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AKG Pro Audio K240 STUDIO Over-Ear, Semi-Open, Professional Studio Headphones
Professional studio headphonesSemi-open3 m replaceable cableAudio Interface type: Stereo plug – 3.5mm (1/8-inch) with 6.3 mm (1/4”) screw-on adapter
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u/fco2013 · 69 pointsr/buildapc

Don't buy a "gaming headset" 99% of the time they are okay headphones with a (usually) shitty mic, with a huge markup because they are "gaming headsets".

Instead buy some real headphones, and get a cheap mic, like the Zalman Clip on mic which attaches to your headphone cable, which will be good enough for most people.

For under $100 I recommend the AKG K240s Amazon

or the Audio Technica AD500X Amazon

Also, check out /r/headphones

u/rqueenston · 21 pointsr/lapfoxtrax

i have a few recommends! it seems insane, but these cans honestly outperform every other pair i've used under $100. i use them a ton for work and leisure. easily my most used pair. the only downside is that since they are closed and isolating, while they have wonderful bass response for working in the sub frequencies, the sound stage is also a little bit tight. i recommend replacement pads: (they come in grey, white, and red as well) as they're a bit better quality and easier on the ears/head.

next in line: the akg k240s are a standard for work and leisure for many people. huge, wide sound stage and a great flat frequency response. they're pretty open, so you will hear everything around you, and everything around you will hear you. but they do kick a lot of ass.

aside from those, if you want something strictly to listen with, the polk buckle is a wonderful pair of headphones with HILARIOUSLY overblown bass response. a joy to relax and dig on some bass-heavy audio with. great for watching films too!

hope this helped! if you can try cans before you get em, try em! everybody has hearing preferences. but i think the monoprice closed-back cans and k240s combined are a great and affordable way to work and have nice flat audio reproduction. love 'em. i almost entirely work on headphones and will end up referencing whatever i make on my hifi and any other speakers i have in the house once i'm done. i have cheap m-audio monitor speakers hooked up to my work machine, but i don't use them for actual work all that often.

u/gravyenema · 11 pointsr/buildapcsales

Decent Review on the AD500x, which is one step below this. There is not a $40+ difference between them so if you want best bang for buck, get the 500x for ~$80 with free shipping.

Others to consider are the AKG K240 and the currently on sale Sennheiser HD518

u/DJNephilim · 10 pointsr/Music

I have a pair of AKG K240's. Relatively awesome and comfy.

u/[deleted] · 7 pointsr/WeAreTheMusicMakers

I've been working in studios for years... grab some AKG K240's. They're an industry standard.

u/josecouvi · 7 pointsr/BuyItForLife

Here's a few that are in your price range and pretty well known for their durability:

Beyerdynamic DT 770

Sony MDR 7506 (Also check for the price on the V6 as they're both very similar and just as durable)

AKG K240

Shure SE215

u/mikenike192 · 6 pointsr/gadgets

AKG K-240's Got them a couple years ago and couldnt be happier. They are very light and comfortable and dont feel like they are squeezing your brians out like some other over the ear headphones

u/ThailandTrasher · 6 pointsr/pcmasterrace

Get a pair of actual headphones and a modmic. 7.1 surround in gaming headsets is BS and you're better off with 2 big high quality drivers than 8 small, terrible cheap drivers that are marked up because they stick "gamer headset" on the box.

Check out this guide:

For gaming you want something neutral. My recommendation is the AKG K240:

u/techfish · 5 pointsr/headphones

AKG K240 and then later buy some velvet/velour pads for added comfort. They are always dropping below $75. The MKII version comes with these pads but is out of your price range.

u/123kyran123 · 4 pointsr/buildapc

Blue snowball is certainly the best for good recording, while the Samson Meteor is great too. Usually the Samson is a lot cheaper than the blue snowball, but seems like it's not the case here.

Go with the Blue snowball. It'll last you a long while for sure!

Another thing, why would you get an headset if you already are using an Mic? That is now-a-days the only benefit over an headphone.

Headphones have overall much better specifications for better prices. Here are a few to check out:

  • Beyerdynamic DT 990 Pro. It's a great headphone for gaming. It has an open back, which gives you a much better soundstage, which you want for gaming.

  • Audio Technica ATH-M50(X) is another good option although it is more of a bassy headphone. So hearing clear footsteps will be harder, but listening music on this thing is a lot more enjoyable for sure.

  • Takstar HI 2050. this is not a known headphone and I haven't personally used this headphone. But seeing from specs and topics from other poeple this headphone has very clear and detailed tones with a decent soundstage, which makes it a good choice for gaming. Not so much for music.

  • AKG K240. Is another decent option although the more expensive K550 would be more enjoyable to listen to.
u/onliandone · 4 pointsr/buildapcforme

I might have missed something, but I don't think that's possible. Which racing game are you thinking about?

Yeah, you could get one monster PC with multiple processors and SLI, but afaik VR does not properly work with that. Multiple GPUs each running their own OS? Maybe possible, but that's too much tinkering, and not guaranteed to work at all. 4 gpus would also be too much for the board, I think.

But $20,000 is a lot of money. Let's say the four seats cost $5000, as with The displays could cost under $1000, 4x For the wheels, Logitech makes good ones, though they are expensive: 4x, $1500 (edit: Note the alternative recommendations in the comments to this comment, apparently this wheel is not a popular option). Keyboard 4x, $300. The headphones, is an option, $220. Though maybe you want closed ones.

That leaves for the interesting part $12000, for the PCs. And of course that is more than enough to get 4 VR capable gaming PCs:

pc-kombo shared list

CPU | Intel Core i7-7700K | $338.79 @ superbiiz
Motherboard | Gigabyte Z270XP-SLI | $139.99 @ newegg
Memory | Corsair Vengeance LPX blau DDR4-3000 CL15 (16 GB) | $139.99 @
SSD | Samsung 960 EVO Series NVMe 250GB TLC - (250 GB) | $129.99 @ newegg
Video Card | Gigabyte GeForce GTX 1080 Ti Gaming OC | $699.99 @ newegg
Case | be quiet Silent Base 800 Midi-Tower - orange | $108.99 @ superbiiz
Power Supply | Seasonic G-Series (550 W) | $69.9 @ newegg
CPU Cooler | Arctic Freezer i32 | $19.99 @
Operating System | Windows 10 Home 32/64-bit USB Flash Drive | $106.99 @ superbiiz
| Total | $1754.62
| Generated by pc-kombo 15.04.2017 |

External Storage has too many options, could be as simple as linked to one PC, or a real NAS system. But that would be a topic of its own.

So, given that gigantic budget possible. Practical? Well, on you to judge. You definitely want to double-check everything I wrote, it is not like I (or anyone around her, most probably) has ever created a setup such as this before.

u/zuter · 4 pointsr/cscareerquestions

I love my AKG K 240's for under $60. As /u/bliss16 said open headphones will leak, but I'm in an open office with close neighbors and no complaints. I keep the volume moderate; sound is barely noticeable when I take them off to check. Besides sounding better I can't stand wearing closed headphones for hours.

u/Konf1ikt · 4 pointsr/metalmusicians

Hey, I can actually make a solid recommendation! This must be my lucky week for posting here.

I've got a pair of AKG K240 mkII's I love very much. I got them at a good deal on Amazon when I ordered the old version and they sent me the new version either by accident or through trying to phase out the old version. In short, they sound fantastic. They're pretty flat in terms of frequency response, but being over-ear they still have pretty deep-sounding bass. I've found them really nice for recording and mixing.

The only downside I can think of is they can get pretty uncomfortable over long periods of time, but this is definitely a personal thing, as I have pretty weird-shaped ears that have bits of flesh sticking out everywhere.

If you can't afford the the $110ish pricetag (I couldn't when I got them), it appears Amazon still sells the original version for around $70. They are (according to what I've read) almost exactly the same headphones in terms of drivers/construction, just with less padding and fewer accessories (the mkII's come with a second replaceable cable, a different set of ear pads, and an 1/8" to 1/4" adapter). I have no doubt these would also be an excellent investment if they in fact are the same headphones as the ones I own. Here are the originals.

Hope this helps!

u/Joel05 · 3 pointsr/buildapcforme

Do you know anything about music production/audio? Those speakers are rubbish, and a good amp should be obtained before a soundcard. For almost $90 dollars you could get a pair of K240's or Sony Mdr v6's.

Not to mention this is /r/buildapcforme not /r/suggestaprebuiltforme.

u/MyKneesAreCold · 3 pointsr/audiophile

I've been reading posts on this subreddit for a few months now, and have decided to attempt a set-up of my own.

I just purchased a pair of these headphones mainly based off of this suggestion. Would it be practical (if possible?) to use this receiver with these headphones from a desktop computer? I plan on purchasing a record player soon, but do not plan on buying speakers at this point.

And finally, some more detail on this specific receiver:

This was my dad's old receiver from the 70's/80's. I plugged it in so I know that it works, but I did not test it out. It has been stored in some less-than-optimal settings (garage/attic/basement) with just a few pieces of styrofoam in a flimsy cardboard box. I would guess that it hasn't been used for at least 10-15 years.

Any more info you could give me on:


-Headpones/Headphone amps

-or record players

and how to integrate all of these components together would be so incredibly helpful. I'm still trying to wrap my head around all of this information. Thanks!

u/NathanielsBeats · 3 pointsr/WeAreTheMusicMakers

Maybe the AKG 420 or the AKG 240 MK II. AKG is a solid brand for mixing and mastering. Check out /r/headphones for quality headphones within your price range. Also this is very useful

u/karmapopsicle · 3 pointsr/buildapcforme

Two ways to go. I will actually give you a decent headset recommendation just in case that's the way he wants to go.


Skullcandy SLYR in fact. Now of course the brand has done a good deal to gain a reputation of flashy products with low quality, but they absolutely upped their game with this one. Great sound quality, and a solid mic.

Headphones and mic.

