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Anatomy for Sculptors Understanding the Human Figure
Loads of human visual references, very little textComplex knowledge of human figure explained in the simple matter (Head, Upper limb, lower limb Torso, and Figure)The most important muscles of the body and their form, in the movement and static, form various angles and body positionsPrimary male anatomy and female anatomy differencesProportions chars of the figure and head (age and gender)
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9 Reddit comments about Anatomy for Sculptors Understanding the Human Figure:

u/kaze_ni_naru · 4 pointsr/learnart

More rigorous resources for the serious artist:

Scott Robertson's How to Draw

Feng Zhu videos

Gnomon videos

Alla Prima if you want to paint

Other than that, lots and lots of practice. Also study the artists you look up to - how they draw, what line weights they use, what colors they use, etc.

> Really, my main focus right now is to be able to draw figures and characters considering that's my weakest point.

Anatomy for Sculptors is a good look into how anatomy works from a 3D sense. Again lots of practice required

> If it's any consolation, my goal is to be able to move my methods to digital.

There's really nothing different between pen and pencil and digital other than colors. You're better off sticking with pen/pencil until you get good because moving to digital may incur a lot of distractions that have nothing to do with actually being able to draw well with is the most important skill. If you can't draw well on paper, then your digital drawings/paintings won't look good either

Follow lots of artists on twitter, look at front page of artstation for inspiration, etc

u/tiwat · 2 pointsr/learnart

It seems like someone named Lucas Falco made that reference, and he got it from this book.

There's probably some references from that book on the internet or Google search :)

u/AnteroX · 2 pointsr/ZBrush

I don't know what drawing with no clear path in mind is gonna do but this is pretty much all you need right now at this very moment , there should be PDFs all over the internet if you don't have the money. You could also try

u/Jonnydoo · 2 pointsr/learnart

Will Weston recommended this book , Anatomy for Sculptors. I think I got it for $40, surprised the price increased so much. But it's a pretty good book for reference and shapes, lots of clear images and overlays.

u/goffley3 · 1 pointr/ZBrush

Not the perfect lips but leaps and bounds better than I've done. I bought Anatomy for Sculptors and Holy crap is it useful. Still a bit before this is finished. Have to finish the ears and then do a detail pass and fine detail pass.


I highly suggest this book:


I think it's made my sculpting ten times better.

u/OldSkoolVFX · 1 pointr/blender

Think about it ... how can you sculpt a human if you don't know what to sculpt? The surface contours of a human or animal are defined by the underlying structures, the bone and muscles. Hence you need to study those structures so you know how to actually sculpt or model a human or animal. The following are books on Amazon on anatomy for artists:

Anatomy for Sculptors: Understanding the Human Figure

Anatomy for 3D Artists: The Essential Guide for CG Professionals

Basic Human Anatomy: An Essential Visual Guide for Artists

Classic Human Anatomy: The Artist's Guide to Form, Function, and Movement

An Atlas of Animal Anatomy for Artists

Or you can use Makehuman.