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u/keanex · 100 pointsr/boardgames

I made this list for /r/NintendoSwitchDeals since someone asked about games. Figured I'd share here. Most of the games I've played, I've indicated where I haven't. Bolded prices indicate lowest price on CCC according to the plug-in.

  • 7 Wonders | $28.99 | 3-7 players | ~30-45 Minutes | 7.8 on BGG - This is a fantastic game to introduce people to "tableau building" and "card drafting." If you're not familiar, a tableau is the cards in front of you that are part of your "engine" going forward, usually you will add cards to it that add synergy to your strategy. Card drafting is when players have a hand of cards, choose one, and then pass to the person next to them. This game can fit up to 7 and it doesn't really bog the game down. I'm not in love with this game, but at this price I think it's a very fair offering for a game that once taught and played once, flows really nicely and makes for a great game to drink and talk while playing rather than being buried in thought about what to do.

  • 7 Wonders: Duel | $17.81 | 2 Players | 20-30 Minutes | 8.1 on BGG - This is a 2 player adaptation of 7 Wonders and it's quite a great version. Instead of card drafting by passing hands, there is a "market" that opens up further as more cards are chosen in which players take turns choosing from. It offers an intense 2 player back and forth of "chicken" in a way that flows nicely and culminates in a satisfying, even if sometimes mean, ending. Often credited as one of the best 2 player games out there, especially with expansions.

    * Agricola | $32.89 | 1-4 Players | 30-150 Minutes | 8.0 on BGG - I have never played this but you can find lots of excellent discussion about this on BGG and /r/boardgames. Ultimately it's a beefier board game about managing your farm to take care of your family. Sounds thrilling right? Well apparently it really is. It's currently rated the 25th bestboard game of all-time, and is often mentioned among some of the great games out there. This is an excellent price for this game new, so if there's any interest, go watch a review of two. Deal is done.

  • Carcassonne | $19.99 | 2-4 Players | ~30 Minutes | 7.4 on BGG - This is an excellent tile laying game for gamers and non-gamers alike. It's simple to teach, takes almost no time to set-up, and can easily be expanded to fit 5 players. If you end up loving this, there are many expansions for it to add depth, or silliness, whichever you prefer. This has become a staple in my circle of friends who don't really play board games because it's so approachable.

  • Isle of Skye | $24.35 | 2-5 Players | 30-50 Minutes | 7.5 on BGG - I've never played this, but it's been on my list for a while as a tile laying game with more complexity than Carcassonne. I don't know much about it, but this is a great price and those with Irish heritage might love the theme. Edit: Well this is embarrassing, Isle of Skye is in Scotland, sorry for that.

    * Pandemic: Fall of Rome | $27.99 | 1-5 Players | 30-60 Minutes | 7.8 on BGG - This is a variation of the much beloved game Pandemic. In this variation, you and up to 4 other players are taking control of Roman armies to defend against the oncoming tribes attempting to take over a weakened Rome. You will use your unique powers and randomly drawn cards to work together with the other players in this cooperative game. If you've played base Pandemic you will know what to expect, but this version has some cool thematic changes that have many reviewers calling it the second best iteration of the Pandemic series. Dead deal.

  • Patchwork | $17.84 | 2 Players | ~20 Minutes | 7.7 on BGG - This is an excellent 2 player game using spacial skills to build out your quilt in a sort of "Tetris" way. You need to manage buttons (currency) and time to efficiently build your quilt with as little empty spots as possible. It's a darling of the community and designed by the great Uwe Rosenberg. People meme about it because it's often recommended, but there's a reason why it is.

  • Photosynthesis | $21.11 | 2-4 Players | 30-60 Minutes | 7.2 on BGG - I've never played this, but it's quite a nice looking game on the table. It's about growing trees while using a limited amount of sunlight - or that's how it's been described to me anyway. I've heard that this game can get pretty cutthroat, especially at higher player counts, because of how limited the board space gets.

