shape recognition, like shape shorters, puzzles, or just a few different colored balls or bean bags for throwing (b/c throwing is a thing for this age).
  • Something that encourages number counting and the little pieces that connect or have numbers on them and you sort them...even alphabet and number blocks or magnets.
  • Lots of identifying stuff (like picture and board books that explain "the cow goes moo" "the duck is yellow").

    That's really it. Get it all to fit in one box/bin. I'm pretty liberal with books, though...there should always be plenty.

    For a 10-month-old:

  • Things too big to swallow, but small enough to hold in the hand.
  • Things that are safe to put into the mouth (can be washed).
  • Things that make noise (beans in a water bottle could work, it doesn't have to be fancy).
  • Things that encourage trying to move (maybe something small with wheels she can crawl after if it gets pushed

    My kids' toys before they were about 5 could all fit in one small box.

    For other storage and organization:

  • Over the door shoe rack - Put one of these on every door. The lowest row - put little things to occupy the baby so she can get in there without causing trouble. Store a few of her toys down there. The upper few rows are for mom and dad. Supplies that need to be available but out of the reach of kids. Things that need to be in that room - but you don't really want "out". Put a row for the older kid, too, so they can better clean up. This also helps you get things up off the floor when you need to do a quick clean. "Everything in its place" is really just about making sure you can clear the floor and surfaces quickly. Then maybe at night, you can go through the organizer and put things into the rooms where they belong or whatever. But at least it is off the floor, off the table, whatever the case is - and the pockets are clear so you can check them real quick if you're missing something.
  • More over the door stuff: towel rack and towel hooks - I hang up clothes all the time (and towels, but in the bathroom). The shirt they wore for 20 minutes before school but changed last minute, their pajamas, the smock they're SUPPOSED to wear when they paint but you can never find it, jackets, etc, whatever. For the hooks (I also install individual hooks in various places around the house - like down low near the front door so kids can put up their own crap) you can leave backpacks, hats, or put a bag to collect things like stray socks & mittens.

    I also use a spare laundry basket to collect things so I can put them away later. The goal is just to get things off the floor and surfaces...and worry about putting it away later.

    I vacuum my hard floors - it's just easier than sweeping. I intentionally bought a vacuum that can do carpets and hardwood. I have also taken the hose and sucked up crumbs from the table.
u/JCMCX · 11 pointsr/maritime

Pack light. Also learn to make a skivvy roll it saves a lot of space and makes packing so much easier. You can stuff your stuff like a toothbrush, razor deodorant etc in them. My usual rule of thumb for skivvies/undershirts & underwear is 7-10 days on the longer voyages. For you, I'd pack 4 to 5. Including the pair that you're wearing that's enough to cover ~50% of the voyage and you'll most likely have the ability to wash clothes onboard. If not wearing a pair for another day probably won't kill you. I also usually bring medicine in labeled plastic bags. Stuff like cold and flu medicine, painkillers and headache medicine (non-narcotic), anti diaherria medicine, seasickness pills, allergy medication, and multivitamins. I write the name of the medicine, its purpose, and the dosage on a plastic bag. When I'm done I toss them in a skivvy roll and roll them up. Bring 2 pairs of "street clothes" make the pants different (ie one jeans, the other khaki or shorts etc) you'll be wearing these around the ship when you're not working or when you're off the ship, I usually also pack some gym shorts to lounge around the ship in or workout. Bring a towel, earplugs, and a sleeping mask. Cigarettes if you smoke.

I'd bring a flashlight (one with a clip that you can put on a hat), knife, multitool, utilikey, one to two pairs of decent workboots, spare batteries, and maybe a magnetic worklight as far as work stuff goes. Coveralls if your ship doesn't provide them. Oh and a small notebook that can fit in your pocket and 2 decent pens. A watch with a barometer is a huge plus. Bandanas/Handkerchiefs are really useful as well.

As for entertainment stuff I always bring my kindle loaded with books. You can checkout /r/FreeEbooks for free books or you can always acquire some #Bookz on the undernet. If you had a switch I'd bring it. I usually bring a laptop that has all my movies and games on it. You can buy a little strip of slip resistant matting that you can place under your laptop. I've only had seas that rough once where I'd ever really need it, but better safe than sorry. A harddrive is good too, at least 1 TB.

On miscellaneous things I bring, I bring a closet shoe organizer on board like the one linked. I use that to organize a lot of my clothes and save space. I used a sharpie to mark out spots for stuff like socks, underwear, etc. But you can always fit a skivvy roll in there. I usually use the upper row for stuff like my EDC, and my medicine storage so the door doesn't hit the top. I also might bring a USB fan, paracord, and a plugin USB hub. I'll use the paracord to suspend the fan next to my face to blow on me. I'll also use it to adjust the pocket organizer.

Some packing tips are to wear your boots to the ship, sneakers are much easier to pack.

Since this is an internship I'll assume you want to be hired on later. Ask tons of questions, work hard, be sociable and likeable, and never be late. I know plenty of hardworking guys everybody hates because they're dickbags. When I first started I was a little lazy and incompetent but everybody liked me because I was sociable and not a dick and at least tried. You can be lazy, or a dick, not both.

