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3M Headlight Lens Restoration System, 39008
SEE BETTER AT NIGHT: Enhances visibility and safety for night drivingEasy, 3-step process requires as little as an hour to remove scratches and restore cloudy, dull lensesFor use on plastic lenses headlights, taillights, fog lights, directional lights and more3M abrasive technology removes yellowing and buildup without damaging plastic lens surfaceEasy, 3-step process requires as little as an hour to remove scratches and restore cloudy, dull lensesFeatures 3M abrasive technology and a polishing compound to restore hazy and dull headlight lenses, as well as other plastic lens surfaces on your vehicleSystem is intended to restore two headlight lensesUtilizes the muscle power of a common household (1200-1600 rpm) drill to do all the necessary sanding and buffingThis item is not for sale in Catalina IslandKIT INCLUDES: 1 - Disc Pad Holder, 3.25 in (8,2 cm) 6 - 3M Gold Sanding Discs 500 Grit, 3 in (7,6 cm) each 4 - 3M White Finishing Discs 800 Grit, 3 in (7,6 cm) each 1 - 3M Trizact Refining Disc, 3 in (7,6 cm) 1 - 3M Rubbing Compound, 1 US fl oz (29 mLIKE NEW HEADLIGHTS: Easy heavy duty kit solution help your headlights look like newREMOVE HARSHEST YELLOWING: Kit is powered by drill-activated sanding to provide maximum clarityRESTORE CLEARNESS: Improve the appearance of your vehicle.SAVE MONEY: Save hundreds vs. replacing headlight lensesCOMPLETE RESTORATION KIT: Kits contain masking tape, light sanding discs, wax protectant and more
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110 Reddit comments about 3M Headlight Lens Restoration System, 39008:

u/Trisomic · 145 pointsr/DIY

Total cost: $31.70

Time: ~30 minutes.
Tools required: Hand drill

Now that it gets dark so damn early, I've been using my headlights a lot more, and I noticed that they weren't as bright as they used to be. So, on the advice of a coworker, I picked up THIS headlight restoration kit from amazon, as well as THIS sealer and THIS masking tape (to protect the paint around the lens). The directions were clear and concise and the whole process took about 30 minutes and was extremely easy. It comes with an attachment for your hand drill to which a variety of sanding/buffing discs mount. You start with a coarse grit sandpaper disc to remove the oxidation and then you use progressively finer grit discs to smooth out the surface. Finally you buff and seal the lens.

I couldn't be happier with the results. The lenses look brand new and there are enough sanding discs left over to do at least one or two more cars.

u/FlickeringLCD · 32 pointsr/LifeProTips

Toothpaste has abrasive qualities which lends it to secondary uses as a polishing compound. They sell commercial kits that do similar things. It'd probably take half a tube of toothpaste, and a lot of elbow grease to get these results.

u/spike_africa · 30 pointsr/Cartalk

This seems like an obvious answer.

But it's because one headlight is much newer then the other. The old one is fogged over from sun damage and need to be sanded and buffed.

Use this kit with a home power drill to make it like new. I'd suggest going over the other one too a bit just to make them both match.

u/nahman3m · 9 pointsr/Justrolledintotheshop

Nah man just get that 3M kit for 20 bucks. Cleaned up my headlights like new and it has a protection wax so the issue hopefully doesn't reoccur for a while. You get a polishing drill bit too so no elbow grease required. I believe there are three different grits of sandpaper used and a sealing compound at the end. (including the MAGIC trizack disc!) its a wet sand.

theres enough stuff in that kit to do at least 2 cars.

the most time consuming part is taping off the lights so that you dont scratch the paint with the sandpaper.

u/Lobotomite430 · 8 pointsr/Lexus

3M 39008 Headlight Lens Restoration System

I've personally used this kit on a dozen headlights and love the results.

u/motoo344 · 6 pointsr/AutoDetailing

You did half of the work required to get your desired results. In order to remove the 2000 grit sanding marks you need to polish them out. You are basically using a liquid that has abrasives in it, think of it as liquid sand paper. You put some compound on the orange foam pad and then polish it out with a machine polisher. Like sandpaper, compound leaves scratches, although they are very fine. You need to use a less abrasive polish on a less abrasive pad, the white one. This brings back the clarity and then you can clear coat them. You can keep it simple and buy something like this which will attach to a power drill.

