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Anker PowerCore+ Mini, 3350mAh Lipstick-Sized Portable Charger (Premium Aluminum Power Bank), One of The Most Compact External Batteries, Compatible with iPhone Xs/XR, Android Smartphones and More
The Anker Advantage: Join the 50 million+ powered by our leading technology.High-Speed Charging: PowerIQ detects your device to deliver its fastest possible charge speed up to 1 amp. (Press the power button before charging your device.)Ultra-Compact: Our original lipstick-shaped aluminum design (3.7 × 0.9 × 0.9in, 3oz). Recharges in 3-4 hours with a 1 amp adapter (not included) and the included Micro USB cable. 2 amp Input.Backup Battery Life: Adds over one charge to an iPhone 6s or at least 80% to the Galaxy S6 and other high-power smartphones.What You Get: Anker PowerCore+ mini portable charger, Micro USB cable, travel pouch, welcome guide, our fan-favorite 18-month warranty, and friendly customer service. Lightning cable for iPhone / iPad sold separately.
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174 Reddit comments about Anker PowerCore+ Mini, 3350mAh Lipstick-Sized Portable Charger (Premium Aluminum Power Bank), One of The Most Compact External Batteries, Compatible with iPhone Xs/XR, Android Smartphones and More:

u/porthos3 · 22 pointsr/gifs

This device must have some way of connecting to whatever device/battery it intends to charge. Very likely this is via micro-USB. Most extra batteries you get are similar and will have some standard way of connecting with your devices.

Most people don't actually get multiple copies of their phone battery itself. They get something like this.

u/TheGreatLostCharactr · 17 pointsr/oculus

Shoot, sorry, the deets were in the original post:

Anker Powercore+ Mini $16.99 (Also comes in Silver for a better match)

Velcro Ties $5.27 (Use reversed so they stick to the fabric)

Grand total: $22.26

USB cable is about a foot long.

As far as battery life, I don't know since the Go was at 50% when I connected it. It will take me some use to give an accurate battery estimate.

Go battery is 2600 MAh and the battery I have attached is 3350 MAh. Estimated to last 4.5 to 5.5 hours combined.

Power output is 1 amp / 5 volt. Battery weight is 80 grams.

Edit: Something I'd like to point out about this mod is that it isn't permanent. The battery just slides out and the velcro loops will stay in position. I think some people are seeing this and interpreting it as a 24/7 solution of perpetually hot swapping batteries (which is of course an option), but if that gives you safety concerns this mod can be used sparingly as a stopgap to finish your movie or your game or whatever before your battery runs out.

u/solacespecs · 16 pointsr/tifu

Hi there. I just went to Korea over the summer with my wife! Unfortunately we ended up on separate flights because we left/returned on separate days.

Not sure how much your husband has traveled before. I was absolutely DREADING the flight (4 hours to San Fran then 12 to Seoul for me) but I actually had a wonderful time and the trip itself went great.

Some tips:

    1. Go to Walgreens and pick up some Meclizine. It's for motion sickness and is available over the counter. It's like Dramamine and definitely can knock you out, but I never felt like it caused me to drag like Dramamine did once I woke up. Both flights this knocked me out for a good 3-4 hours.

    1. Go to Amazon and grab a comfy neck pillow. I got this one.

    1. My flight had plugs but I also picked up this cheap battery in case my headphones died.

    1. Get an Audible subscription. The first month is free so you can cancel. I recommend Red Rising. It's a good one and it occupied a lot of my time to listen to.

    1. Get a cheap surfacebook and buy Civilization 5 or 6. This alone took up a ton of my time.

    1. The flight showed good movies to take up some time. I recommend downloading the flight app BEFORE you board. My flight showed Guardians of the Galaxy 2 and a couple other good ones on the main screen, but you also have the option of a netflix-esque list of movies and shows on your phone/tablet.

    1. The food was absolutely terrific (for a flight meal). Hot and delicious. My flight had a baked chicken dish with rice and steamed carrots. Was really tasty. They actually served us 2 hot meals and 2 snacks. Besides these, definitely consider grabbing some snacks. I like simple peanut butter crackers.

    1. On that note, every time you are offered water, TAKE IT. It'll give you a good reason to move around and go to the bathroom. If you can find times to stretch your legs, go for it. And it has the added benefit of helping to avoid blood clots.

    1. If all else fails, my flight had free beer + wine. That alone should help him manage!

      Shouldn't be too bad overall. Like I said, I was so dreading the experience and actually my flight overall went super well. I'm totally open to it now in the future, where before I thought I would do this one trip and not fly so far again for a few years.

      Good luck!
u/garmachi · 12 pointsr/AppalachianTrail

When I hiked I only recharged in town - didn't carry a spare battery. I rarely had to ration my music and almost never got down to 0%.

After the trail, I discovered the Anker Recharger:

It's the size of a liptstick tube and 3oz. It fully charges my phone in a few minutes, and I get two full charges from it.

u/live_wire_ · 10 pointsr/raspberry_pi

Put a battery pack in there so you don't need a USB power cable:

And an HDMI to mini HDMI cable to get rid of that adapter:

Edit: And you can add Qi charging to that battery for $10:

u/littlasskicker · 9 pointsr/WaltDisneyWorld

100% yes. Anker. There’s so many shit products out there. Anker consistently delivers in quality. I have 2 portable chargers from them and both are phenomenal. You do have to get a cord to plug into your phone, but they each come with a cord to charge and a carrying bag which is clutch:

Smaller lipstick one, OP- you’ll get just about 1 full charge on this:

This one is bigger and heavier but still love it. You’ll get 2-3 full charges on it. (There are slimmer versions that I imagine are just as good power-wise, but I got this one on a flash deal and it’s been amazing):

I use these short charge cords and they’re great:

u/jcpb · 9 pointsr/shittykickstarters

> I said "most of the way" you condescending fuck.

Salty AF

> the Android-isms are directly relevant

We're talking about charging here. The only relevant datapoint about Android phones is they generally have bigger batteries. That is it. Nothing else about them are relevant.

Here's the thing. Even with the expansion module this "keyfob" has all of 2,150mAh for $78. A single-18650-based power bank by a reputable vendor costs just $13. Oh you want more? $78 almost buys you TWO of this.

None of the above has a keychainable Lightning cable, but that costs either $20 by a name brand or $11 for a 6-pack by an off-brand. Either way the total cost still comes in below the $59 asking price for the basic smrtFOB, so how is this project not shitty?

u/Bobb_o · 8 pointsr/WaltDisneyWorld

Fuel Rods only have a capacity of 1100 mAh and cost $30.

This Anker has 3x the capacity and costs less than half what Disney charges for a Fuel Rod.
For $30 you could get this one which is 11x the capacity of a fuel rod.

u/DaCh33f · 8 pointsr/TheSilphRoad

Not that all of it was bought specifically for Go, but it's stuff I've found extremely useful for Ingress and exploring in General.

A couple of these Anker external batteries, they're decently priced and do their job.

I've been using an older model of the Surge backpack by the North Face for a few years and it's been extremely durable to this day.

Any brand will do, but I have a Hyrapak brand water bladder in my backpack. Holds a lot more than any water bottle and the tube just makes life easier.

It's by no means a necessity, but my Hammer multi-tool has gotten me out of a bunch of binds.

And of course a hat, sunglasses and a paracord bracelet are must haves, but I don't have links to the ones I have for those lol.

Toss in some trail mix, sketchbooks, a camera, some nice pens or markers and some purolator stickers and you've got yourself a go-to bag of stuff for a good, long pokemon adventure. Hope that helps maybe.

u/_is_anyone_there · 7 pointsr/Coachella

[This is my favorite single use charger] ( Each one is good for at least one full iphone recharge and they are small and compact to carry around. They are also pretty reliable (have never had one crap out on me as some cheap chargers do). The same brand also makes some good larger ones to keep back at camp as well.

u/claydawgmalaka · 6 pointsr/NewOrleans

Citibike but for idiots that won't spend 12 bucks on this.

u/thewitchwizard · 6 pointsr/gadgets

> To be fair, I did exactly that and the product was an off-brand piece of shit.

Just don't buy from an off-brand. There are plenty of name brand external batteries, like this one, or this one, or even this one. Notice that they're all name brands (in terms of battery packs) and they all have at least a 4 star review. It's just a matter of knowing what you want, and doing a bit of research.

u/Calmiche · 6 pointsr/whatisthisthing

It's something like this:

missing the case.