For the mic, definitely a Blue Microphones Snowball. The Ice version is relatively inexpensive, and awesome for picking up voice for VOIP/games.

For headphones, there's a mountain of options available. Some good options however:

u/neonskimmer · 3 pointsr/Music

With my iPod on public transit and at work I use Monster Turbine.

Now, before you you go on about how Monster is a piece of shit company that sells expensive cabling to gullible customers (I know, and I agree) you might want to have a listen. These buds are not bad at all and I got them on sale (~100$ CAN) when my previous headphones (Koss ear-buds, forgot the model) stopped working and I had the extended replacement warranty at Future Shop. They are embarassingly called 'in-ear speakers'.

Anyways, they sound good and are constructed very solidly (all metal). Probably the only thing from Monster I ever considered buying.

At home I use AKG K240. They're semi-open so unless you're a total asshole, not really good for outside the home.

u/Pray2s8n · 3 pointsr/synthesizers

Those headphones are probably quite "colored" (aka bass-boosted), and perhaps the distortion is happening because of that.

I can recommend AKG k240s for a bit more than what you paid for those Sennheisers:

They sound good, and are actually pretty flat in terms of frequency response (so not, "bass-boosted"). I've made things on my Circuit on the couch with them, and everything still sounded balanced when played it back on my monitors later.

My Digitakt also sounds great through them. No distortion whatsoever. Just that clean, tight "Elektron sound."

u/ZAmusician · 3 pointsr/audioengineering


Experiment with mic placement


Arranging is the best mixing tool you have

When EQ'ing, always cut before boosting


Experimenting is key! Don't be afraid to try new things, even if they may not make any sense.

In terms of recording, gain-staging is the first thing you should be looking at. Having as loud a signal as possible without clipping going to the front of your interface is one of the best things you can do to save headaches later on, as your noise floor will be much lower and you have a lot more free reign over dynamics in the song without having to worry about that dreaded buzz.

When it comes to micing up guitar amps in stereo like you want to do, I would say make sure you get two isolated signals. This will give you a lot of flexibility later on when mixing. If it's possible, mic the two amps up in separate rooms. If that's not feasible, just make sure the mics are pointing away from each other, not towards each other. If you want the phase-y sound, you can either mess with the phase switches in your DAW or you can just manually move one of the mic tracks out of phase with the other. Your choice :P

Experiment with mic placement on the cone. The mic should be right up on the grill. When recording cleans I personally like the sound of placing the mic near the outer rim of the speaker, but that is entirely a preference thing. Like I said before, experiment! In general, you get more bass as you move closer to the center of the cone.

The SM58 is essentially an SM57 with a different cap, so you'll still be able to get that nice dynamic sound that has turned into an industry standard. Since it is a dynamic microphone, I would recommend double-micing the amps with a pencil condensor (there should be a matched pair in your friend's drum mic kit) as they tend to capture more of the high and low end extension while the SM58 will capture a lot of the midrange. It covers a lot of ground, but can introduce a little more work when mixing them all together. Whatever works for you!

This is a general production trick, but just remember that the arrangement of the song has a huge impact on the energy and dynamics of the song. Leaving parts out in softer sections will really make those louder sections pop out more, and this is especially important in a dynamic genre like dreampop! It can be very easy to fall into the habit of adding parts that don't need to be there, and that will reduce the dynamic of the piece overall.

In terms of mixing (I'm just going into general mixing knowledge here) less is almost always more. For example, many people will open up a project and say "the bass isn't loud enough" and just turn up the bass. In reality, this will only muddy up the low end more, since it will be interfering with the low end of the guitars, etc. In general, it's a good practice to apply a high-pass filter up to about 130 Hz on EVERY track in the project EXCEPT for the bass guitar, the kick, and anything else that mainly sits in the low end. That frees up a lot of low-end headroom for the things that really need it (i.e. not guitars). You can apply this principle to basically anything else in the track, such as cutting high frequencies out of tracks to leave room for the cymbals, etc. When you feel the need to boost a track up in the mix, ask yourself whether you can cut frequencies out of other tracks first.

Oh, I almost forgot. Make sure that you have a good way to monitor your mixes. If you can't afford a decent set of monitors, get a decent pair of open-back headphones. If you're on a super tight budget, I would personally recommend the AKG k240 Studios ( They're like, $60 now and they're the best bang for the buck headphones imo.

Mix in-the-box. You and your wallet will thank me later.

I could go on forever, but there are a plethora of great mixing resources out there. One that I really like is Recording Revolution (look it up if you've never heard of it). Just keep experimenting and never give up! There are no shortcuts to getting great mixes, you just have to practice! Good luck!

u/averystrangeguy · 3 pointsr/makinghiphop

I have them and they're alright, but I'd recommend you save your money and skip over them to get something better. They have a pretty dark sound, and the clamping makes them get a bit fatiguing. They also don't have much soundstage.

I really like my AKG K240s, because they're kinda the opposite of everything I listed as a shortcoming of the M20Xs. They sound bright because they have more mids and highs, although you may not prefer this (most producers I've met are bassheads LOL). They're not bass heavy by any means, but I've heard that the bass gets much better if you use an amp. I wouldn't know, I'm a pleb with no amp. They're 55 ohms so everything can drive them, but they'd probably be better with more power. They're also really, really light, and have great soundstage.

On Sweetwater

On Amazon

u/Joltz · 3 pointsr/oculus

Real surround sound (i.e 5.1, 7.1) through headphones is a complete farce given that your always producing sound out of two drivers. Oculus' Spatial audio will work with any set of stereo cans and will function much better at delivering audio directionality than what some gamer headset manufacturers' intermediate bloatware can produce. As for specific recommendations, I would totally go with the K240s given how cheap they are right now.

u/TheDonkanis · 3 pointsr/radiohead

i like my AKG's. pretty light and only 70 ish


u/kilspeed111 · 3 pointsr/headphones

The HD558 are slightly over your price limit ($119 as of right now)

There isn't really much I can say about them, they're just plain awesome, and sound a lot like their more expensive brother, the HD598 (although the HD598 is somewhat more durable, they are $199 which is a lot over your budget. If you're willing to spend that much, the HD598 would be a better choice).

If you have any questions, feel free to ask them!

Edit: If you're not willing to shell out that much, the akg k240 is also an excellent headphone.

They are an absolute STEAL at their current price. I own them myself and I think it's one of the best headphones ever made at that price.

u/StrangeNewRash · 3 pointsr/rs2vietnam

Headset Surround Sound is a scam. There is no way tiny drivers spaced less than an inch apart and then being put an inch from your ear is going to create proper surround sound and the virtual surround bullshit is even worse.

Just get a good pair of stereo headphones and an external mic. You'll be way better off.

AKG K240 $67.99

Blue Snowball iCE USB mic $39.99

u/shamonington · 3 pointsr/headphones

AKG K-240. Some of the nicest sounding, most comfy HPs out there.

u/Ololic · 3 pointsr/buildapcsales

If I'm going to steal something it's going to be a bulk package of gfci outlets or something I can sell to shady contractors and then I'll be rolling in headphones

I think this is what I have now which I got after trying everything on I could find at guitar center. I liked these a lot better than the audio technica or sennheiser they had there even though they were double the price for in tier

edit: wait it was sennheiser with two n's this whole time?

u/SinkDemon · 3 pointsr/buildapc

Sure! Those should do nicely. Also, just FYI, there is no such thing as a pair of 'gaming' headphones. If they're only good for gaming and not so good for anything else - they're crap. Those will provide a fairly decent soundstage, excellent clarity and will be fairly comfortable for extended usage - they will also (obviously) be really good for music (provided you have a decent sound chip).

u/Iceblack88 · 3 pointsr/GameDeals

Alright, here are my two options:

  1. The Audio Technica ATH-AD700X are my current headphones. They're $100 but they're worth every god damn penny. Gaming feels you're there, music feels like you're in the band. They won't sound much better than regular headphones if you connect them to a cell phone but if you use them at your computer then you will be surprised.

  2. I ALWAYS recommend headphone amps since I started experimenting with them. But they're not cheap at all, they are the same or even more expensive than the headphones themselves. Here's a good combo though: The AKG K 240 are just cheap enough that won't hurt but also good company enough to trust them. They're semi-open so they won't be as situational as the Audio Technica would but the sound stage is still good (Sound stage means when you can tell where a sound "comes" from. Like hearing a bullet or explosion to your left, of actually hearing the guitar on the front and the bass to the back of the track). If you do get these then I'd recommend one of the cheapest headphone amps the FiiO-A1.

    I'd obviously recommend you spend a little more to get the Audio Technica AND the amp, but I understand if you don't want to spend that much.
u/MoltenSlowa · 2 pointsr/buildapc

I can't say enough good things about AKG K-240s. They're absolutely fantastic, lightweight, amazing sound, great range. The semi-openness of them makes it so you can hear yourself when you talk but is immersive when playing. Connector is a gold-plated 1/8" cable with an included 1/8" female to 1/4" male adapter on one end, and a mini-xlr cable on the headphone end. Extra fantastic because if your cable gets frayed, you can just replace the cable instead of the whole headset.

u/veni_vidi_vale · 2 pointsr/headphones

AKG K240 monitor. These are now discontinued but Amazon has the studio version on sale for $60. Although it's probably worth noting that even though the studio shares the model number with the monitor, they are not the same

here, I'll even link you to the appropriate page

u/SPYDHOOM · 2 pointsr/pcmasterrace

Any combination of these is good, I've also included a deal on amazon USA that has audio technical awesome audiophile headhones 199$ -> 70$;

---------------head phones-----------------


u/MrK81 · 2 pointsr/vinyl

I've seen these headphones highly recommended and they're just a bit less than the ones you're looking at... Also, I recently got the Project Carbon Debut DC but upgraded with the built in SpeedBox and acrylic platter. It was $150 more, but the pieces would cost more to upgrade later if buying independently so I thought it was a better deal. Good luck, and don't listen to all the hate on new TTs, a lot of veteran vinyl lovers don't understand wanting a new unit. Aesthetics, warranty, and availability made my decision to go new easy, and I fucking loving the sound I'm hearing and that's what it should be about. Please your ears my friend, and enjoy the new hobby/obsession.

u/lovelikepie · 2 pointsr/hardware

Having used both, I would have to say avoid Grado SR 60i for games. It is just too harsh. That being said I absolutely love the way they sound.

