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Alpine Hearing Protection MusicSafe Classic Earplugs for Musicians
Europe’s #1 Hearing Protection for MusiciansSpecial music filters offering outstanding sound qualityVery comfortable, compact, and hardly visible in the earContains 2 filters and 1 pair of earplugs.Hygenic storage and travel box ensures that the earplugs are protected and always carried with you
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55 Reddit comments about Alpine Hearing Protection MusicSafe Classic Earplugs for Musicians:

u/Zink0xide · 70 pointsr/LifeProTips

Good ear plugs make concerts sound better. Seriously. Get a good pair too, suggestion below.

u/Nimiety_One · 30 pointsr/Metal

I have used Alpine earplugs for years, and highly recommend them. The stems are short (used to DJ with them in, they fit underneath my headphones just fine) and have taken them to countless shows. You can change out the tips for higher decibel blocking, and I've worn them for hours at a time without issue.

I needed a low profile option so the popular Etys were too big, and I've never been dissatisfied with the Alpines; definitely worth checking out imo.

u/F17CH · 12 pointsr/LifeProTips

I got mine at a local pro audio retail store. But you can get them online.
I like those because it gives you a keychain tube to keep them in. You also get two different filter caps. They're comfortable enough to keep in for around 2 hours. Gets a little annoying after that.

u/Jefe25 · 10 pointsr/ElectricForest

So I will start with the list of things I already have saved from surfing this sub


These are great to put over your tent to keep the light and heat out in the morning so you dont wake up in a sauna at 7am

And finally, I will never attend another festival again without this stuff, it is a foaming body wash that does not require water. We use it at my work all the time for bed baths and whatnot, so I thought I would try it for a festival and it works quite well. It doesnt get you as clean as a normal shower but this and baby wipes can keep you feeling fresh the whole weekend (just dont use it on hair)

u/AlwaysAtWork · 10 pointsr/festivals

Earplugs are essential if you go to shows or festivals often at all. I've used many different kinds over the years and I've kind of settled on Alpine Ear Plugs right now. Decent sound, comfortable, washable, and come with useful carrying case.

u/rkan665 · 9 pointsr/Ghostbc

Some people get... carried away with these kinds of shows. Getting seats will be the way to go. Expect people smoking weed. Maybe consider ear dampeners. I know you're not going to be standing next to a guitar cabinet, but concerts can be quite loud and for young ears can cause damage. I wish I had a set for both of the concerts where I was on the front rail.
EDIT: Most of the reviews pointed this as a better product:

u/CTgowiththeFLOW · 9 pointsr/hiphopheads

Anyone got any suggestions for earplugs to wear during concerts? I was looking at some yesterday and through some amateur research (there was a thread on from r/LPT and, I came across these brands. Alpine, Hearos, DownBeats, and Etymotic. I had trouble figuring out which ones to get so I bought the Hearos because they seemed similar to the rest and they were the cheapest with Amazon Prime. But if anyone has any suggestions or comments, I'd like to read em.

u/tonybaroneee · 9 pointsr/progmetal

Indeed. For anyone interested, check out these or these or these.

u/recycled_stardust · 7 pointsr/askwomenadvice

If you plan on taking any drugs, make sure you go through a TRUSTED friend.

Obviously drink enough water to stay hydrated but try not to overdo it.

Get some music safe earplugs . These things saved my life!!

Most importantly, friggin enjoy yourself and don't care what anyone else thinks.

Also, have a backup plan to get home in case you want to leave early.

Have fun!! I miss going to raves.

Edit: I second comfy footwear. Very important.

u/Torpedoe · 7 pointsr/electronicmusic

Earplugs are important, yo.

These are probably the best you can get for $15-$20, but personally I am not not happy about them - they distort bass quite noticably. I'd say 7/10.

u/heyimaaron · 7 pointsr/Metalcore

Alpine Hearing Protection MusicSafe Classic Earplugs for Musicians

I saw these on the last earplug thread and got them. I'm very happy with these. I wore these earplugs for the first time at the Aggressive Tour last month and the music sounded better with them on. I'm never going to a show without these now.
They stayed in even when I was in the pit or jumping

u/ThePhlood · 7 pointsr/EDM

I went to a destroid show and I swear I lost some hearing from that PK sound system. Remember to bring earbuds everyone! They can be a life saver sometimes.

