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3M  8661PC1-15A Home Dust Mask, 15-Pack
Contour-fit for comfortSoft metal nosepieceAdjusts closely over the bridge of the noseNot NIOSH approvedNot recommended for professional applications
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2 Reddit comments about 3M 8661PC1-15A Home Dust Mask, 15-Pack:

u/Chinnythrowaway · 1 pointr/chinchilla

I was using something like this
but i didn't feel like it was very effective, and it was so hot and uncomfortable I ended up adjusting it and touching my face a lot thus negating its use.

The thing you linked sure does look serious! I'm just curious if you (or anyone) have tried something like this..? it also seems to have good reviews from allergy sufferers.

u/kutastha · 1 pointr/Coachella

I don't camp, but this is what goes in my small drawstring backpack:

  • Phone recharger and cable

  • Etymotic earplugs

  • Spare Cheaters sunglasses

  • Sunscreen spray and lotion

  • Hat

    I also bring these along day 1 and stick them in a locker:

  • Sweats

  • Face masks (kind of like these, but I get them from work.)

  • Goggles

    I got stuck in the duststorm in 2013 and it was a nightmare. I was hacking up black crap for days. I haven't needed that stuff since, but sure as hell would like to have it handy.