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Barron's Military Flight Aptitude Tests, 3rd Edition
Barron s Educational Series
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6 Reddit comments about Barron's Military Flight Aptitude Tests, 3rd Edition:

u/Superkeys · 6 pointsr/aviation

There's really good test prep on Amazon. They update the test all the time so it's not the same as when I took it, but I had a lot of success using just the books on Amazon. I'm sure they'll help you too.

Also, STUDY AVIATION HISTORY and just geek out on airplanes. I had a solid 7-10 questions like

>which on of these has a propeller? A-320, A-6, C-17, or C-130

>how many apollo missions were there? 15, 16, 17, or 18

free points.

u/[deleted] · 2 pointsr/airforceots

You should study more and take it again in 6 months. I think thats the minimum wait time between tests. Go to a public library and find as many books as you can. Grab an ASVAB book to help prep too because it can give you some more help with the vocab and reading sections as well as breaking down a lot of the math sections in a simpler way. I saved a lot of money on books using my local library and only ended up buying the Barron's book.

As far as books:
Barrons: probably the best out of the one's I've used.
Peterson's -
Good for extra practice.

Download the two magoosh vocab apps for the GRE/SAT/GMAT. I think they're more for the GRE/GMAT but they will help a lot for the vocab sections.

Use Khan Academy to help prep for math. I used the Algebra Basics course on there to review math as well as the GMAT prep.

Good luck and you can do this to help get those scores up! This is just the stuff I've been doing to prep for my AFOQT and I take it in about three weeks.

u/dmg_inc · 1 pointr/AirForce

I would follow up with your recruiter, there should not be that much hang time.

I studied using 2 books and a lot of random YouTube videos.


    I'm at the end of the process. My package is submitted and now all that's left is to hear back a yes or a no.

    There's a lot more than just a test and then a board. You are building a package. The package consists of:
  3. AFOQT Scores
  4. TBAS Scores (ABM/CSO/PCSM)
  5. 3-5 Letters of rec
  6. Officer interview and grading
  7. A large PDF application with your work and leadership experience, achievements, education, that sort of stuff, and then your personal statement.

    Generally it goes something like this: AFOQT -> 1 month later -> TBAS -> 1 or 2 months later -> MEPS for initial screening (since you want to be a pilot) -> 1-2 weeks before board cutoff -> Commander interview.

    Having no flying hours won't necessarily hurt you, but it doesn't help. Even just a few discovery flights will do wonders for your PCSM score.
u/USS_Slowpoke · 1 pointr/AirForce

Currently looking to buy the following to study for my AFOQT:

This one

Maybe this one

Or this one

Which one do you all recommend?

u/travasky · 1 pointr/AirForce

Here's what Ive used so far:

Keep in mind those sources have practice tests and content geared towards the older Form-S exam which is no longer relevant. For example, rotated blocks and hidden figures sections no longer apply. Also, the table reading section uses really small tables. From what I gather the tables used on the actual test are much larger grids. The instrument comprehension pictures look like ink blot tests they're so poorly rendered. MOST of what is in those books will help regardless. But in order to get a better idea of what exactly is on the new Form-T test you should look at the study materials provided here:

Another tip, you'll find that if you study a lot you may run out of good practice materials and begin to remember answers to the content available. A huge help in that regard and also in brushing up on general math (which for me is the most difficult. Its been 7 years since college math) is the GRE exam prep guides. This one in particular covers what you should be comfortable with math wise and has practice questions that are extremely similar to what youll see in the practice tests and prep books:

Good luck!