u/Crack_a_toe_a · 5 pointsr/NewOrleans
u/a6mzero · 4 pointsr/Shitty_Car_Mods

I was gonna say this but that works too

u/nalydnalydnalyd · 4 pointsr/jetta

it’s essentially a micro abrasive compound, which is used to buff out scratches, hazing and whatnot. it needs to be used after wet sanding to get rid of the hazing left behind from the 3000 grit. then you polish after the compound to get an extremely clean, haze-free result. it’s best to use a buffer to apply them but can also be done by simply rubbing with a microfiber pad.

basically you can get all of these products in a simple 3m headlight restoration kit instead of buying a bigger amounts of each separately. if you only need to hit the two spots left from removing your mudguards, i’d suggest just getting a kit instead:

u/Seeker80 · 4 pointsr/cars

You can either try a a restoration kit, or spend more on all-new lenses.

It depends on how much of a $/improvement ratio you're looking for.

u/jeffj95 · 4 pointsr/Lexus

This seems like a decent product.

u/trainspotting2 · 4 pointsr/Volkswagen

Kinda. Not really. You're better off spending the $13 on a restoration kit.

u/squisheystick · 4 pointsr/subaru

if you have a power drill, get the 3m restoration kit. it looks like this.

i mean you dont have to have a drill, but it would make it easier.

this is what mine looks like before and after. haha

u/crackadeluxe · 3 pointsr/howto

Amen, although there are cheaper and better kits IMO.

u/theseareyourpants · 3 pointsr/BMWE36

The yellowing was pretty significant so I decided to go with a kit with the sanding attachments to get it clear again: 3M Restoration Kit

Took roughly an hour once i had the headlights out, its super straight forward and all you'll need is a drill. The ones with the wipes or sandpaper sheets were priced the same at the auto part stores around me but decided to go with that one(~$10-20).

u/geekywalrus · 3 pointsr/GrandCherokee

I used this 3M kit on my WJ when I still had it, and it came out looking fantastic. If I spent a little more time and was less nervous on doing it, they would have been 100% clear, but they were probably 90% there anyway. Here's a comparison!

I know it's a little hard to tell, but the headlight on the left of the picture was done with the kit, and the other hadn't been done yet. It definitely was a big difference (for both appearance and brightness during night driving) and I'd recommend using it if you have the time, patience, and cordless drill for it!

u/bmac92 · 3 pointsr/Miata

I used this 3M kit to restore them (which I bought when it jumped to $15 for 2 days instead of the average $10 :/) and Meguiar's Keep Clear coating.

If I had to do it again, I'd probably go with this Meguiar's kit that includes the keep clear. I say this because my wireless drill cannot hold a charge and to do both headlights it took me a long time.

u/Quravin · 3 pointsr/oddlysatisfying

3M's headlight cleaner on Amazon.

All you need is a regular ol' drill.

u/asterysk · 3 pointsr/Cartalk

I actually restored my headlights on my own not too long a go. After reading reviews for several online, I decided on 3M's. Benefit to the 3M kit is you don't kill your wrist since you're doing all the sanding with a drill instead of by hand. Just be sure to apply the tape (not included) LIBERALLY, especially around sharp corners so you don't scratch your paint.

u/epyon22 · 3 pointsr/subaru

I used the 3m kit. Works really well, it's fairly involved but is the correct way to do it. You also will have to put some sealant or cover on it to prevent it happening again. I got the xpel kit. Ammonyc has a good guide.

XPEL H3804C Clear Headlamp and Fog Lamp Protection Kit

3M 39008 Headlight Lens Restoration System

u/hansmoman · 3 pointsr/GolfGTI

If the exterior surface has become yellowed or foggy, forget the toothpaste. High grit sandpaper (600,1000,1500) + polish. There are many premade kits available such as the ubiquitous 3M headlight restoration kit. There is another version that you can use that's done by hand if you don't have a drill, or you can just buy the sandpaper and polish separately. The process & products are the same as for polishing paint.