  • The Castles of Burgundy | $19.20 | 2-4 Players | 45-90 Minutes | 8.1 on BGG - One of the finest board games I've ever played in spite of the ugly art and theme of it. Visually, I find nothing about this appealing, but the gameplay is so fantastic that I fell in love with it immediately. You have 25 turns in which you are using two dice each turn which are used to make decisions on how to build out your board to gain victory points. The actions are mostly easy to understand, and you're never screwed over by a bad roll because bad rolls can be mitigated via worker resources. There is a good amount of strategic depth to it, minor "meanness" in "screwing over" opponents, and I mostly feel happy with every round - it's a rare game of satisfaction each turn. My only complaint is that the yellow tiles are all unique which turns into a lot of, "What does that one do?" which is mitigated with player aides you can find on BGG. Warning, new print coming out this year that may or may not make the art look better, but the new print will have all expansions. With that said, for $19.20 this is a no-brainer if you want something more complex than something like Catan.

  • The Quest for El Dorado | $19.99 | 2-4 Players | ~45 Minutes| 7.6 on BGG - This is a great deck-building racing game to get to El Dorado first. It's simple to learn and honestly my only complaint is that the game takes up a lot of space. The map is completely variable and there are some official variants in the book, as well as many others on BGG on the files section. If you enjoy the concept of building a deck to race through the treacherous lands to get to El Dorado, this is a great game. Warning, there is a new edition coming out with new artwork, so you may want to hold off.
u/kimdontcome · 24 pointsr/boardgames

That's right. Here's some price data taken from /r/lowestprice. Its more like a 20 to 30% discount witch is still pretty great

|Name|Price|Usual Price|
|Forbidden Island|$10.19|$14.50
|Resistance The 2nd Edition|$12|$15.50
|7 Wonders|$28|$33
|Say Anything|$15|$19
|Flash Point Fire Rescue 2nd Edition|$24|$30
|The Walking Dead Board Game|$21|$27
|DC Comics Deck Building Game|$23|$30
|Zombicide Base Game|$54|$74
|The Castles Of Burgundy|$22|$29
|Summoner Wars Master Set|$30|$39
|Formula D|$32|41
|The Big Bang Theory: The Party Game|$17|$22
|Axis and Allies 1914 World War I Board Game|$59.39|$75
|Risk Godstorm Game|$30|$36.50
|Saint Malo Strategy Game|$20|$27

u/syriquez · 23 pointsr/funny

Uhhhh. Pandemic is a good game if you want to lose horribly. I'd recommend Forbidden Desert instead. Many similar mechanics. A lot faster. Fewer "Welp, we lose in 5 turns and there is nothing we can do to stop it" issues. And it doesn't suffer as badly from the "Table Captain" problems. It still HAS them but not as badly.

My personal recommendation for a fun competitive game that's relatively easy to learn and doesn't suffer "You fucked me over!" annoyances? 7 Wonders. Another good choice in this theme would be Ticket to Ride. This also has the benefit of actually being available at Target or Walmart, so you don't have to try and find a hobbyist store or order it online. King of Tokyo and Tsuro are both fun, easy-to-learn games as well. I've seen all of these at Barnes and Noble, so depending on what you have locally, they can be easily found.

u/mister_paul · 7 pointsr/Boardgamedeals

Deals almost always come back. Amazon intentionally creates a sense of urgency with deals to encourage people to buy. Check out this graph of pricing on 7 Wonders. Every time the price drops suddenly is probably a sale. In fact, that first dip to $30 probably seemed like a great deal - lowest price it had ever been! Then the price drops into that region or lower every three months or so.

So don't stress. Just be patient, there are always more deals.

u/iLrama · 7 pointsr/boardgames

7 Wonders · $30

Azul · $21

Crypt · $14

Great Western Trail · $55

Lords of Waterdeep · $30

Mysterium · $40

Photosynthesis · $35

Root · $50

Scythe · $40

Secret Hitler · $35

Terraforming Mars · $49

Viticulture Essential Edition · $46

Wingspan · $55


Total: $500


Didn't really think this through lol, had to remove Skullport because I had gone over by $25. I obviously couldn't include some classics, but I tried to make it somewhat varied and accessible for everyone.

u/Dr_Scientist_ · 7 pointsr/truegaming

This is extraordinarily thorough. So thorough in fact, that you should also consider board gaming. Reading this, it just makes a lot of sense for you. I think board gaming would fit you like a glove.

1. Video games have moved away from couch co-op. You've made a great list here with a lot of solid points, but I doubt you would have ever reached your conclusion, had you considered board games. Keep Talking is certainly a good entertaining game, nothing against it. It's just, that game feels plucked like a needle out of a haystack. Like you've biopsied out a very small node from inside a large mass.