For the AKGs I would suggest the full sized model:

AKG K240
Cheaper and better (subjectively).

Both work fine without an Amplifier; however, the Grados benefit from an amp than the AKGs.

u/Reaper7412 · 2 pointsr/cringe

Ah I see. Is this it?

Yeah I don't have an amp :(. Just my phone. I'm not an audiophile really but I do appreciate a good pair of headphones.

u/maximumoverbite · 2 pointsr/vinyl

I use AKG K240s. It's price point is fantastic. I also wanted something other than the Audio Technica ATH-M50X that everyone else has. Especially since those aren't comfortable to wear for long periods of time with my glasses.

u/snaynay · 2 pointsr/pcmasterrace

You've just missed the Philips SHP9500 for $60 on Massdrop! ~1800 buyers shows just how popular they are for that money... :D

I bought my set a fair few months ago and for that sort of money they are awesome openbacks.

Anyway those Superlux's remind me of these:

Samson also make very similar headphones at reasonable prices.

The mod mic has a little mount that you stick to your headphones. The mic then magnetically attaches to that. Only downside to a mod mic is two cables.

u/thekillermuffin · 2 pointsr/vinyl

Just found them on Amazon for $67! They've gotten some great reviews, I might pick up a pair myself. Link here:

u/TheAntiRudin · 2 pointsr/Music

For listening to my portable music player, I use the AKG K26P foldable headphones. They're small enough to fit in your pocket.

For "serious" listening at home, I use the AKG K240.

u/nilsy007 · 2 pointsr/headphones

Id likely suggest the AKG K240 its one of those classic that keeps popular 20 years later and for the price its hard to beat (44$) and it runs on 55ohm.

Its not known for its great bass, but its the natural upgrade from the Pro in cost and its easy to drive without a amp. If you got a budget of 150$ and 200 got several great options but all options with heavy base need a amp and the few wireless are expensive.

Heavy bass tend to be harder to drive, not tried running them from a ps4 myself but read it mixes well.

u/KagedFC · 2 pointsr/pcgaming

I produce music, but I use AKG k240s for just about everything. You can get them for under $100. Mine still work after 6 years of abuse.

u/del_rio · 2 pointsr/headphones

From what I hear, the AKG K142 semi-open headphones are on the same level as the 80i, and often favored above it. Oh, and I've used these and enjoyed them quite a bit.

u/Captain_Midnight · 2 pointsr/malefashionadvice

I've had a pair of AKG K240s for six or seven years now. Paid $100 for them. The cups around the ears are cracked and should probably be replaced. But they're otherwise in excellent condition. The headstrap is steel and encased in leather, instead of being a plastic strap that will eventually break from fatigue. The cable is detachable and therefore easily replaceable. It's also really long. I'm constantly knocking these 'phones off my desk, yet the speakers and wiring remain fully intact. I also constantly roll my chair wheels over the cable, to no effect.

And the sound is great, of course, once they're broken in. Clear highs, and no muddy lows. "Fat" bass is easy and cheap to do, if you don't mind your music being distorted. I do. I like hearing the song as the musician intended it to be heard.

At this point, I would never look twice at the "consumer" tier of headphones. They may cost less, but I'd probably be on my third pair by now.

u/Xodium · 2 pointsr/headphones

I'd rather have these, thanks. Cheaper, too. And they destroy the beats in sound quality.

u/Feilong4 · 2 pointsr/headphones

I think the closest thing to it is the AKG K240 Studio.

Definitely AKG inspired.

u/rudethot · 2 pointsr/buildapcsales

Would you know if these headphones work with the V-MODA mic? I'm an audio noob and my budgets on the lower side.

AKG K240 Studio

Edit: I looked up the headset on their website and the wire's listed under what's in the box

>1 x 3 m cable with stereo 3.5 mm (1/8") connector

This doesn't work, confirmed in the post below.

u/Marbleman60 · 2 pointsr/audioengineering

AKG K240STUDIO Semi-Open Over-Ear Professional Studio Headphones

K240 Studios, AKA the descendants of the originals. Not K240 MKII's.

Clones from Samson and other manufacturers can be had even cheaper. I work in radio broadcast and reliable close back reference headphones for simple vocal tracking can be had for under $50 all day long. Often under $30.

Most $30 "reference" headphones today are a heck of a lot more linear than the monitors a lot of early Hip Hop was mixed on.

u/beepboopblorp · 2 pointsr/audiophile

I've used AKG K240 for years and they are great open back headphones for the price. I also REALLY REALLY like that they have detachable cables.

u/djfrodo · 2 pointsr/reasoners

I'm way late to the party, but akg k240s were the classics in most studios in the 70s (not the exact model, but their forbearers).

If you can make it sound good on k240s it will sound good on anything, with or without and amp, and they're $65.

Spend your money on a great soundcard and monitors, but spending a ton on headphones for production is kind of a waste.

u/probablyblocked · 2 pointsr/headphones

Just to be clear, audio technica or akg is probably the best for gaming. The audio technica closed back have a microphone attachment

HyperX Cloud II

Audio-Technica ATH-M30x

This should be fine for games but Im picky about sound so id go up to the 50x which is double the price. Balanced sound and decent noise isolation makes this entire line the default pick for music, just dont expect to sleep through a stabbing on the floor above you. Im told that the ath50x is the preferred headphones in recording studios

AKG K240STUDIO Semi-Open Studio Headphones

These akg headphones is what I have for gaming and music both. Best value per dollar imo but zero noise isolation. More balanced sound than the open back audio technica headphones which has irreperably weak bass.

The akg ones also have a classic style if thats your thing, where the HyperX looks like youre at the gun range

u/acyclovir31 · 2 pointsr/headphones

Superlux 668b Superlux

AKG k240 AKG

u/rtkierke · 2 pointsr/buildapc

Please do not tell me you plan to do music production with those speakers! They are worse than garbage. Check r/budgetaudiophile for speaker suggestions, but, honestly, in that price range, you will likely get much more bang for your buck going with headphones (r/headphones). These would be decent for that money. I have done bedroom music production for ten or so years, so let me know if you have any questions.

u/OverExclamated · 2 pointsr/HeadphoneAdvice

Closed back:

u/gzar · 2 pointsr/montreal

I've been extremely happy with my [AKGs] ( I think they have them in stock at Long & McQuade

u/QuipA · 2 pointsr/headphones

AKG K240 Studio, comes with a 3 meter replaceable cable.

u/maLicee · 2 pointsr/buildapcsales

There are a few decent headphones under $70.

I'd recommend either of these:

AKG K240


Sony MDRV6

But at the same time, I would reecommend saving up a bit more and buying something like Sennheiser HD598s.

u/FastStepan · 2 pointsr/headphones

Budget: sub 80$

Source: PC, sometimes smartphone.

Requirements for isolation: prefer open, since they are more comfortable, but open to compromises.

Will you be using these Headphones in Public: no.

Preferred type of headphone: full size preferred

Preferred type of balance: balanced, but i think at this price point I'll take what sounds best.

Past headphones: Reloop RH 10. Liked them very much in terms of sound, but they turned out to be very fragile.

Preferred Music: EDM

Location: Ukraine, but the purchase itself will be probably within the US. Might look at the EU, if the deal is right, not familiar with the market though.

Potential headphones: shp9500(s), OB-1 (really nice price on this one on Amazon 50 bux only), maybe ATH-M30x. Open to new suggestions.

Edit: also looking at AKG K 240 and LyxPro HAS-30, but design wise LynxPro looks like my former reloops, which turned out to be not very reliable. Certified refurbished ATH-M40x deal looks nice, but I've had no experience with this type products.

Thank you for your help in advance :)

u/IvoryCoats · 2 pointsr/WeAreTheMusicMakers

AKG K240 (studio) phones. They are not fully noise cancelling so you can get a 'monitor' type feel with a bit of air on your natural surroundings. Great price too.

u/mpfour · 2 pointsr/electrohouse

Shure SRH 440, Sennheiser HD-280 Pro, AKG K-240

All at or under $100. Keep in mind you can buy the best headphones in the world with the biggest bass but your ipod or laptop lack the ability to power them without a pocket or desktop amplifier. These three are all well suited for normal, non-studio use with ipods or laptops. Not to mention they look badass. Happy listening!

u/Basecamp88 · 2 pointsr/todayiresearched

I purchased a pair of AKG Q701 for my studio and are the most comfortable headphones I have ever owned. The ear cups completely surround your ears (unless you have fairly large ears I guess) so you don't have parts of your ear hurting from the blood being squeezed out after long periods of use. While these headphones are out of your listed price range, AKG makes headphones in all price ranges and if the other models are as comfortable as these, you will be in sonic heaven.


Let's see what we can dig up (hope you don't mind Amazon links):

K-240 -$99 -- Same design as the Q701, but different ear cup material. From the reviews, they don't appear to cause any uncomfortable ear sweating. NOTE: These are open-backed so sound will escape into the real world without a care. Maybe hearing your death metal opera trance as they approach your desk will help people to realize you don't want to be bothered. ;)

K99 - $62 -- These don't seem as comfortable as the 240s, but the reviews seem to generally state otherwise. I would think these are only good for a couple of hours at a time before they become uncormfortable.

K77 $50 -- Based on reviews, these are bad for glasses wearers and they have some sound leakage from the outside. They can also make your ears sweat if it's hot. For $50, these are some good work phones, but you may wish you had shelled out a little more in the long run.


