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AmazonBasics Laptop Computer Backpack - Fits Up To 17 Inch Laptops
Large multi-compartment backpack with a padded sleeve for laptopsHolds up to 17" notebook computerMesh water bottle pockets at sideOrganizational compartments for pens, keys, and cell phoneInternal Dimensions: 12" x 4.5" x 17.5" (LxWxH); External dimensions: 15" x 7" x 19" (LxWxH)Large multi-compartment backpack with a padded sleeve for laptopsMesh water bottle pockets at sideOrganizational compartments for pens, keys, and cell phone
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32 Reddit comments about AmazonBasics Laptop Computer Backpack - Fits Up To 17 Inch Laptops:

u/Qwertybeef · 20 pointsr/photography

If you'd rather not spend as much money, you can grab a [cheap backpack] ( (Almost any backpack that you could normally stick your laptop/notebook inside would work) and a camera bag insert and fit some of your gear in there. It's not the most fashionable, but it's cheap.

u/psychodahick · 6 pointsr/college

I have the Amazon basics book bag, third year still holding up, plenty of room

this one

u/stinky613 · 5 pointsr/BuyItForLife

My AmazonBasics bag has held up remarkably well after two years of daily use. When it first arrived I immediately noted that the quality of construction exceeded my expectations. $30

In general, I've been really happy with Amazon's sourcing for their private label products. Their AmazonBasics monitor mounting arm even had its original Ergotron shipping label on the box.

u/snow_michael · 4 pointsr/malefashionadvice

Had this for over four years, used every day, been to all six continents with, and still going strong

u/sofixa11 · 3 pointsr/sysadmin

Personally i have the Amazon Basics backpack. It doesn't cost a lot (~20eur when i bought it, $32 on currently) but i'm very happy with it. Bought mine ~3 years ago and so far it has survived:

  • daily carrying of laptop, water, etc.

  • multiple travels where i could barely close it (it has a non-insignificant amount of space inside) - it's my go-to short-term travel bag

  • lots of water (under very heavy rain and even a bloody wave that crashed on top of me)

    If it fails tomorrow i'll just buy the same one.
u/hutchero · 3 pointsr/AskUK

Amazon basics range is good, I'm using their laptop bag at the moment and it does the trick for £30 they also do a basic rucksack for about half that

u/Redditagain2 · 2 pointsr/malefashionadvice

I was impressed with this for the price when I saw it IRL.

AmazonBasics Backpack for Laptops up to 17-inches

Very clean and functional.

I thought this design was interesting.

Anti-theft Travel Backpack Business Laptop Book School Bag with USB Charging Port and Fits Most 15.6Inch Lapton and Notebook(Grey Purple Black) (Black)

u/zempter · 2 pointsr/ABDL

I just use this, it has 3 large pockets and a few small ones as well. The back largest has a laptop area. I use the center pocket for diapers, and the far large pocket for cables.

u/binshuffla · 2 pointsr/UKFrugal

Honestly the Amazon basics laptop backpack has been great for me. It’s sturdy and comfy as hell, has huge spaces inside and can be pulled smaller and side clipped if needs be. The netted pouches on the side did me a good turn for my coffee mug but did break after about a year and a bit.

I think it is very reasonable price wise too. Mine has lasted about 3 years for a variety of uses

u/flamec4 · 2 pointsr/college

Very good backpack, I bought this before school started and a ton of people I've met on campus have the same backpackm

u/imneuromancer · 1 pointr/DungeonsAndDragons

COOOOOOL. I came here to post that my Amazon Basics bag that I got for my 5e stuff (so I wouldn't have to constantly trade in and out with my Savage Worlds stuff) did the trick and has plenty of room.

But the Bag of Holding.... very cool.

How do you like the PVC, instead of leather?

u/uniquepassword · 1 pointr/sysadmin

I picked up one of these after the comparable one I got a few years ago from the big-box office store ripped..

basically the same bag as I previously had minus the logo on the front..

u/DONT_PM_ME_B00BIES · 1 pointr/BuyItForLife

I actually bought an "Amazon Basics" laptop rucksack bag a few months ago and it's been brilliant considering how cheap it was. I've not had it long enough to say it's definitely BIFL but it fits my 17" laptop plus lots of folders and stuff, has lots of pockets and feels sturdy and comfortable.

This is the one I bought (UK site)

Edit: added link

u/seesaw242 · 1 pointr/ITdept

I've been hauling this around the planet for almost 2 years now, works great!

u/Digital_Jester · 1 pointr/Alienware

I've got an Amazon Basics backpack that I can fit my 17R2 into if I need to take it anywhere. There's a padded sleeve in the largest compartment that it fits into quite nicely so should fit a 15 inch model with ease.

u/sam_i_am138 · 1 pointr/college

I have this cheap one from Amazon, it's lasted almost three years now.

u/Orangematz · 1 pointr/laptops

This would be decent.

u/GrantGannon · 1 pointr/Birmingham

Amazon Basics. Have this one. Recommended. Basics Backpack

u/tonyflowjr · 1 pointr/UIUC

AmazonBasics. Lots of storage room, reasonably priced. I use it for travel too.