You don't really have this problem with board games. Literally every single board game in existence is designed to be played with people immediately around you. I hesitate to use the phrase "played co-operatively" simply because most board games are NOT co-operative - though there are notable exceptions like Pandemic or Ghost Stories. Both great games.

Board games use human beings as the engine the game runs on. That's not to say board games pit intellects against each other in some sort of valid competition of "who's the most smartest", but to say: humans are social machines and will surprise you with their grasp of system thinking. If I have five or six people in the room with me, I'd prefer the game that we're playing to exist in the head-space between us rather than on some electronic device.

People have come over to my house in the real world. Why not play a game with them that also exists in the real world? I can play videogames over online multiplayer until I'm blue in the face. Just last night I reinstalled Bad Company 2 and played with a few old college roommates. If I had those old friends over to my house, we'd play a board game. It seems crazy to me that someone has taken the time to drive over to your place and you set them down in front of a computer.

2. Because boardgames have always been designed around a social experience taking place in the real world, they're just better at it. This is definitely subjective. You can feel free to disagree with me all you want, but there are mechanics that I just don't see in videogames. Sure, I could load up Gremlin's Inc and replicate what is probably the best roll n' move game I've ever played, but roll n' move is a Monopoly era game genre. Board games can move past this.

You can't play Two Room's and a Boom on a machine. You can't play Bid n' Bluff games like Liar's Dice, Sheriff of Nottingham, or social deduction games like Coup or Love Letter. You can't play physical dexterity games like Jenga (still great fun btw), Flick em' Up, or Catacombs.

There are just games that play better with groups of people because they exist in the real world and make use of humans as the operating system.

3. Board games are much more open to much more people. I don't know about you, but in my experience board games are just more accessible to a wider range of people. I'm maybe going to get a round of Mario Kart out of the adults in my life that love me, but I've sat down with people over 50 and had a great time with Ticket to Ride. At family reunions I've enjoyed Dominion with young children and grandparents alike. Settlers of Catan, Blockus, and Carcassonne are all genuinely fun games I played to death with my family.

How crazy is that? I would really look forward to playing one of those games with my whole family. I can't think of even one videogame that fits that criteria.

4. Perhaps most simply, there are incredible games that just don't exist in videogame form - even though they could. Is the total conversion mod for Crusader Kings II not giving you that full heady Game of Thrones experience? Why not just play Game of Thrones. This is probably my favorite game and it's just not on computers. I can imagine a version of Cosmic Encounter played over online multiplayer, but why? It already exists in perfect form. If I want to play El Grande, or Arctic Scavengers, or Lords of Vegas - well . . . those games just don't exist as videogames.

5. Just honorable mentions. Seven Wonders. Splendor. Blueprints.

TL;DR. There are a ton of great board games out there and if you actually are struggling to think of something that you and your friends can enjoy together in the same room - maybe give it a shot rather than lament the lack of couch co-op in videogames.

u/Tollboy · 6 pointsr/boardgames

7 Wonders for sure, you need more than 2 to play but it is tons of fun.

u/G8kpr · 6 pointsr/boardgames

7 Wonders is great from 3-7 players (scales really well).

It's $30usd on right now (cheaper than Cool stuff Inc which is $40)

Isn't theme heavy, easy to learn, and everyone is active all the time because turns are done at the same time.

u/bballspike · 5 pointsr/boardgames

7 Wonders is on a great sale and it's a relatively short, easy to play game. I've taught it to my family at Thanksgiving and many of my friends and they all love it!

Edit: here is the link

u/rbanders · 5 pointsr/boardgames

A few games I like that would probably fit the bill:

Spot It. Super fun game, easy to learn and quick to play. Not the deepest game but it's lots of fun for all ages and a nice quick game to play when you want something short or as a break between longer games. Good for any number of players.

Dixit. A storytelling game. Each turn one of you is the "storyteller" and tells a short story (one word to a sentence) about it. Everyone else picks a card from their hand that they think fits the story. The cards are mixed up and everyone guesses which one the Storyteller had. The interesting scoring mechanic is the storyteller only gets points if some people don't guess right. If everyone or no one guesses right, the storyteller gets no points and everyone else gets points. Plus, if it's not your turn but someone votes for your card, you get points. The cards can be somewhat crazy and surreal but are definitely safe for a 9 year old. The game is a fun casual game.

