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AWS Series Digital Pocket Weight Scale 100g x 0.01g, (Black), AWS-100-Black
Portable Scale: This digital food scale measures 3" x 5" x 0.8", so it's the perfect size for measuring on the go. Use it to measure nuts, herbs, medications, spices, or jewelry.Durable & Compact: This mini kitchen scale is perfect for travel and can fit in your bag. Plus, it easily converts between ounces, carats, grains, and grams.LCD Screen: The digital scale's backlit LCD Screen makes numbers viewable and easy to read — even in dim lighting. Thanks to high-precision sensors, you'll get an accurate measurement every time.Built-in Cover: Keep your electronic food scale safe with the built-in durable cover. It will keep your scale looking like new and protect it from scratches, bumps, and everyday wear and tear.Stainless Steel: Our digital kitchen scale has a stainless-steel surface that's easy to clean. Place your items directly onto the Stainless Steel or place them in a tray or container for measuring.
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238 Reddit comments about AWS Series Digital Pocket Weight Scale 100g x 0.01g, (Black), AWS-100-Black:

u/Quinke · 46 pointsr/trees

I've owned this one for awhile now and love it. Never had an issue with it maxing out at 100g.

u/dragonbubbles · 15 pointsr/kratom

Hello and welcome... Many people have, inded, found kratom to be useful for quitting opiates including heroin to manage withdrawals so you are not alone and you CAN do this. The Kratom 101 has a lot of good general information about kratom and its uses. Finding what works can take some time, patience, and trial and error but it can be worth it. Many times people starting out think that it is not 'working' at first. Some of that is about managing expectations. Your best course of action is to try a handful of different strains and keep notes - dosages, effects, pros & cons, etc. It is best to use a scale and read about figuring out dosages

Here are some previous discussions that may you might find useful/helpful as well:

u/the_fake_banksy · 15 pointsr/trees

Decided to test this. Went here (posted in this thread earlier) and looked at the "customers also bought" section.

Baggies, grinders, screens, rollers...heh.

u/R_MnTnA · 10 pointsr/microdosing

If you’re unable to afford this $11.75 scale please let me know. I’ll be happy to pitch in some money to help you. -
American Weigh Scale AWS-100 Digital Pocket Scale, 100g X 0.01g Resolution

u/snmnky9490 · 10 pointsr/woahdude
u/Tacticaltugboat1 · 9 pointsr/trees

BUY A SCALE. Non negotiable. You don't want to get ripped off.

Target and Walmart sell cheap and all different size mason jars that work great. Biggest I've seen would easily hold 2 lbs.
Watch how to roll a joint with Wiz Khalifa on YouTube. (Or Seth rogen, your choice)
Buy a grinder with a pollen screen (I would recommend you splurge if you can and get a quality one with a lifetime warranty. You will use this object every time, and cheap grinders will break, I've broken 3. I now own a large Phoenician and it's the best thing ever.)
Buy papers and practice rolling, raw filter tips are awesome but optional. (Shout out to organic OCB papers, they're the best)
Optional, buy a rolling tray. (Rolling practice will be messy for beginners, and why lose that precious green.)
Doob toobs work very well for carrying joints/blunts and are smell proof, float and will not break.
Rolling machines are great if you want to cheat ;)

u/vinpaysdoc · 8 pointsr/Homebrewing


edit: I use the above for hops/salts. I use our kitchen scale for weighing out grain.

u/pwnslinger · 8 pointsr/Coffee

There's no sure relationship. Go buy a scale. This one is good

u/CreeperDays · 7 pointsr/eldertrees

I have this one, highly recommend. Only downside is it turns off after like 30 seconds of not using it. That's what most of the negative reviews are about.

u/connorjames518 · 7 pointsr/Drugs
u/katalyst23 · 6 pointsr/microdosing

This is the scale I use.

I don't grind mine up, I just swallow it like a pill - that amount of mushrooms usually is just a cap and a stem, at most. I haven't experimented with grinding them up, I'd be curious to hear your experiences with it.

I find that sometimes on the days I microdose, it brings up a lot of strong emotions that I need to sit and process. Not sure if this will happen to you - everyone is different - but for your first try you might want to do it on a day you have fewer commitments than usual, at least for the first few hours after you dose.

Edit: I forgot to say, good luck! I've tapered off psych meds before and it's unpleasant in a very unique kind of way. I hope things get better for you soon.

u/RollBama420 · 6 pointsr/trees
u/Linens · 6 pointsr/shrooms

Looks about right. If you want more accurate dosing this scale is about $10 and is super accurate to the hundreth of gram.

u/Tippytom · 5 pointsr/kratom

$10.39 American Weigh Digital Scale, 100g [0.01g sensitivity]

u/Junkyardogg · 5 pointsr/saplings

You can buy a really swell scale that measures to the hundredth of a gram on amazon. For about $10.

Here is a link.

u/tarzan_boy · 5 pointsr/vaporents

Got that Amazon Link here, get your amazon's heyah.

u/Brain_Food · 5 pointsr/trees

I've been using this one for a few years. Never had any problems. [4]

u/intotheocean · 5 pointsr/saplings

$20? Try this one for $12. Once you calibrate it with nickels (standard weight of 5g) it's pretty damn accurate!

u/Erathen · 5 pointsr/trees

Plenty of people need one. The person I specifically replied to asked for one... He said two decimal points, but given the fact that he already reported the weight of this scale upside down as 46.2g, that means he already has a .01 scale... That means he was actually asking for a .001 scale, which is exactly what I linked...

The definition of harder drugs is incredibly subjective too. If you measure anything in milligrams, you need a .001 scale. Thanks for chiming in though.

u/VonFluffington · 5 pointsr/kratom

In my experience, any substance that can cause withdrawal symptoms should be tapered. No need to drive yourself crazy dropping it all at once, unless other factors force you to do so.

You can certainly try going down one gram a day or one gram a dose.
Another method may be to try taking half a dose and see if it evens out the symptoms without giving you any other positive effects. You may be able to dial in an amount that gets you to your goal more quickly this way.
In any situation, I’ve successfully tapered off of caffeine and nicotine with little ill-effect. I wasn’t so lucky when my prescription for tramadol (an insidious drug in my opinion) ran out and my doctor thought I would be ok cold turkey. Restless legs all night, switching between feeling far too hot then far too cold, no appetite but knowing I needed to eat; I got withdrawal symptoms like it was a job and it was sheer hell. So I know where you are coming from and feel for you man.

Take some advice on supplements from the others in the this thread, get yourself set up on a good taper schedule, and stick to it. You’ll be fine, just make sure you start weighing you powder. It can vary greatly in density, depending on grind and how it gets settled in a container. I’ve seen the same ½ teaspoon scoop give me anywhere from .5 grams on a super loose scoop to 2 grams on a tightly packed and heaping scoop. I’ve been rocking this little guy for as long as I can remember, but anything similar should be fine.

u/sufferingcubsfan · 5 pointsr/Homebrewing

No idea why you ended up with bananas in your scale searches.

I love this one for measuring hops, priming sugar, etc (i.e. accurate to one gram): digital kitchen scale

For water chemistry (i.e accurate to .01 gram), I love this one: precision digital scale

Can heartily recommend both.

u/kristinworks · 4 pointsr/tea

I have a couple of these kicking around, they weigh in .01g increments. I check them every once in a while (just use spare change, you can google the weight of whatever coin you find) to make sure they're still pretty accurate. I also have one of the same brand that weighs up to 1,000 grams.

u/ArcticTeddy · 4 pointsr/FixedGearBicycle
u/OreoPillow · 4 pointsr/trees

dude, if you're looking for a scale recommendation, I bought this thing for about the same price its listed right now. Keep in mind though that you might want to buy a calibration weight, too. If not, you can use 20 nickels. I think each one weighs exactly 5 grams. If you're across the pond, I think 20 pent coins weigh exactly 5 grams, too. If you're in the EU, you could use 12 0.50 euro coins, 1 0.10 euro coin, and 1 0.01 euro coin for exactly 100 grams. I'm sure there are other combinations too, you guys just don't have nice round numbers for your coin weights.

Good luck, dawg

u/sleepyminion · 4 pointsr/coins

I use this one. It works well for my needs and appears to be very accurate.

u/richalex2010 · 4 pointsr/guns

A hand press kit, a scale, and dies will cost you a little over $90 with free shipping, and will fit into a shoebox. Add components (brass (you said you already have some), bullets ($0.20/rd or less for good ones), primers ($0.05/rd or less), and powder ($0.03/rd or less)) and you can be loading fairly easily and cheaply, the only hard part will be finding pistol powder.

u/duce7 · 4 pointsr/TheOCS
u/x_Nobody_x · 4 pointsr/kratom

I've never had good luck with those. Use this, you can throw it in your purse. Mine is 8 years old and going strong.

u/kleptomaniEnt · 4 pointsr/trees

Anyone who says they can tell you weight from a picture is lying.

Get one of these

u/dumbstoners · 4 pointsr/CannabisExtracts

---from skyhighler on TC forums---

"The results so far of the 'homie' tests:

Power (0X) had 0.021g of residue
Power (0X), Korea, 300ml can, reads on the bottom "130819"

Power 5X #1 had 0.02g of residue
Power 5X, Korea, 300ml can, reads on the bottom "130820"

Power 5X #2 had 0.019g of residue
Power 5X, Korea, 300ml can, reads on the bottom "130731"

Power 7X had 0.029g of residue
Power 7X, Korea, 300ml can, reads on the bottom "120716"

Newport #1 had 0.01g of residue
Newport, England, 300ml can, reads on the bottom "DOM 24.04.13 20:33"

Newport #2 had 0.004g of residue
Newport, England, 300ml can, reads on the bottom "DOM 26.03.13 19:09"

Vector #1 had 0.03g of residue
Vector, Korea, 320ml can, reads on the bottom "AUTHENTIC VECTOR GAS 2013.04.06"

Vector #2 had 0.02g of residue
Vector, Korea, 320ml can, reads on the bottom "AUTHENTIC VECTOR GAS 2013.04.06"

Vector #3 had 0.028g of residue
Vector, Korea, 320ml can, reads on the bottom "AUTHENTIC VECTOR GAS 2013.04.06"

Vector #4 had 0.028g of residue
Vector, Korea, 320ml can, reads on the bottom "AUTHENTIC VECTOR GAS 2013.04.06"

Vector 14X #1 had 0.019g of residue
Vector 14X, Korea, 320ml can, reads on the bottom "AUTHENTIC VECTOR GAS 2013 09 10"

Vector 14X #2 had 0.018g of residue
Vector 14X, Korea, 320ml can, reads on the bottom "AUTHENTIC VECTOR GAS 2013 09 10"

Lucienne #1 had 0.03g of residue
Lucienne, England, 300ml can, reads on the bottom "DOM 16.07.13 13:28"

Lucienne #2 had 0.002g of residue
Lucienne, England, 300ml can, reads on the bottom "DOM 16.07.13 13:28"

Lucienne #3 had 0.001g of residue
Lucienne, England, 300ml can, reads on the bottom "DOM 16.07.13 13:28"

Lucienne #4 had <0.001g residue
Lucienne, England, 300ml can, reads on the bottom "DOM 16.07.13 13:28"

Ronson #1 had 0.01g of residue
Ronson, USA, 300ml/165g can, reads on the bottom "I1713"

Ronson #2 had 0.001g residue
Ronson, USA, 300ml/165g can, reads on the bottom "I1713"

Ronson #3 had <.001g residue
Ronson, USA, 300ml/165g can, reads on the bottom "I1713"

Spark 7x had 0.04g of residue
Spark, Korea, 7x 300ml can, reads on the bottom "120404"

King had 0.033g of residue
King, Korea, 300ml can, reads on the bottom "12.04.25"

Fasfil #1 had 0.030g of residue
Fasfil 5X, Korea, 300ml can, reads on the bottom "120718"

Fasfil #2 had 0.032g of residue
Fasfil, Korea, 300ml can, reads on the bottom "120718"

whip-it! 9X had 0.025g of residue
whip-it! 9X, Korea, 320ml can, reads on the bottom "130708"

whip-it! Premium had 0.003g of residue
whip-it! Premium, UK, 400ml can, reads on the bottom "239 M 17:25 1"

Neon #1 had 0.004g of residue
Neon, China, 300ml can, reads on the bottom "Manufactured On 20/12/2012/ (00488)" (no added odorant/mercaptan)

Neon #2 had 0.005g of residue
Neon, China, 300ml can, reads on the bottom "Manufactured On 20.02.1200413" (this seems to be an early version which is unusable due to added odorant/mercaptan, check the date for old stock)

Neon #3 had 0.001g of residue
Neon, China, 300ml can, reads on the bottom "Manufactured On 25/05/2012(00446) (no added odorant/mercaptan)

Neon 5X #1 had 0.001g of residue
Neon 5X, China, 300ml can, reads on the bottom "Manufactured On 20/05/2013(00506)" (no added odorant/mercaptan)

Neon 5X #2 had 0.015g of residue (stinks, odorant/mercaptan?)
Neon 5X, China, 300ml can, reads on the bottom "Manufactured On 11/05/2012(004236)"

Neon 5X #3 had 0.004g of residue
Neon 5X, China, 300ml can, reads on the bottom "Manufactured On 25/5/2013(00505) (no added odorant/mercaptan)

Lava had 0.033g of residue
Lava, Korea, 5.3oz/150g can, reads on the bottom "070321"

Zippo had 0.001g of residue
Zippo, USA, 5.82oz/165g can, reads on the bottom "H1513"

Colibri had 0.001g of residue
Colibri, UK, 300ml can, reads on the bottom "DOM 18.04.13 06:35"

Stok FYR had 0.023g of residue
Stok FYR, UK, 5.8oz/165g can, reads on the bottom "DOM 07.08.13 15:57"

Iolite had 0.010g of residue
Iolite, England, 300ml can, reads on the bottom "DOM 30.07.13 22:45"

Gasone 5X had 0.028g of residue
Gasone 5X, Korea, 5.8oz/165g can, reads on the bottom "130511"

Xikar #1 had 0.010g of residue (chemical smell, avoid)
Xikar, USA, 8oz/225g can, reads on the bottom "CC26/0947"

Xikar #2 had 0.007g of residue (chemical smell, avoid)
Xikar, USA, 8oz/225g can, reads on the bottom "CC26/1153"

Clipper 7X had 0.004g of residue
Clipper 7X, China, 4.89oz/139g can, reads on the bottom "26.03.2012"

Lotus had 0.002g of residue
Lotus, England, 400ml/13.4oz/222g can, reads on the bottom "DOM 03.10.12 14:03"

Jetline had 0.027g of residue
Jetline, Korea, 330ml can, reads on the bottom "130410"

Capital N-butane #1 had 0.008g of residue
Capital N-butane, USA, 6.6oz/187g can, reads on the bottom "13337"

Capital N-butane #2 had 0.009g of residue
Capital N-butane, USA, 6.6oz/187g can, reads on the bottom "13337"

Puretane #1 had 0.006g of residue
Puretane, USA, 300ml/167g can, reads on the bottom "13339 (1) 34623 06332"

Puretane #2 had 0.006g of residue
Puretane, USA, 300ml/167g can, reads on the bottom "13339 (1) 34623 06324"

Clipper 12X had 0.025g of residue
Clipper 12X, Spain, 170g can, reads on the bottom "QT31E"

Comoy's had 0.015g of residue
Comoy's, UK, 300ml can, reads on the bottom "DOM 23.05.13 05:28"

Smoke It's had 0.007g of residue (stinks!!! don't use!)
Smoke It's, 300ml with no country or date of manufacture on the can

Meteor 7X had 0.030g of residue
Meteor 7X, Korea?, 165g can, reads on the bottom "130517"

Cloud 9X had 0.003g of residue
Cloud 9X, 300ml can with no country or date of manufacture

Blazer 3X had 0.016g of residue
Blazer 3X, Korea, 150g can, reads on the bottom "131023"

Bernzomatic had 0.028g of residue
Bernzomatic, "Made in U.S.A. of Global Components," reads on the bottom "13130 011288"

Magnum 5X had 0.035g of residue
Magnum 5X, Korea, 300ml can, reads on the bottom "120405"

whip-it! 5X had 0.005g of residue
whip-it 5X, Korea, 300ml can, reads on the bottom "130610"

Ultra Pure had 0.001g of residue
Ultra Pure, England, 300ml can, reads on the bottom "DOM 27.09.13 06:58"

whip-it! 7X had 0.017g of residue
whip-it! 7X, Korea, 300ml can, reads on the bottom "131011"

Special Blue 5X had 0.004g of residue
Special Blue 5X, country of manufacture?, 300ml can, reads on the bottom "131024"

Special Blue 9X had 0.005g of residue
Special Blue 9X, country of manufacture?, 300ml can, reads on the bottom "130702"

Special Blue 7X had 0.001g of residue
Special Blue 7X, country of manufacture?, 300ml can, reads on the bottom "131028"

Iwatani #1 had 0.03g of residue
Iwatiani butane fuel, Korea, eight ounce can, reads near the top of the can "130506" (unusable due to added odorant/mercaptan)

Iwatani #2 had 0.010g of residue
Iwatiani butane fuel, Korea, eight ounce can, reads near the top of the can "130506" (unusable due to added odorant/mercaptan)

Those were my results, here's jackgastche's:

Vector #1 had 0.04g of residue
Vector, Korea, 320ml can, reads on the bottom "5/12/2012"

Vector #2 had 0.04g of residue
Vector, Korea, 320ml can, reads on the bottom "5/12/2012"

Vector #3 had 0.06g of residue
Vector, Korea, 320ml can, reads on the bottom 5/12/2012""

Vector #4 had 0.03g of residue
Vector, Korea, 320ml can, reads on the bottom "5/13/2013"

Vector #5 had 0.04g of residue
Vector, Korea, 320ml can, reads on the bottom "5/13/2013"

Vector #6 had 0.04g of residue
Vector, Korea, 320ml can, reads on the bottom "5/13/2013"

Vector #7 had 0.02g of residue
Vector, Korea, 320ml can, reads on the bottom "12/15/2011"

Vector #8 had 0.02g of residue
Vector, Korea, 320ml can, reads on the bottom "12/15/2011"

