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u/hi_from_brian ยท 1 pointr/Reno

> Are they like you see in the movies are are we talking like a dedicated boot or soemthing?

Neither, really. The movies tend to show antique snowshoes made of wood and catgut (the tennis racket look), and I have never seen a slip on boot type. Instead, they are more like strap on sandals.

You will want to already be wearing a sturdy boot that is water resistant (or waterproof) and warm. I use my snowboarding boots. You step into the strap and sole system toe first, slip the loop around your heel, then use the pull-tight cinch system atop your foot to secure it all. To release, you pop the buckle atop your foot.

A good snowshoe will be framed in metal, and will have a metal heel rise bar for use on steeper ascents. It should also have a metal based crampon type addition underneath for traction on harder surfaces like ice, or hard packed snow. I use the Atlas Reactiv model, but they are 6 years old now, and have been replaced by this model. The 25 inch version supports me beautifully with a total loaded weight of 175 pounds.

You could start with a cheaper model, but the one I linked would be the only pair you need to buy regardless of how far you go in winter sports. I have used them to bag many local peaks for some backcountry snowboarding, so they would certainly serve you well for some lightly loaded romping.