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Arwen Evenstar Pendant - Lord of The Rings
Crafted in Sterling Silver.Comes with 18" Sterling Silver Chain.Crafted in USAOfficially authorized by Warner Brothers
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3 Reddit comments about Arwen Evenstar Pendant - Lord of The Rings:

u/StellarValkyrie · 6 pointsr/FancyFollicles

Are you wearing the Evenstar?

u/FaytheReyn · 2 pointsr/RandomActsofMakeup

Ooo! This looks like fun! :D Thanks for hosting this. :)

  1. What was your favorite subject in school? I LOVED math...I even passed Calculus (in highschool) with a 100 for the entire semester. :)
  2. What condiment can you not live without? Mustard, I guess.
  3. What is your biggest fear? Spiders. Hands down, they scare me more than anything.
  4. Describe your ideal sandwich. Chicken slices in between 2 slices of toasted bread. Maybe some red onion, mustard and lettuce along the chicken. No cheese, as it's never the right amount. (If they can magically get the perfect amount of cheese, then pepperjack)
  5. What was your first pet's name? Or what will it be? Sylvia. My 16-almost-17-year-old parrot
  6. What is your favorite country or city to visit? I love to visit Phoenix (AZ), mainly because it sucks to be in the boonies all the time.
  7. What is your favorite slow ballad/love song/ generally sappy emotional tune? Does "Let It Go" count? (Or this one--Test Drive from How To Train Your Dragon, though there are no lyrics...very emotional for me--very epic!)
  8. What food do you think should not exist? mushrooms. GAG!
  9. Who is your celebrity crush? Kit Harrington. drool
  10. What food item do you love so much it should be its own food group in your personal dietary pyramid? XD HUMMUS!!!
  11. What is your favorite smell? (not perfume) Pina colada
  12. Who is your fashion or style icon? I don't really have one... :( I have "Mom's style": high-waisted jeans, t-shirt, yesterday's bra, and hair in a pony tail.
  13. What is your favorite dessert? Pina colada!! :D
  14. What's your favorite book? Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings. Currently working on ASOIAF. :)
  15. What do you usually eat for breakfast? Ummm...I normally don't. But I'm trying to eat a yogurt for breakfast now (if my son will let me)
  16. What was the first album you purchased? With my money? Evanescence. :) (With my parents' money; Backstreet Boys)
  17. How old were you when you had your first kiss? Uh.... :( 17.
  18. What's your favorite beverage? Again, I'll yell it from the roof tops: PINA COLADA!! (if not there, I'll drink water)
  19. What is the first thing you notice about members of the opposite sex/same sex/whoever you're attracted to? Eyes and Teeth are the first things I notice. :)
  20. What was the best gift anyone has ever given you? I'd be extremely corny if I said "My son", so I'm going with my evenstar pendant
  21. What movie would you want to star in the remake of? And what character would you play? (TV is ok too) FIREFLY!!! I'd LOVE to be Kaylee. <3 (She's so awesome!!!)
  22. What's your worst bad habit? I pick at my pimples. ^^^don't_hate_me!!!!
  23. What's your #1 junk food weakness? Sour Cream & onion chips
  24. What living person would you most want to meet? I want to meet Sir Anthony Hopkins, Sir Patrick Stewart, or William Shatner. :D
  25. If you could be any living person for just one day, who would it be? Emma Stone. She's amazing.

    Bonus Question: What celebrity do people say you most resemble? I don't resemble anyone. But, If I get a movie made after my life (I'm seriously thinking of writing a book at this point), I'd have Emma Stone play me and Mila Kunis as my insane sister. I also have mapped out the rest of my family in who'd play who.

    Edit: I forgot to answer #9 lol
u/srhgrc · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

this Soooo pretty.
Thanks for the contest :D