Sorry for only pumping AKG, it's the only brand I can really vouch for at this point. There are plenty of other headphones out there if these are not your style. Sennheiser makes some really good phones, as does Sony. If you decide to continue your search: Open-back is great for long listening sessions, but allow noise out. Closed-back can get hot but are usually the best at cancelling out noise. You are going to want something that can cup your entire ear without touching/compressing any part of the lobe.

Good Luck!

u/bonerdad · 2 pointsr/GlobalOffensive

I've had AKG's, Audio Technica's, Sennheiser... and the gaming ones like Steelseries, Corsair, etc. My end all conclusion from that is: just get like a decent pair of headphones and a $5 Zalman mic, you'll have a superior experience.

I have these right now

u/snuflswasmyslavename · 2 pointsr/headphones

AKG K240 Studio.

Also, the Koss Porta Pro will be dirt-cheap and the way they're made they rest on the ears but they're really soft and you can set them for light pressure, so they're very comfortable.

u/Averious · 2 pointsr/pcmasterrace

Personally I would go with AKG K240s

u/A_doots_doots · 2 pointsr/WeAreTheMusicMakers

AKG-K240. They're $67 right now!

What I love about them:

  • Been using my pair for +3 years, they still work! (albeit with replacement cushions/cable)
  • open back, but still covers the ears. You can have a conversation with these on.
  • the cable disconnects at both ends! meaning if it frays, you can replace it without replacing the whole thing. It also means you can get longer cables, coiled cables, etc. if your habits change. This may seem like a small thing, but trust me - buying an extra cable is a helluva lot cheaper than shelling out dough for a whole other pair of headphones with longer reach.
  • I find it gives more mid/low range than most other monitoring headphones. Which makes for a more pleasant listening experience, but it isn't so much that you can't tell what's going on or anything. Just means you can kinda listen to regular music in them and still have a good time (which by the way, is highly recommended for learning to mix in headphones anyway)

    The one potential disadvantage to open-ear headphones would be that if someone's recording vocals on them, you might get some bleed from the backing track into the recording. But I haven't found that to be a huge issue.

    Personally I've tried the MDR-7506, but I gotta say I'm not a huge fan of the general fit or sound. Completely a subjective thing though. At the end of the day you'll have to learn to listen through them, like with any pair of headphones.
u/OldPeoples · 2 pointsr/piano

Hi, I know a little bit about headphones so I may be able to help.

Studio monitors are just headphones which reproduce sound with no 'coloring'. Ever listened to some skullcandies? Their sound is very muddy and bass-heavy usually. For piano you want every frequency to be reproduced evenly.

Also, if you're using headphones with a keyboard I can't recommend enough open headphones. Closed headphones just means that the back of the cans are sealed off, to give sound isolation and such. Open headphones have a large portion of the back of each can open. This prevents most sound distortion and makes any audio sound like it's coming from your environment.

I have used the AKG K240s with a friend's keyboard, and I can attest to how amazing they sound. For $70 you're going to get some semi-open headphones which make the piano sound amazing, but will also sound great listening to any orchestral music. For a keyboard you most likely do not need an amp for the headphones.

Reply if you have any more questions!

u/__dd · 2 pointsr/Portland

I have gotten a lot of recommendations for senheisers. Within my price range (under $100, sadly) the headphones Im thinking would best suit me are the AKG 240s. Is this a bad move? Are there any specific models of senheiser under $100 that you would recommend?

u/Cawwot · 1 pointr/BuyItForLife

I have a pair of akg k240 headphones (~$80). For the amount of love that they don't get around here, they're quite durable, and have lasted me many years so far. You may want a headphone amp to go with them, but for the price they can't be beat.

u/thefinkasaurus · 1 pointr/headphones

Hey people! I'm new to the headphone game and I'm trying to upgrade. I've been looking at these four, but I'm still not sure if these are my best bets:

Here are my specs below. Are any of these good bets, or is there a better one I'm not listing:

Budget - $80 USD or under, preferably around $50

Source - iTunes on iPhone, corded

Requirements for Isolation - I'd prefer a little but not super important

Will you be using these Headphones in Public?- Yes, at work mostly

Preferred Type of Headphone - On ear

Preferred tonal balance - Probably balanced, but I'm open to anything

Past headphones - Audio-Technica ATH-M30

Preferred Music - Very varied, I try a little of everything. Lately I've been into Elvis Costello's Get Happy!! and the Hamilton soundtrack.

Improvement- I would like to upgrade a little bit, but not a ton. Very budget conscious. I'd like these to last at least a year or two.

u/flipzone · 1 pointr/dapsCA
u/thegossboss · 1 pointr/headphones

I do like bass, I've been eyeballing these since they went on sale, are they any good?

u/Mudokon · 1 pointr/headphones

buy this and you get detachable cable, if thats worth it for you.

55 OHMS as well.

u/pcmasterrace_SS · 1 pointr/SubredditSimulator

If Wanna cry got you early on you would be able to find a pair of AKG K 240 (About 100 on Amazon). Is there a way to put a little force down on the only thing holding me back.

u/Degann · 1 pointr/bapcsalescanada

Get a pair of akg240s

u/ignignoktsghost · 1 pointr/WeAreTheMusicMakers

It's a design with less sound isolation due to the speakers not being completely encased. The difference is visually noticeable in most cases:

EDIT: Yeah the 271s are pricey. You can get a pair of 240s for around that price.

u/scottlapier · 1 pointr/headphones

I've been looking for a pair of open back headphones. I came across these while dicking around on amazon

I was just wondering if this was a good price for this set of cans and whether or not you guys would recommend me taking the plunge?

u/KairuGuddoIn · 1 pointr/headphones

The AKG K240 looks to be pretty good, both in terms of looks and sound. The band doesn't look like it has breaking issues either. However, from what I can tell, if you're talking about these K240s, it looks like there is a lack of bass on these as well. Is it not as bad as the 500xs or fixable or something?

I'll be using these for gaming and music btw, didn't mention that in my original comment

u/blhylton · 1 pointr/buildapc



That said, I use a pair of AKG K240 Studio headphones with a Fiio E10 DAC/Amplifier

u/meeekus · 1 pointr/southpark

Pretty sure the headphones in the studio are AKG K240:

u/Hingleton · 1 pointr/Music

The Grado SR-60i's won whathifi's best headphones a couple of years ago and for only 79 bucks they are a fucking steal. IMO sennheiser are the Beats by dre of the audiophile headphone market. Grado's might not be the sexiest thing out there but they are American made, if you care about that type of thing, and dollar for dollar they're the best on the market. If you're looking for over ear rather than on, the AKG K-240 has been an industry favorite for years.

u/Onite44 · 1 pointr/headphones

Here are the pair that I got. I was in the same boat as you. I wanted a pair of headphones that were good, but that I didn't have to break the bank to purchase. The reviews were good, and I bought them. 9 months later, and they are still a fantastic pair of headphones. I find them very comfortable, and have used them for long listening and gaming sessions.

u/The_Mysterious_Dr_X · 1 pointr/WeAreTheMusicMakers

The highest quality mixing headphones I can find near that range are AKG K240's.


If you can get the scratch together, I'd personally recommend Beyerdynamic's (either the DT 990 or DT 770's). Haven't let me down.

u/perfoman85 · 1 pointr/Frugal

AKG K 240. Well worth $100, great reviews, sound better than more expensive headphones, and are comfortable to wear for long periods. Plus the the cord is detachable so if you damage it or your pet chews it you only have to replace the cord (my cat eats cords).

u/bansheeman · 1 pointr/BuyItForLife

These will blow you away for half the price. They're a classic/staple in the audio industry and are comfortable to wear for hours on end

AKG 240S

u/reidzeibel_ · 1 pointr/headphones

Hi, /r/headphones!

I need your suggestion on a new headphone :D

  • Budget - £30 or less, Manchester, United Kingdom, can stretch to £50 if there's reasonable improvement.
  • Past headphones - Superlux HD 681b, I'm using it to play with my bass guitar, no complaints about it, but sadly I left it in Indonesia because I don't have enough space...
  • Source - Laptop
  • Requirements for Isolation - Some Isolation to Full isolation, I will be using this on my room with my wife
  • Will you be using these Headphones in Public? - No
  • Preferred Type of Headphone - full-sized (similar to Superlux HD 681b if possible)
  • Preferred tonal balance - Balanced (or similar to Superlux HD 681b)
  • Preferred Music - almost anything, japanese song, western song, instrumentals, games.
  • What would you like to improve on from your set-up - No particular improvements in mind, a more comfortable headphone will be nice, since I'm tired of using my phone in-ear headset.

    Right now I'm looking at this AKG K240 Studio Headphone which is exactly £50, if there's any cheaper option, that would be great.

    Thank you!
u/jigga19 · 1 pointr/howto

Throw them away, and buy a decent pair of headphones that aren't marketed schlock. Seriously, how much did you spend on these? $100? $200? Try these instead.

u/TizardPaperclip · 1 pointr/musicproduction

I would say that if you want to commit, you need to spend some money on gear so you don't just quit in a couple of months (nothing keeps you motivated like knowing you will have just wasted a couple hundred dollars if you give up).

Here is the minimum professional-quality kit you need (these are brands that I've seen being used by the Chemical Brothers, Orbital, and others) to buy in order to start playing around with enough equipment to keep you learning for at least a couple of years:

  • 110$ MIDI Keyboard + Controller - Novation LaunchKey Mini
  • 100$ DAW Software - Ableton Live Intro (FL Studio is also good, but the basic version costs 200$)
  • Free Subtractive Synth VST - Tyrell N6
  • Free Effects package VSTs - Melda Plugins
  • 60$ Monitor headphones - AKG K240
  • 270$ Total, for a high-quality basic kit.

    Ableton Live Intro is a fantastic DAW to learn: It has enough features to give you a year or two of productive learning before you might want to upgrade to the standard version. 16 tracks is enough to make a lot of good music.

