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Aiskaer White Steel 4mm 1/2/4/6 Prong DIY Diamond Lacing Stitching Chisel Set Leather Craft Kits
HIGH-QUALITY STEEL MANUFACTURING:Made of white steel, is durable and useful leather craft tool.100% white steel material, non-inferior stainless steel, please pay attention to identification.PRODUCT PRETREATMENT:Each product surfaces are coated with a rust preventive oil before shipping, Please wipe clean before use.Polished and smooth handle is comfortable to hold,sharp rhombus tooth is helpful to punch quickly and effortlessly.PRODUCT SIZE:Approx 2mm, Prong pitch:Approx 4mm.Length: 100mm,Weight: 100gPACKAGE INCLUDED:1 Prong/ 2 Prong/ 4 Prong/ 6 Prong+Plastic box +Velvet bag+Instruction manual.Whether you are a beginner or expert in leather DIY production, this will be your perfect tool.EXCELLENT AFTER-SALES SERVICE:If you are not satisfied with our products or there are defects in the products, please contact us in time, we will refund or exchange the goods for you unconditionally.
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9 Reddit comments about Aiskaer White Steel 4mm 1/2/4/6 Prong DIY Diamond Lacing Stitching Chisel Set Leather Craft Kits:

u/kinetogen · 11 pointsr/GunPorn

Sling is just thick cotton grosgrain ribbon, QD Attatchments can be found all over the place, and so can the strap adjustment buckle, all for super cheap.

>The stitching on the strap is a little difficult, but other than that...

Nah man, not at all. The real item obviously uses a machine, however you can achieve similar results with some scrap leather (Buy "Vegetable Tanned" leather for crafting, takes dye well and is very strong, you may even find a "Belt Blank" kit already cut into a nice neat strap) and some "leather lacing chisels" also known as Pricking Irons. Simply lay out where you want your stitch-box, double your leather over, line up the fork, smack it with a hammer (into a wooden backstop), and there you have it, nice evenly spaced stitchable holes. From there, you just dye the leather however you prefer (Leather Dye works great, but in a pinch, wood stain works fine and double-brewed coffee can work too), finish the edge with a little bees wax and an edge slicker and hand sew it together with some Waxed Thread and some robust Leathercraft Needles. (I might even lay down a layer of contact adhesive between the leather-strap-leather sandwich for additional hold while sewing). Just take your time and be patient with layout and cutting and it would make for a great afternoon project. For a tutorial on stitching leather neatly, check this out and this edge slicking tutorial. Bonus; you can dye the leather and buy whatever color grosgrain and hardware you want to match or contrast to your heart's content.

u/JaseDroid · 5 pointsr/Leathercraft

Use a wing divider to draw your stitch line.

Leather Wing Divider KangTeer 5.5 inch Leathers DIY Tool Adjustable Craft Edge Creaser Rotating Leathercraft Tool

Then, use a diamond chisel to punch your holes.

Aiskaer White Steel 4mm 1/2/4/6 Prong DIY Diamond Lacing Stitching Chisel Set Leather Craft Kits (4mm)

I use both of these products and have zero issues getting clean stitching.

u/Midgetforsale · 3 pointsr/Leathercraft

Absolutely. I would recommend a few tools to get started - a cheap set of stitching chisels to get you started (these poke the holes for the needles to go in and out of), a cheap wing divider to scribe a straight stitching line, some waxed thread I linked Ritza Tiger 25 in 0.6mm because it's pretty much all I use, there are cheaper options, but this thread is wonderful to work with. Most of the other thread on amazon is going to be thicker and look too chunky with a 4mm iron IMO. Lastly, some needles. I use and like these. Then just look up a few youtube videos on saddle stitching. You'll have it down in no time. It's really not super difficult, there are a few tricks to making it look nice.

u/JunkyGoatGibblets · 2 pointsr/Bushcraft

I got a small 16$ set from amazon ( Electop 31 Pcs Leather Sewing... )

A small all metal diamond punch set ( Aiskaer White Steel 4mm 1/2/4/6... )

And a really nice, cheap, knife ( BANYOUR Leather Knife Cutting... )

They worked for what I needed, especially as a beginner!

u/RollingHomeToYou · 1 pointr/Leathercraft

This is just my second wallet, heavily inspired by /u/sgircys (thanks for the awesome tutorial). The leather is 2-3 oz Oak Leaf from Tandy. I've given it a couple of coats of neatsfoot oil and left it in the sun for a day. The tread is 0.8 mm black tiger thread. Chisels are these cheap ones from amazon. I've used the 6 prong one to do all of the holes in the wallet.

Another side question, if I want to get a dye would you guys recommend the oil based ones or water based?

u/daslillich · 1 pointr/Leathercraft

Gotcha. Does it stretch or move a lot when you cut it?

Yeah that’s not the best way to mark stitching lines so I recommend a wing divider. This will be cost effective and will help tremendously with your stitching.

I bought these two when I started and still use them.

They work great for me and will eventually upgrade to some quality tools like KS.

u/SoverignSyndicate · 1 pointr/Leathercraft

Looks pretty good. Always come in at least 3/16 of an inch from edge for stitching. Get yourself a stitching groover too. It cuts a groove in the leather both to help heep stitches straight, and so your thread doesn't sit proud if the leather. Especially for an item that will be in and out of your pocket. Get a set of diamond stitching chisels too to help you with spacing, and clean up your stitches.
Other than that. I would personally do this with a thicker veg tan leather, obviously you have what you have. But thicker veg tan allows you to better finish the edges of the leather and use an edge coat to both make it pop, and to protect the edge of the leather which is what will surely start to wear first on this item. You dun good, though, just need to practice!

u/candiceflake · 1 pointr/Leathercraft

Stitch Chisels 4mm
Wax thread
Saddle stitch