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9ft Blue Neon Glowing Strobing Electroluminescent Wire (El Wire)
9ft. Neon Blue Electroluminescent (EL) Wire (2.3mm)Battery Pack Controller - Off/On ModeGreat for Parties, Raves, Costumes & DecorationsRequires 3 "AAA" Batteries (not included)
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35 Reddit comments about 9ft Blue Neon Glowing Strobing Electroluminescent Wire (El Wire):

u/buttscratcha · 49 pointsr/pics

Thanks! I found some giant sparklers today at Food Lion that burn long enough to make the full orb (just spin them around on a string), then some electro luminescent wire for the blue.

u/norsethunders · 11 pointsr/HistoryPorn

You could put some electroluminescent (EL) wire on your bike like this. I bought this on Amazon, it's really cheap and doesn't take too long to wire tie it onto your frame.

u/mirinfashion · 10 pointsr/motorcycles

$60-70 for this? You could've just did your own DIY and bought the el wire from Amazon for $7...also, all el wires give off a buzzing sound from the battery pack. Won't be noticeable while riding though, I'd believe.

u/l30 · 5 pointsr/shutupandtakemymoney

Just get a pair of comfortable sunglasses, buy some cheap el wire, glue the el wire along the rim in a way that's functional and clean, then just cut off the excess wire and you're set.

u/daemonkat · 5 pointsr/Cyberpunk

I poked around some and found this EL wire on Amazon that's pretty inexpensive. This is another source that may help out. I suppose you could go with a fluorescent fixture that is quite common in industrial areas but that would require some additional tools and possibly wiring knowledge.

Are you looking for some sort of atmospheric all-around glow or a stark, minimalist look?

u/ParanoidAndroidUser · 3 pointsr/lightpainting

Electroluminescent Wire. It is really awesome stuff and makes that cool foggy, glowing effect (Like this) And this is what it looks like lit up in real life.

u/xXAlphaWhiskeyXx · 3 pointsr/projectcar

Electroluminescent Or EL wire dose not radiate much heat. uses less than ~.5 watts As for the fragiality I am not personally sure. However they do make Cheap wire and tape

Wire Wire


And costs roughly a dollar a foot.

u/weareyourfamily · 3 pointsr/Cyberpunk

They probably use the type of neon wire you can buy online and just zip tied or glued it to the umbrella rim. You can see the battery box on the handle.

I would think this could be quite fragile. I bought a product called live wire years ago and it broke very easily due to twisting/bending it too much. Who knows how it would hold up in the rain. Would probably be best to attempt some kind of water-proofing by wrapping it in plastic as the umbrella itself won't be able to completely shield it.

u/enfernoh · 2 pointsr/halloween

You can buy the El-wire online. There's some on sale via Amazon. They come in 9ft lengths with a battery pack attached. :)

u/Kthwaits · 2 pointsr/battlestations

It's a generic EL wire, something like this except its plugged into a wemo outlet instead of being battery powered. You can kind of position however you like so I thought a wavelength pattern might be neat.

u/tophattomato · 2 pointsr/bicycling
u/Nynes · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

Oh shit i got this.

blue EL wire, as has been suggested - you can put a roll of this inside the main crystal and route it through the shaft of the staff.

blue LEDs and resistors - individual lights

people have already posted the LED tubes for the bottom of the luminary/top of staff

or the most powerful thing I could find - with variable speeds, so I assume "still" is one - and would be AWESOME - the reviews are really good and it mounts with a very powerful magnet. battery powered.

J-J-J-Janna bound!

blue clear vinyl - this is what Id use for the crystals on the staff. very easy to work with, lightweight, pliable. Id mount layers of it together to make it rigid.

For the gems on her belt, you might want to check out using some resin casting if you cant find pre-made items! Its simple and almost idiot proof.

Id go a light weight PVC pipe for the staff and parts, in case you need to run LED wires through the main shaft, and with sculpey or model magic for the upper parts of the luminary on the top of the shaft - using a lightweight plate as a flat base to mount your LED or EL lights to. You could also use a large plastic bowl, cut to size/shape. Cover with modpodge or a water/glue mixture, then spraypaint with the Krylon hammered metal metallic paint in the appropriate color.

DIAGRAM Im more than happy to walk you through fabrication if you need or want help.