Musican earbuds will save your hearing and you can still hear the music just fine:

EDIT: I found out they actually include some of these at shows now.

u/rabbiabe · 7 pointsr/Guitar

Rhett Schull has several good videos about this on his YouTube channel. Several brands offer earplugs tailored for music; I bought the two listed below and they’re both good but you might need something stronger.

Etymotic High-Fidelity Earplugs, ER20XS Standard Fit, 1 pair, Polybag Packaging

Alpine Hearing Protection MusicSafe Classic Earplugs for Musicians

u/poppinsmac · 6 pointsr/Bass

What are you currently using?

Ive been using Alpine ones for a good while now and have been pretty happy with them.

Ediit Here's a link to what I use

u/torrent7 · 6 pointsr/Hunting

Wear hearing protection. Take it from a guy who's lost some of his hearing. You can't ever get it back.

I've been wearing

They fit in my ears well and don't fall out like the foam plugs. If you're doing mag dumps, I'd get something else too.

u/murppie · 6 pointsr/Dance

There are musicians earplugs that you can get that still allow you to hear just fine but being down the peaks of the sound intensity. Used to use them when I taught indoor drumline.

Not the exact ones I had but they should do the trick.
Alpine Hearing Protection MusicSafe Classic Earplugs for Musicians

u/PaulaLoomisArt · 5 pointsr/festivals

Seconding bringing a bunch of foam plugs to give away. I also use foam plugs at really loud shows.

For music plugs I use these. They’re relatively cheap and — most importantly for me — they’re a good fit for my tiny ears.

u/nickelforapickle · 5 pointsr/Coachella

So in my "flying from NY" experience, which I did twice before just moving to Southern California, here are some more tips:

Check a bag and get the majority of your gear into that one 50 lb. bag. Buy whatever you can before the trip from Amazon or wherever else, and just order the camping chairs and whatever else from Walmart for pickup. I knew I wanted my tent to be more than just a one-time coachella tent, so I researched it thoroughly and came up with this, which is a bit pricy, but the tent is only 11 pounds packed up, and packs up real nice and small so you can easily fit this into your checked bag. It's about 75% mesh, which means it's ventilated like crazy, which is great for the desert, and it comes with a rain-fly that the reviews all said worked great (especially important if you're going weekend 1, which has had weather issues the past 3 years).

This does mean you'll have to worry about the sun though, so I bought a bunch of mylar emergency blankets that I just duct taped to the top of my tent to reflect out as much heat as possible. They crinkled when the wind blew, so they were a bit noisy, but it's Coachella and you're going to be dealing with noise all weekend.

That's why you need earplugs. For the concert, you might want either of these pairs that I have used in the past, but for sleeping, you just want basic foam earplugs that will block the majority of sound out. You won't have to worry about your tent making noise or your neighbors' afterparty.

I wasn't willing to buy an easy-up in the past (though I may this year), so instead I just picked up a silver reflective tarp (to help with the desert sun) from Harbor Freight for not too much money, and then I ordered a few of these tarp poles along with a good line of reflective tarp cord and some plastic stakes (they don't allow metal). As long as someone else in your campsite has an easy-up, you can easily bungee the tarp to the side of that. Just make sure you are really good about tying down the poles.

The most IMPORTANT tip I can give you is to FIND A GROUP to camp with before you go! Last year, I was part of a campsite that attempted to include about 50 people. Only about 25-30 wound up actually meeting up before heading in, with a group of 11 cars. That wound up being split into groups of 5 and 6 cars, that had sites that were still within a block of each other. Make sure your group stays together on the security line! Find a line that seems to be moving faster than the others (which means they are checking each car a bit less ;) ) and make damn sure you stay together, because they only allow you 15 minutes to wait for the rest of your group once you're past security. Be a New Yorker about it if you have to. Two years ago, we found that there was an empty line over to the right that had been blocked off by another line right next to it. When we saw it and then went to move all our cars into the line, my brother just stood there with a beer in one hand, holding his other hand up to a group of cars that patiently waited for our group to be in the line together, and then we were all good.