Ticket to Ride. Fun game where you lay out train routes. You can block people's routes and you will be angry at whoever does that to you. Only takes 5 people though.

Tsuro. Another somewhat shorter game. You take turns laying tiles and moving your Dragon along the path they create trying to stay on the board. Near the end of the game it gets hectic and you might end up knocking each other off.

TransAmerica. A train game like Ticket to Ride but faster and a little less complex. Rounds go quickly and it has an interesting scoring mechanic. Each round you lose points if you don't connect to your cities and the game ends when someone is at zero. The winner is whoever lost the least points.

7 Wonders. A fun game that involves playing cards that you draw from a hand you pass around. Takes up to 7 people but might be slightly too complex for the 9 year old.

Shadow Hunters. A hidden roles game where you will be on teams but you won't know who's on your team. Throughout the game you try to figure that out and it can get very competitive. Again might be slightly too complex for the 9 year old but maybe not.

Castle Panic. This game is slightly different because it is a cooperative game. All of you play against the game itself to try and defend your castle and defeat all the monsters. It's a pretty fun game.

There are a ton of other good games but I'll stop for now since I've probably listed too many as it is. Two things I'd recommend to try to find new games that your family might like beyond these. First, see if there's a board game store near you. A lot of them will have board game libraries where you can go in and try out the games at no charge. Most (in my experience) are pretty friendly to newer players. Second, check out TableTop. It's a show hosted by Wil Wheaton where he explains games and then plays through them. My wife and I used it as a good way to see new games that we might be interested in without having to buy them sight unseen, since boardgames can be expensive. The demo part of the show has sold us on a bunch of games (several of which are listed above). Hope this helps and enjoy the family game nights.

u/bookchaser · 4 pointsr/boardgames

Use camelcamelcamel to set up e-mail notification for when the price drops again.

Yesterday, Amazon had boardgame deals. OP's link today was probably a regular price drop, which shot back up as people bought the game because the price was low.

On the e-mail notifications, you have to be quick because the price can shoot back up in minutes, because a lot of gamers user camelcamelcamel.

u/[deleted] · 4 pointsr/nfl

Board Game Sale

7 Wonders | 3-7 Players | 30-60 Minutes | BGG Score: 7.8, 48th highest ranked game | Rules Complexity: 2/5, Strategic Depth: 2/5 | $27

I like 7 Wonders because it's a game that can get a lot of people to the table, without any added length per player. It's a card drafting/tableau building game where players take simultaneous turns playing cards in order to make their "empire" stronger. It's a great entry point for new board gamers as it will likely be one of the first tableau building games you play, which is a common game mechanic in the board gaming world.

  • Card Drafting - By card drafting I mean this, players will start with a hand of cards, take one to play, and then pass to your left or right depending on the round. This offers a tough decision of what to take to make your standing better, while also offering the tough decision of trying to keep key cards away from your opponent that you're passing to.

  • Tableau Building - A tableau is the area in front of you where you've played cards that give you permanent bonuses. In this game a card played into your tableau may give you permanent resources, ability to build buildings for free, or other valuable benefits. These are openly shown which will add to strategic decisions when you're drafting.


    Other Sales or Notable Buys

    Ticket to Ride

    Love Letter - ZMan Edition | 2-6 Players | ~20 Minutes | BGG Score: 7.7 | Rules Complexity: 0.5/5, Strategic Depth: 1/5 | $12

    This is a new implementation of the classic card game Love Letter. The game can be taught in 5 minutes or less, and is played until someone scores 4 points. This version adds new roles and allows for 6 players, up from 4 with the original. Every player starts with 1 card, at the start of their turn they will draw a card and play a card face up. The cards all have unique abilities that will help, or hurt your chances to trying to secure your delivery of the love letter to the princess. If you're the last person standing, you gain the favor. Each round plays in about 2-3 minutes. There's some luck involved, and it's a fun "bar game." Tons of fun in a cheap package that comes in a nice looking bag.
u/darc_oso · 4 pointsr/boardgames

My list would include a variation of games

Code Names - $16

Sushi Go - $10

7 Wonders - $26

Tsuro - $19

Castles of Burgundy - $27

Total: $98


First, I want to preface these selections: our play group varies in size from week to week with anywhere from 4-10 players averaging 5-6. So, we often get caught "splitting the party." That's fine at times, but sometimes, we all want to jump in on one game together because splitting up feels bad man^TM since we're all there to socialize in addition to playing games.

