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Axiom DLX Streamliner Road Cycle Rack, Black
Rack is mounted 4cm behind the axle allowing for improved wheel clearance on bicycles with shorter chain staysSpecially designed hardware attaches to caliper brake mountHand-welded 10.2mm tubular 6061 T6 alloy constructionUltra-narrow profile improves aerodynamics and keeps load closer to centerFits 700C wheels, ample space for road fenders
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18 Reddit comments about Axiom DLX Streamliner Road Cycle Rack, Black:

u/BigBlack1264 · 17 pointsr/bikecommuting

I can't speak to who makes those fenders, but the rack is an Axiom Streamliner Road DLX, which I currently have on my Synapse 105.

u/TinyTurboAbarth · 9 pointsr/bikecommuting

it’s this axiom “slim” rack. it’s something that I’ve been looking for for a while. I’ve yet to have any heel strike even with my 25L pannier.

u/OneLifeLiveIt · 5 pointsr/bicycletouring

I had exactly the same problem as you. In the end I picked up the Axiom streamliner DLX. it goes through the nit on your brake fittings, an then just on the end of your skewers.

It also moves the rack back by 4cm so you have more clearance. It's sturdy and hasn't caused any other problems as of yet.

u/tam_n · 5 pointsr/bikecommuting

If your Revenio 1.0 is anything like my Capri 1.0, you may want to try looking into a rack like the Axiom Streamliner Road DLX since it puts the rack a bit farther back and gives you another 4cm of clearance. As /u/ChariotOfFire mentioned, the chainstay looks pretty short and my Raleigh has a very small chainstay as well.

As for bags, I've got some Arkel Cargo panniers. I went to the nearest LBS and they were the cheapest option (the LBS is tiny, so limited stock) and only recently found out that they're intended for front racks. :p Oops. They work well enough though, hah.

Good luck!

u/cyclefreaksix · 5 pointsr/FixedGearBicycle

I went with this because I was concerned about heelstrike issues due to the seatstay angle. Turns out that it was a good choice but didn't prevent me from grazing the large bags when fully packed. Which is why I put the big bags up front and the mini's in back.

The bags are Ortlieb Backrollers.

u/illustribox · 3 pointsr/cycling

Take a look at the Axiom Streamliner DLX. It's the only reasonably priced rack of its sort that i've seen. Instead of requiring eyelets, it attaches at the quick release and the brake caliper bolt, has some setback from the quick release to avoid heel strike, and is specifically designed for road bikes.

u/pjw1986 · 3 pointsr/bicycletouring

This is actually a pretty good rack that I've done a 3-day tour and a 6-day tour on with my roadie. The Seymour 45 panniers let me hold a tent, a sleeping bag, and a bunch of other various items.

u/Janununuh · 2 pointsr/bikewrench

The seat clamp is a good option. Another choice is a rack that attaches to the caliper mount, like the Axiom Streamliner, but I'm not sure if that will interfere with your brakes or not.

u/thefourthchipmunk · 2 pointsr/bikecommuting

I think I have that rack, this is my rack

Axiom DLX Streamliner Road Cycle Rack, Black

I have it on my carbon road bike. With a stopwatch it took me five minutes to take on or off, and so when I ride with other people I take it off so they don't give me funny looks :)

u/AimForTheAce · 2 pointsr/bikecommuting

If you get it for free, and no fenders, rack and want them, I recommend to take it to a local bike shop (LBS) and make sure everything is in working order. I'd darn make sure that the brake pads are good. Moving is one thing but I'd really like to be able to stop well.

At a LBS, ask about fenders and rack. They aren't that expensive and let them install if you are not sure.

If you want to do it by yourself, there are million options on-line. Since it's a classic roadie, if I were you, I'd get a handsome bike's 35mm fenders and Aixom Streamliner rack.

I cannot tell from the pic. Are there eyelets on the front fork and rear dropout? If so, it's a piece of case to install by yourself. If not, your option is rather limited. Prob. SKS race blade is the only option but streamliner rack would still work with the axle adapter.

u/cinemafia · 2 pointsr/bikewrench

I use one of these on my Trek, it mounts via the brake caliper screw and the rear wheel's skewer, so it will work on any road bike, and can actually support a good deal of weight.

u/Krackor · 2 pointsr/cycling

Here's the Axiom rack mentioned by parent comment. It attaches at the skewer and rear brake post, so no special mounting equipment needed. I have one and have used it for two multi-day tours with no major issues. The short chainstays on racing bikes can potentially cause some interference between your heel and the front of your panniers depending on how big the panniers are and how far forward they are clipped on, but it's not that big a deal.

u/geckoblue545 · 2 pointsr/whichbike

Option A that goes against N+1: Crud roadracer 2 fenders and an Axiom Streamliner rack.

Option B: N+1 Cross bike/ light tourer/ randonneur. Unless your stem is slammed on a short headtube race geometry bike you should be able to replicate your current position on a new bike relatively easily. While considering N+1 also consider disc brakes and wider tires.

u/802bikeguy_com · 1 pointr/cycling

Axiom streamliner road dlx. Mounts to brake bridge.

u/BearsEatPeople · 1 pointr/bicycling
u/MovingNorthFast · 1 pointr/bikecommuting
u/jzwinck · 1 pointr/cycling

No, but here is a minimal rear rack that would work:

u/kirbyderwood · 1 pointr/bicycletouring

This rack will work. Best $30 bucks you'll spend: