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Atlas of Human Anatomy, 2nd Edition
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3 Reddit comments about Atlas of Human Anatomy, 2nd Edition:

u/[deleted] · 3 pointsr/massage

I like some of the books you have, but I'm kinda surprised at some of the ones that you're missing. Maybe this is a smaller distributor? If you're looking to carry more books, I have some suggestions.




Hertling and Kessler


If I could have no other books in the world, I would have these. The Travell trigger point manuals that you carry are awesome though, I really enjoy those.

u/aeror · 3 pointsr/IWantToLearn

Swedish med student here. As far as an ordinary atlas goes, in my class it's usually down to:




They pretty much covers all of it and are mostly useful for reference. In the end it's down to personal taste. I'd recommend to go to a local book store and check them out or i think google books have excerpts. If you simply want to learn the names and so forth, I'd recommend Netter's flash cards

I do however guess that you want to know more about function and actual injures and such stuff. If so, I recommend this gem instead.

(I haven't looked if the links are the latest editions. It's usually not much difference, so if you can get off with an earlier edition for a lower price, go for it).

Also, there are several iphone/android/ipad apps. I'd advice against it, but perhaps useful if you got such a device.

u/jadebear · 2 pointsr/massage

I don't know about the MBLEx, but Orthopedic Physical Assessment by McGee, and Clinical Massage Therapy by Fiona Rattray are fantastic. Grey's anatomy is always excellent for another anatomy reference if you need it, and the Netter Atlas and flashcards is what saves my butt time and time again.

Even if you don't need those books for your exams, they fantastic references to have in practice.