They're usually referred to as "lipstick battery chargers"

u/minnesnowta · 6 pointsr/Nexus6P

Just going to throw out some general tips:

Turn down your brightness fully, set auto-lock to 1 minute or less, maybe enable airplane mode if you won't need data for a period of time. I know Greenify is often recommended for battery savings, but I've never used it so I can't speak much to it.

Look into getting an external battery pack:

The larger capacity the better, but obv the larger ones will be bigger. I have one that looks identical to this one and it works well using an USB A to C cable:

You can even get a few small ones and charge them all up then just keep one or two on you at all times and you shouldn't have to change your phone habits at all since each of those small ones should fully top off your phone.

Edit: here is a pretty well reviewed 10000MAh pack: You should be able to get 2+ charges on your Nexus 6P with this one.

u/huasamaco · 5 pointsr/OculusGo

go with the 32 one.

optional: a little anker battery or a long usb cable to charge the Go with your pc.

install skybox to play media over network and you are set.

u/uacoop · 5 pointsr/Android

If you're that worried about it, you could always get a small power bank. Sure it's not as convenient as a removable battery, but I don't see those coming back anytime soon.

u/lombardo2 · 5 pointsr/Android

I know it sucks and I want bigger batteries too. But there are power banks that weight almost nothing. This one weighs 80 grams and provides 3350 mAh. Enough for a note 8 full charge.

u/KickAClay · 5 pointsr/gencon

My team brought a small USB Battery Charger. Kept our phone at full power each day (9 am to ~Midnight) of the con. We had a 3200mAh 5V/2A, which I could not find online. So here are two I would recommend:

Anker PowerCore+ mini, 3350mAh, 5V/1A (this is a slower charge), small form-factor.

Anker PowerCore 5000, 5000mAh, 5V/2A (like the one I have), bigger than the mini, close to pop can height.

u/DyceFreak · 5 pointsr/pokemongo

>Can confirm that you're a casual PoGo player based on your battery level.


These things are cheap

u/djdementia · 5 pointsr/Android

A whole lot of powerbanks already use 18650s. Did you ever notice how popular that 'lipstick' style powerbank is? It's got 18650 in it.

Older larger ones also used 18650s. I actually have a powerbank / charger for 18650s that I got here:

u/404redditornotfound · 5 pointsr/Android

maybe i'm a bit of a minimalist, or i just haven't as many keys as everybody else, but i would never put such a hunk of power pack on my keyring.

if i'd need a small charger for on the go, i'd go with something like that:

twice the capacity, half the price and it also won't damage the phones usb port.

maybe not quite as compact as motorolas offering, but a tremendously better value. as are the big battery packs you guys already mentioned,i have one of those too, but i wouldn't really want to lug it around on a daily basis.

u/TrollingDead · 4 pointsr/thewalkingdead

The Walker Stalker Con is geared more toward the TV show than the comic, but there'll be plenty of both so either way you'll have fun. Here are some tips (most are good for any con):

  • Depending on what celebs are going to be there, you might decide to upgrade your ticket to a celebrity VIP. Their customer service is great and very responsive, and I believe if your VIP doesn't show they'll refund the difference to you upon request.
  • Devote as much time as you can to meeting people rather than attending panels or looking at merchandise. You can do most of that stuff online anyway.
  • Plan as much as you can ahead of time; it reduces scrambling while you're there so you can relax and enjoy the event.
  • Print the event brochure. Make at least a general plan for where you want to go and when. More ambitious? Color code with yellow, green and blue highlighters for first, second and third choices in competing timeslots.
  • ATM lines will be long, so get cash before you go.
  • Always make sure you're standing in the right line. Sometimes they'll loop around each other or even intersect.
  • Strike up conversations in line. Most people are happy to talk to people with whom they share a common interest. Now what could that be?
  • Charge your smartphone! Take your charger. Buy or borrow a small USB power bank to have just in case.
  • Take a camera with fresh batteries and the clock set correctly as a backup. Remember, never hand your camera to someone you can't outrun.
  • Bring an insulated water bottle and a few protein bars with you, quick energy food to get you through the day if you don't have time to break for lunch. The vendors are pricey and notoriously variable, and if you're gonna spend time standing in line it should be for autographs and photo ops, not nachos from the back of a truck.
    NOTE: If you're ever at an event and someone gives you grief about bringing food, just look them in the eye and say "blood sugar" with a resigned look and they'll leave you alone. Or you can print or draw something apropos on your arm and flash that. Just remember to make the food fit the "condition" more or less.
  • Crowd penetration trick: Look toward the other side of the crowd, hold up your free hand and shout "Hey Stacy‡, wait!" and then walk through, looking straight ahead and not making eye contact. People in a crowd will instinctively veer away from your line of sight as you approach. Besides, Stacy's waiting.

    Edit: ‡Re "Stacy:" You can use any name or the crowd penetration trick, but an uncommon one will reduce confused looks, and a gender-nonspecific one will make people wonder whether your friend is a guy or a girl rather than whether they're real or imaginary. There are some good ones here.

    Use "Adrian!" for bonus points: if someone responds "Rocky!" look straight at them and laugh sincerely--you just made a con friend. If someone else yells "Bullwinkle!" then the three of you must go home together. Hey, that's the rule.
u/tkim91321 · 4 pointsr/apple

I have 2.

My everyday bank that goes into my work briefcase is a 3350mAh.

If I'm on the road or I'm expecting multiple charges for phones, I carry the behemoth that has 20100mAh.

As the site says, the everyday one is as big as a lipstick tube. The monster is still very small; however, i was surprised at how relatively heavy it is (it really isn't).

Anker's build quality is top notch. Battery banks come with a mesh carrying case. Their customer service is A+, as I've had a battery refuse to charge under warranty that was replaced by next day air.

u/calladus · 4 pointsr/raisedbynarcissists

Your electronic devices will help you out, so don't forget to bring charging cords, or even portable chargers! (You don't want to be accused of stealing electricity or of making a tripping hazard. And you can recharge your portable charger somewhere discreet, or get a version that uses batteries.)

u/DanielleMuscato · 4 pointsr/Guitar
  • Give the sound person a stage diagram showing how many musicians you have, where you plan to set up on stage relative to each other and FOH, what amps & connections you're going to be using, how many power outlets you'll be using, how many monitors you need and where, what you want in them, etc. Include on this PHOTOs of each band member, NAMES of each band member, and CELL NUMBERS of each band member in case the sound person needs to reach you when you're not present, or if you leave something behind by mistake. Best practices include making this diagram available to your point person in advance of the show.
  • Color code your cables and label them. Cables are available in a variety of colors. You can get white gaffer's tape that you can write on with a Sharpie. Label ins and outs on both ends. Anything you bring to a gig should have a label with your name (and band name if applicable) and phone number on it in case you accidentally leave it behind.
  • Test everything, preferably at home even before you pack it and bring it to the gig. Cables, batteries, mics, guitars, etc. If there's a piece of equipment you can't do without, make sure you have a (at least one) backup for it and/or a workaround.
  • Use load in/load out checklists to make sure you remember to pack everything you need and to make sure you don't leave anything behind. Don't rely on doing this mentally—write it down.
  • Provide the sound person with a set list, but not simply a copy of the set list you use on stage with the song titles. Unless you are a cover band, a major act and/or bring your own sound crew it's unlikely that your song titles mean shit to the sound person. The sound person's copy should have instrumentation changes, tempos, song lengths, etc.
  • Don't tell sound people how to do their job. Don't try to give advice about the FOH sound from the stage. From the stage, your only concern should be your monitor mix. You can't hear the FOH from the stage anyway; why would you think you are in a position to direct the FOH engineer?
  • Keep your stage volume reasonable. You don't need a full stack. That's what the sound system is for.
  • This should be obvious but show up on time and be efficient with your load in/load up, and setup & teardown. Rehearse loading up your van/trailer, setting up, and tearing down with your band as part of your rehearsals if you need to. It's not something you get good at by accident. It takes practice/experience. Work on it if you're lacking.

    Performers, regardless of what instrument they play, should carry a couple of things in their pockets:

  • mini LED flashlight
  • Sharpies
  • pens
  • cards with your cell number, photo, band name, social media contact info, etc. You can get these super cheap online from Vistaprint, Moo, office supply stores, etc. These aren't just for your manager, they're for you, too.
  • drum key
  • earplugs
  • guitar picks (if there are other guitarists in your band, carry some of the kind they use as backups, too)
  • I always carry a small, lipstick-tube sized backup battery charger for my phone in case of emergencies.

