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Allstar Marketing Group EZ Eyes Large Print Keyboard
Print is 4 times larger than standard keyboard printHigh contrast w/bold black print on yellow keysWorks with both PC and MACPlug & play: no software or complicated installation needed
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5 Reddit comments about Allstar Marketing Group EZ Eyes Large Print Keyboard:

u/Ragequitr2 · 2 pointsr/GiftofGames

1.) Peripherals:

EZ Eyes Large Print Keyboard

I found this keyboard at a garage sale and I like the "mechanical feel" of it... It's not really mechanical, but it's the closest thing I have to it. Also, I gotta say, it's easy to see in the dark, and I play a lot in the dark, so that's a plus.

HP USB 3-Button Optical Mouse

It came with my HP pre-built computer a couple years ago. It's served me well, and I haven't felt the need to replace it.

2.) Peripherals I want:

Strafe RGB Mechanical
Actually, any mechanical keyboard will do, TBH. I just want a mechanical keyboard, and a light up one at that.

Any mouse... Actually, I like my mouse a lot. I wouldn't mind keeping it.

3.) Time stamped Picture

4.) Grand Theft Auto V, Counter Strike Global Offensive, and Elite Dangerous

5.) I wish I could, but I am not worthy.

6.) I live in California. That's in the USA, right?


u/ravenisblack · 2 pointsr/Microcenterproxy

"EZ Eyes Large Print Keyboard" ... I got it at the dollar store, as well as a "backup" one. But hey, at least it's USB?? LOL... I'm 25 and my eyes are fine, it was just a dollar and I'm broke. Hahah. The USB cable ... fell... out of the first one and I'm on my second one.

WOW amazon is up-charging. Lol. ALSO, you're awesome.

u/dansredd-it · 1 pointr/pcmasterrace

I'll do you one better, we outfitted our classroom with these fucking things and they're fucking cancer. They bend and warp and fall apart every time you press a key

u/one_of_8 · 1 pointr/shittybattlestations

Looks to be an EZ-Eyes keyboard.