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4 Piece Herb, Spice or Tobacco Pollen Grinder, 2.2
Magnetic closure. 2.2"Extra Fine Mesh Screen12 teeth in top section. 10 teeth in bottom section. 21 holes
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24 Reddit comments about 4 Piece Herb, Spice or Tobacco Pollen Grinder, 2.2":

u/UnderagedPeanut · 10 pointsr/trees

This one is small af but it only costs 1.19 and has free shipping, if you change the seller one of them even has delivery times that is just about a week. Here is a link.

u/myaccountforbud · 5 pointsr/saplings
u/noimsteven · 4 pointsr/saplings

like others said below, 4 chamber grinder is all you need. if you want to make more kief, put a coin in the second chamber (where the bud falls once its ground) and shake it a bit every time you use it. the coin knocks more kief off the bud and sends its through the screen. And if you want a shiiiit ton quickly, pack your grinder nearly full, throw it in the freezer for about 5 or 10 mins or so, just so its nice and cold, then shake it up

EDIT: This was the first grinder i got

u/DeeZeXcL · 3 pointsr/saplings
u/InterplanetaryTanner · 3 pointsr/vaporents

> Its a picture of a grinder that was calibrated for vaporizing.

Apologies friend, I'm calling bullshit.

Nothing about your grinder has anything to do with 'being calibrated for vaporizing'. It's one of the most cheap and generic grinders available. And while it will do the job it's intended to do, thats extent of its capabilities.

While I can't recommend anyone buying this grinder. (There's other, way way way nicer grinders available for cheaper) If anyone here is seriously interested in this grinder, here's a link to 3 different grinders that are the same model on Amazon. Ranging from $2-$10. However, the colors and brands will be different.

$2.07 - 4 Piece Herb, Spice or Tobacco Pollen Grinder, 2.2"

$3.99 - Buedvo New 4-layer Aluminum Herbal Herb Tobacco Grinder Smoke Grinders (Black)

$8.99 - GSTAR 2" 4-Stage Tobacco & Herb Grinder - Gun Metal

u/The_R4ke · 2 pointsr/trees
u/spell__icup · 2 pointsr/mflb

I have used my hands once to break apart herbs for the MFLB in a car (friend was driving) and I have to say, I wish I had my grinder with me. You can still get desired effects from the box using just your hands but from personal experience, a grinder is more efficient and highly recommended. This is the grinder I use and it has yet to fail me.

u/MudHouse · 2 pointsr/trees

Make sure it's metal, and has a keif catcher. I'll try to track down the one I bought online. It was $5 and is perfect with my MFLB
Edit: found it -

u/TheGreatHimbibbly · 2 pointsr/trees
u/741852963123456789 · 2 pointsr/StonerEngineering

How tight a budget? Because you can definitely get one off amazon for <$10. The one I got there seems to have doubled in price to around $8 is right here but I'm sure there's bunches of suitable ones.

It may actually be cheaper than the nail thing someone on here suggested.

Alternatively, the LEGO thing seems okay

u/espercharm · 1 pointr/saplings

I actually just got a grinder. I was looking for something super cheap (cause I'd just spent my money on weed) and I got this one (

I tried it out. It's good for $7. Also has some good reviews. It has a kief catcher on the bottom. It's nice and small and fits right into my tin that I keep all of my stuff in. If you want to grind more you should probably get a bigger one though. As far as packaging goes, this came in a yellow envelope. Just a plain old yellow envelope. I picked this up in my quad mail room and it wasn't the least bit suspicious.

u/TheLostSol · 1 pointr/trees

Here is the grinder I bought when I bought my MFLB. This thing is a godsend and fits perfectly in the MFLB box

u/bootypastry · 1 pointr/asktrees

I've bought this one before, and I thought it was awesome. The 3 chambers are nice. Right now, I'm using this one and I have no complaints. Both on Amazon and under $20.

u/microcoins912 · 1 pointr/trees

Dude, Amazon has a great grinder with a screen and kief catcher for less than $8. Bought this exact one - the consistency of the herb and durability of the actual grinder is excellent. Plus, the kief tray will hold about 2g worth of kief.

u/marvelking666 · 1 pointr/trees

I went through a similar phase about a month and a half ago. I decided for my first grinder to get this one. It's not the best grinder in the world, but it gets the job done. Also, I just throw a dime in the weed-catching compartment before grinding then shake for about a minute to get more kief.

I also decided on a chillum for the bowl that I wanted. That's just because I like them though.

On top of that, I would recommend getting some papers and filters. They are easy to pass off as a cig from a distance and also if you bout to get caught you can always eat it to get rid of the evidence.

u/NosyargKcid · 1 pointr/trees

Here's a good grinder for about $5+tax. It was the first I'd ever bought and I loved it. You can find other methods to grind it up, but this will make your life easier in that regard

u/BaneWayne · 1 pointr/trees

I have [this one] ( and it works like a dream. Cheap too.

u/Toonah · 1 pointr/StonerEngineering

You can get a low quality plastic one on amazon for $3, a low quality metal one for $5 or a high quality one on amazon for $15. I have the chromium crusher I've had it for YEARS.

u/foxy1167 · 0 pointsr/trees

I recommend this one

Cheap price, but good quality. Great for solo seshes, but if you're more of a group toker, I'd still recommend it, but not as highly. It's a medium sized grinder, usually two or three times I use it in groups as opposed to the once I use it for me.