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A Man with No Talents: Memoirs of a Tokyo Day Laborer
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3 Reddit comments about A Man with No Talents: Memoirs of a Tokyo Day Laborer:

u/xSnakeDoctor · 2 pointsr/JapanTravel

He actually was a day laborer in that district, San'ya. It doesn't have the greatest of ratings but I enjoyed the read. I felt bad for him but he seemed really resigned to that lifestyle. I think it just made me uncomfortable knowing the kind of life he lived but not really wanting for more. Almost like he was just... existing?

I'm probably going to go back and read it again. I believe he won an award for the book as well but either declined to accept the award or declined to do any press for it. I think its worth a read, it's not too long and the memories he recall expose a side of Japan many never see or think of.

u/Tends · 1 pointr/japan

A Man With No Talents: Memoirs of a Tokyo Day Laborer by Oyama Shiro. This book provides a different perspective on Japanese society. It's written by a man who got a degree, became a salary man and realized that he hated everything about it. He quits and becomes a day laborer. By the time he has written this book he is in his fifties I believe. Anyway, give it a try. It's a short book and easy to read.

u/ebooksgirl · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

Hmm....I'm going to interpret that question as '10 Books in No Particular Order that Weren't Massive Bestsellers that I Loved*'

  • The Good Women of China An amazing book about the struggles of women in China from 1950s-1980s.

  • Ode to Kirihito The book that got me hooked on Osamu Tezuka (Astro Boy)'s classic manga.

  • Shades of Milk and Honey A Regency Romance with a touch of fantasy, and the writing is a pleasure.

  • Ender's Game Hardly indie anymore, but I found this near the bottom of a pile of books in middle school, thus launching my love of SF/F

  • A Man with No Talents An anonymous account of a man who dropped out of the Salaryman life and became free to live his life as he wanted.

  • The Dancing girls of Lahore A brutal, honest account of the underworld of courtesans in Pakistan.

  • The Legend of Eli Monpress Escapist fantasy with amazing characters and a plot that keeps the reader up well past bedtime.

  • Off to Be the Wizard Probably the closest to 'indie' on here, hardly a deep book but a hilarious geeky romp.

  • Live Free or Die This one surprised me a bit, but my Libertarian SF-loving self just fell head-over-heels for this series.

  • Boneshaker Because dammit, this is the one that sent me down the Steampunk rabbit hole.

    /* Ebooksgirl reserves the right at any time to change, amend, add or delete this list.