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2 Reddit comments about An Introduction to Brain and Behavior, Third Edition:

u/dioxazine_violet · 2 pointsr/OpiatesRecovery

There are so, so, so many different ways that addiction can manifest in any given person's brain. We're learning more and more about it as time progresses. There's no one, universal explanation of the neuroscience of addiction that can explain the complex patterns of behaviours, cognitions and emotions that we experience on a daily basis. There are a few things that I could point out, though!

The nucleus accumbens is involved pretty heavily in anything that has to do with addiction. Really central in the experience of "wanting", pleasure, and the anticipation of reward.

Another favourite of mine is the orbitofrontal cortex, which is important in the perception of reward saliency, or how rewarding you think a particular behaviour will be.

The amygdala is also pretty central because it is involved in the processing of emotions (and is considered part of the limbic system), and can actually be damaged by persistent episodes of intoxication and withdrawal.

These are just very over-arching and simplified explanations. I highly recommend In The Realm of the Hungry Ghost by Gabor Mate (it's on the pirate bay!). He does a really good job of explaining these anatomical structures and so much more, in the context of his work with addicts in the downtown east side of Vancouver.

Also, if you're into it, see if you can download a first year neuroscience textbook (like this). I've found learning about the neuroscience behind addiction to be really empowering.

u/Namemedickles · 1 pointr/changemyview

I think I already linked you a couple of studies in previous comments but sure. Here is a neuroscience of language textbook that is full of references to various studies that demonstrate what I am saying is true. Here is another introductory neuroscience text that is full of studies as well. Really, a quick google scholar search will get you to articles on the subject if you want to read through the scientific literature like the article I linked you earlier about the evolution of intelligence. But this is a pretty fundamental concept in neurobiology. Since you aren't familiar with the science I recommend you start with those textbooks that explain the concepts first, then try to work your way through the literature. I'm a PhD student and I read journal articles all the time but even I can have a hard time really getting through a paper that isn't in my field of study sometimes. It can take a lot of effort so like I said, start with the textbooks and some online neuroscience lectures.