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AmazonBasics Portable Foldable Photo Studio Box with LED Light - 25 x 30 x 25 Inches
No assembly required with set-up in less than a minute; Collapses into a thin, portable, and durable portfolio case.Measures 25'' x 30'' x 25'' to fit a variety of product sizes; Includes power supply, user manual, and pre-installed removable bright-white backdrop.High output built-in LED lights for handheld photography with a camera or smartphone. Lights are positioned for optimum contrast, and provide 5600k daylight balanced LEDs with high Color Rendering Index (CRI) for consistent color. An extra light provides directional light modelling like in a photo studio, giving better highlights, contrast, and shape to product images.A front 3-door system maximizes image angles while reducing outside reflections, and a top hole enables imaging from above.Compatible with Amazon Seller app; Shoot, edit, and directly upload catalog images to Amazon.Backed by an AmazonBasics 1-year limited warranty.
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35 Reddit comments about AmazonBasics Portable Foldable Photo Studio Box with LED Light - 25 x 30 x 25 Inches:

u/acethebear · 10 pointsr/hardwareswap

It's this one.

A little bit pricey but it really makes lighting and taking photos a breeze. I don't regret the purchase at all. I'm assuming it's due to prime day, but it's actually $35 cheaper right now than what I paid a few weeks ago.

u/desensitiz · 10 pointsr/ar15

One of these + iPhone + awesome girlfriend lol

u/birthday-party · 8 pointsr/RepLadies

Haha it's arguably even more extra than reflectors. I got this pop up photo studio as an Amazon warehouse deal without a great excuse except maybe Poshmark/eBay listings. It has lights built in and a hole in the top and flaps in the front section so you can shoot into it without letting the light escape! It folds to be relatively compact and I can fit it behind or under furniture, so even in my little apartment, it's not super obtrusive. The quality of light really exceeded my expectations, though!

u/rare46 · 5 pointsr/Flipping
This is the one I use. It has lights built in to the top so you don't have to worry about external lighting. I usually have shoes in stock and this has been big enough for everything I've sold and photographs them well. The only shoe it doesn't photograph well is black dress shoes (glare, but I imagine that would be similar for any set up like this. It's not really cheap but blows the old light box I had out of the water.

u/jerrysugarav · 5 pointsr/Flipping

I bought this:
AmazonBasics Portable Photo Studio

u/ParkerIndustries616 · 5 pointsr/ActionFigures
u/-Dee-Dee- · 4 pointsr/Flipping

I bought this:

It's $135.xx and really great. My photos look awesome now.

u/pmUrGhostStory · 3 pointsr/Flipping

Lol here is the opposite of what you want. I did the poster board thing but got frustrated. I'm sure there are cheaper versions but I bought this.

So much faster for me to take pictures now. Lots of room for big objects, no external lights to set up, great pictures, folds up easily if you need the space. Plus I use the voice control on my camera to take pictures. Now it's put in object, say shoot, turn object. Pictures are done in minutes.

u/cl350rg · 3 pointsr/Flipping

The Amazon Basics photo box has served me very well. Packs up nicely too so it doesn't take up a lot of space when I'm not using it.

u/Wallcrawler62 · 3 pointsr/Flipping

Take a picture however you would like. To add logos the software GIMP is a Photoshop like editing package that is free. For product photography itself people usually use a white background. I personally have the Amazon Basics Portable Photo Studio which works great.

u/kriegs · 2 pointsr/bloodbowl

Thanks so much!

I picked up a 2x2x2 Amazon Basics lightbox ( awhile ago. It's a bit overkill for the smaller models but amazing for larger kits. It folds down quite nicely too.

I used a Sony A7 to take the shots / Lightroom for some minor edits.

Hope that helps. I'll share the full team soon too :)

u/boomasticka · 2 pointsr/pkmntcgcollections

I'm using the Amazon Basics Portable Studio:

Comes with two led light bars , front and left top.

u/socalchris · 2 pointsr/AskPhotography

What's the budget ballpark? You're probably not going to get a reliable system that takes good product shots and is wireless super cheap.

What quality do you need to photos? Are they for advertising, where you need a super clear shot that looks professional? Or you just need to catalog the parts and image quality isn't that high of a consideration?

For parts that small you're going to want a macro lens. Also spend some money on a light box, the pictures will look much more professional if you use that.

In my experience, wireless tethering isn't that great. At least the system's that I've tried. If it has to be wireless, look into something like a CamRanger. I'd recommend going wired and using CaptureOne instead though.

Rough ballpark...

  • Used DSLR body. You don't need anything special here. You can probably get something that will work fine for $100-$200.
  • Used macro lens. You can probably get something for a few hundred here too.
  • Light box. $40-a few hundred, depending on the size you need. Get one with lights.

    If you can get by without needing the pictures directly on the computer automatically, that's all you'll need. Otherwise you'll need tethering software (I suggest CaptureOne, $300 once or $20/month). If you need it wirelessly, I think a CamRanger ($200) would work, but am not certain.

    The camera gear I listed is bottom of the barrel and old, but should work just fine for what you're needing, assuming you buy something used that is in good shape. KEH has an excellent reputation for selling used gear that is honestly marked as far as condition.
u/BladeBC · 2 pointsr/Flipping

I have this one from Amazon. Terrific quality and it folds up when not in use. It’s a great size and so far has been big enough to photograph everything I’ve been selling. Folds up nicely so you can store it away when not in use. I can’t say if it has helped me sell things any faster but it definitely adds a level of professionalism to your listings that makes it stand out. Definitely worth it.

AmazonBasics Portable Photo Studio

u/mulder911 · 2 pointsr/BuyItForLife

I have this one I wouldn't say it is BIFL, but it is good enough that it should last you a while and it stores away neatly. Read the reviews before getting one, you can always order it try it out and if you don't like it send it back.

u/Productpusher · 2 pointsr/Flipping

I can’t stress it enough for anyone that has a smartphone and can download the amazon seller app ( should be free even if you just open an account and never sell ) the Amazon lightbox below ($135) and their app gives you pure white background without doing anything and can fit up to knee high boots.

No photo skills needed at all and it’s a lot less space than the big ass lights and tripods people keep using . The only time it’s not perfect is if your item has a lot of white against the white background .

u/nekrad · 1 pointr/Flipping

More than $50 but I use something like this :


It is self-contained with LEDs in the roof so no additional lighting is needed. There's a similar one on Amazon:

You might be able to pick a used one on eBay to get you down near $50.

u/GIS-Rockstar · 1 pointr/photography

Look up some product photography tutorials. The Workphlo channel on YouTube is really really good, and it explains some basic gear like this to use. Try black or white acrylic or plexiglass along with a large, clean backdrop; but if you're still finding too many unwanted reflections you may want to try a light box of some kind. Here's an example, but you can Google around for DIY versions and build one for less money. These 5-in-1 reflectors (in various shapes and sizes) are really handy to use as a background and to shape light. Use a tripod and remote of possible to really control your scene with as much precision as possible and your life will be much easier.

u/redryder74 · 1 pointr/singapore

Anyone knows where I can get a photography tent with built-in LEDs locally? Like this one from Amazon -

I don't mind buying the Amazon one but shipping to S'pore is so expensive.

u/Bundesloschtage · 1 pointr/dubai

Get one of these and save yourself some money

u/OpenHeartWound · 1 pointr/FoodPorn

I might have $50 in it. Any back drop will work.
You can buy one if these too. This is a complete unit.

u/kaidomac · 1 pointr/IWantToLearn

I'd recommend:

  1. A 4K-capable video camera
  2. A video tripod, slider, and desktop dolly
  3. 3 lights (left, right, backlight) & a mini photo booth


    Camera equipment: ($650 CAD total)

    I'd look at the Canon PowerShot SX740, which has:

u/KayabaAkihikoBDO · 1 pointr/entrepeneur

I think the colour palette feels very... industrial, I would play with that and talk to people about what kind of colours best suit your company. I'm not sure about the company, whether it's outsourcing these products however if you're taking the pictures of the razors, consider grabbing a white box, and a light to take the pictures rather than over a wood grain. You can make something like this at home for a few dollars.


It's well designed from a user perspective, but there are some tweaks that should be made.

>You should add "display: flex" to it's CSS code, so that when in mobile view the icons appear side-by-side.
>The above code, however would not maintain normal functionality in desktop mode, play with containers and such and see what can be done to fix that. Obviously conditional viewport styling would work as you have that already.


>You should add "padding-bottom: 32px" so that it doesn't smooch with the footer.


The search bar overlaps with the logo on the top on mobile, which could result in annoying and unwanted redirection.

u/girlmichael17 · 1 pointr/Baking
u/Arcashine · 1 pointr/pkmntcgtrades

Wish I had an amazon referral link, but here ya go:

You have to be a little careful with glare, but just playing with the angle of the item/camera works pretty well for me.

u/mnl2 · 1 pointr/Flipping

Can anyone recommend this?
AmazonBasics Portable Photo Studio

My pictures have been sucking and could be a lot better with lighting like this and I like the way it folds up and stores nearly. Hefty price tag though.

u/Elysian-Visions · 1 pointr/crafts

A portable light box to photograph her projects. Mine is indispensable.

Depending on money:

[Affordable but smaller]

[If you can afford more... bigger is better!]

u/avisioncame · 1 pointr/Flipping

Anyone that isn't hip should check out the Amazon Basics photo studio. I have one and it's awesome and so easy to setup! I bought mine "used" (just an open box item) through Amazon Warehouse for under $120.

u/calmclear · 1 pointr/FulfillmentByAmazon

Get the Amazon Basics Photo Studio. Even designed to work with the FBA mobile app. It's high quality studio. It's $135 though but it's money well spent compared to all the other crappy light boxes.

u/sasseriansection · 0 pointsr/DIY

I can appreciate the work and the DIY aspect here, but amazon sells a great collapsible led light box for around 130$.