Vector #9 had 0.03g of residue
Vector, Korea, 320ml can, reads on the bottom "12/15/2011"

Colibri #1 had 0.03g of residue
Colibri, UK, 300ml can, reads on the bottom "8/16/2011"

Colibri #2 had 0.03g of residue
Colibri, UK, 300ml can, reads on the bottom "8/16/2011"

Colibri #3 had 0.03g of residue
Colibri, UK, 300ml can, reads on the bottom "8/16/2011"

Xikar #1 had 0.002g of residue (chemical smell, avoid)
Xikar, UK, 400ml can, reads on the bottom "3/13/'12"

Xikar #2 had 0.002g of residue (chemical smell, avoid)
Xikar, UK, 400ml can, reads on the bottom "3/13/'12"

Xikar #3 had 0.002g of residue (chemical smell, avoid)
Xikar, UK, 400ml can, reads on the bottom "3/13/'12"

Xikar #4 had 0.003g of residue (chemical smell, avoid)
Xikar, UK, 400ml can, reads on the bottom "3/13/'12"

Xikar #5 had 0.003g of residue (chemical smell, avoid)
Xikar, UK, 400ml can, reads on the bottom "3/13/'12"

My first tests were weighed with this inexpensive .01 gradient scale,

My later results to the .001 digit were weighed with this inexpensive .001 gradient scale,

The results from jackgastche were weighed with a .001 gradient scale, but rounded off to the .01 digit.

How the test was done,

Best to Worst list extrapolated from the above,"

u/SR_TEXAS · 4 pointsr/saplings

Oh my. Call him on it PLEASE! IF you keep letting it slide, they'll continue ripping you off. Invest in a $10 scale from amazon and weigh all of your shit. If it's light, tell him "I only got [x]g" or next time you ask for a hookup "please weigh it more carefully this time".

What state are you from?

u/modestthief · 4 pointsr/shrooms
u/Hrel · 3 pointsr/trees

Get This

Thing is VERY precise. I just put a Solo Cup on it since you obviously can't fit an oz, much less a lb, on just the plate. Also have this card board piece, square on the bottom then goes out like an upside down pyramid at like 150 degrees. A solo cup should work fine for you though.

u/Lenfried · 3 pointsr/yugioh

$10.29 at Amazon

u/YatraTeaCo · 3 pointsr/tea

Get a scale like this and take the guesswork out of it.

Quantity of leaf is really a personal choice, but I typically use 2-2.5 gm per 6-8 oz of water. That could mean 3 teaspoons of a light fluffy tea, or a 1 teaspoon for a dense tea. Really depends on the kind of tea you're drinking, which is why for me a scale works best.

u/shortyjacobs · 3 pointsr/Coffee

Cj4000 only does half gram increments, not good enough for me for espresso. Sc-2kg does 0.1g, which is good, but it’s spendy.

I’ve used this one for years. Rock solid, works great and nice and tiny to boot (plus it’s cheap!): American Weigh Scale AWS-100 Digital Pocket Scale, 100g X 0.01g Resolution

u/MasterEvilFurby · 3 pointsr/Coffee

My beginner battle station.

Traveled down the coffee rabbit hole november and most of this stuff is from Christmas. The gear is, from left, a 250 ml graduated cylinder, a discontinued-found-at-thrift-store copco tea kettle, under it an old continental electric hot plate, next to it a hario slim mini mill grinder, an aeropress, and an aws 100 gram scale. I usually use 250 ml of water with 13-15 grams of coffee, grinded medium-fine, at 15 seconds off boil, steeping for 15 seconds and pressing twice that long. I'm planning on getting a bonavita variable temp soon too.

u/wh1skeyk1ng · 3 pointsr/DIY_eJuice

At some point, you'll want some CAP Sugar Cookie. Other than that, some might recommend a scale rather than syringes. It will definitely pay for itself in terms of time and less stuff to clean.

This seems to be the scale of choice for most mixers.

I believe this is the one I use, cost less than $10. Only drawback is with the 100g capacity, I can't use my beakers, but it works fine for mixing 100mL or less in a plastic bottle.

u/h_lehmann · 3 pointsr/AskCulinary

You'll probably have a hard time finding one that will meet both of those requirements. Your standard digital kitchen scale will easily measure up to 2kg, but won't be able to measure accurately below 1 gm., if that.
For really small measures (spices, etc.), I bought a small folding digital scale from Amazon (made by a company called AWS), that reads down to 0.01 gm, but only has a capacity of 100 gm. I think I only paid about US $10 for it.

edit: Here it is:

u/everydayguy20 · 3 pointsr/afinil

I think you're really only option is to dump them all out and mix them really good to make sure there is an even balance between filler and adrafinil and use a scale, then just buy powder from now on which is widely available and cheaper.

I use this scale for adrafinil

u/thacoon · 3 pointsr/trees
u/ookamiinuzu · 3 pointsr/opiates

The best scale for you depends on what amounts you're measuring.

If you're dealing with large amounts for cooking, you only need a scale that's accurate to the gram.

If you're measuring amounts in grams you need something that's accurate to 1/10 of a gram or 0.1.

If you're measuring amounts smaller than a gram, the best scale is accurate to 1/100th of a gram or 0.01.

For accuracy with tiny amounts, I like this one because it is accurate to 1/100th of a gram.

u/Boss_McAwesome · 3 pointsr/Homebrewing

For starters, make sure you only measure at room temperature. Also, stop measuring with teaspoons and get a scale like this.

u/kdtallllll · 3 pointsr/kratom

I asked a pretty similar question to this on here a week or two ago and someone recommended this scale to me that I ended up buying!

American Weigh Digital Scale, 100g [0.01g sensitivity]

u/aeu1297 · 3 pointsr/kratom

This AWS scale has always worked for me.

u/LovelyMamasita · 3 pointsr/kratom

I got one from Amazon that was only $10 and measures both. I'll find the link.

American Weigh Digital Scale, 100g [0.01g sensitivity]

u/A-Void-Dance · 3 pointsr/kratom

AWS is good

u/mr_sugarfree · 3 pointsr/kratom

Here's a good one. Accurate to two decimal places. And it has an attached lid. And it's only $10 plus shipping (unless you have Amazon Prime).

American Weigh Digital Scale, 100g [0.01g sensitivity]

PS: There's two options for that listing. One is the scale only, the other one is the scale with a calibration weight. It's only $15, and the weight is a good thing to have on-hand just in case.

u/BillTheCommunistCat · 3 pointsr/kratom

I use this one and it works great. Simple and inexpensive.

u/TheLostVertex · 3 pointsr/Breadit

I use a jewelers scale for measuring small ingredient quantities. They are cheap and accurate. Something like this will let you measure yeast in a small batch pretty well.

u/lifeisbeautiful83649 · 3 pointsr/PsilocybinMushrooms

American Weigh Scale AWS-100...

$13 worth it. When MD, you shouldn't feel it though, 0.15g was good for me, 0.2g was too much. For MD, you need a scale. It's "micro dosing" you have to get down to the micros.... Lol...

Edit: spelling

u/zofoandrew · 3 pointsr/mead

Relax, don't worry. Have a home brew. Just compensate for the amount you over did it. Buy a better scale.

u/thisismyherbsona · 3 pointsr/trees

> Invest in a 20$ scale.

You can get one for half that

u/Burnt-Wasabi · 3 pointsr/saplings

Honestly almost any digital scale will work fine but something like this will probably be your best bet especially considering how cheap it is.

u/EternalStudent · 2 pointsr/Homebrewing
  1. To piggy back on this, I got this scale ( with this weight ( for calibration, and it works perfect for hops/brewing salts. The reviews all indicate that its great for times when amounts matter (be it insulin dosages or less-than-legal drugs that charge by the gram), so I figure it's probably good enough for hops and calcium carbonate.
u/iloqin · 2 pointsr/ketogains
  • Creatine can be taken any time, 5g everyday, even on days you don't lift. Some folks get a bloated feeling, so I wouldn't take it before working out. I usually take mine after I work out in the morning. Then I have the whole rest of the day to stay hydrated, you have to drink a lot of water with creatine, so I'd also expect the scale to go up a few lbs just from water weight retention. Creatine sucks up water into the muscles as it's trying to pull as much into the muscles as possible. Lots of scientific data about this increasing one last rep.

  • I used to use a ton of preworkouts, now I just buy bulksupplements and a weigh scale that can measure up to hundredths, and really small micro measuring spoons so it's easier to get out of the bag. I just use caffeine and beta alanine for the fire ants feel before the workout. BE SURE OF MEASUREMENTS, you'd be in a world of hurt if you go over 600mg of caffeine (200mg is like a cup of black coffee at starbucks). I've only ever gone up to 400mg, and usually it's more like 200-350mg

  • Weigh Scale I use:

  • Measuring Spoons:

  • Creatine any time, don't need it before the workout, only thing you need if you want is caffeine. I highly recommend 1000mg salt and 300mg potassium (from no salt/lite salt). You can use MCT oil, but i would wait on that until later.

  • If you're just endurance training (running/cardio) I wouldn't use creatine. Creatine is made for the weight lifting and contractions to get bigger muscles. Now if you're weight training (anywhere inside 1rep-15reps) for bigger muscles, then I'd just take creatine everyday.