Edit: Here is a video showing how it works:

u/Onlinealias · 3 pointsr/cars

Go get this. Use as directed and your headlights will be as clear and shiny as new.

BTW, don't get any other brand. I've used them and they all pretty much suck. The 3m stuff I linked to is like freekin magic.

u/nycska · 3 pointsr/Integra

The quickest and easiest temporary solution is to grab some Plast-X from a local auto store. Rub it in and wipe it off with a microfiber. It will help, but they won't look new and it won't last very long.

The more permanent solution is to sand the lights, 500 then 800,1500,2000,3000 etc. Then compound and polish with Meguiar's 105/205 or similar. Then you'll have to apply sealant (not wax, but something like Meguiar's M21) to protect from UV rays. This will bring them closer to new than any other method or product. If the lens isn't cracked and you spend enough time on each sanding step, they'll be near perfect.

3M also makes a nice little kit for a drill that you can find on amazon. If you don't already have a DA polisher, the kit is the way to go. It comes with an aggressive little pad, sanding discs, and polish. I found that 105/205 worked better than the single stage 3M polish, but it did work. The kit is nice as well because the orange polish pad it comes with is reusable, and with the right products (105/205) can be great for spot corrections on little scratches and swirls in the paint.

If you choose to sand, consider pulling the bumper off first. Our lights are tough because they are sunk in there so deeply.

u/JaredTizzle · 3 pointsr/BMW

Restored my headlights about 6 months ago using this 3M Headlight Restoration System (Works GREAT)

These Predator Orion V2 LED Angel Eyes w/ Remote angel eyes from umnitza (Would NOT recommend them! However the angel eyes are awesome)

Clear Corners (Clean fit and no problems)

Stealth Bulbs (A big pricey however they look AMAZING)

Have clear side signals on the way, along with some Langka blob removal for some touchups.

u/tampon_whistle · 3 pointsr/scion

this is a great kit, used it on my truck and my brothers corolla

u/NewbieTwo · 3 pointsr/Miata

If you're talking about the headlights, the 3M Headlight Restoration Kit works wonders and has never failed me.

u/pet_the_puppy · 3 pointsr/cars

3Ms kit is amazing. It works wonders. The one "with protectant" isn't worth the $10 premium, they just include a packet of wax that you might as well just buy a whole bottle of separately.

u/gh0stmach1ne · 2 pointsr/civic

I used this and this

The 3M kit does the actual headlight restoration and the Sylvania kit finishes it off and seals it. The sealing kit reeeeeaaaaally makes it pop. Both companies make full kits that do both, but I went off of the recommendation of a guy on r/integra for these products and it worked like a charm 👌🏻

u/powersaucebar · 2 pointsr/Honda

The easiest way is to buy a headlight polishing kit. 3M sell one.

u/hawkweasel · 2 pointsr/Acura

Sure thing!

Caution: I'm an idiot and got a little overzealous when I first started. Though I placed tape on the paint around the headlights, I pressed a little too hard at one point and the sandpaper went through the tape and scuffed up my paint just a little. Be gentle and careful and you'll be fine. Use multiple layers of tape too.

u/ZZZ_123 · 2 pointsr/lepin

Also, I have this kit at home and going to try and first polish it this way, before spending any money. I'll report back about this first.

u/jermvirus · 2 pointsr/BmwTech

Let me start by saying i think i over did it, but I am happy with the results

Let's start with what I purchased:

  1. Turtle Wax 50764 Drill-Based Headlight Restorer
  2. 3M 39008 Headlight Lens Restoration System
  3. Turtle Wax T-43 (2-in-1) Headlight Cleaner and Sealant - 9 oz

    Then this is the process I used:

  4. Start dry sanding with 3M #1 and then #2 Disc
  5. Wet sand with Turtle wax #1 > #2 and finally 3M #3 disc
  6. Buff with Turtle Wax compound, repeat this step until i was happy
  7. Apply clear coat from TurtleWax kit
  8. Apply sealant from TurtleWax kit

    I plan to touch up with the TurleWax sealant every 8 weeks.

u/ForHumans · 2 pointsr/Volkswagen
u/LagCommander · 2 pointsr/Autos

I have a seething pet peve for yellowed headlights; use this headlight kit and follow up with this coating

I would apologize for unsolicited advice but I'm a little tipsy and tired and I love the subies, especially that blue on the Impreza. Idk which one you got first but they're both baller.

