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Belkin Hands-Free Bluetooth CarAudio Connect Aux
Designed for all Versions of iPhone, iPad, iPad mini, iPod, iPod nano, iPod touch and Android SmartphonesMicro CLA power adapter with USB power portAux In connectionSeamlessly switches between incoming calls and musicBluetooth wireless technologyEcho cancelling microphoneBluetooth wireless technologySeamlessly switches between incoming calls and musicEcho cancelling microphoneAux In connectionMicro CLA power adapter with USB power port
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u/twilightpanda · 12 pointsr/gadgets

yes! I have that! hold on let me find it

is this what you're looking for?

u/devinepope · 6 pointsr/gadgets

I did this in my '08 Chevy impala. Use this:

All you have to do is plug in the cigarette lighter the and the aux plug. Read the instructions. It's fairly simple and useful. Also it can answer calls so you don't have to switch between stuff.

For extra win you can grab an NFC tag and you can program it to connect your phone and any other phone to it automatically so your friends and use their music if you want.

Source: my setup

If you have any questions whatsoever feel free to ask!! :-)

u/imprl59 · 5 pointsr/Advice

The 08 Toyota has an aux port. Just get a bluetooth module that connects to that. If you want a newer car then work this summer and save your money then you'll have a decent down payment to buy one for yourself. The better your down payment the lower the interest rate for someone young without much credit history.

u/catmandont · 5 pointsr/nexus4

Check this out on AMZN:

Belkin Bluetooth Car Hands-Free Kit for Apple iPod, Apple iPhone, BlackBerry,and Android Smartphones, US Version

u/disillusionedJack · 4 pointsr/gadgets

Better Amazon link

I'm not sure if yours was a mobile link, or it's just my browser, just trying to help people out, hope I didn't offend.

u/YoderinLanc · 3 pointsr/lancaster

I just did this a couple months ago in my girlfriends car. She just bought a 2007 Honda Accord which did not have an input, so I installed one for her birthday. It's super easy. Note: The 2003 is the same setup as the 2007.

u/WillsMyth · 3 pointsr/BuyItForLife

Get this. I've had it for over a year in my Cadillac and it works perfectly. Whenever you hop in just push the button and it's ready. The built in mic makes the speaker phone flawless too.

Belkin Hands-Free Bluetooth Car Kit for Apple iPod, Apple iPhone, BlackBerry,and Android Smartphones, US Version

u/kakanczu · 3 pointsr/shutupandtakemymoney

I currently use this Belkin, but I think this one that came out more recently is better.

With the Belkin, I get in the car press the button and it will connect in about 1-2 seconds. I then press it again and it will launch whatever I used last to play audio (Google Music or PocketCast for me). I use it everyday. Really nice to not have to take your phone out of your pocket, take your gloves off, and mess with the phone before driving.

It also leaves the phone "wireless" so I can put it on the magnetic car dock without messing with cables, especially since the phone jack on my phone is on the top.

u/miatamanreturns · 3 pointsr/mazda3

I used this guy for that and it was great. I stuck the little puck over the cigarette lighter hole and ran the wiring under the console and up into the storage compartment to connect to the 12V and aux there. You'll need a ground loop isolator as well otherwise as you RWC you'll hear alternator whine, something like

u/smithdorm · 3 pointsr/Nexus5

I have a Flexsmart in my car, since I have no aux-in and I installed a Belkin in my wife's since she does have an aux port. They both work well, however the Belkin does sound better and seems to connect more reliably than the Flexsmart.

u/Chaosphere_ · 2 pointsr/windowsphone

It works great. When I get a text my music pauses and it asks me if I want the text read or ignore. I don't have to press the Bluetooth button or the phone. It's completely hands free. After it reads it to me it asks if I want to respond. If I say yes then it waits for my message then it shows me the message and asks if I want to retry or send. AFAIK WP is the only one that is completely hands free for this. iOS and Android require you to press the button. You never have to touch the phone or the Bluetooth button when someone texts you. If you want to send a text you just press and hold the button for a few seconds then voice control kicks in. You can say who to send it to and what the message is by voice alone. I love it.

Edit: This is what I have.

u/quietcore · 2 pointsr/Android

Belkin Bluetooth Car Adapter works great.

When i'm not in my car i use a rocketfish bluetooth headset

u/azrael13666 · 1 pointr/Android

i bought this and it works great

u/thebiglachovsky · 1 pointr/Android
u/buffalobagpiper · 1 pointr/MotoX

Her car does not have bluetooth, however I got her this. I didn't realize it had that ability built right in thats awesome! She's not against using voice commands so hopefully I can teach her how to reply handsfree.

u/iSandwich · 1 pointr/gadgets
u/hooch · 1 pointr/MINI

Ah, I was unaware as I drive a 2008. I use this Belkin Bluetooth dongle, which works flawlessly.

u/delorean623 · 1 pointr/S7Edge

Do you have it plugged in to a charger? My 08 Chevy 1500 would do what you're describing if I was charging the phone. I fixed it by getting this Bluetooth adapter

Edit: missed you saying it was while charging the first time around. It's not the phones fault, it's due to the way your car is wired.

u/skagmire · 1 pointr/prius

I've got a 2008 Prius that I've added bluetooth with out replacing the stock stereo. I bought this Belkin hands free kit purchase link and I was able to attach the button portion to the center of my stereo below the CD slot and then route the cables to AC vent then down underneath the carpet and into the center console where there is a AUX port and a power adapter. I'm not sure if the AUX port is standard in that year range. The setup works really well for me, its as simple as double tapping the button after you start the car. You can also control the music a bit with the button itself. The audio quality is decent but a noise isolator is basically a requirement for using the AUX port in a Prius. It probably took me an hour or so and I only needed a screw driver. Only the part of the dash with the vent had to be removed and a little bit of fiddling with the center console (I put the cables under the carpet).

u/Kralizec555 · 1 pointr/nexus4

As others have suggested, if it's a slightly older model it is possible that the built-in bluetooth will only support phone calls and not media. If that is the case, you will need to seek another route.