One of the best parts about finding a group to camp with was that everyone is gonna forget something, but each time it happened, someone else in the group had it handy. It was pretty magical. The other awesome thing about finding a group to camp with, is you can almost bet everyone will have a good time because people are generally in their best moods and on their best behavior trying to meet cool new people like you.

I will also note that for flying in from NY, my budget has usually been somewhere around 1200-1500 for the weekend, including a flight (350), the ticket (375), the camping pass (85, split 2 ways), purchasing gear (around 300 the first year, but if you have last year's equipment it gets cheaper), and then about 300-400 for food/beer/weed (and if you stick to drinking in the campsite you'll be able to spend less on beer and stay hydrated more easily).

Anyway, there's my short novel about being prepared for and having an awesome Coachella camping experience. I'm still a boy scout at heart, so planning for stuff like this comes naturally to me and I am pretty passionate about it. If you have any other questions, feel free to ask.

u/geeyoupee · 3 pointsr/Coachella

I have the Alpine pros and I think the 20 dollar ones should do.

Pros have less reducing filters, and extra earplug in case you lose one.

I enjoy earaser branded ones and alpine because they don't stick out of your ear as much as the etymotics. They also sound better than the cheaper etymotics, I haven't tried the higher one ones.

u/jimbohead · 3 pointsr/WeAreTheMusicMakers

I got "Alpine Hearing protection MusicSafe for musicians" for about $15 (linked below). Frequency response is relatively flat, and I no longer go to bed with ringing ears after practices.

u/icebalm · 3 pointsr/BABYMETAL

Highly recommend these, they don't distort the sound, it's just like turning down the volume:

u/empw · 3 pointsr/electronicmusic

Buy these and put them on your keys. Problem solved!

u/[deleted] · 3 pointsr/hiphopheads

Buy these before you go to any concert.

I went to an electronic music festival where I was standing in the very front and I got no hearing damage or tinnitus.

u/Shelf_Life · 2 pointsr/motorcycles

I use these and love them. They are musician earplugs like the Etymotic so they lower all frequencies more evenly. This is nice because you get the reduction in volume but don't get that feeling of all the high frequency disappearing like regular foam earplugs.

These are also shallow and flexible so they fit great under my helmet without hitting anything.

u/Phlexonance · 2 pointsr/MensRights

There's hearing protection that will dampen the sound instead of blocking it (ideally aiming to dampen each frequency the same amount) which will protect your hearing but still allow you to converse with people in loud environments.

I carry them with me all the time.

u/VeganMinecraft · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

Earplugs for da clubs

Happy birthday, pumpkin !!! :)

u/drumboy206 · 2 pointsr/Triumph

I like these - they are short enough that they don't get dislodged when you're putting a helmet on, and maintain all the intake/exhaust sound that you want to hear :)

Edit: Also every time, unless I don't plan on exceeding 30 mph.

u/odce1206 · 2 pointsr/Metal

I love the Alpine plugs

u/pokeba11 · 2 pointsr/poppunkers

I've never worn ear plugs, and I've been to ~ 150 shows over the last 10 years or so, so take this with a grain of salt... When you're close to the stage, you'll be closer to the speakers and more susceptible to hearing damage. If you're in the back of the venue, it's still loud, but not as big of a deal. I read an article once (can't find it presently) that stated a live concert of 4 hours of loud music can take something ridiculous like 6 months off your hearing or something. But clearly I've never listened.

A few years ago I saw Deaf Heaven in a really small venue and literally had ringing in my ears for a solid week. That was the point where I knew I had done some pretty severe damage. So now I either stand far away from the speakers, or if I know it's a small venue and want to be close, I wear some musicians earplugs, so the noise isn't distorted, just quieter. Something like these would do the trick if you're worried about it:

Also wanted to chime in about moshing - don't worry about it! Have fun, and if it gets too rowdy, just push your way to the side of the crowd or back a few people away from the pit area. Not a huge deal at all. Watch out for crowd surfers! I've gotten kicked in the head a few good times from simply not being aware that they were coming. It sucks, but it's a part of the experience.