Clean headlights would be even more baller and it's surprising how much it de-ages a car

u/Daamus · 2 pointsr/infiniti

This is the exact one i bought, and it turned out really nice, as long as you take your time and do each step thoroughly you will be in good shape.

u/mag0802 · 2 pointsr/Mustang

There's a $5 rebate on it too. You need a drill to attach the pads to, some painters tape, a microfiber towel, and a spray bottle. But it worked flawlessly.

u/SkeletorTheSpook · 2 pointsr/XTerra

If your headlights were as bad as mine, I can completely recommend the 3M headlight restoration kit.

It worked insanely good and made the process easy, plus it was only $11. Just follow the instructions and it'll go well, plus a lot of people recommend clear-coating. I can't really do that because the humidity pretty much stays above 80% down here, but the kit has enough material and polish that it could be used a couple more times to do maintenance.

u/throwaway7n3xp0 · 2 pointsr/GrandCherokee

I highly recommend this 3m headlight restoration kit.

It worked great on the one WJ headlight I did. It did all I could ask for, but the pitting in places was too deep. I bought a set of new ones on ebay for $80.

The quality is not OEM, but for the money they're spectacular and you would think they're OEM looking at the face.

The only issue is regular 9006 headlights won't go into the low beam housing. You need to use 9006xs bulbs which are a straight piece instead of having the 90 degree bend for the plug.

u/annoyingtoread · 2 pointsr/AutoDetailing - This is the kit I used, I also applied some UV plastic protector. I cannot remember the name. Fortunately I live in Ireland where it is not sunny too often

u/fripletister · 2 pointsr/LifeProTips

If you have a drill, get a 3M headlight restoration kit. Comes with all the sandpaper pads, compounds, etc that you need, and it's easy. $15 well spent, IMO - took me a couple of hours to do both headlights because I took my time, but they turned out like new.

u/showmethestudy · 2 pointsr/LifeProTips

3M Headlight Cleaner System

Works amazingly well. I love it. Really cheap too.

u/couchst · 2 pointsr/Portland


u/PancakeZ33 · 2 pointsr/350z

You could also try using the 3M Headlight Restoration Kit.

u/ratamack · 2 pointsr/MechanicAdvice

Use the 3M headlight restoring kit or order new assemblies on ebay.

3M 39008 Headlight Lens Restoration System

u/I_Kick_Boxes · 2 pointsr/G35

Just used the 3M headlight restoration kit (with rotary/drill attachment) and also used this Meguiar's headlight coating
to seal it in a little. Been over a year and still lookin fresh!

u/i0nicx · 2 pointsr/RX8

I picked up a 3M kit, here's the link

u/Mako18 · 2 pointsr/AutoDetailing

I finally got around to fixing the cloudy lenses on my 2001 VW Passat.

I used:

  • 3M headlight restoration kit
  • 3M Green Masking Tape
  • DeWalt corded power drill
  • Microfiber cloth

    A couple notes for anyone considering doing the same:

  • Definitely use at least two layers of tape anywhere the sanding disk might make contact with the body. Keep a close eye on the tape to make sure you're not wearing through. The shape of your headlights and front-end may make it easier or harder to avoid hitting the masked areas. Remember: tape: $7/roll, fixing a spot that you sanded through on your bumper: more than $7
  • My drill had a max RPM of 2600, directions call for a max of 1600 RPM, so I was careful to avoid going "full throttle". Going too fast can cause things to get too hot when sanding, and cause more harm than good.
  • Don't be stingy with your sanding disks. You'll probably have extra, but making a couple extra passes is much better than a couple too few, because if you don't take off enough material at any stage, it will be difficult to compensate later.
u/ICA2015 · 2 pointsr/rav4club

This is the one I got for mine: 3M 39008 Headlight Lens Restoration System

u/tabatchoy · 2 pointsr/Trucks

I wouldn't do that since the toothpaste method is just a band-aid solution. I recommend a headlight restoration kit.

