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adidas AiAdidas Mens Yeezy Boost 350 Turtle/Blugra/Cwhite AQ4832
AdidasYeezy Boost 350Turtle/Blugra/Cwhiteaq4832
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8 Reddit comments about adidas AiAdidas Mens Yeezy Boost 350 Turtle/Blugra/Cwhite AQ4832:

u/aguyontheinterwebz · 10 pointsr/OutOfTheLoop

One word: fashion. Different field of fashion, but open up any GQ mag and you'll see ordinary leather combat boots that are $700+. Street fashion is no different. Here is a pair of Adidas Yeezy 350s in my size for $1,700: They're not made any better than any other casual shoe, but they are in demand for their exclusivity.

What it boils down to is simple economics: if the demand is high, so is the price. So when a product or company in the fashion industry convinces the target audience that the item in question is cool, exclusive, or ahead of the curve, it raises the interest and subsequent demand. Supreme has done this by making inroads with the social media modeling scene, street scene, and underground fashion scene. They target city and metro-area people aged ~18-30~ who are likely more receptive to streetwear than to high fashion offerings from a Gucci or Burberry.

u/PopularWarfare · 3 pointsr/BadSocialScience

> lol, these kinds of child-labor/child-prostitution apologetics are kinda funny in juxtaposition to how much hand-wringing is done over great leaps forward and collectivization/rapid industrialization done under state planning

Well, once capitalism vs socialism genocide Olympics begin the discussion is pretty much over, at least from a social science perspective. But yeah, it's pretty unlikely that an argument that could attack state-socialism/maoism/marxist-leninism/communism/whatever as immoral, defend the morality of capitalism and yet still somehow remain consistent. The only person to do it somewhat successfully was Hayek but usually, you end up with something more akin to Rothbard or Mises.

> Not to say that the respective sets of problems are commensurable

The solution is to compare them anyway, obviously.

> and moral thinking split that happens with them: we know of no better way of doing capitalism without child-labor (or child-prostitution),

We know how "to do" capitalism without child labor but unfortunately, I do not think we can say the same about the industrialization which where we see the most flagrant abuses of child labor historically and contemporarily.

Regardless, I'm not really sure what you point is. It's not like capitalism has a monopoly on the use of child labor.

> yet the consequences of state-enforced industrialization and agricultural reform are unconditionally the final nail in the communist coffin.

The nail in the coffin for forced industrialization and collective agriculture reform is that it is that it is not competitive in the long term. Not that they don't have their place, many of the east asian tigers started with state lead reform and then transitioned to market economies.

> You see, that's the Mao's biggest mistake, he should have taken a different Great Leap in a pair of Nike® Air Jordans!

Nah Mao definitely should have gon with the Yeezys

u/KingDurJAb · 2 pointsr/BlackPeopleTwitter
u/jeff3rd · 2 pointsr/GlobalOffensiveTrade

5000 $ On amazon good deal men go fast))). Kanye West approved this.

u/Gravy_Pipe · 2 pointsr/Atlanta
u/niggershoe · 1 pointr/Calgary

Those stupid overpriced Adidas Yeezy Kanye West shoes.

u/sandiskplayer34 · -1 pointsr/movies

>im curious how much I'd need to have for a decent shark hoodie

>300 - 400 $

For those wondering, this is the hoodie they're talking about.

They also think that Yeezys are reasonably priced.