    I have a metal briefcase with cut-out foam that I use for a variety of things that I bring to gigs. Each item has its own spot, so I can instantly see if something is missing. It includes a whole bunch of stuff such as:

  • spare 9 volts
  • picks
  • a spare tuner
  • pens
  • black Sharpies
  • silver Sharpies
  • resealable zip ties
  • business cards
  • headache medicine, protein bars
  • super glue
  • mini first-aid kit
  • a couple spare sets of strings
  • nail clippers
  • cough drops
  • a SM57
  • some 5-Hour Energy
  • a cable tester
  • a wall plug to charge my phone (or spare battery)
  • hex set
  • Leatherman


    This is an old picture from when I was still putting it together, but you get the idea:



    I bring a ridiculous number of backups with me for just about everything I use live. [This is my usual live rig]( The guitars are the same except my backup (on the right) has a fixed bridge - fewer things to go wrong. It also has GraphTech saddles, which don't sound quite as bright as the stock saddles, but they prevent strings from breaking. I generally also bring a third guitar that I keep in its case, behind my amps, on the off chance that something is wrong with both my main guitar and my backup.

    I prefer single-channel amps (left for drive, center for clean); the Fender on the right is a dual-channel amp though, and it's there as a backup for the other two. The drive pedal sitting on top of the Fargen in the middle also lets me get a drive tone in a pinch if the left amp goes out, so I actually have "1 and a half" backups. I also have a Line 6 floorboard with amp modeling that I use as an additional backup, or for fly dates or when it's not possible or practical to use high-volume amps for backline.

    Depending on the venue, you might not need second backups, but I always bring at minimum a digital modeling floorboard (amp & effects models + stage tuner) and a second guitar, in addition to my main amp(s) and my main guitar.

    Hope this helps! Have a blast.
u/SpontaneousLightBulb · 4 pointsr/kickstarter

It looks like it's now 600 mAH, still pretty much useless. You can get 3200 mAH for $20USD in the shape of a slightly larger chapstick if you really need it. It's also troubling that they don't tell you if it charges at .5, 1, or 2.1 amps. The last concern is that even at 600mAH which is really small, it's unlikely that you'll get a full 600mAH charge unless the efficiency of the circuitry is pretty good. Meaning, you could get 300-400mAH actually into your battery, while the rest is lost in transit so to speak.

edit: formatting, links, last sentence added

u/AnonymousAurele · 4 pointsr/lgbt

It's not always about guns! Try being smart about your presence in public, and learn to be prepared for anything:

-always have plenty of gas in your car, fill up in daytime

-always lock your doors when you get in & out of your car

-if you can afford, use run flat tires on your car, flat tires won't stop your drive

-keep a cigarette lighter phone charger in your car

-keep a mini phone battery charger in your purse

-park close to entrances, in well light areas

-have your phone ready at all times

-share your location with a trusted friend (possibly use Find My Friends on iPhone)

-know how to take your heels of quickly, practice this

-pack flats in your purse so you can walk quietly to/from your events/car, and run if necessary.

-know alternate routes to your home, to avoid being followed

-know mannerisms and body language, avoid eye contact when you feel threatened

-don't wear scarves looped around your neck when in an unsafe setting, it can be used as a weapon against you

-if you feel unsafe, call someone, talk to them about your location loudly so the threatening person knows someone knows where you are. Use your other ear to monitor your environment.

-keep your phone brightness minimal while outside, you don't want to bring attention to yourself.

-keep your phone locked with password so your personal info can't be used against you if you drop your phone while running.

u/VaporizerWizard · 3 pointsr/vaporents

I also use an Anker battery pack and so far so good. I have the 2nd gen AstroMini (*No affiliate link) and it worked perfect up on the mountains snowboarding with the Grasshopper, Crafty, & Pax.

u/alwaysgototheleft · 3 pointsr/WaltDisneyWorld

Amen. These are my old reliables:

Lip Stick


You pay for what you get and I love the quality.

u/Retsejme · 3 pointsr/AskTrollX

Leave a note in his stocking telling him to look behind the ice, behind the ice have a small bottle of his fav alcohol and a note that tells him to look on top of the blue cabinet. On the blue cabinet have a beard brush and a note telling him to go to the next place. Alternate between bottles and presents. The last note tells him to look on the couch, where you give him a kiss and a short shoulder massage.

small gifts:
any kind of multi-tool knife thingy
flashlight for keychain/glove box
portable battery

u/Gator_Stubby · 3 pointsr/EDC

With the size of portable chargers now days you can carry both.

I carry one very similar to this one

So small I dont even notice it in my pocket.

I also recently just found out amazon has been making their own branded ones which are very slim and small and very very affordable.

u/justsomeguy75 · 3 pointsr/CFBOffTopic

Those sound like a lot of fun. I went the boring but practical route and bought a small Anker battery to help keep my phone charged when out and about.

u/yourstorynow · 3 pointsr/AskWomen
u/cordev · 3 pointsr/MechanicalKeyboards

I can use my Iris with my iPad (wired), but it's a bit of a pain to transport. I'd rather bring a Let's Split or a Planck with me.

Either way, this is what you need:

  • Apple Lightning to USB 3 Camera Adapter - the cheaper version that doesn't allow you to supply power will not work with the Iris, Planck, or Let's Split (but it probably would with the Minivan, since I don't have to power that with this cable)
  • A USB cable for your keyboard
  • A spare lightning cable (preferably something short) - or you can just use your normal cable
  • A power source - I use this small Anker power brick, but you could use something even smaller, like this one, or even plug directly into the wall.
u/Promo7 · 3 pointsr/solotravel

Get some external batteries for your phone! I carried three of these around with me in my day pack. Of all the things I brought with me on my last trip, they were the items most constantly used. I got two of them for free which is why I had three, but I would recommend having at least two so you can alternate charging them.

They're great for when you're out exploring, since you don't have to worry about your phone dying from taking too many photos, looking up local restaurants, using the GPS, etc.

u/kickstand · 3 pointsr/travel

In my house, I'd call this an external battery and this a charger.

u/Solidarieta · 3 pointsr/perktv
u/donkeyrocket · 3 pointsr/EDC

External batteries aren't all that expensive and are pretty powerful. I have this one that takes up very little room and will actually charge my phone. You're taking off the bracelet to charge anyway.

The battery on this bracelet can only charge your phone to ~10% and it doesn't look all that great.

u/ballpointpenn · 3 pointsr/EDC

Decided to do something a little different. This is the first video of this type I've made.

In the order they appear in in the video:


u/Timeout19 · 3 pointsr/solotravel

Portable USB battery. Comes in really handy. I love the small Anker I have.

Ziploc Space Bags. I'm definitely a minority on this one, but I don't backpack without these. They don't really wrinkle my clothes since I fold them well. They making packing really easy since they compress down to save space.

And not a physical thing, but downloading Wikitravel onto your Android or iOS device is a must.

u/MountainManGuy · 3 pointsr/GarminFenix

Here's my findings so far.

Anker PowerCore+ mini - Battery bank shut off before the watch was charged (forgot percentage, will test again.)
Anker PowerCore+ 13400 - Battery bank shut off before the watch was charged (forgot percentage, will test again.)
Anker PowerCore II 20000 - Battery bank charged the watch to 97% and shut off
Anker PowerCore II 6700 - Battery bank charged the watch to 97% and shut off
Anker PowerCore 10000 - Battery bank charged the watch to 94% and shut off

u/AxonPotential · 3 pointsr/NintendoNX

>but then wouldn't you need a separate power source to keep it all from draining your phone too quickly?

True. Nintendo could turn this into a selling point though: portable chargers (here's an example) are gaining popularity these days. The NX could double as such a device, especially if it has a large battery. Is your phone running low on juice? No problem! Plug it into the NX's USB port and charge it while at the same time playing your favorite Nintendo games!

>Why build so much hype and base the future of your company around something you can do for $30 and an emulator right now? There's already a Gamecube emulator working on Android phones today. Yes it runs slow as hell right now, but phones and tablets are getting more powerful every day.