    And don't be fooled by the price of the Tyrell N6: It's a full-featured professional synthesizer that's in the same league as the Minimoog, Prophet 5, and the Jupiter 8. It can make all of the same sounds of any of those synths, and you could spend a few months mastering its use.

    Once you get the hang of using those for a few months, you might want to upgrade your audio output quality, and also start recording real-life sounds, such as vocals and musical instruments. In that case you'll need an audio interface and a microphone:

  • 200$ Audio Interface + Microphone - Focusrite Scarlett Solo bundle

    And one thing to keep in the back of your mind: Professional music production is complicated There's a lot more to it than hitting record and playing some nice notes. Here is a list of all the different skills that are required to become a great musician. If you want to make and sell music, you'll need to either get good at, or get someone to help you with, the following:

  • Instrument playing (keyboard, guitar, drums, flute, etc)
  • Rhythm (beat, timing, syncopation, etc)
  • Music Theory (chords/scales, melody/harmony, etc)
  • Arrangement (song structure creation, progression, tension/release)
  • Effects (ambience, reverb, compression, filters, guitar pedals, etc)
  • Mixing (EQ, compression, pan, volume)
  • Mastering/Recording (EQ, compression, limiting, tape transport/splicing [analogue], or copy/paste and file management [digital])
  • Releasing (album compilation, performance, DJing, music distribution, etc)

    You could honestly spend at least a few months learning each of those skills. And the following two skills are necessary for some types of music:

  • Instrument/effect construction, modification, customization, VST programming
  • Writing lyrics
  • Singing

    Good luck! And may the god of music be with you!
u/xXDanger_ZoneXx · 1 pointr/headphones

I'm just starting to care about the quality of the audio I listen to. For my birthday, a family member got me the AKG K 240 Semi-Open Headphones. I know these are not very good, but I thought they would be better than just standard gaming headsets or $15 earbuds. However, I feel their sound is really muffled. Would this be a good amp for these headphones and possibly future headphones I get. I don't want to blow hundreds on an amp that is really good, but way over kill for the 240's. I also don't want an amp that just barely improves the 240's and requires me to buy another amp if I ever get better headphones.

u/meeeow · 1 pointr/headphones

Full disclaimer, read through the sub but know very little about headphones.
I'm looking for a pair of over the year headphones with isolation and maybe noise cancelling. Currently in betweent TH-M40X and AKG K240.

  • Budget - Around £70 but will stretch, no more than $120 or so.
  • Source - My android phone/macbook.
  • Requirements for Isolation - Yes please. London commute, open plan office, bedroom by a noisy road. I need to be able to switch everything off. They sounded crap, but being able to switch the noise cancelling on/off on the Souls was pretty dope.
  • Will you be using these Headphones in Public? Yes yes yes
  • Preferred Type of Headphone - Over-ear
  • Preferred tonal balance - I'd love for it to sound rich and to be able to pick up different detail/tonality. I know it sounds odd but when I hear music on friend's who knows about this shit set-up everything sounds enhanced and creamy. I'm a bit sensitive to high-tones. I lived with musicians and often, after a few hours of listening to music/guitar it literally scratches my ears...
  • Past headphones - I tried to look for the exact model but it's not available anymore, it was basically a mid-range, Skullcandy earbud set. Wasn't a huge fan to be honest - super fragile, broke really quick and their customer support was dreadful. Sounded nice enough but I'm looking forward to hearing what a half-way decent pair of headphones can do.
  • Preferred Music - Shit, I do listen to a lot of different stuff. I guess mostly house, ambient and similar electronic, but then throw in some bossa nova, samba and rock in the middle.
  • What would you like to improve on from your set-up - As much as I love music its just not a facet of my life I spend a lot of money on. Sound wise, I want an upgrade from the bare bones, with isolation/noise-cancelling if possible so I can switch off my commute/coworkers and busy road by my bedroom. A solid noob pair that will keep me happy for a while and is sturdy and preferably somewhat portable.
u/ArchibaldBarisol · 1 pointr/BudgetAudiophile

If you are OK with open backs, I like these Monoprice HR-5 open back wired headphones at $47.99, they are basically an openback version of the Brainwavz HM5.

Other under $50 options

AKG K240STUDIO Semi-Open $44.10

Superlux HD668B Dynamic Semi-Open $36.99

u/Mimical · 1 pointr/pcmasterrace

A own a few:

Sennheiser HD518 Link

Amazing headphones for games. Not costly at all but have fantastic range and are incredibly comfortable to wear. I have yet to see any headphones near the HD518's that are equally as good. I have worn these for hours on end day after day.

Sennheiser PC330 Lniky-poo

Tried to get into the whole "Headset" deal. Was not impressed, the earcups on the 330's are aweful compared to the HD series. I really should have gotten the next level up for the better earcups. The microphone is decent quality and comes through clear without any interference. So that's a plus.

AKG K40's McLINKATHON! - (amazon link)

Probably my oldest pair of headphones. Got these guys when they were hip. They are a fantastic set and are excellent to listen to all day, Although the earcups are kinda "flat" compared to the others. So I can feel the earcups against me. It creates a better listening environment but after long sessions you may get irratation on the sides of your ears

After Boxing day I will probably be hunting for another sale. The Sennhieser Game Ones use the same HD series earcup, The new corsairs Voids are out which I would love to try. Of course Audio-technica's are always really pretty.

u/GuiFaZe · 1 pointr/headphones

Currently in the market for a new pair of headphones and wondering which pair would be best. I'm quite a noob in the headphone department, (currently owning the Cloud 1s). I have no idea about the high/lows and specs of those headphones so i would love if you could enlighten me :D. For reference, I listen to a wide variety of headphones but i personally love deep house and Rap.

I spotted the following headphones that would possibly interest me. I would take the Fidelio x2's but they are way to costly in Canada.

Sorry for the wall of text and I hope you can help me

Sorry for my poor english, I am from Quebec in Canada so please bare with me.

u/davidddavidson · 1 pointr/headphones

The AKG240 also has some gold on it.

u/zetaridley · 1 pointr/buildapc

With regards to computer speakers, the general consensus is that they are all kinda shit.

Typically what you want for really good audio is bookshelf speakers like this. Nice thing about these is that you don't need an amp.

The alternative is a good set of headphones like the NVX or the AKG 240. Any option you peak should give you a good immersion experience. Check out /r/headphones too if you're looking at headphones.

u/stevesonaplane · 1 pointr/Music

I just bought these, and they appear to be awesome. I destroyed my Sony MDR-V700's. These are pretty good too.

u/DantheBeardless · 1 pointr/headphones

Budget - £100 Hard Limit

Source - My computer, asrock z97 pro4 onboad audiocard. I'll probably buy a better one soon, also, I'm not looking to buy an amp.

Requirements for Isolation - Little, I'm only going to be using these at home but I don't mind if there's none, or a lot.

Will you be using these Headphones in Public? - Not likely.

Preferred Type of Headphone - I would like on or over ear. I really want to try open back too.

Preferred tonal balance - Ideally I'd like a balanced set of Headphones but I'd like a fair bit of bass.

Past headphones - Nothing worth noting. Just some Sony, HTC and Apple IEMs.

Preferred Music - A lot of Rock, Post-Hardcore, Music with a lot of Screaming, Metal, Hip-Hop, a bit of Chiptune and music like Crystal Castles, You Love Her Coz She's Dead and Kap Bambino

What would you like to improve on from your set-up - I'm not sure where I'm going after this, this is my first step into better headphones and potential audiophile territory. I will use the pair of headphones recommended to figure out what I will look for next.

I've already done a bit of research and have found a few sets of headphones that I am interested in but I lack the knowledge of if they're good or not.

Grado SR80e - From what I've heard, these headphones are very well received and liked but lack good bass which concerns me. I also LOVE the look of these headphones, they are probably my favourite.

These headphones are my second favourite however, I'm concerned that I may need an amp to make these work to their full potential. I was also looking at the regular 240s but heard these were an upgrade.

Finally, the AKG K271 MKII - As with the K240s I've heard a lot of glowing reviews on these pair but I'm worried that I require an amp. I also really love the fact that the two sets of AKGs have detachable wires.

I'm open to recommendations, but if any of the headphones I'm interested in would be good for me then all the better! Sorry if this has been long winded!

u/omgvinylplz · 1 pointr/headphones

I'd like to spend $50-$120. I want the best Pink Floyd experience my ears can encounter at this pricepoint. Undecided between open or closed (recommendations?)

Here's what I've encountered as good recommendations so far, I would like a few more opinions before I decide.

AKG K 240 Semi-Open Studio Headphones ($64)

Samson SR850 Professional Studio Reference Headphones ($49)

Grado SR60e Headphones ($79)
Headphones recommendations for the ultimate Dark Side Of The Moon experience (Vinyl)?
I haven't heard of Grado, but I see they are recommended often. I'm not very clear the difference between the SR60e and the SR80e (or other models).
I'm fine with getting something of high impedance, I'm just not clear what the benefits of a high impedance is.

Grado Prestige Series SR80e Headphones ($99)

u/kiwiandapple · 1 pointr/buildapcforme

No sound cards are not a great investment.

A good pair of headphones is the main source of good quality audio.
Headphones and headsets are 2 different things.

  • Headphones = no microphone.
  • Headset = with microphone.

    Adding a microphone to a headphone makes it a headset, it generally increases the price but also often equals in worse audio quality.
    Also most "gaming headsets" are terrible. Razer, SteelSeries, Corsair, Logitech, etc..
    So most people that know anything about good quality audio, always recommend a headphone with a separate microphone.
    There are a few exceptions for decent / good quality headsets. I will list them down below


    Your motherboard actually got good on-board sound. So you won't see a big improvement when you get a sound card.
    this long video talks about sound card myths. No need to listen to everything, but I would say the first 8 minutes are fairly okay and good to know. This should make you turn away from sound cards.

