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Aïkiou Stimulo Cat Interactive Feeder, Grey/Green
It slows down your cat’s speed in eating, perfect for cats with vomiting problemsGood complement in a weight loss program for your petSatisfies your cats need to hunt and playTubes have adjustable lengths and can be also be used by declawed catsApproved by veterinarians and cat behaviorists
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5 Reddit comments about Aïkiou Stimulo Cat Interactive Feeder, Grey/Green:

u/herrsmith · 3 pointsr/washingtondc

Our cat binges and throws up frequently as a result. We got him this (unfortunately, it looks like it's not available right now), and we haven't had a problem since. It took him a bit to get used to it, so we started out with no tubes, and moved up to all of the tubes (including the tall ones).

u/arguewithatree · 3 pointsr/washingtondc

there are feeders that help cats slow down so they don't eat til they puke. i can vouch for this style working for my fat pukey cat. it helped her lose some weight too.

u/[deleted] · 2 pointsr/aww

I've heard some good things with this feeder. It looks like you have to train your cats a bit to use it, but there are a number of positive reviews stating that their cats became more engaged and lost weight once they started eating with that.

Of course, since so many cats are trolls, some just will never be bothered to learn to love the things we spend so much money on :(

u/weffey · 1 pointr/ShedsALotAndNoTail

Milo's a he, and it's a feeding tray. Makes them work for their prey kibble.

u/hisshissmeow · 1 pointr/Pets

Okay, I have a few bits of advice for you.

First things first, I know it's hard to do emotionally, but you've got to stop leaving dry food out for your cats all day. I had a professor once who was a cat behaviorist and he put it like this, "People feed horses like they should feed cats, and cats like they should feed horses." Meaning that horses are grazers and should have food all day, not just at certain times of the day. On the opposing side, cats are hunters and should be fed only at certain times of day, and not have food out constantly (which should also help with weight management for your kitty darlings in general, since it's so important to keep them at a healthy weight as they get older anyway!) AND this SHOULD make your roomie's cat less interested in getting into your room-if he realizes there is no reward on the other side of the door.

ALSO-as far as your room-mate's cat goes, you're right, she shouldn't be giving him tastes. Not just for your sake and your kitties' sake, but for her own cat's sake as well. Human food can be bad for kitties for a number of reasons and it's safest just to keep him away from it. Not to mention, like you said, it teaches him bad manners.

Now here's the tough part. It may sound ridiculous but obviously you need to talk to your roomie about this situation, which is conflict and awkward and horrible to deal with, I know. I really recommend looking up and doing some reading today on how to talk to people while avoiding conflict. There's stuff all over the internet about it, and it's a bit too hard for me to explain. Basically, not only is it a good life skill to have, but obviously you want to be able to talk to her about it without her getting upset or feeling personally attacked. Because cats are like your children, and people can easily get offended when they feel their "parenting" is being criticized. So I really, really, really recommend looking up just some general communication tips so you can talk this over with her without it being awkward or confrontational.

Also, here are some things that MAY help if you mention when you're talking to her (disclaimer: I don't know her, so you may have to cherry-pick things here that you think would help convince her):
-I don't know if her cat is overweight, but I think it's important to mention that even though fat cats are adorable and wonderful and everything, it's really not in their best interests to be overweight; just as with humans. Having a healthier relationship with food will help keep him at a healthy weight and can really help him live longer, as well as save her money (him maintaining a healthy weight can really keep down diseases and other things that cost lots of money.)
-I'd suggest this cat get fed separately from his brother, and given a toy such as this one:

All of those are designed to slow a cat down while eating, while at the same time giving them the same mental stimulation that comes with play. This would make him eat slower, which is better for weight management as well as helping him to feel full and satisfied (if he ever does) and would keep him occupied enough for everyone else to finish eating before he could even think of getting to them. Not to mention it's fun for them! I don't know if you're willing to do this, but you could buy one of those options and give it to her as a gift, under the presumption that it is so he will leave his brother alone (I'm sure since they're both her children she probably doesn't like it when he bosses the brother around). It really is probably best to feed him alone, to prevent him from getting into anyone else's business and also would make life easier for your roomie, too.

Sorry about the book I just wrote.