  • BCAAs is recovery, not really necessary during a workout, but some people swear to them. It's a waste of money, you can just get it in a whey protein shake after the workout. I usually take one after I workout (just regular whey protein) as it already has some BCAAs in them. I wouldn't take it for endurance cardio runs; many people on here have documented their endurance is through the roof once keto adaptation takes place. They only need water and just destroy marathons or cycling runs or longer runs in general.
u/TheGrandYordle · 2 pointsr/trees

Looks around 7 to me but it's hard to tell. I posted a banana on the other post for you btw. Also, scales are cheap, this is the one I use.

u/imapeacockdangit · 2 pointsr/Silverbugs

Found this one in an apartment. Unfortunately, it came with a lot of marijuana residue and was jammed underneath.

A nice cleaning, and I'm happy with it. Use it to tally my PM finds rather than if something it legit or not.

u/1000_golden_pigeons · 2 pointsr/microdosing

I've used this one for years and really like it. I recommend you get the calibration weight with it.

u/DonnieTobasco · 2 pointsr/recipes

What exactly do you mean by 'healthy?'

Is it about calorie reduction or getting more nutrients? Or both?

A very simple, tasty one is roasted cauliflower. Cauliflower really benefits from browning. Preferably roasting. Just wash and dry it (thoroughly), cut into equally sized pieces, whether it be bite size or "steaks," toss in olive oil, salt & pepper (and garlic if you want), spread evenly on a roasting pan, but don't crowd it too much, and roast in the oven on the middle rack or higher at about 425-450F until brown... even nearly black in a few places. It's so simple and delicious.

It makes a great soup too, just blend it with either veg or chicken stock and either some fresh parsley or thyme.

Another veg that does well with char is broccoli. Steam, blanch (heavily salt your blanching or steaming liquid) or microwave (if you must) the cut broccoli stalks until about half done, drain and dry. Toss in olive oil, salt, minced garlic and chili flakes and grill on very high heat or broil until slightly charred. You won't believe how good it is.

Some great books for veg dishes are:

Plenty by Yotam Ottolenghi

Tender by Nigel Slater (this one has a great chocolate beet cake)

The Art Of Simple Food II by Alice Waters (So many simple, classic veg preparations in this one.)


Regarding Mac & Cheese, here is page from Modernist Cuisine at Home:

It involves using Sodium Citrate. Calm down! Don't be afraid. It's a type of salt derived from citrus fruits. If you like to cook with cheese this stuff will be your best friend. The only issue is you don't need very much of it, so you will need an accurate scale that can handle very small weights, but they're not that expensive and it'll pay for itself quickly in the amount you'll likely save in cheese costs, because.....

What it does is it helps emulsify the fats and solids of cheese when it melts and it can be used with just about every type of cheese that can melt, so that means you can use it to emulsify multiple types of cheeses at the same time. Why this matters for you? If you're trying to reduce calories you can mix your favorite cheeses with some lower calorie cheeses (like drained cottage cheese) and still end up with a really creamy sauce without having to add cream or butter. This stuff doesn't make Pasta & Cheese "healthy" but it does help you reduce the caloric value of a cheese dish without sacrificing texture... in fact it improves it.

Check it out:

u/Onlykitten · 2 pointsr/quittingkratom

I believe this is the most commonly recommended scale - I bought it and it's under $10.00 - very reliable and accurate for me in the past.

u/Mooksayshigh · 2 pointsr/microgrowery

I have this one, paid like $10 3 years ago and it's still fine. I ordered a 100g calibration weight too and it's always dead on. I don't weigh out pounds or anything close but it's perfect for me, so it depends on your needs. You can tare it and weight it inside a bowl or anything similar just like any other scale.

u/krankykwitter · 2 pointsr/quittingkratom

Invest $8 in a digital scale ( Volumetric dosing is too unreliable and will likely hinder the effectiveness of your taper.

And if you really want to go the extra mile, spend an hour portioning out and dating your doses on a taper schedule. I'm talking little baggies with 10 g, 9.5 g, 9 g, etc., and corresponding dates/times of administration. This method is not for everybody, but some people find the regimented nature of this approach to be very helpful. Good luck!

u/bjstone · 2 pointsr/Silverbugs

I have one of these AWS-100. It weighs up to 100 grams, 0.01 gram accuracy, for only $8.69.

u/lessthanjake · 2 pointsr/TripSit

4g should have had you tripping pretty fucking hard for a first go. Even if you buy like once a year it's worth it dude. Here's the one I bought:

It's $10 with prime shipping and once you have it you can reliably weigh anything (not just drugs, but yes mostly drugs) up to 100g with a 0.01 g accuracy. It's worth it.

u/Microshrimp · 2 pointsr/tea

I would give this one a look. (I'm on my phone so I hope that link works.) Edit: I'm back home now. Here's a proper desktop link.

I don't have this model, but I have a similar model. The reason I linked you this model is because it measures in 0.01g increments which might (or might not) be an indication that it's more accurate, but even the other model(s) they have goes in 0.1g increments so either one would work. Keep in mind that the max of this one is 100g. The other model is something around 500 or 600.

Edit: Achievement unlocked; I triggered not one, but two bots.

Edit 2: see my comment below about why a max of 500g or more might be better

u/hung4z · 2 pointsr/hempflowers

With a cheap scale, a grinder, and some basic math, you can make your own mix. Lets say you ground up 7g 18% hemp flower, and 1g 24% THC flower. Thats 1260mg CBD and 240mg THC. Roughly 5:1. And you can always adjust based on the percentages. Also, fuck that other guy.

Both of these scales are well regarded on reddit:

AWS 100

Gemini 20 (not as cheap, but useful for measuring tiny amounts of other substances in just a few mg's)

u/Brute_Timber · 2 pointsr/trees

was the scale particularly nice or expensive? you can get one on amazon for less than $11. idk it doesn't seem like it's worth the confrontation. unless you don't wanna look like a pussy, then you should just punch him in the face. just kidding. don't do that

u/blackstar602 · 2 pointsr/MDMA

If you can get mdma and not a scale then I don't know what you're doing.

Only $10
American Weigh Digital Scale, 100g [0.01g sensitivity]

u/DestinysOtherChild · 2 pointsr/DarkNetMarkets

You start with a different scale :) Kitchen scale just won't cut it here...

You can get a 100 x .01 scale on Amazon for $10 or $11. That's a max weight of 100g, with precision to the 100th of a gram (so you'll want .02).

Here you go

Be careful not to get the 500 x .1, which looks identical.

u/killaownsyou · 2 pointsr/trees

If you can afford a multi-hundred dollar phone, you can afford a scale. You don't need to have a portable scale either. What the fuck are you gonna use that shit for? To weigh your weed in front of your dealer to prove him he's being shady? He doesn't give a fuck. Find a different supplier. If you wanna see how much it actually weighs, weigh that shit at home with a cheap $10.00 scale that doesn't force you to make conversions.
Edit: [4]

u/an_unfunny_username · 2 pointsr/videos

75$?? Where do you buy your scales?

u/ImmaGrownAssPigeon · 2 pointsr/Drugs

I weighed that up on a scale and got .2g

this is the scale I used:

u/sfr33man · 2 pointsr/espresso

I have been using this $11 scale for a year now, if you don't want to drop hundreds of dollars lol....

American Weigh Scale AWS-100 Digital Pocket Scale, 100g X 0.01g Resolution

u/Flitch1 · 2 pointsr/Cooking

I use this scale to weigh small amounts. It weighs up to 100 grams in .01 gram increments.

u/Thetechy20 · 2 pointsr/trees

if your doing .1 every night its going to stop being enough real quick and the magic flight launch box is the one of the best/coolest cheap vapes on the market and the easiest place for good cheap scales is amazon:
and febreeze covers the smell, while ozium essentially scrubs the air, and the space case is old news there are a few ones that far surpass it in quality,price, and features: the phoenician grinder, and the cali crusher homegrown

u/openbluefish · 2 pointsr/Drugs

I have this one and it works great. I tested its accuracy and it is accurate within 0.01g.

u/ellankyy · 2 pointsr/Homebrewing

I started brewing at all grain 1 gallon Brew In A Bag. I do 1 gallon because I love the process of brewing, its not any easier or shorter than doing 5 gallons but I don't brew to drink. I like the fact that I can make something good and be content with that and the process that came with it.

I currently use this:

Pro tips: You will need at least a 3-4 gallon kettle to mash and boil in. Use a "fine mesh" bag to do BIAB big enough to fit around your kettle. Get at least 2 more gallon jug fermenters along with rubber stoppers because the screw caps for the jug fermenter are questionable. Don't forget a funnel to transfer your wort to your 1 gallon fermenter. Get a small digital scale like this one to help with weighing hops, priming sugar, sanitizer, etc.. and lastly buy/make a wort chiller... Trust me from experience that doing ice baths to chill are absolutely the worst. And last but not least you will need BeerSmith... when you brew at such a small scale every little detail matters so get the aid in calculations from the software so that you just worry about your process.