Shameless plug to /r/AutoDetailing

u/govtwtchdog · 2 pointsr/SubaruForester
u/dgtlgk · 2 pointsr/vegaslocals

I second the idea of just doing it yourself. The sylvania kit the other commenter posted will work just fine if you’re doing it by hand. If you have a powered drill then I’d recommend this 3M one instead. Worked great for me on two separate vehicles.

3M 39008 Headlight Lens Restoration System $11.04

u/Preact5 · 2 pointsr/Integra

Thank you! I think they look 90% as good as new!!

I used the 3m restoration kit

3M 39008 Headlight Lens...

And this Sylvania restoration and UV coating

SYLVANIA - Headlight Restoration...

u/brimstn · 2 pointsr/MechanicAdvice

First, you’re going to need a drill with a chuck instead of a 1/4” bit holder. This is a good start:

If you don’t have a good drill, there’s this one but you’re in for some elbow grease:

u/dsteele713 · 2 pointsr/cars

Assuming you have a drill, $13 for a 3M Headlight kit. I drive a 2001 Honda and just did mine, and the difference was quite noticeable. The headlights are much brighter now since it's not being absorbed and redirected by those cloudy-ass lenses.

I'd spend $15 on an OBDII Bluetooth adapter and ~$6 on the premium version of the Torque app so you can read fault codes and real-time engine data.

We're at $34 right now. I'd buy a bottle of rain-x, some microfiber towels, and some cleaning products for my car (glass cleaner, soap, wheel cleaner, etc.), and that might come to another $30, though you could easily spend more if you don't have any cleaning supplies or decide to get all the goodies. I would then spend a few hours and go to town on your car. The few hours I spent were totally worth it when I consider how much more I enjoy driving my car now.

Finally, I'd buy a nice cabin air filter for $15 or so and replace the old one that is probably long overdue (when I replaced mine I found it had never been replaced in the car's 185k service). That will increase the quality of the air coming in quite noticeably.

We're at $79 so far. I would go on your car's forum to see if there are any cheap fixes or improvement you can make to the car. I had a problem where sometime when the car would go over bumps or take a hard turn I would hear this squeaking noise. Turns out that the front suspension bushing can rub against the bare metal surrounding them when they get old, and a few bucks worth of lithium grease will quiet them down to where you can't hear them. Simple, cheap fix that made me love the car more. See if you can find something like that for your accord.

I also think minerdeity's Aux to bluetooth adapter would be great if you have an old car that doesn't have bluetooth.

u/ucfierocharger · 2 pointsr/vinyl

I've used this on multiple tables. It works wonders, but be sure to put some masking tape over that little technics logo in the center. Plus you can shine up your headlights afterwards!

u/gear9242 · 2 pointsr/saab
u/SupaZT · 2 pointsr/LAlist

Yeah I researched this at one point but never got around to it. All I saw was Toothpaste + Baking Soda.. and sand paper.. but never a UV blocker. Prob is i'm 20 miles away haha. My car is 8 years old though and they are starting to fade.
I bookmarked these at one point but never got around to buying them


u/gedden8co · 2 pointsr/vintageaudio

That is also basically what I just used from 3M to restore my headlights. It was 2 sandpaper steps, a trizact pad, then polish.
This is the kit
Edit: And the headlights

u/xHaZxMaTx · 2 pointsr/automotivetraining

Seriously, $14 and less than an hour. Though sealing the lens in a little more expensive. I just did mine this past weekend: before and after. Sealed them with Optilens which is pretty expensive, but supposed to last the life of the car.

u/tquiring · 2 pointsr/Acura

This is the one i bought and used, took about an hour for each headlight, you will need an electric drill and a roll of painters tape.
Pro Tip: Put lots of tape around each headlight at least 3 layers thick (because you WILL hit it with the sandpaper)

I was skeptical before i tried doing this, but it actually worked really really well. Best of Luck.

