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Baoer Cardboard Valencia Quality 3d Virtual Reality Glasses
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8 Reddit comments about Baoer Cardboard Valencia Quality 3d Virtual Reality Glasses:

u/Aergor · 2 pointsr/skyrim

If you have an android 4.1 or higher phone, you can get a VR headset for <$10

u/melnair · 2 pointsr/MotoX

i purchased this one from Amazon as a gift and accidentally ordered two. Decide to keep the extra, and i got to say that this is the best thing i have purchased in a long while. The X sticks out a little but it works great! Everyone who i have showed it to has been completely floored by it and 2 people are actually going to get the X as a direct result of playing with Cardboard and the Spotlight app.
The X does get a little warm if i use it for a long time but i have had no issues other than that.

The one i got works great other than the double-sided tape they use is kinda lame so i added a more robust tape but other than that i absolutely love it . Also, i used a penknife to score the pulltab before pulling it because the perforations seemed a little shallow. A bunch of people are getting this from me as Christmas gifts.

u/Super_Dork_42 · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon
  • There's this so I can prove what happened in accidents while cycling in this unfriendly town, or this because it's super nifty and far cheaper.
  • I'll tell you three things and at least one of them (but not all of them) will be true.

  1. I am asexual and used to go around educating people on Twitter by the name of Asexual Batman while wearing a mask batman cowl made of a plastic bag, cardboard, and duct tape.
  2. I am a black guy from the Netherlands with albinism.
  3. I have nearly drowned, for sure gotten heat exhaustion and nearly heatstroke, frozen to 'death' (under doctor supervision), nearly electrocuted myself, nearly smashed my head open on ice, exploded myself using a barbeque, and fallen down a flight of wood stairs onto a concrete floor, and I'm only 28.

    ^^^^^^^^^I ^^^^^^^^already ^^^^^^^^do.
u/Gomets51 · 1 pointr/historyteachers

I got this one

u/Phaedrus0230 · 1 pointr/EliteDangerous

Google Cardboard is a pretty sick tech demo, but its not something I want to use for as long as I want to play ED haha. That link actually details setup for ED specifically, and it most certainly includes headtracking! Although mine slowly drifts to the left, which is pretty annoying. You can actually use the application to stream anything, and it can do "fake 3d" so you can take any random media file and play it on a virtualized big screen.

If you're interested in VR and have a decent phone, check it out. You can get a variety of headsets that accomplish the same thing, or make your own out of cardboard! They have some nice ones that have headstraps and everything though. Well worth a couple bucks to get a taste of VR. I'm so very tempted to get a rift, but I'm trying to wait for the consumer version. The app is free to try it out, but it'll stop after 10 minutes unless you pay for the full version ($6 and change... worth it again.) I'll warn you though, text is basically unreadable and I haven't quite gotten the aspect ratio right, but these things are correctable. I'm using a nexus 4 with it, but I'm sure its better on newer phones with higher resolutions.

I've found some print-outs (like this one), but I'm a fan of tailoring it to my own needs. I may take a look for ideas though.

u/fudorekz12 · 1 pointr/oculus

If you own a smartphone, you can get the cardboard VR for less $5-$10. Download couple VR apps from the app store and experience a RIFT like virtual reality.

Here's one at amazon:

u/masonery123 · 1 pointr/LGG3

Did it come yet? I am planning on buying this, but there are 6 hours left in the deal, so I want to get naow.
I just don't want to get one with sucky lenses and flimsy cardboard.
Is it worth it?

EDIT: I do have an amazon gift card... Would it be best to go for this instead
or to spring for this, i have the cash in gift card balance.
i mean, it ends up like 5 bucks more for a better quality item, but does it really matter with these things?