I'm actually going to this show tomorrow night, and i'm super stoked! I hope you have an awesome time!

u/Joe_Nismo · 2 pointsr/singing

I use Alpine musicians ear plugs with changeable filters for on stage or as an audience member. Comes with a little case too. They have been ear savers for loud metal concerts and as a musician who plays next to drummers in small venues. I've also used them as a drummer and at an indoor shooting range. The shooting range was pushing it for these plugs, but they weren't advertised as indoor shooting protection. I keep them on my key chain so I always have them. Good for being around turbine engines. Yes, I use them everywhere.

Edit after reading other comments: I can hear myself better on stage with these. If my band could afford in ear systems, that would be better. I've sang with them and played many instruments with them. If I have trouble, I just loosen them up a little. They are small and barely noticeable when wearing them. People ask me when they see me putting them in and they end up ordering them too. I don't understand how people perform or go to concerts without them. Who wants a ringing in your ears every night?

u/gold_shoulder · 2 pointsr/infj

These have been a lifesaver for me as I have heightened sensitivity to loud sounds and also recently became more conscious about protecting my hearing. I use them in both concert and everyday settings and in addition to protecting my hearing during intensely loud performances, they also help me tune out loud, distracting noises when I'm trying to focus in everyday settings, which was an unexpected, but welcome benefit.

Just a thought for making it through large festivals as high fidelity earplugs allow you to hear what others are saying more clearly as well, which can cut down some of the frustrations of interactions in that setting (like having to shout-repeat yourself 3 or 4 times to someone). This is because they attenuate sound evenly across the frequency spectrum, which results in an effect like turning the volume down, without losing any of the quality of the music—it's incredible. In any case, I hope you enjoy the festival and have the opportunity to see some wonderful live sets!

u/PuxinF · 2 pointsr/motorcycles

I've seen it recommended that you look for musicians' earplugs, like these. I ordered these on clearance (in Canada), but haven't received them yet.

u/err0r_404 · 2 pointsr/electronicmusic

These Earplugs are awesome. They also have a "pro" version with one additional filter.

u/dark_roast · 2 pointsr/Metal

I have excess wax issues, and have to clean my earplugs (ER-20s are what I'm using at the moment) frequently, but in almost 20 years of wearing musician's earplugs I haven't had any significant issues with buildup caused by the earplugs themselves. I use one of these to help with wax removal, and it works pretty well. I've also used hydrogen peroxide and some other methods to deal with hardened wax on rare occasions. It sounds like your issues are more severe, but try not to let wax issues keep you from wearing hearing protection - cilia don't grow back.

You'll want to keep your ear canals clean, obviously. And try not to shove the earplugs too deep into your ear. I do this sometimes when I'm gigging and the drummer's really wailing on the cymbals, but it can result in the earplug picking up wax from the canal, and in your case could cause impaction. You might also look at MusicSafe plugs - they're double flange musician's plugs, and might not go as deep into the ear canal as the typical triple flange musician's plugs.

u/prhbtn · 1 pointr/bonnaroo

I can't stress this enough: WEAR. EAR. PLUGS.

I've been going to concerts for the last 15 years or so and my hearing is GREATLY diminished because I didn't wear hearing protection as much as I should have. Honestly, it's super easy to remember/wear ear plugs and you will be so happy you did.

My recommendation: Alpine Hearing Protection MusicSafe Classic

They're a bit pricier than other models but the sound quality is EXCELLENT and they're comfortable as all get out.

u/geekworking · 1 pointr/bagpipes

I have ones made by Alpine Hearing Protection.

I tried several other brands and they usually have a hard plastic core and will hurt if you don't pick the right sizes or their standard sizes don't fit you well.

The Alpine ones are one size and made of all soft rubber with just a small filter insert, so you don't have to worry about fit and they are comfortable all day long.