LED tutorial
discussion on using LEDs

u/suckstobejake · 2 pointsr/electricdaisycarnival

I think pre-made, specifically the one here from amazon.

u/Lunar3 · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

This would be easy to use,runs on batteries & is fairly cheap. Tuck some inside the lantern & then get a second set to go inside some plastic tubing from home depot. J-j-j-janna if I win I would like a gift card please I am trying to buy a baby swing for my son. Good luck with your costume.

u/cucu729 · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

Strap one of these under and around your desk and you'll be the coolest one in the office after a couple of hours ;)

Edit: Pimp my cube

u/ToasterP · 2 pointsr/ElectricForest

EL wire is exactly what you need. It's cheap and comes in a number of colors and is battery powered.

If you wear a camel back string it through there. (That's what I do) but hats or shirts are also popular. It's very bendy so you can make it for what ever works for you.

Hope this helps.

u/waremon0 · 1 pointr/kandi

Unless you're using especially bright EL wire (which I'm not sure exists) you might want to rethink your plan. I used this and it didn't work too well. It wasn't very flexible and was pretty thick so you couldn't string it through a standard pony bead more than once. It also didn't show through too well, even with clear beads. And then there's the cheapness of my particular EL wire. I just strung a lot of beads along the whole thing and wore it like a necklace. It was broken after about an hour. A pretty easy fix with a soldering iron, but a concern nonetheless.

That being said, if you can find the right light, I would love to see you succeed.

u/foamyfrog · 1 pointr/shutupandtakemymoney

Here you go. I used this EL wire and just glued it around the edges. I also covered the remaining wire leading to the battery pack in electrical tape which ended up being kind of crappy, but still worked. I would recommend something else to cover it unless you're really good with the tape.

u/selfcurlingpaes · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

Happy Birthday Chica!

I clicked this contest, because I was like, '8/4 birthday contest? That's almost my birthday!' My birthday is August 1st too! ::internet high five::
I'm turning 25 ^_^
Random weird fact: According to my parents, my due date was 8/8/88, but I came a week early. Anyways:


u/Deltervees · 1 pointr/modelmakers

It's probably this.

u/OutSourcingJesus · 1 pointr/juggling
u/PrestoWILLIAM · 1 pointr/videos
u/hype6477 · 1 pointr/OpenPV

my inspiration for the build....

will this work ? has anyone ever used this ?

u/DoesntFearZeus · 1 pointr/longboarding

Won't be as bright, but how about EL wire?

u/lonewolf13313 · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

I totally want this for use on my bike or wearing at a concert! Thanks for the contest!

Who was at warped tour?

u/Eeroin · 1 pointr/aves

Okay, LED strips are cheap and if you get the right ones with someone that knows how to wire it all together (you could do this your self actually with a little patience) you can get awesome displays pretty much anywhere.

Black lights are always awesome IMO, but you have to get the right things that react with the lights to take it up a notch. Tonic water with quinine glows in black light, so maybe incorporate that into drinks somehow.

Wall art is always shitty as all hell at clubs. It's not that damn hard to find an semidecent abstract artist and tell him to make some trippy shit for your club. I'll leave a link to my portfolio here so you can get an idea.

El Wire is cheap as well and you could decorate the fuck out of your club with it or something.

I really think lighted dance floors should always make a comeback like they had in discos in the 70's, but you could do even better with LEDs now.

Infinity mirror tables, wall decorations, floors, ceilings, whatever. Infinity mirrors are awesome.

Community sticker board so people can bring in stickers for whatever B)

Have a place where people can chill out and talk, answer calls whatever it is they need to do in a room that's not the bathroom.

Condom vending machine, hello.

Comfy seats, but nothing too fancy you won't have a problem cleaning.

Choo-choo train bottle service ayooooo! This might not be the best idea, honestly. But it'd be cool!

Lastly, this is a stretch, BUT I think it'd be a good idea. Some way to sort the couples from the singles and people that aren't looking for anything. Glowstick wrist bands? IDK.

u/Fluxbios · 1 pointr/pics
u/spartan833 · 1 pointr/ElectricForest

I bought these on May 12 and got them yesterday, so about 2 weeks. ymmv

u/Knucklessg1 · 0 pointsr/battlestations

I would recommend the Tron LEDs instead. They are cheaper, and they look a lot cooler.