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Barnoculars Binocular Flask
Fluid Capacity 480ml / 16ozsBeer Capacity 1.4 beersShot Capacity 13 shotsWine Capacity 0.6 bottles of wineA true drinking classic! This 2-chamber liquor flask disguised as binoculars holds 16oz (13 shots) of your favorite drink. It comes complete with a shoulder strap, funnel, and gift box.
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u/polarbobbear · 21 pointsr/drunk
u/JugglerCameron · 9 pointsr/funny

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u/Guard_Puma · 7 pointsr/formula1

Tip #1 for keeping it cheap: get GA tickets. In my experience and that of many people I've spoken with, yeah the grand stands are nice, but just not enough to be worth the jump in price. Just bring a folding chair, and spend the early weekend exploring the track and finding a good viewing area in the grass, then post up early on race day with one of these:
Looking forward to my first Montreal GP next year as well!

u/mettlemetal · 4 pointsr/Winnipeg

Maybe try using a pair of Barnoculars.

u/Spartan094 · 2 pointsr/news

> Not using Barnoculars

u/yojimbo124 · 1 pointr/orangecounty
u/fine_judge_me_reddit · 1 pointr/drunk