As such, I wanted to include games that ran the gamut and for the most part games that scaled well from 2-X players.

First, Code Names. Now, we've played this game so many times, we actually purchased the expansion Code Names Deep Cover which is a fun variant which adds tons of more playability. This is the go-to "party" game as, for our group, Cards Against Humanity has grown a bit stale. At least it hits the table much less frequently than in years past. Code Names is easy to teach, easy to understand and difficult enough for some of your more entrenched board gamers. In general, I find this a great starter to transition from your Milton Bradley games everyone knows (and hates) into board games that offer sustenance.

Secondly, I offer Sushi Go (cheating a bit here as you'll probably have to buy a couple copies for larger groups or just get Sushi Go Party). Sushi Go is our groups go-to game to introduce games that use a drafting mechanic and to teach that board games can be cute, fun, and delightful while also requiring strategy, maths, and a bit of hope (our group tends to dislike dice-rolling games so for the most part, we stick to games where we can mostly "control" our own fates - YMMV). This game is super quick, so you don't get bogged down at the table for hours. I feel for new board gamers, quicker games are a MUST as many people may not be able to handle the length many of our Beloveds require.

7 Wonders comes next. We tend to introduce this game right after Sushi Go as the mechanics are super similar and the newer players feel like they already know what's going on for the most part. There will be questions, there will be some confusion and oversight, but this game follows easily and feels like a natural step up from Sushi Go and gets players right into the mix of heartier board games. Oh, and I could personally play 7 Wonders every week, especially with all the options offered through the expansions Cities, Leaders, and Tower. The interchangeability of these expansions has kept this game on our table long past many others and continues to bring it back. Again though, YMMV as we all have different tastes.

Tsuro, our board game palatte cleanser. This is another quick game which offers a lot of replayabiliity with minimal rules learning. Aside from those positives, the artwork is what sent this board game over the top for me. I am mesmerized by the board, the tiles, and the pieces each time we open this. This game offers a quick break between your heavier meeple-laiden board games so even after we've surpassed "newb" status, we often come back to this.

Castles of Burgundy I included as a final game because ultimately, we need a game with a strong theme and wonderful mechanics which offer replayability from a more traditional Euro point of view. This game really surprised me. I loved it the first time we played it, and though it may not hit the table but once every other month due to time constraints, it always feels like reuniting with an old friend. It offers a setup for further Euro games and sets the scene on what's really out there in weightier board games. I know there could be other games that fit this description, but at the price, this game is amazing for what it offers.

And that's the list. I know there are many criticisms of these games and I don't devalue those. All my favorites have points in them where they fall a little flat at times, or don't elicit the enjoyment I thought they might, but many times, it's usually my perception and frame of mind. I can often come back months later with renewed enjoyment for them, so trust me, I know there are imperfections; I just choose to ignore them for the post. These games, while some may take a bit longer to learn, offer a great springboard into board games and offer the new player a slow wade into the pool without feeling too slow or drab as one might feel with something like Settlers of Catan. Will I stand by this opinion in 5 or 10 years? We'll see.

u/OFTHEHILLPEOPLE · 3 pointsr/boardgames

Have you tried buying/using the blank cards? Half the fun I find in taking my CaH set anywhere is making sure people fill out at least one white or black card so new things are always popping up. But yes, having played enough CaH at cons for a life time I can understand just wanting to put it down and not touch it forever.

Werewolf is a fun giant group game. Also so is 7 Wonders.

u/stonewalled87 · 3 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon
  1. This board game I have board game nights with my friends and this is one of the ones that i have been wanting for a while

  2. This movie because it is amazing and I am dissapointed in myself that I do not own it already. C'mon...gimme.

    Thanks for doing this contest.
u/kingoftown · 3 pointsr/boardgames

7 wonders plays to 7 players with a few expansions making it play to 8. It is a quick game to play and the time to play actually does not increase with more players. I'd say 45 minutes for 8 players is about right.