    Good sound absolutely starts with a good pair of headphones (or headset).
    If you buy a $500 sound card or $2000 DAC/AMP and use a $15 amazon basics headphone, it will not sound amazing at all. Sure it will probably sound a bit better, but I hope that you'll get my point.

    "budget" quality headphones generally start around the $100 mark. With the slightly better ones hovering around the $120-200 mark and above this you can find some awesome stuff, but also some pretty.. not amazing stuff.

    Audio is also very different for every person.
    First off all; what music, games, movies do you listen to / watch?
    A hardcore, drum&bass music style, action game/movie type of person will prefer a much different pair of headphones compared to..
    A classical, rock, metal music style, MMO/adventure games/movie type of person.

    Some people prefer bass, while others rather prefer clear mids (vocals) and highs.
    So I can't pick out a headphone/headset for you until I know what you prefer.


    A couple of solid gaming headsets:


  1. Kingston HyperX Cloud | Review | $76/78
  2. Sennheiser PC G4me One | Review | $150 (Price went down a lot!)
  3. Logitech G633 | Review| $120


    A couple of amazing headphones:

    Sennheiser HD518 | Review A bit more bass. | $69 This is a steal..
    Sennheiser HD558 | Review More balanced | $94 Also a steal..
    AKG K240 semi-open | Review | $69
    AKG K240 MK II open | Review | $109
    Audio Technica AD700x | Review | $100

    These are all amazing headphones as well as headsets.

    I listed them in order, this would be my picking order if I was forced to decide between a headset.
    Note that the Kingston Cloud got different color options. The Cloud Pro is the exact same headset but black and red.
    The Cloud II got somewhat the same color options. Black & red, Black & grey, White & pink.
    The difference between the Cloud I & II is 7.1 virtual audio. This is a feature I personally never really recommend. You have 2 ears, when you place a headphone on your head you'll have 2 positions where sound comes from. Your brain actually is very cool and complex.
    If you've got some earbuds or a 2.0 headset/headphone.. Listen to this virtual barber shop & close your eyes! This sound clip is amazing and also a bit educational.

    I personally am a fan of Sennheiser, because the music that I listen too works very well with these headphones. I've got the HD598s.
    But Audio-Technica, Beyerdynamic, AKG & a few other brands are also capable of making very high quality headphones.
    Honestly, I can talk a lot about headphones here, but I will spare you this.

    Here is a great source list with awesome headphones. The # numbers behind the short explanation gives you a review.


    Sound cards / DAC&AMPs:

    As the video explained in the above video. Sound cards is something you want to avoid.
    When you want to increase the audio quality. We have to start spending a bit of money.

  • Sound cards, DAC & AMPs explained

    A external DAC/AMP (Digital to Analog Convertor / Amplifier) is the next step into great quality sound!

    My currently favorite company for DACs & AMPs is Schiit. Yes that really is their name. Their Schiit is bananas!
    They are absolutely not the only good audio guys in the industry. But I just love them. They're a small start-up company that started over on head-fi. The website I used a lot for reviews.

    Their entry level DAC/AMP combo will cost you about $240. The Schiit Stack. They've upgraded and revised this stack a couple of times already since the review. They're now selling the Uber 2 versions, which costs $150 each. I hope to be able to actually obtain this stack this year.. I hoped to get it in 2015, but well.. I don't schiit money sadly xD.
    But yes, I know that this is expensive. Luckily this company created a less expensive DAC/AMP combined unit.
    The Schiit ..Fulla. Yes their naming is hilarious, please reverse the brand + model name when you refer to this product!
    It's an impressive device and will destroy ALL sound cards that you can pretty much get. Here is a detailed review.


    Gosh, sorry for the bomb of information again!
    Hopefully this answered your questions.
u/gaspemcbee · 1 pointr/Gaming_Gear

Buy a pair of decend headphones with a clip microphone
these and these are better than any other kit I've had (Corsair , Sennheiser, Razer etc.). And everything is replacable in this kit, earpad, headphone cable, and the mic. Which makes it's life expectancy pretty much endless.

u/gaybatman75-6 · 1 pointr/gaming

I have a pair of akg 240 head phones that are semi open and I haven't used them for gaming but I could see them being good. With music you get a decently open sound with less noise coming through to disturb others. I could see that translating well to other games. They are pretty neutral sounding so I don't think certain sounds will be over represented.

u/JesseTrue3 · 1 pointr/headphones

I have a really big head, and most headphones I've ever tried were way too tight for me, and gives me headaches. Please help me out here.

u/socialtangent · 1 pointr/headphones

Budget: ~$150 total

I'm new to all this and I want to ditch my headset. That means I'm looking for headphones + a ModMic. Thanks to the resources on this subreddit, I've narrowed my headphone choices down to the Audio Technica ATH-AD700X and the AKG K 240.

For someone who does equal amounts of gaming, music listening, and movie watching, which one would be the better option? My priorities are comfort, clarity of sound and immersion.

u/danksause · 1 pointr/headphones

AKG 240's would be pretty great at the top of your budget, but lack some low end.

Hyper X cloud's core are well regarded if you wanted a headset.

u/anddingowashisnameoh · 1 pointr/buildapcsales

Hm, I can't speak to that mic as I've no experience with it. Personally, if it works and it's not outrageously priced I'm a fan of it!

As for headphones I'm a big fan of these 280s I have, great value for the price. I rotate between the 280s, these AKG k240s which are another great headphone for their price, these Grado SR80e for some music. Once upon I time I read a ton about entry level audiophile headphones and those were on a few lists. Bought them and have enjoyed them over the years.

I have more expensive headphones and audio set up but honestly after years of listening it's been an experience of diminishing returns for me so I really do praise lower-priced, great sounding headphones.

u/SlashCamp · 1 pointr/audiophile

Having an pci-e sound card might introduce some sound artifacts like cpu noise bleeding into the signal flow but it's a great start and gives you some great entry level sound. Especially with heavier headphones.

So what I'd upgrade if I were you would be the X1's. Form my experience gaming headsets usually are very boomy in the low mids and bass and you usually get fatigued by them. Especially by headphones with closed caps.
Open headphones will get you a more open, airy sound and won't hurt your ears as much during prolonged listening sessions. I'd recommend something like the AKG K240 studio or the HD 600's. These are however Reference/Studio class headphones and won't get you the hyped super bass heavy sound that is popular with gaming gear.

About the microphone. If you want something that's "audiophile worthy" it would probably be in your best interest to get a Blue Yeti and a separate pair of headphones or something like that.

u/ABlindOrphan · 1 pointr/headphones

Budget - £40-£65ish

Source - Plugging them into my desktop computer and sometimes my Blue Yeti Microphone

Requirements for Isolation - Mostly using these at home, I've heard that open headphones have better audio quality, so I'm leaning towards that.

Preferred Type of Headphone - My current headphones fit over my ears, which I quite like.

Preferred tonal balance - Probably want a balanced set. I play games and listen to a variety of music. I really liked the way NiN sounds with my previous set of headphones.

Past headphones - My last headphones were SteelSeries Siberia V2. I never used the microphone, but was overall happy with the audio quality and comfort. Was unhappy that the left phone broke 2 months after warranty ended.

Preferred Music - NiN, The Decemberists, Bach, Some Arctic Monkeys, Some Gotye, Kavinsky, Big Data

Location - I'm from the UK, and I'm not sure about any price comparison sites.

Other Notes - Basically, I've checked out the recommended guides, and both the AKG K240 Studio (£72) and the Grado SR60e (£75) were slightly out of my range, and the lower end things were at the £20ish mark. I might stretch to those if you guys think it's worth it.

Also, I'm totally jealous of you Americans with your low audio equipment prices :P

u/ahn_anon · 1 pointr/headphones

Try the AKG K240. This thing is so light and is just about unbeatable in terms of comfort. Sound is unmatched in its price range ($68 on Amazon).

u/chickenick · 1 pointr/headphones
u/ProdigyMaster492 · 1 pointr/headphones

Hello, I've been searching around this sub for a while, and I've narrowed my search down and come to three options for my first set of headphones. Option A [California Silverado's] ( These are the cheapest and normally at $50, so if I get them I want to get them now while they are this cheap. Also, they are closed back so I can use them on airplanes and stuff. Option B [Superlux HD668b's] ( These are open back, so I couldn't use them with people around, but if the Silverado's go back up to $50 I would choose these over them for the open sound stage (and higher sound quality?). Keep in mind that these will be primarily used for gaming, being able to use them in public would just be a plus. Finally, option C, the [AKG K240's] ( These are above the others in price, but I would be willing to spend more if the gain in sound quality is good enough. So tell me, how does the sound compare between each of these, and would it be worth it to spend the extra cash? Thanks!

u/camicazi · 1 pointr/pcmasterrace

for mic get the zalman zm-mic1, for the headphone here are a few suggestions, go look them up and choose one that you think is best for you:

ath m40x

sennheiser hd 518

superlux HD668B

california headphone over ear

akg k240

Sony MDRV6

(these are all better than gaming headsets for the same money)

u/mikeaveli2682 · 1 pointr/hiphopheads

[Good headphones for very cheap] ( The choice of Anthony Fantano IIRC.

u/ScareTheRiven · 1 pointr/headphones

This isn't quite the same discount, but I've been looking at this set myself over the last few days. Seeing as I can't get them shipped to where I live, someone else might as well enjoy them:

u/Tubothe3 · 1 pointr/headphones

I've been wanting to buy a decent pair of headphones that aren't too expensive, and I've been thinking about either the AKG K 240 or the NVX XPT100. I was just wondering if I could get some advice on which one you think is better, or if there's a different pair that I should take a look at. Thanks

u/Discovered_Ice · 1 pointr/headphones

Budget - $120
Source - Iphone or macbook pro
Isolation - Would like not to disturb others while out, but not a priority
Preferred type - Over-ear
past headphones - cheap earbuds
music - most genres, primarily EDM and alternative rock
Location - US of A
Other - For casual use, also listening to podcasts/books. This will be my first quality set.
Considering ATH-M40x and AKG K 240 more recommendations welcome.