Also true. Perhaps Nintendo doesn't care about the emulation crowd, or they believe they can sway them with NX due to competitive pricing, convenience, or a combination of both. Steam won over many would-be pirates on PC, so maybe Nintendo seeks to do something similar in the mobile space - provide an official way to play Nintendo games on your phone (and with physical buttons!).

u/ij00mini · 3 pointsr/EDC

That Nokia charger is really pretty but it's expensive. I got an Anker with the same capacity for half the price on Amazon.

u/mypanda · 3 pointsr/medicalschool

That's what I do! Amazon link to the one I have. Sooo worth it for $10.

u/jgraves000 · 3 pointsr/Flipping

Something like this. It's a portable battery to charge your phone.

u/irishtexmex · 3 pointsr/Strava

If you go riding in the summer with your phone's screen on (I play Ingress, personally), you'll need a battery that doesn't actually charge your phone. If you get one that does, between your phone's screen being on, the GPS staying locked, the processor running, and then the internals heating up because it's being charged, all the while baking in direct view of the sun... Your phone is going to overheat and shutdown

I use this small Anker, and while it doesn't charge my battery, it keeps my battery from dying. So if I start a trip with freshly topped off phone battery at 100%, I'll arrive at my destination later at around 96%. I keep the Anker battery in an aero fuel bag and run a short cable to my phone.

u/[deleted] · 3 pointsr/santashelpers

For your friend who likes to bake, there are TONS of adorable baking/cooking gadgets out there! My own personal collection includes items such as a knife holder that looks like a guy being stabbed, matroyshka nesting doll measuring cups, and a great collection of novelty cookie cutters.

Not to be totally cheesy, but would animal girl appreciate a donation to your local ASPCA (or other animal rights charity) in her name?

If not, some of my go-to gifts for people who are tough to gift for are: new headphones (these BassBuds with Swarovski crystal detail are only $20 on Groupon right now) or a portable phone charger (ex. here is one for iPhones, but you can also get for any device or multi-device).

For your guy, sign up for and watch for the daily deals... if you have a bit of time to wait, I have often seen cool knives for cheap on Woot!

And finally, for your friend going abroad, get her something to remind her of home. Does her high school sell t-shirts or keychains? Does she have a favourite sports team? I live abroad (Canadian living in the USA) and I love receiving Leafs gear and Canadian stuff (maple syrup, maple cookies, ketchup chips, butter tarts, etc) from my friends back home.

u/thesecondkira · 3 pointsr/WaltDisneyWorld

I just bought a $10 Anker charger on Amazon. 1.5 iPhone charges, and recharges overnight. I'm not sure how much they cost these days.

Edit: $13. Link.

u/TheDude--Abides- · 3 pointsr/Ultralight

I've got one of these which i use in every day life since its so small. get one full charge out of it quickly, and then maybe another 20-30% of a charge left. This is for iphone 7.

I have a heavier larger and bigger capacity anker which i take on multi day trips, but the smaller one is perfect for over nighters or just having in my car or bag as a failsafe.

So cheap you could buy two and keep them in different spots

u/KoolAidMan00 · 3 pointsr/nintendo

Nice! I actually have a third one, this little guy that I bring to E3, Blizzcon, TI, etc:

Just throw it in my bag and I'm good, more than enough for a full day with my phone and the battery ripping LTE usage you get when there are tens of thousands of other people using the same bandwidth. :)

I may swap it out for my 13400 more often if I end up carrying my Switch all the time, maybe even the 20100 since that has USB C output that the smaller ones don't. We'll see!

u/jsaxl31 · 2 pointsr/nexus5x

As another commenter said, just use a USB-A to C cable, or an adapter like this one:

You're severely limiting your options by sticking only to batteries that have USB Type-C ports. Once you decide you're willing to use a tiny adapter or a different cable, it will blow your options wide open.

Here's a good battery for $21.99 currently:

Slightly older version that I use for $12.99:

EDIT: OP should ignore my comment since I see that he/she now specified "no adapter", but I'll leave my comment here for anyone else.

u/HeWhoShitsWithPhone · 2 pointsr/CGPGrey

My wife has a couple of these
They work reliably though are only used a couple times a month.

u/Zer037 · 2 pointsr/boostedboards

Oh I thought those are NeonFlex lights. Did you use electrical tape for the battery? That's going to rattle and fall off. I had similar set up and used this.

u/NOT_MISTER_ROBOT · 2 pointsr/Defcon

A laptop is bulky and you often end up keeping track of it at parties etc.

I usually just bring my iPhone + a battery pack. (Anker) makes a decent one

You can route your data (including 4G) through a VPN. (I use Algo)

Both wifi and 4g will be saturated anyways so I mostly use HackerTracker to look at the schedule and Signal to keep in touch with my wolf pack.

u/julia420 · 2 pointsr/bisco
  1. Most people who comment on the venue have never been there. I have been to Peach twice and the last bisco and you should not listen to them. Montage is not perfect by any means but the stages are awesome and the walk is nothing. People like to be dramatic about stuff but the novelty of being at a festival in a water park / ski mountain / concert arena makes a pretty badass weekend. The bad things about montage you should be conscious about are the rediculous prices they charge for food water and booze and the security which can range from being non-existent in some areas to drug dogs in others

  2. Yes, people have been known to rob from tents. I recommend putting all valuables in a couple bags and putting them under your tent when you go to the stages. It's unlikely that something would happen but possible. As far as stealing tents goes, just put something heavy in it and you wont have a problem. I have the 40 dollar 4-person coleman tent from amazon and as soon as I set up camp i blow up a queen sized air mattress in the tent and then bring in my wagon next to it and then I use the wagon to keep my clothes and stuff organized during the festival. All of this and theres still walking space in the tent and I guarentee no one will be able to steal it.

  3. Camping on the slopes is not that bad, Really the only way it will affect you is you will fall over in chairs a lot and you cant put drinks on tables, setting up camp is no different than usual.

  4. As with any festival, there are good and bad people. The kinds of people you meet will be a direct reflection of the vibes you emit. You will have the best time at this festival if you come with the best attitude. Don't put down music you haven't seen, don't think that not knowing all the artists makes you not as much a part of the experience. Go into it with an open attitude. You dont need to leave as the worlds greatest biscuits fan but you do need to experience at least one biscuits set to form your own opinion. Definitely make it the first one because after you see it your not gonna wanna miss the rest

    EDIT: ALSO you are most definitely want to get yourself some of [these] ( I did some research and these are the best ones you can buy for the least amount of money. I bought two and they kept two iphones and a wax pen going for four days with no problem. They seriously changed festivals for me
u/cheesepusher · 2 pointsr/ypsi

I grabbed this one because it's cheap, small, good reviews, and says it'll power up fast which seems important I know it'll only really power up my battery once though so you may want to find something with more juice if you plan on being away for a while.

Now that I'm looking again this one is the same price and has more juice oh well, too late for me but you could still get it.

u/LittleHelperRobot · 2 pointsr/WaltDisneyWorld


^That's ^why ^I'm ^here, ^I ^don't ^judge ^you. ^PM ^/u/xl0 ^if ^I'm ^causing ^any ^trouble. ^WUT?

u/Raider1284 · 2 pointsr/nexus4

true true. It does require an external power source, since the phone physically cant provide it. But I could see someone making a controller holder that could hold a battery pack, that would snap onto your phone, while also holding the controller.

They do make some very small, portable power packs. like this one:

For example you could buy this: and then attach that battery pack to the back of that game controller klip. Not super elegant, but it would work.

u/CaptainCoral · 2 pointsr/scienceofdeduction

What's a transponder key?
I do live in the west coast - in Oregon (go Freddies and Bi-Mart! LOL).
Not portland (too expensive!) but an hour south.
I like to be prepared, you're totally right on this one. The Anker is this external battery, the carrying pouch is stuffed full because I also put a USB wall block in it (for charging the powerbank right after I use it), a lightning cord, and the USB cable for the battery, hahaha).
Not a student, (we keep our mailbox key hanging up at home, we only have one lol), but love books, and love saving money. My SO and I both have good jobs and work now, but over the last few years we both spent seperate time being unemployed, so we've just naturally gotten pretty thrifty, and have a hard time justifying buying certain items (books, board games, etc) brand new when you can buy it for so cheap gently used.
I do have a laptop, but it wouldn't fit in my purse, hahaha, it's just a square-ish shape.

u/charliemcdougal · 2 pointsr/EDC

Consider adding: tweezers; a bandana; a usb thumb drive with critical information including backup of all your contacts, personal medical history, allergies, etc...; small notebook like a moleskine or write in the rain or field notes or even just a few index cards; and if you can fit it, one of these backup batteries.

u/mikedotonline · 2 pointsr/Ultralight

how do you think the lipstick size/capacity? I have the 26K mah, and itsoverkill. Looking to get the powercore mini 3350mah for shorter trips

u/TheCrimsonGlass · 2 pointsr/windowsphone

Yeah haha I know what you mean. It can be frustrating. Maybe put it on battery saver during the day (unless you need all the background stuff going on while at work). Or you could get this with like a 3" long micro USB charger to keep in your pocket. Just spitting things out here...

u/gmr2048 · 2 pointsr/nexus4

Try a new battery. Cost me less than $20 on ebay. I had all kinds of shutdown problems and a new battery fixed them. Tho I still do have the camera flash crashes the whole damn phone. I added the Camera 365 app a couple of weeks ago and use that as my main camera and it hasn't crashed yet.

