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Allen Carr's Easy Way to Stop Smoking: Revised Edition
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15 Reddit comments about Allen Carr's Easy Way to Stop Smoking: Revised Edition:

u/Blackintosh · 4 pointsr/Cringetopia

I'll always take the opportunity to recommend Allen Carrs Easyway to stop smoking when a smoking related thread pops up. I know it sounds like I'm a shill but I don't mind, download it for free if you want. I quit a 10 year habit of 20 a day with it. And it was genuinely not hard despite previously held belief that it would be a monumental test of willpower. It doesn't patronise you or tell you how bad for health smoking is, because everyone already knows that. It helps unravel the ways in which you have tied the addiction to every part of life. "nice with morning coffee" "nice after a meal" etc. You have nothing to lose by reading it.

u/VadimH · 3 pointsr/AskUK

Allen Carr's Easyway to Stop Smoking did it for me. Will hit one year on 28th of Jan. Mind you there were some other factors at play and if I had the choice, I'd still smoke to this day... but the book sure helped with the mindset, especially since it actively encourages you to continue smoking while you're reading it.

u/amyddyma · 3 pointsr/BALLET
u/Silver060 · 3 pointsr/northernireland

Allen Carr's Stop smoking book This book was a godsend when I quit. Went from 30 a day to not even missing them even after having a few pints.

u/Sigeretten · 2 pointsr/Denmark


Som ryger der holder sig lidt opdateret, vil jeg først bakke op om /u/hasleo der bringer vaping på banen. Det er klart mildest på enhver måde. Dog også en større udgift og måske ikke det bedste for en der egentlig gerne vil holde op 97% af tiden.

Dernæst forslaget fra /u/holdkeaft, der er en Prince variant med meget lidt nikotin.

Hvis du med mildest, mener mindst skadelig, har jeg så et tredje bud: Rød Manitou.

Manitou udmærker sig ved at have færrest tilsætningsstoffer, den røde er den mildeste. De går ud hvis man ikke pulser, så det er nemt at ryge en halv.

Hvis du har mod på en søgning, er der mange problemer med "light" cigaretter, mange af deres løsninger er reelt nye problemer, fx sugeevne af filtre. Derfor vil jeg foreslå de røde Manitou, indtil du helt stopper om nogle måneder.

Obligatorisk nævnelse af rygetrangsdræber nummer et: Allen Carr - "Allen Carr's Easy Way to Stop Smoking: Revised Edition"/"Endelig ikke-ryger! ".

u/wasabicupcakes · 2 pointsr/stopsmoking

> But my brain keeps telling me there's no harm in just one and I'm really worried I'll justify "rewarding" myself with one at the end of the day.

All of it. "You are playing cards with the Devil" as my Grandma use to say. You are never going to win.

Listen, I quit a 30 year habit and it was a bitch but you can do it. If you have never read Easy Way to Stop Smoking read it when your strength fails you.

u/macchakatteh · 2 pointsr/stopsmoking

It's called Allen Carr's Easy Way To Stop Smoking, you can get it on Amazon here! As for apps, the Smoke Free app is the best if you have an iPhone, really easy to use and shows you how your health is improving each day, etc.
Exactly, it's so much easier to do it now and with any luck in 30 years we'll barely be feeling the effects. The struggle is real dude, but totally worth it to quit while we're ahead and enjoy our adult lives without smoking!

u/fweng · 2 pointsr/unitedkingdom

Actually, nicotine is probably vying for the position of most addictive substance in the world; y'know, that legal drug. Apparently there are former heroin addicts still puffing away on ciggies, as they found it harder to give up. Source:

u/redunculuspanda · 2 pointsr/trashy
u/Scabby_Oss · 2 pointsr/Empaths

I stopped years ago during reading the book linked below. No scare tactics in the book and you're encourage to keep smoking while reading it (at least in the original, I liked to a revised edition) I just remember that over the days I read the book my cigarette intake reduced without me noticing at first. I finished the book and just stopped, no withdrawal. I was on 30 a day, sometimes more at the weekend. I haven't had a single smoke since.

Good luck, and when you stop just remember there's no such thing as 'just one cigarette' to remember what they're like - bad move!

u/CONTROL_N · 2 pointsr/pregnant

I quit cold turkey, too, and it worked well for me.

OP, please check out this book: Allen Carr's Easy Way to Stop Smoking: Revised Edition

My husband and I both quit smoking using this book. No tricks, no coddling, just good facts that help make quitting an easy solution instead of a scary, daunting process.

u/Marishkaaa · 1 pointr/motivation

Read this. It’s works.

u/trev4whatev4 · 1 pointr/FIFA

Everyone is different but this book worked for me, changed the way I thought about smoking. Encourages you not to look at it as 'giving up' anything. Worth a try >

u/RajBandar · 0 pointsr/britishproblems

Awww, spitting the dummy because you get called out on your whining to strangers on the Internet that Johnny Foreigner can buy his own pointless death cheaper than you? Go & have a fag, it'll stop you being tetchy until your blood/nicotine levels drop again. Interesting retort though- I particularly enjoyed the one lonely punctuation mark in the middle, missing all its mates. Bit like a lone smoker huddled in a windy doorway. As it happens I 'get my kicks' by responding to any false positivity around tobacco use by highlighting the pointlessness of smoking it in the hope that anyone who reads it is inspired to sort their shit out & stop supporting multinational drug dealing gangs whilst simultaneously & selfishly committing slow suicide to the detriment of themselves and everyone close to them. I read lots of books and need no encouragement whatsoever, but thanks anyway. Maybe I can recommend one for you to read? Not only is it really rather good (and short, with hardly any confusing 'long words') but the vast majority of people who read it find it incredibly effective.