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Beer & Soda Guzzler Helmet - Drinking Hat By EZ Drinker (Red)
Beer and Soda Drinking HelmetHolds 2 BeveragesOne Size Fits Most IndividualsYellow ColorBy EZ Drinker
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36 Reddit comments about Beer & Soda Guzzler Helmet - Drinking Hat By EZ Drinker (Red):

u/R3ddit_Is_Trash · 223 pointsr/mildlyinteresting

Friend, there are better solutions that dont risk your laptop

u/iamnotanaxmurderer · 109 pointsr/Firefighting

Oh my god this is gonna be fun.

One. Lose your rope. All the time.

Two. Forget to put on your nomex.

Three. Show up late.

Four. Unshaven.

Five. While hungover.

Six. Talk back to the instructor.

Seven. Be afraid of heights.

Eight. Be afraid of water.

Eight A: Be claustrophobic.

Nine. Refer to the instructor by their first name

Ten. Bring beer to class.

Eleven. Bring enough for everyone.

Twelve. Replace your instructors helmet with this.

Thirteen. Make sure the beer in the helmet is warm.

Fourteen. Now that you have a cool helmet, wear your instructors helmet.

Fifteen. Fuck with peoples gear.

Sixteen. Fuck with peoples rope.

Seventeen. Belt out “I’m all out of love I’m so lost without you” when the instructor asks you if you know your air supply.

(That one cost me 100 push ups. Worth it.)

Eighteen: Give the instructor a nickname.

Eighteen A: Make sure they hear you.

Nineteen: throw out your textbook you won’t need to read then after the first day.

Twenty. Steal a fire truck.

Twenty one. Steal a fire engine.

Twenty two. Steal a quint.

Twenty three. Steal a squirt.

Twenty four. Steal a tender.

Twenty five. Steal a tanker.

Twenty six. Play keep away with the fat kids par tag

Twenty seven. Remove all gaskets from couplings.

u/MyUsernameIsJudge · 28 pointsr/frugalmalefashion

Since I've got no hat but two coupons for WD-40, what about wearing this hat:

With a can of WD-40 on each side?

Paired with Uniqlo OCBD, Chinos, and CDB's.

u/deviousfalcon67 · 15 pointsr/Overwatch

Should've told him to put it on the table in front of him and drink it from a straw. :)

Or buy a beer hat

u/Guysmiley777 · 12 pointsr/videos

> I'd have to stop to drink.

Say whaaaaat?

u/fergusoncommaturd · 7 pointsr/Authentic_Vaping

What about this helmet, but with mods not beers (or one of each, I guess)

u/Thor_of_Richmond · 4 pointsr/lawschooladmissions

Worried about not being able to drink with your hands full mixing? I’ve got you bro. This ought to do it

u/gaz2600 · 4 pointsr/Norse

There is a bit of truth to every myth, I think it was the beer hat of the time.

u/askvictor · 4 pointsr/melbourne

Solution is simple: wear one of these during your haircut:

u/sevenlegsurprise · 4 pointsr/oculus
u/QuellSpeller · 4 pointsr/boardgames

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u/Gonadventure · 3 pointsr/Ice_Poseidon
u/touchable · 3 pointsr/canucks

I don't have a ball cap, would one of these be okay?

u/AngryBarista · 3 pointsr/amazon
u/MiamiPower · 3 pointsr/Military
u/RebirthOfCool · 2 pointsr/shutupandtakemymoney

I prefer the beer hat. I don't really know how to describe it, but it looks like this.

u/zzzpoohzzz · 2 pointsr/nfl
u/Ignore_User_Name · 2 pointsr/anime

>28th century

Nah.. we already have this one

though maybe it will need 28th century technology to make it look not stupud

u/cdub384 · 2 pointsr/pcmasterrace

It might take some adjustment, but I found a solution for you:

u/FlyTrap50 · 2 pointsr/AskLE

Slap a city emblem on this and you are good to go!

u/konkeydong · 2 pointsr/SaltLakeCity

VR goggles, drone and beer helmet

u/RedLeader7 · 2 pointsr/perth

There's no need to be stupid about this. These have been around for years :

u/IronclawFTW · 2 pointsr/oculus

For beverages I actually sometimes use this. Mainly for driving and other games where I don't have to move a lot, as it could be get fizzy/foamy.

u/wheatgrain · 1 pointr/twitchplayspokemon
u/OathOfFeanor · 1 pointr/gaming

If you forgot your Gaming Helmet then you're on your own

u/droomph · 1 pointr/runescape

I'd like to see this for the potion drink-other.

u/KaltatheNobleMind · 1 pointr/therewasanattempt

In a blunder of archeology they basically said Vikings wore this:

u/Tyrox1 · 1 pointr/boardgames

You didn't say it had to look good, did you?

Good, because this is pretty rad and should solve all your problems. You won't be playing Lift it! with it though, that would kinda look silly.

u/ManVanStaal · 1 pointr/tifu

Have fun and be safe!

u/Siegfoult · 1 pointr/Vive
u/JahBEoneKenobi · 1 pointr/PSVR