While I was waiting on my new battery to arrive, I kept my phone plugged into one of those portable external USB charger/battery things. It was clunky to carry around, but it helped with the crashes until I got the new battery and installed it.

Good luck!

u/AprilLudgateDwyer · 2 pointsr/technology

•Backup lithium batt (like Anker $20 )

•usb gadgets like fan $8, or led light $6, usb voltagemeter on Ebay $3 from HK?

• solar lights galore $10 I also love the eveready crank/solar light

lifestraw $20


•& just check out Monoprice :)

u/Dalismustache · 2 pointsr/weddingplanning

We registered for extra umbrellas as well as portable battery packs.

u/Trinica93 · 2 pointsr/OculusGo

The battery issue can be fixed with two items:

Unfortunately, the Netflix and YouTube apps are less than optimal - I will definitely be attempting to sideload the apk for those to see if that's a better experience.

u/8bitesq · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

I recommend Anker! This is the one that most of my team uses at SDCC and other conventions throuhgout the year. They come in a couple different colors and are a bit more compact than other portable battery options!

u/mercury187 · 2 pointsr/iphone

I went for the anker mini, fits in my pocket with my keys and will charge my phone about 1.5x

u/ryokimball · 2 pointsr/ElectricalEngineering

Second this, and supplemental: USB battery "backup" (e.g. this). Not sure what the project is, of course, but I've been looking at putting a RasPi in and a car charger + battery backup has been my main idea for building on.

u/skamania · 2 pointsr/backpacking

I've got an anker astro mini. It weighs less than my cellphone and is really compact.I can get 2 full charges on my iphone out of it. Perfect for backpacking where I can recharge for more photos. (Sorry I'm on mobile but here's the messy link)
Anker® 2nd Gen Astro Mini 3200mAh Lipstick-Sized Portable External ...

u/sweetbeauty · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

Retail therapy is always a nice way to feel better. If that doesn't work, you can always get a Dammit Doll to work out your frustrations. Or, you could get a cute kitty coin bank to save up for your next shopping trip. Or a portable phone charger for when your phone is about to die!

u/tbonebk · 2 pointsr/CampingandHiking

The best power-to-weight ratio devices I have found come from Anker. I have both a lightweight 3200ma charger which is good for 1.5 charges on an iPhone and weighs 2.9oz, and a heavier 10000ma charger which is good for 5 full charges on an iPhone and weighs 8.5oz. There are larger ones as well. They can be purchased pretty cheaply on Amazon.

u/mjbvz · 2 pointsr/bouldering

Yes, that sounds about right. Here's the exact setup I used:

  • Raspberry Pi 3 Model B. Older 3s works too, but not so much the Raspberry Pi 2 for wireless streaming at least. Having an integrated wifi chip is really essential
  • A fisheye webcam. Other webcam models should also work but make sure you get one that supports mjpeg streaming and not just YUY.
  • A usb lipstick style phone battery to power the pi. Any brand should work. The phone will run out of power before the Pi does
  • iPhone 6S acting as the viewer

    Once you connect the Pi to your phone, you can actually access it by host name: http://pi.local:8080. On the phone, I use a simple webpage that duplicates the stream for each eye (the pi here has the host name pita).

    This setup is pretty flexible and has worked well enough for my purposes
u/NorwegianWood28 · 2 pointsr/geocaching

I was in the middle of an area without any cell reception whatsoever and my iPhone's GPS was perfectly accurate for several caches. And if battery life is an issue, then you can purchase one of these.

u/vnixnj · 2 pointsr/LGG3

Simple answer is no - not aside from the zerolemon cases as commented. It comes with some major drawbacks like adding a lot of bulk, weight, and the controversial cosmetics aspect.

For now, the simplest solution in my opinions is to carry a separate charger.

It's quite small and convenient to carry for a full charge.

u/uncleyam · 2 pointsr/infp

HEY!! i know this was a month ago but i totally forgot to respond hahah. im sorry fam.

I never had to walk too far. I think the farthest I walked was like across a small town. Maybe a 30 minute walk? Only because the on-ramp to the interstate was terrible so i walked to the next one. Which coincided with me getting rid of a SHIT ton of things I had in my backpack it was so heavy lmao.

I had: (after getting rid of shit)

-ALICE pack i bought off ebay for cheap.

-2 shirts, 2 pants, 5 boxers, a few pairs socks, hat sleeping bag & bivvy bag + small tarp.

-100 aleve pills. antiseptic cream, a few bandages and tape for larger injuries, nail clippers, shitty disposable razors, small water purifier

-1/2 gallon water. (id recommend more if you're going thru the middle states.)

-a small alcohol stove I had made out of a soda can

-some oatmeal, chia seeds, few clif bars (for hunger emergencies) ((although people give you food ALL the time, and dumpster diving is a good backup as well))

-my cell phone + [spare battery] and a small solar panel I got as a gift.(

-silcock key for opening up the taps on the side of buildings

-Harmonica (if i were to go again id probably bring a uke or tiny guitar instead)

Im sure there are other things I brought as well i just dont remember.

Strangers were AMAZINGLY helpful. So many friendly people, got a shit ton of free food.

I had ~1k ish saved up. Didn't really use it much.

It was August - november ish VERY hot.

Couch surfing ended up being all friends, although many of them being only internet friends prior. Honestly I chickened out of the hitchiking real early, which I think would have led to way crazier sleeping stories if i hadnt. heh

u/flamedblaze0 · 2 pointsr/pokemongo

Or this one, it's extremely portable and is only 10 bucks

u/caramelapplesauce · 2 pointsr/bayarea

Not all of them are expensive! Here's a $10 one on Amazon:

I have one in a different color and it's been working well for me.

u/WyldeStile · 2 pointsr/Vive

Why not get 2 portable cell phone chargers? You can tape them to the bottom of the controllers and charge while you play?

u/SparxD · 2 pointsr/Disneyland

Great advice! I always take portable chargers with me. I use these and they work great! I usually carry 3 just in case but I usually only need one. They are about the size of a lipstick (albeit a bit heavier) and can fully charge my Droid DNA.

u/BitingChaos · 2 pointsr/iphone

If you're in a place with no cell service, pulling the SIM ensures the cellular radio(s) are off, but GPS stays on. This will help reduce battery usage.

You can go with a battery case (50%-100% more battery), or try this little do-dad that was recommended to me:

3000 mAh external battery. A friend of mine uses one, and I've seen someone here at work using one. It's about the size of a little LED flashlight.

u/suckinonmytitties · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

Here are my enchilada pictures, as promised! It's no Krispy Kreme donut, but… it's better!

Here is the recipe but to speed it up I use the pre-cooked Purdue fajita chicken.

my item

u/ClearlyInsane1 · 2 pointsr/applehelp

That battery has probably given its last amp-hour. If you can find a replacement battery somewhere -- the battery replacement on that model is very difficult. Take a look at the procedure here:

If you want to continue using it and can handle powering it from an external battery pack then something like this is an option:

Note that external battery packs like this are a dime a dozen. There are hundreds of different ones available.

u/zeekx4 · 2 pointsr/Nexus5

Good tip on the lip-stick sized one. That's going on my wishlist.

u/mwe_1991 · 2 pointsr/beermoney

I think you'd be better off buying some of these (or something similar) charging them over night and selling them for double. Hell, you could buy like 5 or ten, charge them at a Starbucks (so it's free to you), and flip them that night to see what interest there is. Keep in mind that people are there to play a game, not wait for their phone to charge. With these they would be able to continue playing for another 30 minutes to an hour without waiting for a charge. Get some numbers on how much extra playing time it gets you and sell to that point. (ie. $25 for 45 more minutes of immediate playing time, and they get to keep the charger.) Also, you would probably want to get some sort of card reader so that you don't carry cash since most won't have that much on them unexpectedly. Finally, depending on trial runs, I'd look into bulk pricing. I'm sure you could get them quickly, but you better hurry, winter is coming.

u/Rachel53461 · 2 pointsr/TheSilphRoad

Something small like this is only $10 or so on Amazon, and you could probably easily sell them for $15-$20, especially if they came with a full charge. I saw a picture yesterday of someone selling fully charged chargers for $20 in a popular area (and selling out!), but I am not sure what type of charger it was.

u/qft · 2 pointsr/Ultralight

Hey, for what it's worth, I bought the Anker lipstick charger and weighed it at 2oz exactly. So it's actually lighter. That weight doesn't include a cable btw.

u/LustyRazor · 2 pointsr/EDC

> What addition would compliment this EDC?