Thanks for the introduction to /r/headphones !

u/Assistkeys · 1 pointr/headphones

Budget - $150 - $200

Source - Desktop -[Spotify/Youtube/Games]

Requirements for Isolation - Moderate amount would be good, Have roomates.

Preferred Type of Headphone - Over ear would be more prefered but I'm alright with on ear

Preferred tonal balance - I have more preference towards bass, so anything that has more emphasis on that would be great.

Past headphones - SteelSeries Siberia FROST (These were perfect, but they just died so fast), Currently using the Koss KSC75 and they are great but its time to move one.

Preferred Music - I listen to many things, Rap & JPop being the main, then Pop punk and other sorts.

Currently looking at


Thanks for any help :)

u/uglyzombie · 1 pointr/WeAreTheMusicMakers

Awesome! I genuinely look forward to hearing it come together! I appreciate you being so receptive to the feedback. I had a feeling you were mixing in headphones (and most likely closed shell too). This can really screw with you, and is generally considered a no no. However, with a good pair of open shell, you can improve significantly. Eventually, I'd recommend investing in a pair of good monitors down the road (6" should be fine for you to start).

Until then, these are all solid choices, without making too much of an initial investment. I would recommend the Bayerdynamic, as they're just really solid altogether, but sometimes the drivers pop and you'll get crackle and hiss. I have two pair in my studio (close back for recording) but I've heard nothing but good things about the open shell (for mixing):


Other options:



u/Thatadityaguy · 1 pointr/headphones

I live in Canada, and am looking to purchase my first pair of quality headphones. My budget is around $100CAD (~$76 USD.)
I'm looking for headphones that are good all-rounders, because I listen to a lot of music, edit a lot of video, record my own music (singing, trombone, and guitar), and some gaming, so I need whatever headphones I buy to be able to handle multiple use cases well. I don't really know how I would describe it in audiophile terms, but something that has a fairly neutral sound (like studio monitors) would obviously work.
As far as open vs closed, I would strongly prefer a closed set if I ever take them traveling (I usually use earbuds/IEMs,) but I can go for an open set as well.
Since I like to consider myself fairly style-conscious, I would like these to not look butt-ugly, but not over the top as well. A simple, functional design is really what I'm looking for. In specifics, I could either go very retro or very modern (see this or this)
In other words, a solid headphone within said budget. Thanks in advance!
Oh, I also have glasses and would thus prefer an over-the-ear set as opposed to an on-ear solution. Thanks again!

u/nyda · 1 pointr/headphones

At that price range + a mic, not much. Is there a reason you want closed-back headphones? At that price range, there's the Audio-Technica M40x at $99.00 but that's without a mic so... yeah. I don't recommend anything else for gaming below $100.

Anyways, here's what I'd recommend if you choose something else than closed:


AKG K 240 - $68.29


Sennheiser HD 518 - $79.00


Zalman Zm-Mic1 - $9.99

u/grump_patient_0 · 1 pointr/BudgetAudiophile

If you liked the Samson's, you would love the AKG K240s. Not too much more coin, and a replaceable cable so leg incidents are less likely to result in new headphones. I've had mine for 5 years and they look and sound new despite heavy use.

u/Kyzriel · 1 pointr/pcmasterrace

I'd highly recommend buying a nice pair of headphones and either a ModMic or a cheap lapel mic. Despite the price, the lapel microphones aren't actually that bad.

If you absolutely must go with the headset instead though, then I'd say go with the HyperX headset you listed. Avoid the Logitech one, as Logitech has a poor reputation with headsets due to design flaws that introduce weakspots that can and will break. No idea how ASUS headsets are.

u/LightBlanco · 1 pointr/Vive

I am in a similar situation and price range I think. I have engineered audio in the past and sound is very important to me, but I also am not going to spend a lot of money on headphones. If you make an educated purchase, you will usually get what you pay for with headphones. That being said, my personal opinion would be AKG K240. This is based on the fact that the semi open back design provide a great balance of open soundstage vs isolation from outside noise. In VR, sound design is very important and there is a decent amount of research you can do regarding SDKs and binaural audio. But to keep it simple, you really only need stereo headphones bc you only have two ears, and as long as the audio is designed with 3D space in mind, you shouldn't need more than two sound sources. My second choice for affordability would be Sennheiser HD 518. Sennheiser is probably my favorite brand and you get what you pay for, but I believe the AKG option is a little better value.

u/RaiN_Meyk3r · 1 pointr/apexlegends

Nah no need to buy something that expensive, unless you really want to.

Some budget, but still effective options:



-AKG K240;

-Samson SR850;

-Grado SR80E

u/Nexdeus · 1 pointr/pcmasterrace

AKG's are great, comfy, and usually, come with velour pads in the box.

You can also check your local music stores, guitar and speaker stores, etc. for a cheaper price. They will sometimes have them on sale there at places like guitarcenter.

I suggest over the ear, and semi open, or open headphones.

u/AV3Nguyen · 1 pointr/headphones

Open headphones have almost no isolation; sound goes in and out with very little attenuation. While openness varies, for the most part, people around you will hear your music.

I wouldn't say the CAL! is better than the M220, it's more of an alternative. Under ideal situations, I'd say the M220 is better, but that's only because openback headphones are generally better (of course, the downside is that you get no isolation).

I would not trust massdrop's MSRP numbers. Even then, a lot of headphones do not cost near their MSRP. I'm not certain, but I'm pretty sure the M220 is in essence a recolored K240. Same impedance, sensitivity, and appearance.

u/dahmur · 1 pointr/headphones
u/Amadacius · 1 pointr/changemyview

Lotta good arguments in here already.

There are some songs I just can't listen to on normal headphones or laptop speakers. When the song has a really nice beat, I can only really appreciate with a decent set or my buddies car speakers.

The music feels completely different and once you hear it with a nice set of headphones on its hard to listen to it flat again.


Another issue is that I work and play at my computer for hours. Earphones or cheap headphones would probably hurt my ears after awhile. Even my nice ones hurt me every once and awhile because I wear glasses.

There are some sets out there that are light as a feather and don't put pressure on your ears. The ones styled like this are like that.

u/TeamWorkOPleaseNerf · 1 pointr/buildapc

Either these

Or these

You can surround virtualize any stereo headphones so dont buy something because "7.1" or "gaming"

u/Mechanicalmind · 1 pointr/italy

AKG K240 Studio e AKG K240 MkII Studio Dovrebbero essere semi-aperte.

AKG K121 Studio (semiaperte)

Io mi trovo bene con queste: Marshall Major II Bluetooth. Non sono professionali, sono bluetooth ma hanno anche il cavo se ti si scarica la batteria incluso nella confezione, sono sovraurali, si comprimono in modo molto comodo e non viaggio più senza.

u/blaisebailey · 1 pointr/bapccanada

I’m no audiophile or expert however I love me some high quality sound and these AKG’s have delivered amazingly. In your budget, really comfortable and they sound incredible. Really recommend them.

u/lepracan · 1 pointr/headphones

I am looking for headphones to replace my Sennheiser HD 205. I picked them up on a whim when at Fry's, and they lasted 4 months of being permanently in my computer, and almost being babied; now there is a problem with the wire and I have to fiddle with it near where it connects to the headset. Before them I had a pair of N-Tune by Monster, on those the headband snapped from normal putting on and taking off.

I am looking to get headphones that are circum-aural, decent sound (not an audiophile; Skype, mumble, netflix, video games are key points for me.), and STURDY (I have a big head). Budget is <$75. I will not be using them while traveling, so portability is a non issue; using a computer. Isolation is a non issue my house is pretty quiet. A removable wire would be preferable, so if an issue like the one I am experiencing happens I might be able to just get a new wire and not have to get them repaired or replaced.

I am considering:
Creative Aurvana Live Headphones ($68) (Sort of worried about the swivel being a breaking point)

Superlux HD668B ($28) (From buying guide I am a bit worried about comfort in long sessions)

AKG K 240 ($70)

Monoprice 8323($34)

Any input on these, or others you have enjoyed would be appreciated (especially if you have a large head; My hat size is 7 3/4)

In the sticky from yesterday the K240s were recommended, and are my top consideration right now. For them I am now wondering what the wire type is, so I can buy a backup but that's a future concern.

Edit: Working to get them in a nicer looking format, for now bolded the required information.

u/Etaenryu · 1 pointr/headphones

For gaming, which would be better:

Philips SHP9500


AKG G 240 Studio

u/Idontlikecock · 1 pointr/headphones

It's these

He said that on his Etsy page when it was still up.

u/SmilinKyle · 1 pointr/dubstep

The AKG K240 Studio Headphones are a steal at $80. I've had mine for two years so far. They are one of the best pairs of headphones you can buy before you get into the high impedance models that require a headphone amp. I can wear them all day unlike other headphones. They have a spring loaded band that rests on your head and puts the cups in the exact right place over your ears while resting the weight of them on the top rather than the sides of your head.

tl;dr these studio headphones are amazing, comfortable, and a good deal.

u/NegativeK · 1 pointr/webdev

I currently use a pair of AKG K240s ($80) at work, but their open back means they're not that great at drowning out the louder coworkers/gatherings in my pod.

In a month or so, I'm going to upgrade to the closed back AKG K271 MKIIs ($150) and use the K240s at home so I don't disturb my neighbors.

u/pdbeard · 1 pointr/WeAreTheMusicMakers

akg 240 cost 99 on amazon (I think I bought mine for 130 or so). My dad has a few other headphones in that price bracket and I still think the 240's sound better. I got mine about 4 years ago and they still work great. Super long chord and comfortable in my opinion.

u/NYSenseOfHumor · 1 pointr/VideoEditing

I commented on a similar post recently.

I have a pair of Sony MDR-V6 and a pair of AKG 240

u/TheCommunistHatake · 1 pointr/pcmasterrace

Your mobo has a soundcard though, doesn't it? Usually they are pretty good. If it doesn't you can buy an External DAC...