It is pretty easy to explain, with a lot of different strategies available, some of which aren't even obvious your first 5 times playing. You'll see one strategy dominate, then you'll all try that same strategy next game only to find the reason it dominated was because no one else was going for it.

It's a drafting game. You have a hand of, say, 10 cards. From that, you pick one of them that you can play, and pass the remaining 9 to your left (or right depending). Everyone reveals what card they picked and show they can actually play it, then you pick one from the 9 remaining...etc. You do this for 3 'ages'.

Setup consists of shuffling 3 decks of cards and dealing X to each player (depending on # of players). The longest part is taking out the cards that are for a certain number of players, but this usually only happens for the first game as the # players probably doesn't change between games. It really only takes about 5 minutes to start a new game.

Oh,'re looking at $31 with prime available.

There are a lot of expansions already that will make the game more interesting if it starts to get stale.


Saboteur plays up to 10 and has basically no setup time. There are a majority of good guys and a minority of bad guys in each of 3 rounds. Good guys are trying to find gold. Bad guys are trying to stop this...and also trying to not get caught.

I don't think it's nearly as deep as 7 wonders...but it does have a traitor mechanic similar to resistance (except no one knows who is good/bad). I thought the game was OK...nothing great. I only played once, but I felt like there was just not enough strategy, mostly luck. If you want, you can try it out at BoardGameArena for free!


Avalon as you said seems like a logical choice. It really is, based on what you like. I think it's a strict upgrade to base Resistance. I don't think you'll be upset picking that one up.

u/info_revo · 2 pointsr/boardgames

Looks like it's on the Marketplace. There are a couple new with Prime shipping for more like $24:

u/ennsy · 2 pointsr/boardgames

Thanks for all the input, much appreciated. Just bought 7 Wonders on sale

u/GostaEkman · 2 pointsr/boardgames

30 bucks is a bit of an awkward number. Thematic games tend to be pricier as well. Here are some recommendations off the top of my head, some end up a couple bucks over 30:

Death Angel

[Red November] (

[Eminent Domain] (

[Infiltration] (

[Power Grid] (

[Flash Point] (

[7 Wonders] (

I too recommend allocating a couple extra dollars if it means getting a game you really want. Anyway, hope this helps :)

u/Arkaine · 2 pointsr/gaming

Many games (including 7 Wonders) are currently on a big sale on Amazon:

u/drakeonaplane · 2 pointsr/civ

If they're also into board games (or seem like they might be), I'll suggest the seven wonders board game. I've played it recently with a few friends and it has a civ feel to it, lots of fun.

What's the money limit? Amazon shows $32 so it may be over that limit, depending on your budget and the suggested amount.

u/Xzeno · 2 pointsr/boardgames

There's actually a good amount of fun games for under $40 on Amazon that I would suggest looking at.

u/doombubble · 2 pointsr/PolishGauntlet
  1. You NEED to get a board game collection when people come over to your house! My husband and I have an awesome collection of old-school video games and over the past year we've really gotten into board games. It wasn't until we got some really good board games that we had friends coming to visit more constantly! The Resistance is a great 5-10 player game and 7 Wonders is a beautiful 3-7 player game full of strategy. With the right group, Cards Against Humanity is hilarious.

  2. DOES PIXAR COUNT?! I have so many Monsters Inc plushies! :) I also love Aladdin! Great movie, loved growing up with the tv show, and a prince with some personality! WOO!

  3. A pug napping with a teacup pig <3

  4. Happy early birthday! PIXELCHARKATTACK

    I also just caught up on all of the Adventure Time episodes recently. OMG SO GOOD! I like how it went from silly, incoherent adventures to a legit, interesting story line!
u/PriceKnight · 2 pointsr/NintendoSwitchDeals

Price History

u/Fyzzle · 1 pointr/boardgames
u/nlwelch · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

As a huge fan of both board games, and The Walking Dead, I feel obligated to enter! Almost impossible to pick just one game, but I'll limit myself to two:

7 Wonders is a great game, and the expansions add some pretty cool extra aspects to it

Betrayal at House on the Hill i super fun, and is infinitely replayable.

Here is my handwriting!

u/sheisaeval · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

I like August because it's the month that me and my husband got married!

I don't like August because it's one of the hottest months here in Texas, over 100 degrees most days.