Just my two cents, if your car has an auxiliary audio in jack (looks like a headphone jack), then you can use a bluetooth adapter to wirelessly stream audio rather than plugging in every time. I use this model in my car and it works beautifully.

u/jasopen · 1 pointr/iphone

Just an FYI, the 30 pin to lightning adapter from Apple actually contains a Digital to Analog converter chip, as analog audio is not available on the lightning port. That's one reason why it seems overpriced.

What I did was actually get one of these:

The audio goes Bluetooth to the device and the to the aux port of the radio. The main benefit is that for short trips I can play a song or two without even taking the phone out of my pocket.

u/marcsupial · 1 pointr/iphone

I was in your same shoes about a year ago. The market for these devices has evolved considerably since then.

I personally own and use this one from Belkin:
Belkin Hands-Free Bluetooth Car Kit for Apple iPod, Apple iPhone, BlackBerry,and Android Smartphones, US Version

Like I said, I purchased that a year ago tho.

Recently I purchased this one for a friend:
Kinivo BTC450 Bluetooth Hands-Free Car Kit for Cars with Aux Input Jack (3.5 mm) - supports aptX

Its a little nicer in that it has navigation controls on top. The Belkin one requires multiple taps of a button for navigation and I have found it is hit or miss.

Here is one that is a little more discrete but doesn't have the USB port the others do that allow you to charge your phone:
Griffin Technology BlueTrip AUX for iPhone and Smartphones

Hope this helps!

u/Axeavius · 1 pointr/htcone

My car is weird about bluetooth (it only does phone calls), so I've strongly considered getting that HTC Bluetooth Clip thingy. But, to be honest, I'd probably go with something like this Belkin Bluetooth Car Kit (currently $44.79 on Amazon). It hooks up to your aux input and you transmit your music to it via bluetooth. The only downside is that you wouldn't get track information like you would with connecting directly to your stereo via bluetooth.

On a side note, I do have the Belkin Bluetooth Music Receiver (currently $20.09 on Amazon). It's the same concept but for home use. I have it hooked up to one of the inputs on my receiver, and any of my bluetooth-enabled devices (HTC One, iPhone, MacBook Air) can connect to it. It's super convenient!

u/purebishop · 1 pointr/techsupport

I have this one and it functions perfectly with my android devices. Based upon the description of yours (and the reviews), I'd expect it to also work with android devices. If yours doesn't, return it or work with Belkin support.

u/oomatter · 1 pointr/GalaxyNexus

I've been using this

It works pretty well but I plan to get a nfc tag for my car mount to automatically turn on bt when it's mounted to streamline the process.

u/mrbrown2195 · 1 pointr/prius

Prior to a time when I replaced my head unit, I used a Belkin device that seems to meet most of the specifications you are seeking. Tracks are controlled by hitting the button a specific number of times (once to start and stop, twice to move forward, I don't remember for going back):

Belkin Hands-Free Bluetooth Car Kit for All Versions of iPhone, iPad, iPad mini, iPod, iPod nano, iPod touch and Android Smartphones

u/cranktheguy · 1 pointr/Android

I actually have the receiver from the ajsnoopy's link, and it comes with a wall plug. This one is from the same brand and is made for cars (it plugs into cig power adapter and handles phone audio- unlike ajsnoopy's).

u/BarkusSnarkus · 1 pointr/LGG3
u/syth9 · 1 pointr/AdviceAnimals
u/jorji · 1 pointr/cars

It's fun as hell do drive, especially in town. I love that it was designed by engineers who were aware that horsepower is not a be all end all. I live in Pittsburgh and can accellerate onto the parkway and up hills as fast as my lead-foot desires, and it's really a joy to throw into a curve.

Before picking the two, I test drove a Fiesta, a Fit, a Soul, and an SX4. I'd have added the Chevy Cruze to the mix, but I wanted a hatchback and wasn't willing to wait for the 2012s to become available. The Fit and Soul were both roomy, but under-powered. The Fiesta had a numb shifter, the SX4 had a too-lightly sprung accelerator, and the Soul's shifter was placed so closely to the seat that I found myself banging my elbow against the seat every time I changed gears.

My only complaints with the Mazda2 are that the gap between 1st and 2nd gear is big, and it is less than desirable for tall people, which is actually not my problem: I'm 5'11, but most of that is leg, and the Mazda2 has great leg room for its size. Also, they managed to put speed-sensitive volume adjustment, 2 trip computers, a fuel economy computer, and an ambient temperature display in it, but no bluetooth. I ended up buying one of these.

u/medikit · 0 pointsr/apple

I usually hate and avoid Belkin.

However, I purchased this thing and it is awesome:

u/Made_in_Murica · 0 pointsr/technology

You're welcome. If you can afford a $650+ phone you can afford $40 to put bluetooth in your car.