You could always add a portable battery pack to keep your devices charged in case of emergency (there are lots out there, that was the first one that popped up on Amazon). Other than that, maybe a Clif Bar or two and a hand sanitizer pen. Lastly—because I recommend them to everyone—a Streamlight Stylus Pro would be redundant, but a very sturdy and bright alternative to your two smaller lights (which I'm assuming get lots of use in your line of work). The Streamlight and MicroStream are much more ergonomic and function using only one hand (having an end-cap clicky switch).

u/an1musvox · 1 pointr/laptops

Chill m8..

A power bank is a portable battery-powered USB charger. If you plug in a cooling pad's USB plug into it, it will power the cooling pad.

Here's an example of one

You can stick the power bank to your cooling pad using a 3M or a Velcro.

u/Rexios80 · 1 pointr/ValveIndex

I just use these small battery packs and attach them to my legs with the wrist bands. I feel like this is a better solution than having super long cables all over your body. Also, these would give you about 20 hours of battery life. If you need more than that you might need to take a break.

I actually put this in my frunk with the tracker dongles in it so that I don't have to ever worry about interference.

u/hellahikin · 1 pointr/Ultralight

I have this slightly different 3rd gen 3350 and it works fine for short trips. Not really any complaints. It does its job.

u/rosavseveryone · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon
  1. Bluetooth speaker because after borrowing one from a friend i realized how super handy these things can be!

  2. Portable charger for your phone so you won't be worried about your battery dying

  3. Record player because records are cool and the only reason i haven't started a collection is because i don't have a record player

  4. Star Wars coasters because I'm sure no one else will have these and they're super cool
u/SargesHeroes · 1 pointr/GooglePixel
u/newk8600 · 1 pointr/AdviceAnimals

Check out any of Anker's portable rechargable batteries. This one is pretty cheap and should charge any phone at least once. I have a couple of Anker 13,000 mAh chargers and they're great.

u/Ryguy8954 · 1 pointr/pokemongo

I use this small one from Anker If i start with a full charge (both phone and bat bank) and stay in low power mode and I get about 6 hours of PoGo playing

u/LeifCarrotson · 1 pointr/running

Depending on run volume, I can get a week or more of battery life out of my Garmin Forerunner (220, but they're all similar). However, that's mostly standby time, with the GPS turned on for an hour or less on 3-6 days.

If you want the GPS on for 20 hours of continuous workout time, almost all watches will need to be recharged. My FR220 can't charge and run GPS simultaneously, but others can (check DC Rainmaker). The charging clip on many can be used (if a little uncomfortably) while the watch is on your wrist, and 30 minutes on a battery pack like this: can let you extend your runtime almost indefinitely.

u/the_wrastler · 1 pointr/Nexus

I use this one sometimes for Pokemon GO. The capacity is about the same as the phone battery so it should make your battery last twice as long. And it's small and light enough to just fit in your pocket. Using Ampere I get a charge rate of about 1000

u/chriskmee · 1 pointr/Android

Anker makes some really nice USB battery packs. I have one of these in my pocket. Its nice and small, yet still gives my phone a nice amount of power when needed. If thats too big for you, they make an even smaller one. They also have a slim model, which has similar dimensions to an average smartphone.

I have one of their bigger batteries for when I take trips. They have many options depending on how much power you want and how much you are willing to spend.

u/TheOriginalHavoc · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

this and this look pretty good for the price. If they turn out to not work out I'll probably order this.

I ride a bianchi axis from 2007 (looking back, I'm not sure why I didn't just get the current model last year), it's a great cyclocross bike that I use primarily for road biking. I really like it because it's aluminum and carbon fiber so it's really strong yet still really light. Not like the older steel frames. here's the bike. I just replaced the tires with slick gator skins and the saddle for a fizik arione.

I live in Minnesota so like I said, primarily ride the roads and paved trails. Every now and then I'll swap out my tires for my treaded ones and ride a couple off road trails, but if that's what I want, I'll usually pull out the mountain bike.

I've done Ragbrai the last three years and most of my rides here are training for that.

u/HeartExalted · 1 pointr/DIY

Basically, I am asking if what I describe below seems like a reasonable thing to do...thanks! :-)

In my bathroom at home, the outlet only works when the light is turned on, which means it can't power a night light at night. To that end, I was thinking of some solution where I would power a nightlight with a portable, rechargeable powerbank, using supplies like those listed here...

Example Parts:

u/velo443 · 1 pointr/cycling

Take your pick. Here's a very small one: It probably has enough power to last your entire commute and then some. I have a 6500mAh battery pack similar to this: I'd say it would power the light for an hour or two. I stick it in a jacket pocket and the cable just hangs across to the light on the handlebars. You could also use a velcro strap or small bag to attach the battery to the bike, if you want.

And the nice thing is that the battery pack can also be used to charge your phone when you're away from home. I chose the light after I already had the battery pack.

u/IlllllIIlllIIllIIIII · 1 pointr/flashlight

Now we're getting into nitty gritty, but while there's always a non-zero chance of fire with the use of any battery, you're noting a few recalls among tens of millions of power banks. You can get a $10 power bank from a reputable company that includes every protection one could desire, with no need for consumer testing of voltage or worries about overcharging.

On the other hand a search of candlepowerforum reveals numerous stickied threads which recommend only charging 18650s while home, only on non-flammable surfaces, and which caution against using any such battery without proper voltage testing equipment. These concerns evidently apply to all 18650s, not just the recalled ones. The consumer simply shouldn't have to worry about this.

u/azoeart · 1 pointr/Ultralight

That ThorFire lantern looks really interesting.

I carry a 100g/3.5oz Anker power bank that stores a full charge for my cell phone in an emergency. My GPS (eTrex 10) will also run off it if needed.

Depending on your needs this could save you about an ounce. I've read of some long distance people using larger banks because solar and cranks were either too inefficient or were not practical when used in the field. Taking too long, too much effort, or simply didn't work as expected.

u/whatsupgamboys · 1 pointr/Beatmatch

You could get one of [these] ( (or similar product) and either plug it into your computer if you're using one or use some portable charger like this to power it.

u/systemA · 1 pointr/ElectricSkateboarding

I use something similar on my backpack for nighttime rides - one of these USB rope lights + Mini USB battery pack. Probably isn't as bright but much more economical at <$30.

u/AbbieRBennett · 1 pointr/Journalism

Respirator or other appropriate mask would be a good idea. A good pair of boots for the environment, extra water in your trunk, extra clothes (including a rain jacket/windbreaker) and definitely anything a local fire department or emergency crews recommend.

Spare rechargeable batteries like this one also are a lifesaver in the field

u/SupahNoob · 1 pointr/raspberry_pi

>Put a battery pack in there so you don't need a USB power cable:

Would you break down that device and put just the guts in the controller? This looks like a pretty interesting project for my folks who love retro games that I could put together and be "adult-proof", if you will.

u/DesertRattleBack · 1 pointr/motorcycles

I did this for someone on a highway once. I saw a biker in the middle of 2 offramps (3 miles apart). I pulled over and asked him what the problem was, He said it was fuel, so I said I would be right back. I came back with a 1 gallon gas can to get him to a gas station. Guy was so grateful. I now carry this stuff. Also on the cell phone thing. I carry one of those USB battery chargers, Of course that does not help with no cell service.

u/easybakeandy · 1 pointr/bicycling

I use my phone for long rides. Two things:

  1. Lock your phone every moment you're not using it. I know it's nice to constantly see your speed, etc, but this obviously kills the battery much faster.
  2. Get one of these. It's about the size of a small flashlight, and fits easily in a saddlebag or jersey pocket. Then bring your phone charger cable, and juice it up whenever you stop for lunch, water, etc. Or, if you really need juice, just put the charger in one jersey pocket, and your phone in the other, and have the cable go between them!

