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Angel Dear Blankie, Brown Giraffe
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u/bellalinda · 8 pointsr/Parenting

The lovey is the same idea, but safer. It's a little blanket with a stuffed animal on it. I slept with it with the baby for a week, then when she transitioned to her crib, she took it with her. Don't know if it is exactly why, but our crib transition went great.

u/Whiskerton · 2 pointsr/beyondthebump

With my son, from birth we used a lovey like this tied up in a knot until he could roll both ways, so that he could have something soft and blanket-y with him, but not smother himself. Around 5 months we unknotted it and it became a little blanket friend. They are still his most precious possessions.

u/deceasedhusband · 2 pointsr/beyondthebump

4 month sleep regression is apparently a thing. You can do a sub search or search on google for more info and possibly ways to help.

Do you use a lovey? 4 months is when a lot of experts say that you can introduce one. Though some experts say to wait till later so ask your ped if you're concerned. My daughter loves hers. It's a soft tiny blanket toy that she only gets when it's time for sleep or naps. She just grabs it and sucks on it or rubs it on her face as she falls asleep.

We use one of these:

u/pokerchef24 · 1 pointr/sleeptrain

A little off topic but relating to setting up baby to be a good sleeper; I highly suggest a lovey. The best baby sleepers I know have one and introducing it early during feeding, or when you're supervising naps/sleep, can really set the baby up to find comfort in the lovey and self soothe later. Pick your own but something like this: