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3M WorkTunes AM/FM Hearing Protector with Audio Assist Technolog, 24 dB NRR
Noise Reduction Rating (NRR) of 24 dB*Great AM/FM radio performance and bass boost option for enhanced listening experienceAudio Assist Technology provides operational and set-up guidance¬–without having to take off the headsetAudio Assist Technology helps you program up to 50 AM/FM radio stations and lets you know when your battery is running lowAuto-scanning helps you quickly find and save your favorite stationsPlug into your smartphone or other mobile device to enjoy entertainment of your choiceEasy-to-use controls can be operated even while wearing work glovesRugged design is great for everyday useMakes an excellent gift for the yard or woodworking enthusiastAutomatic shut-off helps extend the life of your batteries
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23 Reddit comments about 3M WorkTunes AM/FM Hearing Protector with Audio Assist Technolog, 24 dB NRR:

u/Pete_Iredale · 10 pointsr/videos

> Put in earbuds and turn on a rad audiobook Put on noise cancelling headphones *

I'd like to introduce you to [these bad boys] ( Wife got them for my birthday a couple years ago, and it's a complete game changer!

u/KarmaAndLies · 7 pointsr/sysadmin

Disposable Foam Ear Plugs are the right answer if you can comfortably keep them in the whole work period. I am one of those people who cannot, I literally get earache after about 60 minutes of continuous use (and I've tried the smallest that fit). IEMs cause similar issues.

Foam Ear Plugs are the best because unlike regular headsets they won't slip if you bend over or flick your head back; that's an issue you genuinely need to consider with most larger headsets. But if you cannot use them, like me, then we have to keep searching for alternatives.

I've had some success with these, they put less pressure on my inner ear (YMMV):

I'm also a fan of these, but I'm also a big 3M fanboy for the durability and "just works" factor:

Legit noise cancelling is fine, but I've dropped the 3M ones far too many times to seriously consider using $300 Bose QuietComfort at work away from the desk; whereas $30 ones I can treat like crap (and do).

u/deetothapee · 5 pointsr/USCR

I've always found it easier to park outside and take the shuttle around the track. Makes it much easier to leave. I would also definitely recommend getting some radio earmuffs if you don't already. The food vendors are ok but I've always enjoyed cooking out more.

I'm also praying that we won't see a repeat of last year. I unfortunately didn't check my tent before we left only to find the zippers leaked...

u/MJDiAmore · 3 pointsr/INDYCAR

I love these myself. Have been using them for IMSA for a couple years now. Good noise protection (24dB), + an aux jack for your scanner or phone and solid volume to hear over the cars.

u/DC2600 · 3 pointsr/giantbomb

You either use some worktunes (Works fine for the smaller mowers, the big one is a little too loud), or you take some earbuds, and wear some earmuffs over that. You gotta get earbuds with a low profile so they don't push into your ears. I can hear podcasts on a regular volume fine with that set-up.

u/zifzif · 2 pointsr/CCW

For general hearing protection where you don't need the microphone, i.e. mowing, recreational chainsawing, etc, what you want is this. Built in AM/FM tuner + 1/8" stereo input jack. They also make a Bluetooth version, but you lose the tuner.

u/lownote · 2 pointsr/woodworking
u/ringringdai · 2 pointsr/Wishlist

How are you liking yoga so far? I've thought about it.

My husband and I decided this is the year to finally get pregnant! My goal is to be the healthiest I can be, so I'm trying to improve my exercise routine, and eating healthier. I am eating mostly fruits, veggies, nuts, and lean meats. My exercise is going great! I walk two miles twice a day, I've been doing this for a while now, and I feel so much better! I also drink a ton of water. This would help push me on days my husband can't walk with me and I'm alone. I think it would put a little extra umph in my step.

/u/mynthe, /u/ottiecat, /u/Morthy, /u/PapaCrowley, /u/quitelike, /u/alydian, /u/MrA1Sauce, /u/bderenzi, /u/carissalf're all awesome!!

u/redhatch · 2 pointsr/USCR

These are the earmuffs I use:

My scanner is a Uniden BearCat BC125AT:

The earmuffs have an aux in and the scanner has a headphone jack, so they work well together. In addition to 454.000 for the race call, with a little Googling you can also find the IMSA race control frequency and plug that in, and also some of the team radio channels. I know you can find the Corvette channels on the Corvette Racing Fans Facebook page before every race.

Interesting side note, IndyCar also had their commentary broadcast on 454.000 at Watkins Glen last year.

u/WisconsinWolverine · 1 pointr/INDYCAR

If you're looking for something for hearing protection then I recommend something like this.
They have a aux inout that you can plug a cord into from the scanner.

u/danisaacs · 1 pointr/aspergers

I use these when doing yardwork. They reduce noise by about 24dB. These include an FM radio, but there are plenty of options.

Active Noise Cancelling generally only works above a threshold (82dB for most shooting muffs), or with lower octave sounds than you are likely dealing with. So they may not be worth the extra money.

u/pizza_dreamer · 1 pointr/LifeProTips

This is the one I have. My friend has a newer one with bluetooth.

u/[deleted] · 1 pointr/gaming

I have a Turtle Beaches, but I have to say, buy Worktunes. It improved my drum scores so much. I've been playing GH since '06 and Rock Band since '08. Worktunes or earplug headphones. I don't want to know how much time I've spent playing... but I learned drums thanks to it :D

u/z64dan · 1 pointr/running

My dad started running again seriously in the late 80s. I would remember him wearing headphones similar to these but obviously a little older, and less feature-packed.

They just played FM radio. He also had a walkman, I believe, and possibly later a CD player, but it's hard to get one that won't skip as you run. He switched to MP3 players in the late 90s or early 2000s.

He would do mainly street running, so he found a 5 mile path by driving his car around the neighborhood and paying attention to the odometer :P

u/vitalyc · 1 pointr/tinnitus

Just ear muffs for hearing protection, they will block out a lot of the noise allowing him to keep his ear buds at a reasonable volume.

Or you can get him something like this:

Hearing protection and audio playback all in one.

u/oatscoop · 1 pointr/funny

I bought these -- don't have much use for the FM tuner but they have an aux port.

They also sell a bluetooth version, but I'm happy with the wired ones.

u/gc1008 · 1 pointr/landscaping

Commercial wise I don't think we are there yet, most still have the jacks. These are good but all have jacks, I use Howard Leights for shooting, not this particular one but they have a great fit. I have used the original Peltors about 6 years ago and 3m's for the last couple of years. Too hot in Florida summers, just use plugs now.

u/pjr032 · 1 pointr/lifehacks

Exactly why they make sound protection headphones with speakers and antennas built in. If you're going to spend money on a setup like what OP has here, may as well invest in those headphones, the price would be comparable.

Link to headphones

u/hok9 · 1 pointr/NASCAR

I have a FM transmitter that i velcro to the back and use These For my kids and I picked up some Ryobi earbuds for me to use with my scanner. They work well with cheap over the ear hearing protection.

u/nuffced · 1 pointr/Snowblowers

> I like to use my snowblower though, throw some tunes on and rock out and I get to be in my own little world.

I hear you brother, I got these for yardwork, and snowblowing.