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3M DC2000, Mini Data Cartridge
Manufactured by 3MMini Data CartridgePreformated Data Tape205 FT of tape40MB storage
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u/xDylan25x ยท 7 pointsr/softwaregore

> The UTF-8 encoding might contain bytes that are interpreted by the remote terminal as control codes, such that trying to enter a smart quote into the terminal moves the cursor around and corrupts the entire data record.

That...that one is especially terrifying. I'd say, oh sure, backups, but...unlike old computer hobbyists, they aren't going to be using SD card/CF/HDD replacements. They'd be using original equipment, I bet. Reel to reels, 5" HDDs, old proprietary tape storage (ex. 3M DC 2000)...

Side note: Holy fuck there's those 3M tapes being fucking sold on Amazon.