As for the Headphones, best I could find that I would reccomend is:

However, I'm not an audiophile, so someone might be able to help you better than me....

u/whocares314 · 1 pointr/WeAreTheMusicMakers

AKG K-240 $98 right now, little more than you were looking for, but they are simply fantastic. Designed to be very "flat" across all frequencies, so great for production work. (Though that's always debatable...) Detachable cord - one of the nicest things about them. Bass is tight and very clean - I've never heard bass less muddy than from these - lows don't blend together. And mids and highs are nicely balanced.

u/zakool21 · 1 pointr/audiophile

I'll answer that last question for him and invoke a very under-cited company that makes amazing equipment: AKG. See here:

The only thing is they're flatter and semi-open design. I have the closed back K-271s and they're pretty amazing, though still a little flat. Good reference cans, though.

u/ConnorCG · 1 pointr/gamingpc

As for a headset, since nobody has recommended one yet. I highly recommend the AKG K240s. They are semi-open, so you get great soundstage (sounds like 5:1), but they barely block any outside noise because of this. You'll want to get some sort of separate microphone. I'm not sure what this community usually recommends for one of those.

u/verybeasty1 · 1 pointr/pcmasterrace

Here's the links

Neewer NW-700 Professional Studio Broadcasting Recording Condenser Microphone & NW-35 Adjustable Recording Microphone Suspension Scissor Arm Stand with Shock Mount and Mounting Clamp Kit 1-Channel 48V Phantom Power Supply with Adapter, BONUS+XLR 3 Pin Microphone Cable for Any Condenser Microphone Music Recording Equipment (8 feet)

Edit : here's an awesome pair of headphones, my dad has the lower end models and LOVES them.
AKG K 240 Semi-Open Studio Headphones

u/kare_kano · 1 pointr/headphones

AKG K240 and Sony MDR-V6 are pretty close ($65). They're very neutral, they're used by lots of pros for mixing and mastering.

u/Enyawreklaw · 1 pointr/battlestations

nah man, go with these

u/LSD_Sakai · 1 pointr/DiamondClub

AKG K240s relatively cheap for the over the ear catagory. Great mid/highs which is awesome for voice to compensate for the weaker bass. Awesome for podcasting. The only thing about them is the pleather ear cups can get uncomfortable/hot after extended use so I suggest getting these velour pads and replacing the leather ones with them. It can be a little bit of a tight fit, but once they're on, use a hair drier on hot to shrink it securely around the lip.

u/The_Betrayer1 · 1 pointr/pcmasterrace

Holy hell I didn't realize you could grab the k240's for 53$ now on amazon. The last time I looked at them around a year and a half ago they were like 90$.

Good call on that, the superlux copy is very nice but going with the original for that close to the same price is the way to go.

u/derpman5000 · 1 pointr/headphones

Amazon has the AKG k240s for $55 with Prime. That seems like a good deal, but it's like $15 cheaper than I've seen anywhere else. Is there any chance they're knock offs? I remember when I purchased my MDRs there were a ton of cheap knock off versions floating around.

u/DirkBelig · 1 pointr/oneplus

Last night I tried my pair of AKG K240 Studio cans with it and didn't hear anything amiss with anything I listened to. Perhaps he got a bad handset or something is up with his headphones.

u/whosinthebunker · 1 pointr/todayilearned

Love my AKG 240s

u/Nixflyn · 1 pointr/GameDeals

Thank you for the response. I've been looking at the Siberia V2, but I keep hearing that I absolutely should get the USB version over the straight analog version. On the other hand, I've been told that I should get a set of AKG K 240s and attach a modmic, but that would inflate the cost by about 50%. I'm just trying not to spend a ton on my headset.

Also, isn't the Siberia V2 a closed headset?

u/gregarius_the_third · 1 pointr/podcasting

That's personal preference really. Personally I don't like noise cancelling, I prefer semi open design. So I use these: But that's something you can get later on if you find you want a different style.

u/SpamShadow · 1 pointr/headphones

That's a tough question in this price range. The ATH-AD500x is around $70 and will offer substantially better soundstage and imaging at the price of bass.

The AKG K240 or M220 are between $60 and $70 and are harder to drive and a little more neutral.

u/Robinator247 · 1 pointr/microphones

Considering buying a new pair of headphones to replace my gaming headset. Have (tentatively) decided to get the [AKG K240s] ( but I also need to get a microphone to go with them for playing games. Would prefer it to be reasonably cheap (about £30 maximum). Would prefer a microphone that I can attach to my headphones and doesn't pick up too much background noise as I have a loud mechanical keyboard and would prefer not to have to use push to talk when I play.

u/Aperson3334 · 1 pointr/buildapc

Since you're taking /u/klepperx's suggestions and saving some money, you could get a much better microphone and still stay under budget. Since you're getting a desk microphone, there's no need to get a headset (although the Cloud / Cloud II would definitely be the ones to get). What kind of fit and sound signature do you like? Do you need the headphone to be portable? What are your requirements for isolation? Here's my reccommendations at ~$100:

  • Brainwavz HM5 - Closed back, over ear, neutral sound, not easily portable due to lack of folding hinge. Can also be found as Yoga CD880 and NVX XPT 100.
  • AKG K240 Studio - Open back (provides much better positional audio than even most virtual surround, but leaks sound and provides little isolation from background noise), over ear, neutral sound, not portable due to amp requirement.
  • Sennheiser HD 558 - Open back, over ear, neutral sound, not portable due to lack of folding hinge. These are my current headphones, and I can't say enough good things about them. They're very similar to the HD598, with the main difference being the material that they're made of.
  • Sennheiser HD 598 Cs - Closed back version of the HD 598, which are virtually the same as the HD 558. I actually thought these cost more, so they're a great deal. Be aware that they will have a different frequency response (read: more bass) due to being closed-back.
  • Audio Technica ATH-AD500x - Open back, over ear, bright (mid forward), not portable due to lack of folding hinge.

    If you don't like any of the headphone recommendations, try the /r/headphones purchase advice assistant.
u/Air_Bell · 1 pointr/headphones

I was looking at the AKG K240, and they look good to me for a basically first pair of good headphones.

Budget: About $100 Canadian

Source: PC

Requirements for Isolation: A lot, as there is usually a furnace running close to me during snowy months (Canada, so half the year), and my MX Green keyboard is pretty loud.

Public: Nope

Type of Headphone: Over Ear, so full sized I think?

Tonal Balance: Doesn't matter much to me, so probably balanced.

Past headphones: Sennheiser HD 429, and some generic Sony ones before that. They were my first pair of semi-decent headphones, so I don't know what really stood out to me.

Preferred Music: I don't listen to music much at all on my PC, I mainly play games and watch YouTube videos. I do listen to a lot of podcasts while gaming though, does that help?

Improvements: Better fit, more isolation, more comfort, better looks. Also I feel like my current HD 429s might break soon, knowing my history with them.

Canada BTW, and I am a huge gamer so these headphones will be mostly used for that.

Would they be recommended by /r/headphones here to someone like me?

Also, an amp. Would I need one for those headphones? I don't feel like getting one personally, as I am a broke teenager.

u/inssein · 1 pointr/pcmasterrace

I'm $15 over budget but this is the best I could find .

u/czechthunder · 1 pointr/headphones

My budget is <$100

I'm looking to pull the trigger tonight on some over-ear headphones and I think I've narrowed it down to these:

Audio Technica 500X:

Philips SHP9500:

Satus Audio CB-1:

AKG K240:

Which of these should I go for? Or is there some better option for a comparable price?
Also, does anyone have a headphone stand they recommend?

u/Cynical_Teenager · 0 pointsr/headphones

Been looking again for a Christmas treat. The gaming headphones thread in the OP just didn't seem to hit the spot on what I need.

Budget - $0-$50
Source - PC
Requirements for Isolation - No isolation required.
Preferred Type of Headphone - Full-sized or on-ear. As long as they are comfortable, I'm not picky.
Preferred tonal balance - These will be used for gaming, so I'm thinking midrange or balanced are probably the best candidates.
Past headphones - I've had wireless headphones in the past, and I do not want that again. I'd rather just plug them in than have to worry about charge. A microphone would be nice, but is not necessary. And in-line audio controls are awesome to have as well, but not necessary either considering I probably won't find that for this price.
Preferred Music - My preferred music regularly changes, but I'll just give you some examples of some favorites from each of my favorite genres.
Klangkarussel - Sonnentanz
Good Charlotte - Lifestyles of the Rich & Famous
Pegboard Nerds - Self Destruct
Hot Chip - Playboy

Please tell me if there's anything else you need to know.

Edit - Did a tiny bit of research. Do you guys recommended either of these as a good buy for my needs?

Reviews say they are good and they seem like they would do me well, but I know very little about headphones and audio in general, and I'm somewhat stingy with big purchases. I just want extra verification.

u/TimDamnit · 0 pointsr/audiophile

Just a good set of headphones for around $100 CAD on Amazon?

I've owned Grado SR-60s. They're open backed, so you can hear surroundings better, but others can hear them as well. They're not the most comfortable, though.

For something small and light, I've owned both the Koss PortaPros. I've also used the similar Sennheiser PX-100s, but the only ones I'm seeing on are overpriced. Anyway, good sounding, light headphones for workouts, walks and the like.

I've never owned a pair of AKG K240s, but they've been ubiquitous in studios for a long time. Well, at least the last time I was in a studio; it's been a while. Other popular ones are various Sennheisers like the HD280s and Shure SRH440s, but I'm not seeing them at least on Amazon Prime in Canada. If you'd like to look, here they are at Sweetwater in US prices HD280s and SRH440s.

Hopefully there's something there you like.

u/sirConditioner · -4 pointsr/Music

50 dollars will get you exactly nothing worth buying.
Save up a bit more, get this or this (or something like it) or check the used market.