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Avery 3279 Printable Heat Fabric Transfer Paper for DIY Projects on Dark Fabrics -- Make Custom Bandanas, Pack of 5
Use transfer paper to create custom t-shirts, bags, sweatshirts, hats, face masks, and more - all you need is a computer, an inkjet printer, and a household ironLet them see the face under the mask - print a picture of your smiling face and apply to your scrubs or uniform; all you need is a computer, an inkjet printer and a household ironFeatures a unique white layer behind the image so the design doesn't get lost on dark material; no flipping of the image requiredFor use on dark-colored 100% cotton or cotton/polyester blend fabricsEasy to customize with free templates and designs using Avery Design & Print (
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16 Reddit comments about Avery 3279 Printable Heat Fabric Transfer Paper for DIY Projects on Dark Fabrics -- Make Custom Bandanas, Pack of 5:

u/TimeYouNeverGetBack · 12 pointsr/milliondollarextreme

$10 (Sorry, Sam, but it's time I make this technology known to the world.)

u/tigerpouncepurr · 7 pointsr/JUSTNOMIL

This is a thing. Just saying.

u/skylarmt · 5 pointsr/masterforgiveme

Let me introduce you to t-shirt iron-on transfers.

u/TransientGuest · 2 pointsr/cosplayers

About the jacket... if you're modifying a karate gi, can't you cut the excess in a way that gives you a collar like the one you need? Maybe find a tailor to help you out with that. And the logo is as easy as getting you're hands on some iron transfer paper and printing the logo you want.

For the googles, since the character doesn't actually wear them, might as well get a generic plastic headband and construct them with some red foam and yellow clear plastic.

As for the bandages, any white fabric that doesn't frill in the edges will do, but make sure to dye the edges in light gray with markers so you see a clear definition between one and another.

EDIT: Oh, and about the hair, definitely get the right wig. Cosplays look a 1000 times better with one.

u/Heretic04 · 2 pointsr/cars

If it's just solid text, I suggest using an Iron-On.

Kinko's use to make shirts using artwork you gave them. They would enlarge it up to 11x17 if you wanted and then hot press it onto a shirt. But Kinko's isn't around anymore and it's now FedEx office and I don't know if they offer that service anymore.

Or if you have your own printer, you could buy these:

and iron them on yourself but these are limited to 8 1/2 x 11 unless you own a printer capable of printing 11x17.

u/hypnoquery · 2 pointsr/crafting

If you wanted to proceed with the quotes on patches, there's a number of options available. First - I think it would be pricey to get fabric custom-printed with the quotes (although I don't know for sure). What you could do instead is write the quotes on the patches yourself (using paint pens or acrylic paint). With a bit of practice, I'm sure you can get used to how you need to write on fabric (my recommendation - always try to be stroking down, avoid upstrokes). Or, if you don't like your own handwriting, you can use a simple word processing software like Microsoft Word or even Google Docs, and make the quotes with the font and size and color you like. You can purchase fabric transfer paper that you print it out on (eg,, then use an iron to transfer it to the fabric of your choice - either a patch or directly onto the bag. Whatever you iron it on to - make sure it's got a lot of natural fiber, and not so much synthetic, since you need the iron to be kinda hot (as I recall, anyway). Since you are pretty new to all of this, incorporate a lot of steps to check how things are going and see if you need to make changes.

u/mamakisses · 2 pointsr/YangForPresidentHQ

they have inkjet and lazer printer paper if u wanna save or make custom shirts

if ur super cheap write MATH with sharpie on old hat or shirt

u/somnivagrious · 2 pointsr/BattleJackets

You could always make one? Avery sells this sweet printable iron-on paper that I use to make patches of stuff I've drawn, etc. I just print it out, iron it into strong fabric (twill works nice) and then hem the edges. It looks a little rough so I dunno if that's a style you want for your jacket but it's always something to look into.

edit: Here's a link to the type I use on Amazon USA

u/rhymeswithbrown · 2 pointsr/streetwear

You'll want this for dark-colored fabric:

It looks pretty rad if you stick to a simpler image. (Some details blur once it's ironed on…)

u/ruisan · 2 pointsr/anime

If you have an inkjet printer, you could use something like this: Avery InkJet Iron-On Dark T-Shirt Transfers

u/TentaiEnzeru · 2 pointsr/cosplay

You could make the stripe design on your computer then print it on Iron-On transfer paper like this. This type is specifically for use on dark fabric.

u/solivagant17 · 2 pointsr/exmormon

Avery Printable T-Shirt Transfers, For Use on Dark Fabrics, Inkjet Printers, 5 Paper Transfers (3279)

You'll need an inkjet printer and you can use this kind of vinyl to print the image on and iron it to a shirt.

u/mrfizbin · 1 pointr/Minecraft

Well, the default texture is only 16x16. You could probably do templates for each color. Sort of like silk screening. Or maybe try something like these thermal transfer sheets.

Just printing out the papercraft ones and gluing them to blocks sounds a lot easier. But think about where this could lead. Here is something a quick google search turned up. Those are DIY game board tiles for Catan. Look at the detail compared to the original tiles. You could make cobblestone blocks that actually look like cobblestone. With real texture. Give you grass block some fake grass. Spray snow on your snow blocks. Get creative.

u/PrisonerInYourMind · 1 pointr/arielpink

Avery Printable Heat Transfer Paper, for use on Dark Fabrics, 8.5 x 11, Inkjet Printers, 5 transfers (3279)

u/AffablyAmiableAnimal · 1 pointr/punk

If it's a pretty simple design with something like block letters, cut out a stencil with an xacto utility knife, then use spray paint or preferably fabric paint. You can also use iron on transfer sheets like this to put on custom designs that you make and print out.

Also there's lots of videos on YouTube, just search DIY punk patches/shirts.

If you want something more professional, look into DIY silkscreening, it's more of a hassle though.

u/rmarkham · 1 pointr/rickandmorty

That's similar.. but I got the target brand, I couldn't find it on their website, but I'm sure all Targets have it!