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AmazonBasics Indoor Flat TV Antenna - 35-Mile Range
Channel reception will vary depending on what's being broadcast in your area, how far away you are from broadcast towers, and your surroundings (i.e. obstructions between you and the towers)If the antenna does not work satisfactorily in your area/home, you can return the item to Amazon within 30 days of receipt of shipment. See our Returns Policy.35 Mile range to access from broadcast tower; receives free HD channels including ABC, CBS, NBC, PBS, Fox, Univision and moreReversible with black or white sides to match your home's decoration; antenna can be painted over to achieve a more personal touchThe antenna's performance is influenced by the surroundings and distance to the signal source.The design was verified and field tests were arranged showing that the product can meet the range claims.Supports 1080 HD and includes 10 foot coaxial cable. Multi-Directional and Reversible: No "pointing" needed
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4 Reddit comments about AmazonBasics Indoor Flat TV Antenna - 35-Mile Range:

u/achay · 7 pointsr/Austin

Fox is the only local broadcaster that uses VHF instead of UHF, so it’s a lot harder to get a signal. I’m right on the CP/Leander border and I use AmazonBasics Indoor Flat TV Antenna - 35-Mile Range

u/Charwinger21 · 4 pointsr/ontario

I didn't check, but was it on an OTA channel? A digital antenna is pretty cheap, and most TVs still have tuners built in.

Too late for that now, but it's nice to have for the future (e.g. I got most of the Raptors playoff games because of it).

u/bubbamudd · 1 pointr/HuluLive

Hulu doesn’t stream ABC in my area so I got an antenna, Homeworx PVR, and 128 GB flash drive for the college football games. Hulu does have the tv shows a day /hours (?) after broadcast.

Some people reported using the ESPN app since ABC is owned by them. I just got the antenna to cover all the bases. Works great.

This is the antenna: AmazonBasics Indoor Flat TV Antenna - 35-Mile Range

u/AWFSpades · 1 pointr/Denver

If you're a Broncos fan you can get all the games over the air. I have one like this worked both in my apartment in Cap Hill and decently at my house in Denver now even though it's at the bottom of a hill. Lakewood is closer to the majority of the transmitters on Lookout Mountain so you should have better reception regardless. Depending on your tolerance to 'grey' streaming r/nflstreams has all the games and most of the streaming sites have both home and away feeds.