Bonus: Get a digital thermometer, refractometer, and temperature controller for fermentation. Also, if you use any type of software to create your recipes always assume at least 60% efficiency with BIAB. One way to help your efficiency is squeeze the hell out of the bag (assuming you have appropriate gloves), double crush your grains at the local home brew shop, and stir good while you mash in. And lastly take the time to watch this video to get you an idea of what BIAB is.

u/MPL3 · 2 pointsr/trees

American Weigh Digital Scale, 100g [0.01g sensitivity]

u/TheDankestGrowaway · 2 pointsr/trees

> You can buy a pretty accurate American Weigh digital scale for under $20.

Lol, on Amazon "People who bought this scale also bought ... a shit ton of weed grinders!"

u/deeeeeexm · 2 pointsr/kratom

I was debating between two scales, this and this but figured the latter had better reviews. I did see that thread, and it did help reinforce my decision. Plus, I can probably use it to meal prep in the future since I can weigh up to 500g vs 100g.

Nice! I debated on buying the bigger sample pack, but figured the small one was safer in case I didn't actually like kratom. It's too bad that you have to pay for shipping, but I got my package very quickly, so I can't complain.

u/DarthStrakh · 2 pointsr/weed

Buy a scale. No one can tell by eyeballing it. Every strain is a different density.

u/xpedition · 2 pointsr/espresso
u/unusually_awkward · 2 pointsr/Charcuterie

Under $10. People use it to measure herb a lot.
I bought one since I'm curing smaller quantities of meat so I require smaller portions of everything.

u/GimmieMore · 2 pointsr/kratom

I know lots of people are big n the teaspoon thing, but you can get a scale fairly cheap. This one is $10

Even cheaper you can get one of these from Herbal Salvation. I would never use a regular spoon. Too imprecise for my taste.

u/ThatGirlH · 2 pointsr/coins

I use a [cheap hundreths scale for things like coins and jewelry] (, so not overly confident.

I did just weigh a normal penny using it and got the correct 2.5g, so I think the coin is most likely a good counterfeit - unless 0.3 grams is within the Mint's "margin of error".

u/quixotic120 · 2 pointsr/MolecularGastronomy

I was given this kit several years ago: . I greatly enjoyed it but some things aren't super useful to me and a customized kit would have been excellent


a scale! is what I used to use, super cheap and mostly accurate (i suggest also buying a few calibration weights to make sure of that). If you want to spend a touch more get one with either a larger platform or a display that won't be covered but 0.01g resolution is really important. I use a lab scale now but I still have the AWS for when I'm traveling or for when I need a second scale. Most of these compounds are essentially useless without a scale though

anti static dishes are handy but not essential. However I love having them around is an example, you can probably find cheaper (and could get away with less as you could wash with soap and water and be okay versus a lab that would just dispose them to avoid any chance of contamination)

2-4mL disposable pipettes are super cheap (think 5 bucks for 100+) and incredibly handy, especially for weighing small amounts of liquids and plating

as for additives and such; personally i would start with the easy yet dramatic results. N-Zorbit is just fun to use and gives really neat results quickly, sodium citrate for fancy cheese sauces, lecithin and xanthan gum to emulsify and thicken sauces, etc. It's hard to make other recommendations without knowing what he wants to do and what his interests are.

In terms of barbecue I don't use much, MSG for spice rubs if that counts and calcium silicate for an anti-caking agent when I make spice rubs in bulk. For sauces I sometimes use the modified starches to thicken; Ultratex because it's essentially flavorless or xanthan because it's effective in small amounts.

or just get a gift certificate for modernist pantry. they ship internationally and are very helpful. Willpowder also ships internationally but only to certain countries.

u/Piffles · 2 pointsr/Homebrewing

I would recommend getting yourself a little drug scale for that. I use one of these. Larger scales lack the resolution to handle such small amounts.

u/SpecialAgent_00420 · 2 pointsr/trees

It very well could be. The density of weed depends on a lot of things, mostly how dry it is. Less dense weed may look like more but be 3.5 grams, just as more dense weed can look like less. My advice is to invest in a scale like this one. $11, durable, goes to the .01 gram, and closes to protect the sensitive weighing surface. I like to weigh when I buy (before smoking any) to be sure I got what I paid for, no matter how much I trust a dealer, and you can also keep track of your usage more efficiently.

u/Microdonutsing · 2 pointsr/microdosing

I'll just post here what I wrote to you privately, as it might help somebody else too here.

No worries, glad to help in this area, especially as it has helped me.

So, dosage: I bought myself a grinder (link below, but a coffee grinder works too), and with that I grinded my shrooms into very small pieces, but not into powder (only because I couldn't, the grinder was too coarse). Those I then measured with a precision scale to a dosage of 0.10-0.25g, and I took the dose every third day (the Fadiman method, so Monday dose, Tuesday and Wednesday no dose, Thursday dose, etc.). I found out that 0.10g was the sweet spot for not feeling anything and still getting the benefits, but then again I took 0.25g last Saturday, didn't feel a thing, but on Monday was having the time of my life.

Anxiety: So, before I started I had a severe fear of fucking up my heart with this, due to the exact same articles and links you posted in your Reddit-post. I was diagnosed with panic disorder on 2006, and one of the main reasons for this is the fact that I fear cardiac arrest like crazy. I'm in my early 30's and generally quite healthy, so I shouldn't have a reason for that, but I still do have the phobia, so that factored in big time when I started to think about doing this.

The first day I took the dose (0.21g), I mainly played some video games and didn't feel a thing, but I did feel a bit of anxiety due to the fact that I was expecting something happening in my body. The next day I felt awesome in many ways, but I still had the same anxious feelings and did get a very small panic attack when visiting my therapist. Luckily I have been able to talk openly about the microdosing, so when I got the panic attack I could explain very well what's going on in my head, after which the anxious feelings dropped significantly, so I'm quite certain they were in my head. I did get some more anxiety when doing a dose of 0.16-0.17g, but they most probably have also been in my head, as I didn't get any when doing 0.10g or when doing 0.25g.

When I got the anxious feelings the second time, I sent a mail to Dr. Fadiman, who replied that the elevated heart rate should not be due to the microdosing, as the dose is so low that there shouldn't be any physical effects. Then again, elevated heart rate is very much a symptom of anxiety, so it definitely might be that. The best advice I got for the anxiety is 1) to remember that there's nothing we can do about our irrational fears, other than face them, and 2) if you're feeling more anxious, skip one dose and see how you feel. In the material that Dr. Fadiman provides, he says that if you're feeling any ill effects, you should stop the microdosing, but don't let it scare you away from trying it in the first place.

My reasons for starting the microdosing were basically to try out something for the chronic depression I've had for the last 15 years. Anxiety, negative (EDIT: even suicidal) thoughts, inability to get stuff done or start doing things, issues with self image, bad self esteem, etc. have been there for ages, and only during this year I've been on 6 different medications for it, out of which venlafaxine helped with anxiety, but not with anything else. I've now taken 10 microdoses and I can definitely say that it did help me a lot! I hope that it will help you too.

Link to the grinder and the scale (or variation of those):

u/lookatmeglow · 2 pointsr/trees

American weigh. I use this one and it works great for under $10.

u/ketosoy · 2 pointsr/soylent
u/BlendsAreMyFriends · 2 pointsr/kratom

Invest in a good scale. They can be had online for less than $10 with accuracy down to .01g. Then keen a log of what and how much you take Also get several samplers from vendors on the daily vendor list and get several that you like and rotate strains it helps some with tolerance.

u/snobord · 2 pointsr/saplings

Amazon, a little over $10. That's the one I have.

u/crabman86 · 2 pointsr/MDMA

I would start with the sidebar links and as your primary source of reading. Now to your specific questions.

  1. I would recommend 100-125mg for you and 125-150mg for your bf. is a common one most people use.

  2. I would just take it in a gel capsule, will take 30 - 60 mins for it to kick in depending on individual. I would recommend taking the pill inside the festival so you can time it with the sets you want to see. Nothing worse than taking it right before and getting stuck in security line for 1 hr and start coming up.

  3. Just have an open mind, words cannot describe the feeling and you will know what i mean after this weekend. A few notes below to help you on your first time.

    Eat a light lunch and skip dinner. Having a full stomach not only will mess with timing but could also make you not peak at all.

    Remember to drink water but ALSO REMEMBER TO PEE!! MDMA is a vascular constrictor and you won't know when you want/need to pee. So make sure you pee a few times if its a long festival. Use the buddy system as in you go in port-a-potty first he waits right outside then he goes and you wait.

    Its common to throw up or feel overwhelmed during the come up (30-60 mins after dropping), don't worry you will feel better after throwing up and still have a great roll.

    During the come up/peak some people like to move others like to sit, try different things to better understand how your own body reacts to it.

    *There is alot of advice on supplements the 3 key ones i recommend is magnesium pre (helps with jaw clenching) and 5-htp + green tea extract post to restore serotonin. Gum also helps so bring a back in, menthol cigs are amazing when your roll. (I only smoke when i roll)

    Have fun and enjoy, pm me if you have any specific questions.
u/Radi0ActivSquid · 2 pointsr/coins
  • 2x2 Cardboard flips will be your friend.

  • The amount of money you spend on a safe should probably be 10% of the total value of your collection. If youre just starting out a simple Sentry or well hidden spot will do but those things dont bolt down and are easy to crack/hotwire. When you start getting really up there in worth look to getting a heavy TL-15+ rated bolt down safe.

