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Bar Keepers Friend Powdered Cleanser 21-Ounces (2-Pack)
NEW LOOK, SAME FORMULA. Cleans and Polish. As a bleach-free product, this cleanser is an ideal stainless steel cleaner and can easily remove rust, tarnish, mineral deposits, and tough stains from most surfaces.SURFACES: Stainless Steel, Porcelain, Ceramic, Copper Alloys, Fiberglass, Corian, Brass, Bronze, Chrome, Aluminum.KITCHEN: Sinks, Cookware, Stove cooktops and exteriors, Countertops (non-stone), Backsplashes, Porcelain or Ceramic Dishes, Drained Floors.BATHROOM: Sinks, Bathtubs, and Showers, Faucets, Toilets, Tile, and Grout.OUTDOORS: Rust Stains, Plant and Pollution Grime, Vehicles and Boats (test first), Siding, Grills, Tools, Sporting Equipment.
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11 Reddit comments about Bar Keepers Friend Powdered Cleanser 21-Ounces (2-Pack):

u/wannagetbaked · 23 pointsr/Cooking

find yourself some barkeepers friend

get about a teaspoon of powder with an equal amount of water and make a paste. Work it into the burn marks and leave it overnight. should loosen it up really good.

Alternatively you could use some steel wool and elbow grease, but that might scrape off your nonstick coating.

u/BreakfastX · 19 pointsr/KitchenConfidential

Not OP, but Barkeeper's friend is a miracle product for otherwise completely destroyed stainless steel cookware.

Barkeeper's Friend Powder Cleanser, 21 oz-2 pack

u/hmspain · 11 pointsr/teslamotors

We need more of these types of do-it-yourself tips, thank you!

More details with a list of materials and links (Amazon?) please :-).

I might have tried Bar Keepers Friend :-).

u/smacc27 · 6 pointsr/GolfGTI

Bar Keepers Friend Powdered Cleanser 21-Ounces (2-Pack)

Helps clean the exhaust tips

u/khaleesibrink · 4 pointsr/howto
u/lauramoncur · 3 pointsr/howto

Barkeepers Friend: Bar Keepers Friend Powdered Cleanser 21-Ounces (2-Pack)

u/msstatelp · 2 pointsr/Cartalk

get some Bon Ami powder cleaner or Bar Keepers Friend. Use with lots of water and see if that will take it off. It MUST be one of those two. DO NOT USE COMET OR ANY OTHER POWDERED CLEANER IT WILL SCRATCH YOUR GLASS. You can find it at Walmart or Target or any major retailer.

u/solzhen · 1 pointr/CampingGear

That'll work. Or Barkeeper's Friend.

u/_Silent_Bob_ · 1 pointr/castiron

This is the one I use:

u/sords · 1 pointr/Flipping

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This things pretty handy. Is it the device that's broken or are my batteries dead:

scotty peeler

goo gone

barkeepers friend

magnifiying glass with light good for looking at little markings or tiny text

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