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BDF BLKT Window Film Blackout Privacy (36
TOTAL AND COMPLETE DARKNESS that blacks out your windows to let absolutely no light through.EXCELLENT 24/7 PRIVACY for rooms that require absolute view-shielding, making it perfect if you don't want anyone to see through your window or glass partition.STRONG ADHESIVES to last many years. For easier installation, remember to use A LOT of soap/water mixture to soak both the adhesive side and window. NOT RECOMMENDED for DUAL PANE WINDOWS.HIGH QUALITY PERFORMANCE films that are sensitive by nature. Please remember to take caution when handling the film as the slightest fold will create a permanent wrinkle.FREE TOOLS AND EASY INSTALLATION GUIDE to make installation DIY-friendly. Make sure window surface is completely clean and absolutely free of any blemishes.
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8 Reddit comments about BDF BLKT Window Film Blackout Privacy (36" x 6Ft):

u/Caterpillarcait · 20 pointsr/Parenting

Window privacy film. You can get it in blackout or pretty designs that are semi transparent.

u/nightshifter · 3 pointsr/HomeImprovement

Used this on the inside of my windows. You can't tell from the outside like you can with foil.

u/jbrake · 2 pointsr/SaltLakeCity

I put up blackout tint on my car when I have to leave it unattended for a while. It removes easily with warm water and soap. Coupled with a dashboard shield and I've never had problems in UT, SC, or MO.

u/jynnjynn · 1 pointr/DIY

I work nights and use this on my bedroom windows. Works great, and wasn't difficult to apply.

u/wittyisland · 1 pointr/beyondthebump

We got blackout shades, but it still ended up being fairly bright in my son's room due to it filtering through the top (where the curtain rod held the curtains) and at the bottom.

We ended up going with this option, and it's been fantastic:

u/irspeshal · 1 pointr/pcmasterrace

sad. is only a personal preference anyway. you do what works for you!

but... if you're interested...

u/whilbie · 1 pointr/quittingkratom

Get this shit for your windows:

u/Lawlessninja · 1 pointr/hometheater

This stuff works really well if you NEVER look out the windows.

Just know it's going to be 100% no one sees anything in or out. It's not like tint, it's like vinyl with 100% opacity.