    By doing this, I was able to ride from NYC to New Haven a couple weeks ago (~80mi), while frequently checking my phone for directions - and I plan on using it this weekend during a century!
u/Asteradragon · 1 pointr/oneplus

I personally use this , though if capacity is more important to you than portability (I can slip the one I have in my pocket), this one may work better for you.

That said, if you search portable battery on Amazon, you are absolutely SPOILED for choice.

u/sgtmoody · 1 pointr/hoggit

correct me if I am wrong but the pro clip needs a usb connection so couldn't you just us a usb battery pack like: This

u/Pureheaven · 1 pointr/GoPlus
I used one of these and leave it plugged in all the time. Not to inconvenient but it works.

u/acurtis85 · 1 pointr/shutupandtakemymoney

I get the idea of this, but unless you're going to carry this AND a 9V what's the purpose? for the same price or $5 more you can get a portable lipstick sized battery and get more than 4 hours of additional talk time and talk time on a smartphone doesn't equal use time, processor intensive uses such as browsing the web and watching videos will probably cut this time in half or less.

tl;dr: It's more economical to invest in a portable battery than this.

u/lief606 · 1 pointr/gopro

I myself couldn't decide. However, I ended up deciding on the 4B because of the 4k30 as well as the 1080p120. I figured if I really wanted to have the lcd back I could purchase the backpack version down the road. Also, the app seems to be just as useful and I don't plan on hurting for battery life. I also plan on getting this portable charger:

u/Shufflebuzz · 1 pointr/cycling

I use a top tube bag to hold the battery that I use to run a little video camera. One of those little lipstick sized USB batteries.

u/elementsofevan · 1 pointr/chemistry

I'm not an iphone user so things are a bit easier for me. Some of the people in my lab group have made Raspberry Pi based sensors and we just output to a target computer or phone over bluetooth. On android I can just mirror the notification to glass. We have also started using some voice control stuff mainly using WEMOs to turn things on and off (hotplates mainly).

If you aren't using the vignette feature I highly recommend it. I take a note using glass first then take a vignette which adds the card currently displayed to the photo which is super useful for keeping track of what you were taking a photo of.

I have good daily battery but when it comes to recording it takes a huge hit. My solution was to just keep a portable charger in my pocket and run the wire underneath my lab coat to glass (for safety). I got a cheap one off amazon for around $10 that is about 4 inches long and less than 1 inch in diameter.

I'm working on version 2.0 of my googles clip and I will let you know when I'm done and I will send you a pair (I mainly use really cheap goggles) and a 3d print (I have my own printer). If you have goggles you like already send me a pic and I will see if I can modify my setup to fit. I also cover the touch pad and button with parafilm so that I'm not worried about touching glass if I really need to.

I have been thinking about an MSDS app, I just need to find the time to find a good source and format the text for glass cards. Chemdraw is probably a bit out of my skill level but I will look into getting the source from an already done TLC app.

I highly recommend try out I use it to keep my procedures. is a decent one for taking notes and has iOS, android and web access so that you can play with it later. You may also be interested in wireless screen recording so that you can display everything you are doing on video

u/purewhispers · 1 pointr/introvert

I use one of these regularly and it works like a charm!

u/infectedmethod · 1 pointr/electronic_cigarette

I actually expanded on the idea on my previous thread.
I actually commented on including an external USB battery charger. They easily slide into the 15ml slots. The iPV2 mod is rechargeable via microUSB. I'm always near a wall outlet, so I only really seeing this as a necessity if I'm on vacation. Even then I have 6 extra batteries to provide juice. Those batteries in turn can also be coupled with another device to provide power to anything else USB.

u/rNullity · 1 pointr/juul

I can't really tell what's going on in that pic.

You can already buy portable, generic USB chargers like

u/mwes8945 · 1 pointr/fo4

Here's the link to the power bank I used. It fits super snug. And the only tools I used were a drill, large file, jewlers file, and hot glue. Cheers!

u/blueman541 · 1 pointr/Nexus6P

Ravpower and Anker are my two go to recommended brands for power banks. I want one of those lipstick size power bank that supports usb-c but none exist. Currently just using this one

u/ladyllana · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

I think this would be pretty cool for just about anyone with electronics. You're out and about, your phone starts to die, then you plug into that and you've got no worries! :D

u/jecowa · 1 pointr/Ingress

I use the Anker 9000. It's between 35$ and 40$ on Amazon. It holds 9000 mAh, so it can fully charge a cell phone with a 1500 mAh battery 4.8 times with its 80% efficiency rating. It's about the size of an iPhone 4, but twice as thick.

Anker also sells a 6000 mAh model, a 3000 mAh model, and a 12000 mAh model.

u/ryuns · 1 pointr/triathlon

I'd definitely go with a power meter. Turn by turn nav would be really handy (I always love that someone on group rides tends to have a nice head unit), but it's more of a convenience, whereas a power meter will actually make you a better rider. And, as you state, you've got a phone that does most of the same stuff. Regarding battery life, you don't need to have the screen on all the time. If it's attached to your stem, you can turn it on and get just remember the next turn then shut it back off. You can also set it to bark directions at you, either through the integrated speaker or by using one headphone. Google maps lets you download maps if your coverage is spotty. If you're really worried about killing your battery and not having it in case of emergency, you could stick a mini charger in your saddle bag. Pretty cheap insurance, and only 3 ounces

u/Havok000 · 1 pointr/valkyrie_en

I like simple solutions, and I'm not too familiar with Apple nowadays. I'd suggest keeping it plugged in. Here's a cheap portable charger that will fast charge your phone to a full battery:

u/some_kid6 · 1 pointr/NFA

You're gonna need 3 things:

u/jessterb · 1 pointr/gopro

Thanks for your reply.

When you say "any power bank", are you saying even something like the Anker PowerCore+ mini 3350mAh ( will do the job?

Or do you mean any power bank with 1.5A output (as I thought that was a requirement for the Grip)?

u/cuzofurbutt · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

I see will have a beautiful boy on Dec 6th :)


$20 or other thing

u/_amnesiac · 1 pointr/solotravel

Awesome! My first solo trip was Paris, Belgium, Amsterdam a few years ago and I've never looked back.

One thing you may want to consider is a portable battery charger for your phone. I got this one off Amazon for twelve bucks and its saved my ass multiple times.

Another obscure thing, bring a pen in your carry-on! Upon re-entry into the US, you'll need to complete an information card. Flight attendants will hand them out on the plane, but they rarely have a pen you can use. If you don't have a pen in your carry on, you'll have to find one at the airport.

u/QuadraKev · 1 pointr/DIY

Hey man, nice. I have an iPod video with a clear faceplate I bought off someone a while ago with a 250GB SSD in it. If I were modding one from scratch, I'd probably opt for a Micro SD adapter since its power usage is lower. It's hooked up to a FiiO E12 via Line Out and a small Anker 3200mWh battery pack, all held together with silicone bands. I'm using it with a pair of 250 ohm DT770 Pros and it sounds amazing.

u/swap_file · 1 pointr/arduino

Since you won't be using much power, the easiest way is to use a cellphone charger pack via USB. Designing a power pack from scratch can be a pain.

As for the cabling, most things only hook up one way, but keep in mind the miniature red board I linked you won't have quite the same layout as a normal arduino micro. Also, keep in mind it does NOT have the interrupt pin of the MPU6050 hooked up. You will want to change the example code and comment out the part that waits for an interrupt (or hook it up yourself with a tiny wire).

u/werehippy · 1 pointr/AskMen

Is your BF going to be going to one place over and over, or a different place every week? Some stuff is really only useful in one situation or the other but without more the details the below fall into the the generally useful category:

Car USB adaptor - This lets you charging your phone off a regular car cigarette lighter and is an absolute lifesaver. Nothing sucks more than landing in a city you don't know and needing to drive an hour to get where you're going with only 30 minutes charge left on your phone. Even if it rarely comes up knowing you don't need to worry about it is a huge relief. If he runs out of phone charge more frequently a backup external battery is great too.