  • Currency Sleeves work well at keeping bills safe.

  • Do not clean your coins, ever. Never unless you dug them up out of the ground. Even then be extremely careful with just warm distilled water and gentle swishing. Sorry, cant avoid the heart attack every time someone brings this up.

  • This is a really nice scale. Reliable and dependable. Rarely needs recalibration. Perfect for coin collecting. Bit small if your start going down the silver stacking path.
u/MHG73 · 2 pointsr/Cooking

I go to Johnson and Wales, and this is the one my teachers all have.

u/Spaceman_Spif · 2 pointsr/Homebrewing

To expand on what /u/planahea said, the total amount of minerals will be about or less than 0.5 grams, so you'll want an accurate and precise scale to weight them out. 0.5 grams is the sum total, so individual measurements may be 0.1 grams or less. [This scale]( or something similar is what you'll want.

I only say this because I got all my calculations done and minerals ready only to find out the scale I had wasn't to close to accurate enough.

u/420Apollo · 2 pointsr/mflb

A trench is almost exactly .2, I've measured two different ones filled to the top of the trench, and bother were almost exactly .2. Which is awesome because it means it only takes .4g to get me stoned.

I have this scale, don't think you can get much cheaper for .01 accuracy.

u/DudeImChrisRead · 2 pointsr/trees
u/juhpopey · 2 pointsr/Coffee

Since we've determined that it was probably your water/coffee ratio and that this could be off because you don't have a scale, here are a couple American Weigh scales that don't cost much on Amazon. I have a more expensive American Weigh and it is perfect. Keep in mind that you will probably never need to weigh more than 100g of coffee.

$8.20 up to 100 g by 0.01 g

$9.24 up to 1000 g by 0.1 g

u/eeveevolved · 2 pointsr/tea

I actually think that is incredibly neat, and if it fits your lifestyle and budget, than I'd definitely say go for it! I have a digital scale accurate to that does up to 100g by .01g steps, so that's what I use (works for mail too!), but there's no wrong way to do your thing.

u/borkus · 2 pointsr/offbeat

After navigating some of the recommendations, I got a laugh at the "Frequently Bought Together...Buy Both" recommendations.

u/textisaac · 2 pointsr/CannabisExtracts

Voice of reason here, a scale is $11 on amazon... that is less than 1/5 the price of a g of top shelf wax... invest in one if you are scared you are getting ripped off.

ninja edit: get one of these if you need a weighing dish for wax.

u/throwentwayy · 2 pointsr/trees

Amazon's #1 selling digital scale. Less than $12 and you never have to wonder if you got what you paid for.

u/Velmeran · 2 pointsr/funkopop

This one will work perfectly for all your mini needs.

Gollum weighs between 40.2g & 40.9g per multiple sources. Additionally, he's the lightest of all of them (with Invisible Frodo being the next at 44.xg)

u/OrangeCurtain · 2 pointsr/Breadit

I use 2 scales. One with a 10lb capacity for grains, water and starter. I don't particularly care for it because it times out quickly, which is especially annoying for pour-over coffee: More capacity would also be nice for my homebrewing.

For salts and yeast, I use this .01g (100g max) scale, which is decent:

u/sorensong · 2 pointsr/kratom

dude, we're on the same timeline. i also took my first ever kratom yesterday. also took two teaspoons of fine powder (white) and ended up falling asleep shortly after with a headache and generally feeling pretty shitty. like these commenters have suggested, we really need to get ourselves a scale! lol. someone posted this one:

anyhow, i tried again today with about some green (1/4 teaspoon, about 4 times today) and it was MUCH better. let me know how your journey goes. :)

u/slimbender · 1 pointr/StackAdvice

No, you don't need them perfect but dosing 400mg instead of 200mg is that much more easy. Would just make you a bit sleepy maybe. A great deal of Nootropics are nontoxic, so overdosing is rarely a concern if you understand what you're taking.

What about a sub $10 scale. Works great!

u/GhotiOuttaDHMO · 1 pointr/DIY_eJuice

Is this the scale everyone else is getting, too?

Mine's to be delivered tomorrow or Tuesday - really looking forward to the upgrade since I've been making do with this one since early August.

u/nvaus · 1 pointr/whatsthisrock

It's got to be one that's accurate to at least .1g though. Those kitchen scales aren't accurate enough. This one would work well:

u/Sadalfas · 1 pointr/kratom

I bought this, but I only use it for Kratom (so far). It doesn't have as much of a capacity (100g VS the 8000g one you linked), but its accuracy is 0.01g for precise dosing and it's super inexpensive and small:

u/monkey804 · 1 pointr/DIY_eJuice

I have this scale. It does not go down to the 1/100 like the description says. Maybe I'm not smart enough to know how to set it to show 0.00. The reviews said its Acceptable Tolerance is +/- 0.02g though.

u/bebop0812 · 1 pointr/tea

6 grams to 150ml. Why? Because that is what this chart from China Life told me to do:

Here is the gaiwan that I bought:

And for grins here is the scale that I just got:

u/nyc420man · 1 pointr/trees

haha yup same. I'm about to spring for a new $10 one. I know, I know, big spender.

u/WeAreTheBoys · 1 pointr/MDMA

Get a scale. MDMA is really really hard to eyeball. This one will do you wonders and it's only $8.26. If you want to get a nicer one, I have this one and can't recommend it enough.

u/lacedupp · 1 pointr/trees

Just bought This for 16$

u/GhostOfDawn1 · 1 pointr/kratom

Yeah I agree a scale is a good investment if you take kratom or use powdered supplements. I bought this one for $8.78.

u/Speciosior · 1 pointr/kratom

I got the one you linked for $6.79, no tax a week or two ago on a lightning deal. I would be bragging except I bought the same thing in "American Weigh" brand a week before for 8.40 plus tax which is just my luck, so I just bought a second when I saw the lightning deal.

u/CrochetCrazy · 1 pointr/kratom

I bought this one for food ages ago and it's still working well. I use it for everything now.

u/speakajackn · 1 pointr/castiron

Probably not what you want to hear but I recommend two. This one which i consider a basic scale. Stays on long enough that you can measure out all of your ingredients. Deals well with basic weights, and even has a backlight. This one, I recommend because it does smaller amounts very very well. Most scales when you're dealing with less than 10 g of weight tend to misread.

u/falterpepper · 1 pointr/kratom

I have one similar to this one, measures to .01 and mine is still going strong two years later. Edit: I have one similar, my brand was smart weigh, looks like Amazon isn't currently selling it.

I've seen recommendations for this one from people I trust.

u/SvengeAnOsloDentist · 1 pointr/Homebrewing

Materials made out of irregularly-shapes pieces (tea leaves, sugar crystals, anything that's ground) don't pack evenly into a volume, so you've got some amount of airspace that varies with the average size and irregularity of the particles and how exactly they're packed. This means that it's impossible to get a perfect measure of how stuff you actually have. Mass, on the other hand, won't change with how the particles are packed, so you know exactly how much of the stuff you have.

I use this scale, which works really well and was very cheap.

u/KrazyKracks · 1 pointr/kratom

I'd say you definitely took too much, nausea / vomiting is a common side effect of overdosing (taking too much). Scales are a necessity when taking Kratom, here is a good one I use for a good price . Using a scale can help you find your "sweet spot", and make it so you almost never take too much and vomit because of it. Also, drink lots of water as Kratom dehydrated you, similar to alcohol, and can give you a headache. I made a post about taking Kratom easy if you can't stand he taste, . Hope this helps

u/The5thHorseman666 · 1 pointr/phenibut

Yes I have one of those and it's pretty damn accurate. Then again you don't need to be 100% accurate so i bought a scale with a bigger surface for doing both pheni and kratom which should be plenty and you don't need to use a special weighing surface

u/SpiderHuman · 1 pointr/Silverbugs

I just bought the 100g version for $11.91 Prime shipped yesterday.

Figured I was only weighing individual coins and wouldn't ever need to weigh a coin over 3 ounces and the 1kg wouldn't be as precise.

u/Nmize0 · 1 pointr/Fitness

I've had this scale from Amazon

For about a year now. I use it to measure out all of my powders for my preworkout.

7g Citrulline Malate
5g Creatine
4.5g Beta Alanine
0.25g caffeine

(yes I know BA and Creatine don't have to be taken pre workout but I take it all then and also take my fish oil/multivitamins/vitamin D all at the same time)

u/daVinci88 · 1 pointr/MDMA

Are you lookin' at scales or testkits?

Two great scales are the American Weigh AWS-100 (which does 100g x .01 increments) and the American Weigh Gemini-20 (20g x .001). As always, the more precise it is the better, but the AWS-100 will most likely work fine, but I recommend the Gemini if you can.

u/EverAndy · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

This :)

u/WorldWideDarts · 1 pointr/DartsTalk
u/frankzzz · 1 pointr/soylent
or (more accurate, but lower max) or some people get both, since they're not very expensive.