I love this game! - it's in the boardgames wishlist

31 days for Augustus

u/Fringed · 1 pointr/GameDeals

Also includes original 7 Wonders.

u/eckswyezed · 1 pointr/Boardgamedeals

FWIW Amazon has this for $23 with same day shipping.


u/PunDefeated · 1 pointr/boardgames
u/humanehero · 1 pointr/PAX

Well, as far as silly card games go, I'm partial to We Didn't Playtest This At All and Fluxx which support 2-15 and 2-6 players respectively. Both games can be really quick or take a while, but I've always found them to be great fun, and they both have a bunch of expansions, if you find that you like them.

Of course, if you want to delve into the world of board games, I'm a big fan of co-op games like Castle Panic and Pandemic. In Castle Panic, you work together to defend a castle from oncoming hordes of monsters and in Pandemic you need to cooperate to keep viral epidemics under control while finding a cure. Castle Panic is great fun, a simple game, and easy to get into, but I've never found it an easy game to win which keeps it fresh. Pandemic is a bit more complicated, requiring a lot of strategy and cooperation, and it can be brutally difficult at times, but that just makes winning all the more satisfying.

If you and your friends like a little friendly competition, I'd suggest something like 7 Wonders or Bang!, which was the game that got me started down this path. In 7 Wonders, you draft cards to build a civilization and compete for victory points. It may seem a little complicated at first, but once you play a game or two, it really starts to shine. In Bang!, you enter the wild west where one of you is the sheriff, and the rest of the players are deputies, outlaws, or renegades, each with their own win condition. The thing with this one is that everyone's role except the sheriff's is hidden. You can play Bang! with as little as 3 players, but it really only gets good if you have 5 or more.

If you want to do some research on your own, check out /r/boardgames or which has a pretty comprehensive database of all the board games out there with ratings and reviews.

u/Amator · 1 pointr/boardgames

Here's what I'd do if I had to rebuild a collection from scratch for $1k trying to have a wide variety of play styles:

7 Wonders $32.99
Agricola $45.79
Battlestar Galactica $39.97
Carcassonne $30.02
Carcassonne Inns & Cathedrals$15.71
Dixit $22.65
Dominion Big Box $69.18 Prosperity is one of the best expansions; Alchemy is not, but you're pretty much getting it for free in this set.
Eclipse $61.49 It wouldn't be a board game library without a 4X game, and I think Eclipse is the best currently.
Eldritch Horror $40.47 - I love Arkham Horror, but Eldritch streamlines a lot of the fiddly rules of the original.
Formula D [$41.96] (
Gloom $17.98
Guillotine $13.52
King of Tokyo $30.19
Love Letter $9.34
Memoir 44 $47.43
No Thanks! $9.98
Pandemic $31.65
Power Grid $32.27
Puerto Rico [$31.20] (
Race for the Galaxy $24.11
Resistance, The $17.99
Roborally $37.49
Settlers of Catan $37.99
Telestrations $19.99 Awesome and funny party game. My friends and I eventually tire of Apples to Apples or Cards Against Humanity, but seldom do so with this.
Ticket to Ride $37.24
Ticket to Ride 1910 Expansion $18.21
Tsuro $24.22
Twilight Struggle $49.98
Village $35.47
Wits & Wagers $19.99

That comes up to $946.47; room for a couple more expansions or another game.

u/hazelpersona · 1 pointr/n3rdfusion

My friends and I have been having a lot of fun with 7 Wonders.

u/sleigh_of_hand · 1 pointr/boardgames

Another take, $400 on the nose via Amazon, although you'd probably get cheaper via Cardhaus or MiniatureMarket:

u/ZeeArrGee · 1 pointr/boardgames

What are the ages of family members who will be playing? It’s not a board game but I would suggest checking out [Gloom](Gloom (2nd Edition) .Good balance of strategy and silliness.

A strategic board game that could be fun if they have enjoyed Dominion is [7 Wonders](7 Wonders

u/crunkbash · 0 pointsr/boardgames

Citadels, Tsuro, and 7 Wonders might be good for you guys to try.

Citadels is a game that can handle 2-8 players, and the structure of the game is rather different, making for more replayability, for differing numbers of players.

Tsuro is a simple but fun game (and the guys that make it are good people).

7 Wonders is a nice balance between strategy, complexity, and ease of play. It can seem complex at first play, but it doesn't take long to figure out and is a lot of fun.