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Avery 5160 Easy Peel Address Labels , White, 1 x 2-5/8 Inch, 3,000 Count (Pack of 1)
Guaranteed to stick and stay: Avery 5160 labels with Ultrahold permanent adhesive hold fast to envelopes, cardboard, paper, plastic, glass, tin and metal; great for FBA labels sticks firmly on polybags but removes cleanlyPrint with confidence; only Avery mailing labels feature sure feed technology to provide a reliable feed through your printer, preventing mis alignments and jamsLabels remove quickly and easily from the backing sheet without any tears or rips; simply bend the label sheet to expose the pop up edge, peel off your label and applyGet clear text and crisp graphics; optimized for laser printers to help prevent smearing or smudgingEasily create personalized labels; choose from thousands of free designs
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5 Reddit comments about Avery 5160 Easy Peel Address Labels , White, 1 x 2-5/8 Inch, 3,000 Count (Pack of 1):

u/benannas · 6 pointsr/FulfillmentByAmazon

Hey there, and welcome to the forums.

Go to your inventory page on seller central. On the item that you want to try FBA out with, click on the "edit" button on that item. There should be an option that says "change to fulfillment by amazon". I would recommend to also click on "copy listing" so you can still sell your item and ship it yourself, in the time it'll take your items to get to amazon and be processed.

Once you have your listing as "fulfilled by amazon", click that same edit button as earlier and click send inventory. It'll prompt you through it, ask you how many you are sending, weight of the package, etc.

The FBA process it fairly simple. You'll ship them the 10, or however many products, all in a single box. You pay shipping, but it is discounted. I bet it'll cost you $5 in total. You'll need to create and attach an amazon barcode to each of the items, called a FNSKU. It's the same barcode for each like item. You'll have to either buy a label printer or get something like this Avery 5160 to print and attach with. The items need to be fully ready to ship, meaning amazon will pick your items out of a bin, and throw it in a box. They'll take care of adding bubble wrap or whatever they use to cushion it in the box.

FBA is the way to go. Customers love prime.

u/FBAHobo · 2 pointsr/FulfillmentByAmazon

You can place all 2,000 items in one box, but they must be individually bagged and labeled with that product's FNSKU (pronounced eff'in skews).

Use poly bags (or poly tube) and an impulse sealer ($40). Or use poly bags with a self-sealing strip.

Label the bags / tubes before inserting the item and sealing - easier and faster to get the label to fully adhere.

Get bags / poly tube with a <5" opening to avoid needing to apply suffocation stickers.

The minimum thickness is 1.5 mil.

Avery branded 30 up address labels ($25 for 100 sheets, 3,000 labels) and a <$99 laser printer. If you cheap out on the labels, you risk having stickers fall off or toner not fusing to the labels. Some people have had good experiences with cheap labels, some have not. My $80 Brother 2270DW has worked flawlessly for the past three years. Every couple of weeks, Amazon and Newegg briefly drop their prices on Brother printers.

I'm not particularly fast, and I can label well over 1,000 bags during the commercials and half time of one NFL game. And this is while sitting on a couch with the labels and bag boxes on a coffee table.


u/evanhuttonfc · 1 pointr/Flipping

Anyone have a full sized thermal printer?

I have one that fits 8.5x11, but I can't seem to find the right labels for it. I want to get full page sticky labels for FBA shipments, and 30 sheets of address labels for FNSKU's but I actually can't find anything that big.

Is my best bet regular thermal paper and put it in one of those sticky clear "bags" that UPS puts on boxes? And then I think I can get address labels for my 4xl but seems tedious to have a giant roll of FNSKU's rather than say, 5 pages.

Edit: these are what I'm referring to:

Full page labels (except for thermal, not inkjet):

30 per page labels (again, for thermal):

Plastic bag things:

u/NoPleaseDont · 1 pointr/Flipping

The half sheets are for mailers and boxes. For FBA, I use these and they are great.

u/northforthesummer · 1 pointr/amazon

Hey there!

I work at Amazon and deal with tons of FBA stuff. When you create the inbound shipment to Fulfillment by Amazon, it will prompt you to print and apply labels to the product(s) you are sending in. Generally Avery 5160 labels are best suited for applying a scannable bar-code on products.