Edit: QoL stuff is pretty nice, stuff such as a blanket, hydro flask, or seasoning is pretty nice to have sometimes. During a particularly cold voyage I had a thick heavy fuzzy blanket which was awesome. Having ice cold water when you're in a 160 degree engine room can be pretty nice. Some lawry's seasoning salt when your cook sucks is always welcomed.

Edit 2: SUNGLASSES. PACK A PAIR OF POLARIZED SUNGLASSES. The reflection off the water can be pretty intense sometimes.

u/Shovelbum26 · 6 pointsr/Teachers

I actually think having them out in the open but inaccessible is the best solution. I have a hanging shoe organizer that I call "cell phone jail". When I have to take a phone, I actually have the student put it in there (so they're in control of placing it). The thing is transparent so they can see the phone the whole time and know where it is. I think that makes them feel a little more comfortable with it.

I work in a Title I school and a student's phone is without a doubt the most expensive thing they own, and may be the most expensive thing in their home, so I understand their stress around it and try to accommodate that, but they definitely can't have it out in class.

u/SmileFirstThenSpeak · 6 pointsr/declutter

She has to be on board with the decluttering, and it’s best if you help her do it rather than doing it for her. If she just has too much stuff, some of it does have to go. Things worth keeping might be best stored in another room if it doesn’t fit in her room, but it’s likely that at least some of it should be thrown out.

In looking for more room to store things, look up and look down. Tall bookcases or shelves. Shelves above the door, window, closet. Under the bed.

Also consider space on the inside of the door. Get a hanging shoe organizer to hang on the door. Lots of small things can be put in the pockets (get mesh or clear plastic so it’s easy to see contents). I’m imagining lots of makeup stored that way would work.

u/eckliptic · 6 pointsr/InteriorDesign

Do you have room on the back of the door to hang something like this?

It doesnt give you more counter space but at least it provides storage.

Another potential option would be really tall shower tension caddy that you can place in the corner:

u/ashalalynn · 5 pointsr/Cruise

Thank you. Do you think one of these will come in handy?


We are going to be on Carnival and wine is allowed. You're right about snacks, haha. We are going to Disney for a week after the cruise and that's when we need the snacks! No makeup for me as I don't wear it but thanks for the suggestion!

u/KatsKlaw · 5 pointsr/organization

One of those plastic over the door shoe storage things. Then glue gun or velcro a line in the middle of each compartment to make extra compartments. You can store multiple earings together. Organize each section by metal type, color, beading, material, etc.

Over the Door Hanging Shoe Organizer, Gray (64'' x 19'')

u/Nels-Looser · 3 pointsr/Cruise

The best recommendation I ever got (and have used for over 15 cruises) is to bring an over the door shoe hanger. It can be hung over the bathroom door, facing the stateroom. We use it for storing all of our small stuff...playing cards, chargers, batteries, cameras, toiletries, sunglasses, etc.

u/igodutchoven · 2 pointsr/makeuporganization

Here's this one From Amazon:

or this one.

u/sageDieu · 2 pointsr/BuyItForLife

I use a hanging shoe rack that just hangs on the back of my office door.

Not sure I'd say BIFL as it's pretty flimsy but it's worked great for a couple years and is an awesome way to organize all my random cables/dongles/adapters/chargers/etc.

u/triferatu · 2 pointsr/livesound

Some form of clear shoe organizers. You can cut them up and assemble them horizontally. You also have a place for phones and IEM cases.

If you want them locked up, a tool chest has the perfect drawer height for wireless mics.

u/amphetamine709 · 2 pointsr/MakeupAddiction
u/Dsblhkr · 2 pointsr/organization

What about a behind door organizer? Like this... 24 Pockets - SimpleHouseware Crystal Clear Over the Door Hanging Shoe Organizer, Gray (64'' x 19'')

u/YYZed99 · 1 pointr/Cruise

>Thank you. Do you think one of these will come in handy?

Yes!! Great to hang over the door to store sunglasses, sunscreen, etc. Keeps everything organized and off the limited tabletop space

u/JulMit · 1 pointr/InteriorDesign

I really like your suggestions and omg you people are so creative :) I was going to suggest painting the shelves and the dresser as well. I love teal and lime green. They should definitely go for lighter colors. They can check Walmart for a duvet. There were very beautiful designs for back to school.

They should go for lighter color curtains and match them with the furniture and shelves or the bedspread. They can even buy some sheer curtains. They give a more fresh and light sense to any room.

I would also suggest putting away your shoes. You can put them under your bed in a box or inside your closet using a door hanging organizer

And yes, please post the results :)

u/bigfinnrider · 0 pointsr/MTB

I use an over-the-door shoe organizer (kinds like this for most of my gear. The helmet hangs on the bike, tools are always packed in the hydration bag. There's another set of tools in the bag on my commuter bike.

u/SmarmySmurf · 0 pointsr/retrogaming

Its just a shoe organizer, you can get them lots of places but there is one for $8

u/cozypants101 · 0 pointsr/konmari

I saw a comment that says you have a pantry--are you using the door? My spice area was a huge mess until we hung a shoe organizer on the inside of the pantry door. Clear, large pockets mean we can see everything easily. Like this one: