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American Labs 2000ml / 2L Narrow Mouth Erlenmeyer Flask with Heavy Duty Rim
2000ml Narrow Mouth Erlenmeyer Flask, single scale, graduatedHeight: 280mm, Outer diameter Neck: 50mm, Outer diameter Bulb: 166mm (approx)High quality inert 3.3 borosilicate glassExtra large marking spot - ASTM Specification E960, Type I requirementsSatisfaction Gauranteed
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5 Reddit comments about American Labs 2000ml / 2L Narrow Mouth Erlenmeyer Flask with Heavy Duty Rim:

u/dcabines · 101 pointsr/Homebrewing

If I were to start over and buy new equipment, one of those all-in-one systems would be very attractive. My only concern with them is I don't have a high voltage outlet and I wouldn't want to deal with an under powered system.

For a traditional system I'd do something like this:

u/GhostNightgown · 11 pointsr/chemicalreactiongifs

Explosive Elephant Toothpaste!! edited to correct ingredient - and update notes

My goal was big, shooting foam steams! I tried other methods and recipes - but this worked best!

What is happening in elephant toothpaste: hydrogen peroxide is made up of two hydrogen and two oxygen molecules. This is one extra oxygen molecule than water. Hydrogen peroxide is very unstable; it keeps wanting to lose that extra oxygen molecule. In this experiment, we use potassium iodide as a catalyst to knock off that extra oxygen molecule very quickly, and soap to capture those molecules of oxygen in foam.

I tried this with two different flask types: 2L Erlenmeyer flask and 2L graduated cylinder.

For each flask I needed the following:

  • 250ml 35% H2O2 (hydrogen peroxide)
  • 50ml 4 molar KI (dry, granular potassium iodide)
  • a bit of dish soap

    To get (my best approximation of) 4 molar KI, I put 35 mg of nearly-pure granular KI in a small glass measuring beaker, and filled it to 50 ml with cool tap water.

    If you use smaller flasks, you will need to cut the ingredients by about 1/2.

    I was able to buy the chemicals and all the flasks online. Please be careful with the hydrogen peroxide – it will burn your skin at this concentration.

    The result is soapy water - but there may be some residual hydrogen peroxide. Simply rinsing the area well should be sufficient.


    Pre-make the KI solution, and measure out all other chemicals.


    -- Put 250ml H2O2 in each flask
    -- Put ~25-30 ml of dish soap in each flask
    -- Add a few drops food coloring of color desired (complicates clean-up - be warned!)
    -- QUICKLY add 50 ml KI solution to each flask and jump back!


    The graduated cylinder produces a thick pillar of foam, the Erlenmeyer flask produces more of a jet.

    The chemicals should be added by an adult.

    If you film this, be sure to have the person filming stand back, and be prepared to capture an 8 to 10 foot jet coming out of the flask.

    Shopping list (what I used):

    This puts out a thick column of foam:
    213I16 Karter Scientific 2000ml Glass Graduated Cylinder, Single Metric Scale ‪

    This puts out a narrow/taller jet of foam - I now have three:
    2000ml / 2L Narrow Mouth Erlenmeyer Flask with Heavy Duty Rim ‪

    Pure Health Discounts Certified 35% Hydrogen Peroxide with 1 oz Bottle Dropper - 32 oz

    Potassium Iodide, High Purity Crystals, 99.8 % min., 100 grams ‪

    Atlas Glove 620 Atlas Vinylove 12" Double Dipped Gloves - Small (they come in different sizes) ‪

    Learning Resources Primary Science Safety Glasses (good size for kids) ‪

    Heathrow Scientific HD15909 Spatula with Flat End and Spoon End, 9" Overall Length (optional - but good for mixing the potassium iodide) ‪
u/asndusad · 2 pointsr/Homebrewing

I like these when they get in stock

Couldn't be happier for the price, although the KIMAX 2L I have is higher quality.

u/KappinSpaulding · 1 pointr/NoRagretsBeer
u/jkingaround · 1 pointr/hookah

because you want glass it makes it difficult but you can prolly just use some sort of drill bit and stick a hose adapter in there? that'd be my suggestion