Official Soylent starter kit ships with a 2liter Takeya pitcher but that's just a personal choice for diyers.

u/nezia · 1 pointr/ketogains

I've got this one with me at basically all times and make good use of it:


u/throw_this_away_aftr · 1 pointr/Drugs

they're $11 on amazon.... (with prime, but who doesn't have prime?)

u/LittleHelperRobot · 1 pointr/tea

Non-mobile: this one

^That's ^why ^I'm ^here, ^I ^don't ^judge ^you. ^PM ^/u/xl0 ^if ^I'm ^causing ^any ^trouble. ^WUT?

u/Wet_Earlobe · 1 pointr/SilkRoad

He had a 2.5g listing up at one point. Scales are damn handy but not entirely essential if you have practice with weighing MDMA out.

Scales can be got cheap on amazon, like this 0.01mg scale, or this 0.001g scale. You get what you pay for to some extent, but even a cheap scale is a really handy investment. 0.01g accuracy is easily enough, but it's a little easier with the extra decimal place, you can be more consistant.

As for capping it, caps are really cheap amazon, or you could just get a dose and bomb it (wrap in tissue/ciggarette paper and swallow). To put it in the cap it's easy to use a straw with a scoop end.

u/kush_cloudz · 1 pointr/trees
u/penizman · 1 pointr/Drugs

What about this scale?

I really don't wanna do more than 10 bucks, or any money if I have to. This is a one time thing for me.

u/Sloppy__Jalopy · 1 pointr/SilkRoad

I'm sure you're a grizzled veteran and all, but that's no substitute for a mg scale.

Either way, I'll read the review and be satisfied.

Next time you buy something online that isn't drugs, get you one of these affordable scales from Amazon. They work plenty well enough for the price.

u/the-tripper · 1 pointr/Drugs

I would get two seperate scales. You'll have to spend quite a bit for one that weighs in milligrams up to an ounce. It would be cheaper to have two.

For a milligram scale, I have this one and it works pretty well. If you weigh anything under 20mg I would recalibrate it every time. If you are going higher than it should be perfect.

For a gram scale, you have tons of choices. Almost anything will work as many scales are accurate. I got mine in person from a head shop but here is one that looks pretty good.

u/snoots · 1 pointr/discgolf

Honestly, most of those scales aren't meant to weigh something as heavy as a disc. Max weight on mine is 100 grams.

u/helix123 · 1 pointr/Nootropics


Pretty jealous of the gempro. I think the only thing that I use that would take advantage would be noopept / coluracetam though.

u/-Fractul · 1 pointr/shrooms

get a scale for sure. i'd recommend this . $10 is very cheap considering it weighs to the centigram. add another $3 for a 100g calibration weight and you'll be set.

u/disgustipated · 1 pointr/Prospecting

Pick up a small digital scale from Amazon. They're cheap as hell, and are pretty accurate. Something like this.

u/GasmaskWA · 1 pointr/dxm
  1. you cannot snort it for 2 reasons you would have to snort an very very large amount of powder. (it also wont get you high that way)
  2. yes i drank it at first but the taste so bad you will never do it again.
  3. you need a scale... you cant take powders with out one. mine came in one jar all as one.
    scales are cheap please buy one, you don't want to hurt yourself.
    happy to answer anymore questions. i have done lots of drugs lol
u/madmodder123 · 1 pointr/kratom
u/crazyloof · 1 pointr/trees

Yes really... I just ordered one that measures perfectly down to the HUNDREDTH of a gram. The calibration weight is only $2 as well. $12 total. It registers even .01 of kief.

Much nicer than a lot of the more expensive ones I've seen. Not to mention it has a 10 year warranty.

u/elitist_asian · 1 pointr/saplings

Do you live in the U.S.?

Trust me, there isn't any piece of legislation in any of the 50 states that categorizes a scale a drug paraphernalia. You can own as many scales as you want without impunity; however, if you are found with both a scale AND drugs in your possession, you may be charged with possession with the intent to distribute. That's real bad, trust me.

You can get a very nice scale like this one for $10 that can measure up to a hundred grams with a .01 accuracy. Just make sure to buy a calibration weight along with it.

u/JavikCane · 1 pointr/microdosing

I realize your broke but I'd just invest in a scale for the sake of safety and assurance on dosage. Besides this can last you for years. Here is an inexpensive one off of Amazon.

American Weigh Scale AWS-100 Digital Pocket Scale, 100g X 0.01g Resolution

u/12_Rules_For_Life · 1 pointr/shrooms

This sucker that has lasted me years

American Weigh Scale AWS-100

u/Macklem0st · 1 pointr/Coffee

College student here, this is my cheap yet effective setup that I just got for Christmas

Aeropress $22

Hario Slim grinder $23

[Basic electric kettle] ( $15

American Weigh scale $9

Basic thermometer $9

Grand total: $78, still less than a Keurig!

Happy Mug sells beans for $14/pound shipped. At 17g of beans a cup, you can make almost 27 cups of coffee with a pound of beans. This comes to about 52 cents for a cup of coffee, which is comparable to cheaper K cups.

Also, as a former dark roast addict I suggest you start a little more towards a medium roast. I got a lighter roast with my first bag of beans after walking into a local roaster and grabbing what was available. The sweetness took a little while to get used to (I didn't know coffee could actually be so sweet!) but it really accentuates the differences between great coffee and "common" coffee.

u/nofriends96 · 1 pointr/EntProTips

this is where its at! it only goes up to 100 gs but it measures by the .01 so you get really close and its only ten bucks

u/amassivefrog · 1 pointr/uktrees

I have these and they are great. Very accurate 0.01g and a great size.

u/notsteve09 · 1 pointr/trees

this is the scale you usually see people using (for good reason)

u/sb825 · 1 pointr/microdosing

I have this one.

u/servedconserved · 1 pointr/microdosing

Two decimal places is sufficient to measure doses. I have one of these and it works great. You should buy a 100g weight also to calibrate it with. It has a cal mode that requires a 100g weight.

u/FtheDEA · 1 pointr/kratom

And yeah, the volume differences resulting from the different grinds can lead to differing densities. But in general one teaspoon of ANY grind other than gigantic blocky chunks should weigh somewhere between 2.3 and 2.7g, approximately...assuming that the substance is indeed kratom lol.

u/Trucker_Twevor · 1 pointr/soylent

Ha ha, I didn't mean to say I usually use my scale to measure weed. The scale I bought off Amazon didn't say it was a weed scale, but after I ordered it they started telling me I might be interested in all kinds of marijuana related stuff.

Like this

and this

and this

(congrats, now you are on the weed list)

u/Zaylin · 1 pointr/DIY_eJuice

Oh, ok I didn't think about something like that. I don't know if you've seen it but this is the one I was checking out. I guess that wouldn't be a great option?

u/ProfWiki · 1 pointr/StackAdvice

Yup, trust me, 20$ now for a scale will save you money in the long run. You'll inevitably underestimate how much of something you are taking, which can be dangerous at worse, and expensive as you go through supplements quicker at best.

This scale is on sale for 10 dollars right now actually, so I'd go with it. It has tons of good reviews.

This one, which I have, is good though because it has a little metal cup to place the supplements in. I guess otherwise you could use a little paper cup or something, put it on the scale and tare it, then add your supplements if you go with the first scale.

u/valentinedoux · 1 pointr/DIYBeauty

If you decided to get a digital kitchen scale, make sure you get the one that can weigh from 0.1g to 100g.

For small batches (less than 1 ounce), it is best to get a miniature digital scale that reads to 0.01g like this one.

u/iaretrees · 1 pointr/trees

i bought this one for 10 bucks and its to the hundredth place. no problems so far.

u/Certified_Rhino · 1 pointr/Drugs

$10 and works fine people have OD'd on 1g before. Remember that a cup of coffee is around 80mg and work from there. I don't like to orally take more than 250mg at any one point. Too much makes me really uncomfortable.

u/CO_Collector · 1 pointr/Silverbugs

Absolutely get a scale!

I bought a 600gm capacity American Weigh Scales (AWS). Nicely portable, works great, no problems after a year.

Depending on your needs, a better choice might be a lower-capacity scale. Greater sensitivity and presumably better accuracy.

Whichever scale you choose, for best accuracy get a calibration weight. A complete set of weights is best, but might be overkill. I use one 500gm weight to calibrate my 600gm scale.

u/Qwarthos · 1 pointr/saplings

You can tell if it's dense or not with a gentle squeeze, if it compresses easy it isn't very dense, if it resists it's more dense, either way the only way to actually know how much you have exactly is a scale there is one for about ten dollars on Amazon American Weigh Digital Scale, 100g [0.01g sensitivity]

u/Axeusefra · 1 pointr/shrooms

American Weigh Digital Scale, 100g [0.01g sensitivity]

u/Phanners · 1 pointr/phenibut

$10. Seriously do yourself a favor and purchase this scale. Got mine a year and a half ago, use it multiple times every day, still works perfectly.

u/WetMalik · 1 pointr/trees

Here you go. :)

Battery powered scale. Be sure to buy a 100g weight to calibrate it if you buy one.

It measures in grams and ounces. And several others that i doubt you care about.

Its small enough to fit in a pocket so you can take it to measure with when you buy.

u/the_bk · 1 pointr/Coffee

It depends on what all you want your scale to do. If you simply want it to weigh, this would be a great option. I also have an Acaia, which has bluetooth and lots of neat features, but is much more costly.

u/randomretro · 1 pointr/Silverbugs

I ordered this small one from Amazon for under $9, have been very happy with it.

u/iLLNiSS · 1 pointr/DIY_eJuice

I use the TOP2KG 2kg 0.1g for larger batches and the AWS-100 500g 0.01g for small batches.