u/TiePilot · 1 pointr/DIY
u/PoetryfortheHunt · 1 pointr/Acura

This 3M kit is positively reviewed overall. You just need a power drill to use the attachment. If you are doing it with the headlights still in car, make sure you use painters tape to cover any painted surfaces around the edges of the headlights to avoid accidental damage during the sanding process.

u/keytarin · 1 pointr/cars

I can also really recommend the kit /u/schwartzd used. The kit includes sandpaper pads and a foam buffer that you can attach to a power drill. It was a long and kinda tedious process but the more time and care you take the better it will appear. Results also hold up spectacularly as well- previously I had used a Turtle Wax brand hand polishing kit that while did clear up the lens, the hazing was back in as little as three months. I used the 3M kit on my lenses last June and today they are still as clear as the day I bought them.

I've seen the kits go for around ~$30 at auto stores but you can get them much cheaper off Amazon.

u/ItsSoFluffyyy · 1 pointr/AutoDetailing
u/orlheadlights · 1 pointr/AutoDetailing

It's looks fixable, definitely try a headlight restoration kit. Something like the 3M one should work.

u/ryguy44 · 1 pointr/AutoDetailing
u/fishpuddle · 1 pointr/howto

The best method I've found is the 3M Headlight Lens Restoration System. It's easy and the results I achieved with it amazed me. I was able to do both headlights on my 17 year old cherokee in about 30 minutes or so and I only had to use one sanding disc of each grit for the entire thing. I even had plenty of polishing compound left. Just be sure to follow the instructions closely.

u/PeabodyJFranklin · 1 pointr/Justrolledintotheshop

Used this kit on my last car, took the lights from a yellow haze you couldn't see through, to a clear lens on one size, and slightly distorted but clear on the other (let it get too hot while sanding). I'd resisted using it, but afterwards felt it was well worth the purchase.

u/SplitMyPants · 1 pointr/4Runner

Highly recommend this 3M Headlight Restoration Kit if you're interested in fixing the yellowing of your headlight lenses

u/Logan_Weapon_X · 1 pointr/Camry

It looks like you need to get a headlight sanding/buffing kit. I had the same issue on my 2002 Camry and while the low beams are still not good they improved a lot. It took me about 2 hours to do this with an electric drill. I would say this should be significantly cheaper than buying new lights.

3M 39008 Headlight Lens Restoration System

u/g0ldendomer · 1 pointr/Lubbock

Have you just tried the toothpaste/compounds?

You need to actually sand them down progressively with something like this. Then hit it with a polishing compound, and then a UV protective coating.

u/Linuxxx · 1 pointr/LifeProTips

My headlights were much more hazy than that, so I spent a few bucks on this. Worked like a champ!

u/Rlight · 1 pointr/Cartalk

I was reading the reviews on that, and it looked really good. Was this the one you were thinking of?

u/AKADriver · 1 pointr/funny

It works only on lights which are so worn that the hard coating over the polycarbonate hasn't just gotten hazy, it's worn off. Also it doesn't work on glass headlights. At any rate it's the wrong product.

At any auto parts store they sell a little bottle of plastic polish for this purpose. Sometimes it comes as a kit with a foam polisher ball that you put in an electric drill and a can of clearcoat to protect the new polished surface. Doing it by hand with toothpaste just to save ten bucks is tiring and stupid.

u/cheapngood · 1 pointr/scooters

You can buy headlight polishing kits at any auto parts store. It's a long process, sanding with finer and finer sandpaper and a drill.

Much easier to just order a new visor. Most helmet brands sell them. You can also buy visors with anti-fog coatings.

u/patbak13 · 1 pointr/BMWE36

I used this 3M Headlight restoration kit! It worked very well. After this picture was taken, I waxed the lights with plastic compounds.

u/FlyingButtresses · 1 pointr/BMW

My dad had this for awhile and I decided to use it. But if I had the choice I definitely would have gone with this only because it's much easier. If you do end up going with the 3M one make sure you have some type of UV Protectant or sealant to coat the lights with afterwards so they don't get foggy again too quickly. The one I had included the sealant and the instructions were pretty straightfoward on the box.

u/iamsaver · 1 pointr/prius

I've done the same using the 3m kit, which includes a drill attachment. Super easy and effective. Hardest part was masking the painted areas first. Most people recommend putting some sort of wax, so I picked a wipe on product too.