I also have a smaller one for days where I don't have much to carry.

u/Wonsan · 1 pointr/travel

Are you from the US?

This or this?

They seem to have a separate zipper at the back for laptops, unless you're looking for a different style?

u/candylvr3 · 1 pointr/backpacks

Honestly, if you want a backpack to last and want a certain look/design, I suggest investing a little bit so that you won't run into the problem of anything ripping and getting damaged so easily in the future.

I had a Jansport Baughman Backpack a few years ago and it wasn't stiff but it just didn't hold the weight nicely when I used it around campus.

I then switched to the Northface Recon which really helped carry around a lot of stuff that a typical student uses like a water bottle (I had a Hydroflask), laptop, chargers, notebooks, lab coat, etc. Even though it can seem stiff at first, it just needs to be broken down a bit and it distributes the weight evenly when worn all day. I liked how much stuff I can fit into it and how durable it is. I bought mine for about $80 but I've seen them go for $60 at other places. It just depends on where you find it.

Upon entering my last year of college, I wanted to gift myself another backpack since I wanted something a little smaller but still hold a lot of things. I got the Herschel Nova Backpack and although it may look small, it holds a ton of stuff since it has a structured but flexible shape. I also really enjoyed the color of it and it doesn't feel like I'm carrying a huge load on my back.

I felt that each backpack has a different use which I find helpful. I also was deciding between a Fjallraven Kanen backpack since they also hold a lot of stuff and they last a long time too. There's also an Amazon Basics Backpack which seems to be at a fairly low price. This Jansport Hatchet Backpack also seems to have a nice structure and doesn't seem bulky.

If you go to outlet stores you can most likely find some pretty decently priced backpacks that are good quality as well. I know Colombia may be expensive online but at an outlet store there are some good deals there.

I hope this somewhat helps. Good luck in your search!

u/greatleveler · 1 pointr/EDC

Amazon Basics makes a surprisingly good and cheap backpack:

The main flaw is the durability, but the customer service is so good that it ended up being free. I bought this backpack and the water bottle holder split to where the netting was broken but still functioned. I sent Amazon an email. They sent me a new one and when it arrived I sent them the old one, so no time with no backpack. The replacement had the same problem. They were apologetic and just refunded the purchase price. I have used it for over a year and it still functions great with only some minor damage like a broken seam.

u/FogWalkerWithaBag · 1 pointr/AskMen

I've worked in admin at a large DC law firm for 5 years and I wouldn't see anything weird about that. The gap between attorneys and staff is pretty large. If you're still worried, just use a solid black laptop backpack that's clearly for work instead of something casual or sporty.

u/lh- · 1 pointr/Entrepreneur

I like guns and such, but I have no idea what product you are selling is.

1050d ballistic nylon means nothing to me. Why not a LL bean backpack? why not a regular wallet?

You say you have low cost higher end wallets, belts, backpack, but its not clear to me what exactly the value added is.....

take something like that. now your backpack to me, looks cooler, but that was just the first dark one I saw searching backpack on amazon.

How much better is the ballistic nylon than the regular nylon?

If this is a key selling point, I would play it up somehow, make me want it more. when you say its indestructible, I think nylon in general is indestructible more or less.....

Just some random thoughts, that are meant to be constructive : )

I like your website, the products look nice, just not sure what the ballistic nylon gets one over say a regular nylon wallet or belt?

good luck with it, I wish you well, will follow along your website...........

thinking on it more.....

4.5″L x 3.5″H x 1/3″D (closed and empty)
Black Cordura Ballistic 1050D Nylon
The Matador logo printed inside the wallet
Easily fits in a suit jacket pocket
Four Credit Card Slots
ID Window
Two hidden slots for business cards
Two sections for holding cash

ok the size is listed.

the ballistic is mentioned

has a logo

fits inside a pocket is expected, kinda good but neutral

has 4 credit card slots, I think my current wallet has 6 to 8

ID window good to bring up

hidden slots seems standard.

two sections for holding cash - standard

So basically, as a consumer, it comes down to liking the look of the wallet or not, the number of pockets, and then the ballistic thing.

Yeah, I think you should really play up/explain the ballistic thing more, seems to be the big added value?

u/cuddlesandhugs77 · 1 pointr/Advice

I used to travel for work almost every week. I bought this backpack:

I beat the absolute shit out of that thing and it just keeps going!