A quality roll aboard (I like Briggs & Riley, but I bought mine off ebay because retail prices are obscene) as well as a really nice laptop bag (depending on the crowd he'll be in, something like Victorinox for a more casual/academic crowd or classy thicker leather for professional crowds) are huge day to day quality of life improvements.

A kindle (for a reader) or a DS/Vita (for a gamer) are great time sinks. There are obscene amounts of downtime in airports or the air and access to huge selection and depth of entertainment in small light weight packages are extremely nice.

If he's going to be in one place for periods of time checking a bag at his hotel saves a ton of travel hassle. Get something colorful and durable if this is something he might do (I have a bright orange eddie bauer and it's a lot easier for the staff to find and it helps them get to know me).

Little zippered pouches to keep odds and ends in. I've got a sandiwch bag sized one for keeping all my power cords and charges and an old mike bag for receipts, tickets, change, and other loose things in. It keeps things from getting lost and your bags turning into a loose mess, as well as looking classier.

A little survival kit he can keep on hand and refresh as he uses. An altoid tin of his headache or cold medicine of choice, some throat lozenges, chap stick, a couple of bandaids for the medical side, and stuff like beef jerky, pre-mix trail mix, granola bars for when he gets hungry. Basically look around your place and think what he uses during the week that would be a huge pain in the ass to pay $15 bucks a pop for in an airport, because you will get gouged on incidentals.

u/upboats_around · 1 pointr/gopro

GoPro batteries have 1180mAh, you can get a 3000mAh external pack for 20 here or a 10000mAh for 26 here.

u/mawburn · 1 pointr/CampingandHiking

Why not just carry a recharable in a sealed bag?

3 times the capacity and reusable for $6 and an oz more.

u/sensicle · 1 pointr/Android

Not being able to swap batteries isn't that big of a fucking deal. I mean, it's not. Am I missing something?

u/mrv3 · 1 pointr/oneplus

Anker, amazon.

Choose a price/capacity and you're good.

You could buy some cheap chinese knock off for $5 but you're much safer with one of the best companies for batteries.

u/ThePostItNote · 1 pointr/Austin

This one is a decent cam. Then what you do is get a portable battery, like this one. You plug the battery into the car adapter, then plug the dash cam to the portable battery. This way, you can get some footage after the car is turned off. When the engine is on, the car should charge the battery pack faster than the can drains it.

It's not pretty, put it does the job. No need to spend $800.

u/TrustMeImALawStudent · 1 pointr/GalaxyS3

This is an option for you. It'll give you a full charge and some change.

u/RedBandanaGuy · 1 pointr/iphone

I, as well as a few people I know, have purchased the Anker Astro Mini and absolutely love it, its pretty cheap and will give you almost 2 full charges.

It says 300mah and the iphone 5/5S has a 1440mah, but I've never quite gotten 2 full charges.

If you want more than that I would suggest looking at their larger ones.

u/kairiserene · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

Hey! Thank you for doing this contest, this is something really amazing for you to be doing! My husband is active duty military in the Army at Fort Campbell, KY. He just moved there from Schofield Barracks, Hi. He is a 91? Bravo. Low track mechanic.

I say he, because I am currently away from him ={ to finish my degree so if he decides to get out of the military we have something to fall back on or if he stays in it will follow him. I was just with him last week (YAY) and I will see him again in two weeks but then we will be separated again until May. Then I will live with him full time all summer until school starts again in August or he deploys in July. (CROSS YOUR FINGERS HE DOESN'T GET DEPLOYED)

I would love to have this. It's a portable printer that you can send pictures from your phone to and it instantly prints photos without ink wherever you are. I think this would be an amazing gift for my husband because he is always taking pictures and wants to share them with me. But sometimes when he is deployed or he is away at training he has no way of taking pictures and he forgets to show them to me later when we are together again. I know this is the full amount of money you are offering, so I believe that it's not fair to ask for it....

The only other thing I have that would help our lives is a zoodle maker because I want to try to make healthier meals for him to help him feel better and motivate him to want to stay fit. He's not fat! Don't take it that away. But again this is pretty expensive too =(

Otherwise... Semi cheaper... Sorry again! I think this battery charger would be good for when he is in tight spaces and he doesn't have an outlet to charge his phone. This portable charger will always give him the power he needs in time of no power.

Thanks for the contest! Only just now did I realize it was you Ms. Sarah =) Have a wonderful night!!!!!

Before the Goddamned Marines get all of the credit.

u/kornkobcom · 1 pointr/bikecommuting

I use a phone and sometimes for longer runs want a battery. I bought a handlebar case and I grabbed a shower cap the last time I was at a hotel that I keep around for extra protection when it rains.

I store a mini battery in the case pretty much always and if I plan a longer excursion I can bring a larger battery.

u/Dushenka · 1 pointr/Vive

Well, there aren't really that many USB fans with LEDs.

To be honest, I assumed you planned strapping 3 of those LED fans you show in the OP on your hat. (Would probably look really cool though, wouldn't it?)

Honestly, since you're already going for brushless 5V fans I really suggest you take a look at a proper battery solution.
Even a cheap one like this: offers you about 10 hours of with those fans.

u/fizzlefist · 1 pointr/AdviceAnimals

Grab yourself an external battery. You can get some decent rechargeable ones on Amazon for around $20, and you can dump that energy onto anything that's powered via USB.

I used these guys on a recent vacation and they worked out great.

u/Gamekatt101 · 1 pointr/pokemongo

Hi, hope you don't mind a random comment/question, but you seem to know what you're talking about when it comes to this Anker stuff. XD More then me anyway.

Anyway, would this power bank be a good match for this phone? I want something travel sized, but I don't want it dying on me in an hour either. I just know all this talk of the GPS draining the latest phone models in mere hours means I'd better be prepared. Thanks for any help you can give me, 'cause it's really appreciated.

u/maglax · 1 pointr/gadgets

Portable power bank for charging of phones, tablets, other gadgets? Most of them power you devices through a usb (Type A to be specific) port. Usb ports when working correctly should put out about 5v. You might be thinking of a power bank that has different different amps in which case you will find ~2.1a and ~1a. Most devices should be able to handle the 2.1a charging port, but check to make sure. Modern gadgets usually have over load protectors and such to prevent damage from too high of a current.

If I were to recommend one it would be this one by Anker link[]
It should be able to provide your phone with about 1 full charge per day.
In regards to how much power a power bank can store look at the mAh or MilliAmps per Hour. The average smart phone today has between a 2500mAh battery and a 3100mAh battery.

u/DaveInPhilly · 1 pointr/WaltDisneyWorld

I have a big multiport high mAh charger that I keep in my laptop bag when I travel for work. But I wouldn't carry it in the park, its total overkill. Your average cell phone battery is about 2000-3000 mAh. So any of those cheap little sticks will double your batter life.

I'd get the cheapest, lightest one I could find, and not worry about loosing it. Here's a good example on Amazon. As /u/stratospaly said, the best one is the one you actually have with you.

u/robeschi · 1 pointr/kindle

I agree, get an external battery. Here's a tiny one that I like and works well. This one is even better. I really like the Anker brand.

u/fleminator · 1 pointr/Nexus
u/dragon_rckr · 1 pointr/lgv20

I have the smaller Anker PowerCore+ mini and it doesn't charge the phone as well as it did with my Nexus 5, the one I had prior to V20. One full charge did not bring my V20 anywhere near 80% as it should have.

You'll be good as long as the powerbank has QC 2 or 3, 3 being better of course, and at least 5000mah.

One other thing to consider sticking with the V20 is the DAC and high fidelity audio if you have it paired up with a good set of wired headphones. Another is the video recording with hifi audio and the camera, still have to take the V20 out for a hike and take pics to see how it fairs against my D5100 lol

u/manhowudoin · 0 pointsr/Android

You don't have 10 minutes to spare and plug in a tiny battery pack?

u/tineras · 0 pointsr/Vive

This actually sounds like a great idea. I'd like to just have a couple of these ( charged up that I could just attach directly to the headset without adding too much weight/bulk. Play for an hour, swap it out, repeat if necessary. I don't play for long sessions anyway, so even an hour or so of charge might be enough for me.

Sadly, I can't seem to find any that size that are QC 3.0 either.

u/FireEnt · 0 pointsr/gadgets

Batteries are everything. I don't know how people survive with all their devices without an Anker. This thing is the size of a tube of lipstick and can charge your Moto 10 times. Power problem let's just talk about how they lied to us.