The sound quality is fine. Their filtering seems to that they leave open a small hole to let in a small amount of sound waves. You are still getting in the original sound waves, just less of them. I don't notice any change in pitches when them in or out, only volume.

u/briskyfresh · 1 pointr/LifeProTips

Earplugs! There have been a few recommended in this thread. Surprisingly I didn't know that these sort of earplugs don't actually muffle sound, but just lower it.

I just ordered one myself as per the recommendation. If you want I can let you know how it sounds when I get it. I say it's a small price to pay and a smart investment towards a healthier life.

u/th4ne · 1 pointr/WeAreTheMusicMakers

These are awesome. They even come with a keychain loop so you can take them anywhere u go. They don't add too much to your keys, either. Great part about these is that they hardly protrude from your ear.

u/vikingguitar · 1 pointr/WeAreTheMusicMakers

I've been using these for a few years. Use them both when I'm at concerts in the audience, and when I'm on stage. They work great. They're better with providing a full-spectrum than normal foam earplugs, and they reduce the volume to a very manageable level.

And yeah, hearing damage is permanent, so she should start protecting her ears now and forever.

u/Bad_CRC · 1 pointr/PowerMetal

I use alpine earplugs (these) and they are fantastic.

u/RobWo3 · 1 pointr/LifeProTips

Another good pair that I found on amazon for $18 - great reviews

u/Semigruntled · 1 pointr/tinnitus

surprised nobody has suggested these but if you are just looking for noise reduction I'd highly recommend these (or something similar):

they provide decibel reduction so you can still hear everything but it isn't quite as loud. I love them for music concerts, loud bars, etc. because you can actually hear just fine unlike foam earplugs. Might be useful in a work situation too so he can still hear people calling him and such.

u/malakoix · 1 pointr/violinist

Those earplugs are really interesting, never heard of them, I was using for pratice these which I had from when I played drums. The other answer sugested using mutes, what are your thoughts on them?

u/weirdmountain · 1 pointr/AliceInChains

Alice In Chains are phenomenal live. I’ve seen them three times in the past 10 years, and they always impress the hell out of me.

Always wear earplugs. These are my brand of choice

u/matwick · 1 pointr/Guitar

Looks like those are a good recommendation. I've just picked up a pair. Link for the Canadians

u/caveat_cogitor · 1 pointr/Documentaries

For anyone even without specific/significant trauma, TAKE CARE OF YOUR EARS. It's not hard to do, and a small amount of effort will make your life both easier and more enjoyable. My favorite thing to suggest is "musicians" ear plugs, for example:


... they hardly change the character of sounds, like regular ear plugs do, and make loud events and concerts have way less detrimental effect on your hearing... plus later that night you can hear fine and don't have ringing in your ears when you try to sleep. For the price, in the long term they are worth 100x what they cost... get 2-3 pairs, put one in your glove box, another in your backpack or purse, and keep another at home in case you lose one. Get a pair for a friend, whatever... more people need to know about these things, they are gold. They are basically ear plugs with a small whole going all the way through.

u/MorningredTimetravel · 1 pointr/Music

Well besides my yearly seven days festival I also work as a bartender at a music venue, so I'll be using them all year around. Are these what you're talking about?

u/terrsterj · 1 pointr/SwingDancing

I use these earplugs when I'm dancing:

I don't have your tinnitus problem, but I do find many venues play music above my pain threshold (including my local Saturday Night dance). This leads me to sit out more songs or leave the room more often if there is a particularly obnoxious unequalized song with piercing high notes.

u/inwhomthespheresmeet · 1 pointr/Metal

I've been using the Alpine Musicsafe Classic for the past 6 years or so, and they've never fallen out for me. Much more comfortable than the Etymotic ER 20's I was using previously.

The trick in getting a secure fit is pulling the top of your outer ear to open up the ear canal, then doing a slight twisting motion when inserting.

u/OmegaX11 · 0 pointsr/livesound

As has been said, molded ear protection is the best, but it is understandably out of many people's budget. A step up from foam earplugs are some good attenuaters I use these personally, and I've been pleased with the results. It will help a bit more than plugs and if you're engineering you'll have better fidelity as well.

You really want to see an audiologist though, they'll help you plan exactly what you should do.