The TOP2KG has a part counter mode that works well for quickly counting bottles/lids/drippers as well.

u/Profeshed · 1 pointr/proED

Yes and THIS ONE is my FAVORITE 🌺💕💕💕

It’s tiny, extremely accurate, and tares back to zero super quickly (unlike almost every other scale I’ve tried).

And the best part is that it’s only $10 :)

u/FeerBohner · 1 pointr/Homebrewing

I ended up getting this scale:

American Weigh Scale AWS-100 Digital Pocket Scale, 100g X 0.01g Resolution

Works very well and was pretty cheap. Would recommend.

u/MomB00Bs · 1 pointr/Homebrewing

I got this cocaine dealer druggie pocket scale off amazon. Works well and is cheap.

0.01 gram resolution

u/Nicky4Pin · 1 pointr/Fitness

I bought this to measure smaller things (5g of creatine, etc) and its fairly small.

u/pleasedonteathumans · 1 pointr/Coffee

Is this a good one or is up to 100g not enough?

u/cmather2013 · 1 pointr/DIY_eJuice

I have this scale bookmarked on amazon:

Would that be a decent one for getting into mixing by weight, or should I find something better? Thanks!

u/subtleweedreference · 1 pointr/TreesAppraisal

maybe 2g to 3.5g? Do yourself a favor and order a scale off of amazon.

I recommend this one Its the one I use at home, its cheap and pretty accurate. I learned that lesson the hard way when I was a noob. I bought an 'ounce' of 'compressed' weed for $150. (turned out to be 6 or so grams.)

u/crysys · 1 pointr/guns

Just find a cheap digital scale online that can measure in grams and print out a conversion chart to grains.

Here's one for $9.

Whoops, wrong one. Here it is at $12.

Or you can buy the same scale that displays grains directly for a significant markup.

u/ReonnBrack · 1 pointr/saplings

I've had this scale for a good 3 years now at least. Never had any problems with it, always been accurate. Measures to the 0.01g, max 100g, lightweight, portable, pretty much anything you can ask for in a small pocket scale.

It's worth noting that they do not come with the 100g calibration weights anymore (mine did when I bought it), so you should pick one of those up as well.

u/apkonte · 1 pointr/vaporents

I'm gonna take this in steps so I don't go way off topic and get confusing.

>I put all my ABV in a bag its usually mostly brown but there is still some green is that ok?

That's perfectly fine. As long as it isn't burned, the level of extraction you want is entirely up to you. Some people vape until it's nearly black, others vape until it's a golden brown and everything in between.

>can anyways recommend a good scale for measuring the ABV content?

>my first quest is about dosing being im brand new to this and never ingested cannabis what dosing should i start with?

That's an impossible question to answer. ABV obviously isn't as potent as unvaped herb so you will need to eat a pretty decent amount but exactly how much depends on so many factors it's impossible to really give you a straight answer. My recommendation: Pick a day (or a few days) where you have nothing to do and start experimenting. I don't like the whole put em in a pill method. Make yourself some firecrackers or a pb&j sandwich or something.

>Have any of you ever had an issue with smoking or vaping cannabis and finding out your allergic to it?

That's never happened to me but there are people that are allergic to water so I wouldn't be surprised if people are allergic to cannabis. If you think that's the case I'd take it easy with the vaping until you're sure nothing will happen to you. Some people have very mild allergy symptoms so they act as if they aren't even allergic while others have very severe reactions. Until you're sure it isn't the latter just be careful.

u/chewymidget · 1 pointr/DIY_eJuice

Pipettes are used to measure by weight as they aren't very good for measureing out by volume, which you're trying to do.

A lot of people use this one as it doesn't have a auto off feature and comes with weights

I personally use this one as it does get the job done but doesn't come with calibration weights and has a auto two minute off feature.

Here's a guide to mixing by weight. It's stupid easy.

u/kung_fu_hippie · 1 pointr/Drugs

look for milligram scales where you live?

waterbeds n stuff and/or puff n stuff should have .01 accurate scales ready to walk out the door. outside the US? the internet.


u/Ice005 · 1 pointr/arizer

awesome! I ordered this but now I'm second guessing if I should have gone to a vape shop or go back to Friendly Stranger :S

guess ill test it out when it arrives :s I know a normal kitchen scale couldn't even detect the flower :(

u/chiefkiefnobeef · 1 pointr/trees

ya id say once u start coppin more than a quarter, you shold invest a little money into a scale, you can find them on amazon for really good prices and nice brands...i like AWS for the price/quality ratio.

u/Treebadour · 1 pointr/trees

Unfortunately, I don't think it can weigh in .1 increments, so you won't be able to measure .5

If it's on the gram setting, a penny should read 2.5 grams

Now that I think about it, most scales that go up to pounds can't weight in small enough increments to be a good weed scale. You need something like this:

u/Basalix · 1 pointr/vaporents

I've had my Extreme Q for a little over a month and I have been loving elbow packs. The conservation of flowers is exceptional and the thick vapor pulls are outstanding.

You consider the straight wand with the replacement SSV cyclone bowl to be even better?

How is it on conservation? One of the things I like so much about an elbow pack is that I can get a great 90 minute high off of a quantity of ground flowers that are light enough to not even register on my digital scale (AWS-100, measures to .01 grams.)

Sorry for so many questions and thanks in advanced for your answers.

u/chino_brews · 1 pointr/Homebrewing

Good advice by /u/machinehead933. NB also posts their one gallon kit's recipe and ingredients. The 5-gallon recipe uses DME only because LME does not come in the increment needed for the recipe. The 1-gallon recipe is all LME. A LHBS should be able to sell you everything you need, and convert between quantities of DME and LME needed if you show them the recipe. In fact, they may even have a 1-gallon kit for this one.

Make a note on the 1-gallon sheet that the "specialty grains" for one-gallon are:

  • 0.15 lbs (68 g) English Medium Crystal Malt; and

  • 0.10 lbs (45 g) Belgian Biscuit Malt.

    Also, increase the honey to 3-4 oz. if you source your own materials. Avoid cheap honey that is often really adulterated with mislabeled sugar syrup, but otherwise the type of honey is not important. An organic store, Whole Foods, Costco, and the farmers market are good sources for honey.

    And use the Windsor yeast. You can pitch half a pack of dry yeast, and not worry about rehydrating with 1-gallon batches. Advice does not apply to other size batches.

    Also, if you are going to brew at less than 5-gallon scale, then invest now in a $12 0.1-gram resolution scale like this one. Convert all your weights to grams, and weigh in grams.

    FYI, you will be buying hops in 1 oz. packs (28.5 g) and using fractions of that. If you have a vacuum sealer, you can store the hops in the freezer for at least 1 year after vacuum sealing.

    You can vacuum seal the yeast, and it will stay viable in the fridge for at least 6 mos.

    This is the first kit I brewed after I got back into brewing after a 20-year hiatus, and I have since brewed it all-grain from time to time. It is very nice.

    Have fun!

    Edit: added metric weights
u/Aerodet · 1 pointr/trees

this should do ya good. I believe there is also one with a 500g max, it does wonders too.

u/Flupperz · 1 pointr/MDMA
u/stealingforfun · 1 pointr/Shoplifting

No offense, but stealing energy drinks makes no god damn sense, especially from a gas station. They're already a massive ripoff.

Red bulls retail for what, $3 a pop at a place like that? An 8 ounce can has all of 80mg of caffeine in them, less than even a cup of coffee. That's like 100mg of caffeine for 3 1/2 dollars.

Why not just legitimately buy a $25 kilo of caffeine from amazon for what amounts to 1/4th of cent per 100mg. You'd have more than enough money left over to buy a cheap scale and geletin pill capsules to cap out your dosages. Total cost: about $45 for what amounts to 10,000 100mg doses of caffeine, or less than a 1/2th cent per 100mg.

That's all assuming you're buying red bull for the energy boost and not the taste.

u/Spence97 · 1 pointr/Silverbugs

Even a $10 gram scale from amazon with a calibration weight would detect most fakes. That plus a "ping" test for bullion coins can basically pick up any fake that's not made out of the exact same metal composition.

If you have $600 a sigma precious metals verifier would be almost impossible to fool in most cases, but that's probably outside of your and my budgets.

I have this and it is very accurate as long as you get a 100 gram calibration weight and just recalibrate it when it seems a tenth off or something. It's worked great for me and for that price I'm very happy.

As an example, when weighing known real coins it's usually within .05 grams assuming minimal variance from the mint spec of the coins, in my personal experiences.

u/Costco1L · 1 pointr/Cooking

I have one of these:

It's great for small weights, though for a while Amazon started recommending bongs and glycine envelopes to me!

u/InfinitelyOutThere · 0 pointsr/DarkNetMarkets

Highly recommend this one on amazon. Works really well.

also these ittle boats are killer

u/tasteofflames · -1 pointsr/trees

$10. Calibration directions are come with the package (you might want to pick up some weights for a couple of $ for accuracy sake, but clean quarters work as well).