Headlight restoration kit

Clear coat

u/k_ba · 1 pointr/AutoDetailing

3m kit - 14 bucks on amazon. It has a final rubbing compound after the sanding. Then seal it once again, and you are good.

I took some terrible forester headlights to perfectly clear and beautiful with it. AND it allows you to use your drill to polish. Which makes it WAY better.

u/BalrogAndRoll · 1 pointr/BMW

This one is very highly recommended.

Check out /r/AutoDetailing

u/mckulty · 1 pointr/Birmingham

The last kit we bought worked pretty much like we do surfacing lenses for eyeglasses.. coarse grit, fine grit, polish. Pretty sure it's the same high-impact polycarbonate.

Just saying, if you follow the instructions and apply proper elbow grease, the 3M kit worked great for us. I recommend a kit you use with your cordless drill.

u/TrekkingForward · 1 pointr/Wellthatsucks

For the headlights, use a restoration kit. Looks like they could use a shining anyways.

Best one I’ve used

u/zimraph · 1 pointr/GolfGTI

What did you use? 3M 39008 ?

u/Balki_Bartokumos · 1 pointr/Cartalk

Try this:

I've used it before, and it worked pretty well. However, make sure to tape around the borders of the headlights

u/thataryanitalianguy · 1 pointr/AutoDetailing

Was this kit the kind that attaches to a drill? I've used the 3m kit and the results look straight outta the factory.

u/IzttzI · 1 pointr/MINI

Is the kit I used and it works perfectly well and actually had enough to do my other car too.

u/unknownsoldierx · 1 pointr/DIY

There's two 3M kits. The $14 3M Headlight Lens Restoration System and the $16 3M Lens Renewal Kit. Looks like the more expensive kit is a 4-step process rather than 3-step and you get maybe some different pads and some masking tape.

u/TheOtherMagician · 1 pointr/AutoDetailing

This is the product I used I followed their instructions exactly. There were 3 different sanding pads that came with the kit:

First I used the 500 grit dry and lightly went over the entire light.

I wiped away excess dust and switched to the 800 grit dry and went over the entire light.

I wiped away that dust and then wet the light and 3000 grit pad.
I went over the entire light 4 times with the wet 3000 grit.

Afterwards I used the 3M polishing compound and the foam head to polish the light.

I used the wax that came in the kit to finish up.

Here is a pdf of the instructions that came with my kit

u/jvb93 · 1 pointr/BMW
u/achenx75 · 1 pointr/AutoDetailing

Like VibeRaider said, use this.

It works great and remember to use a sealant after you're done or your hard work will be thrown away.

u/Bananaz · 1 pointr/S2000

If you have a cordless drill purchase the 3M lens cleaner:

There are more than enough pads in there for 2 headlights. Take off your front bumper and put up your hood, this will make the task so much easier. Triple painters tape the paint around top and sides. Get a squirt bottle from Autozone, Homedepot, etc and fill it with water. Take your time, it should take around 45 minutes to do both.

Also do them at the same time, each step. Don't complete one and move to the other.

Afterwords protect and clean with:

u/Diaggen · 1 pointr/Eugene

Try the toothpaste method mentioned in this article (Method 3 at the bottom). If that doesn't work well enough, 3M makes products like this one on Amazon that work.

I've personally used both methods, I always try toothpaste first as it is always the cheapest.

u/MyDogIsJack · 1 pointr/subaru

Basically the 3M kit which works amazingly well.

u/ThoR294 · 1 pointr/pics

They also sell kits for headlight restoration. 3M one is amazing. I've done about 3 so far and they are flawless. This one requires a cordless drill, and it makes it super super easy and less stress on your arm lol.

Also, for your rust spot, it's not coming through the back right? I know subaru's they like to rot behind, so maybe get behind there with some undercoating spray to make sure it doesn't come back!

u/reverbro · 1 pointr/DIY

You need a plastic polishing solution, either a DIY like toothpaste and finer polishing pastes, or an off the shelf deal like a headlight restoration kit

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