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Bernzomatic TS4000 Trigger Start Torch
TRIGGER START - Trigger start torch for ease of lighting, instant on/off trigger increases fuel savings.DURABLE - Stainless steel burn tube, cast aluminum body, brass burn tip.HIGH PERFORMANCE - Pressure regulation allows the flame to burn in any direction and ensures consistent performance.SWIRL FLAME - This head produces a swirl flame and burns propane or mapp gas.MADE IN USA - Built in the United States,Weighs 1.3 pounds; provides 1-year limited warranty
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16 Reddit comments about Bernzomatic TS4000 Trigger Start Torch:

u/kclo4 · 5 pointsr/fireworks

I do a back yard show too and I find the board method too cumbersome. I now use the duct tape/bag/stake method.

  1. Duct tape: You've googled 4 cakes that you could hypothetically stick together because they "jive well". Duct tape them together with the fuses facing outward. Fuse so they all go off at once, or fuse in series. Use different speeds to accomplish your goal. You now have the stability of four cakes all in one. Gluing to a board is too much effort for me.
  2. Bag: get a garbage bag over the whole thing once fused and you have a waterproof cake pod ready to go.
  3. Stake: (IMO optional) Wrap Duct tape around the bag and stake to the ground for added stability

    Not a fan of roman candles. Dont waste your money.

    Make sure you test your fuse and know what speed it burns. My white fuse burns super fast. My green fuse burns faster than my yellow. My yellow burns much faster than the Pink. The pink is slower than the Shiny green fuse. That wasn't always the case. My green fuse was always the slowest and yellow was the fastest.

    I also don't like the idea of reloading shells during the show. If you must, you can prep them by zip tying the fuses together in groups of 8 or so. Throw 8 in the tubes and light the bunch. Dont put your head over any part. Stick the rest of prepped shells in a ready box. A ready box is designed so it cannot be left open. You lift up the lid, grab a bunch, the box has a string so that closes itself after opening

    Invest in zip ties and metal tape. Use this to tie your fuse together.

    I cant begin to tell you how much I love these fuse cutters. This tool changed my fuse cutting life. I spit on scissors now.

    This fuse igniter will change your life. Lighters might as well be flint. Thats how next gen this is. Get some propane or MAPP

    This headlamp makes flashlights a thing of the past and changes your life. Make sure you get one that doesnt have a third strap along the top. If youre not using it you can wear your headlamp on your neck and not lose it.

    Also invest some money in some eye and ear protection. I can't tell you how many times I went to bed with a "reeee sound" in my ears, and have gotten pyro shit in my eyes.

    Build yourself some real racks if you're up for it. I just recently built myself some and it was a snap.
u/comfyhead · 3 pointsr/steak

I have this torch and use MAPP fuel. I would recommend:

  • Pat all of the surface dry; as dry as you can get it,
  • Brush a thin layer of butter to cover the entire surface (for bonus points, throw some goodies into the butter (shallots, garlic, thyme, etc.) while melting it),
  • Keep the flame moving at all times,
  • Hold the flame such that the very tip is touching the surface of the food,
  • Do multiple passes, instead of trying to get it dark the first time you visit a spot.
u/coheedcollapse · 3 pointsr/AskCulinary

Kind of off-topic, but if you end up needing a kitchen torch regularly, I'd suggest upgrading to something like this.

It'll run for what seems forever on a canister of propane camp fuel. Propane is a lot cheaper than butane as well.

Plus, it's a multitasker all around the house. I can go from finishing a sous vide steak to loosening the lug nuts on my car's tires. It has also replaced all the flaky lighters in my house.

u/infectedketchup · 2 pointsr/KitchenConfidential

unlimited budget? challenge accepted:

backup vitaprep base, multiple backup vitaprep tops. another robot coupe, with the extended housing and specialty blades. extra robot coupe blades. extra circulator or two. whatever size the professional kitchen aid mixers are these days - one of them, with all the gadgets and gizmos. depending on the size of the gear you have, large and small immersion blenders.

more pans. a few of something like these that will stay flat for searing fish. more pots. more plates. more plastic squeeze bottles. one or two of these. if you're also in charge of glasses and silver, more of that. more china caps. more chinoises.

more cambros. more lids. more 1/9,1/6, and 1/3 pans - deep and shallow, with enough false bottoms for all sizes to cover 25% of the pans. more pan spacers for the service coolers. more sheet trays. more 1/2 sheet trays - perforated and non perforated. more hotel and 1/2 hotel pans - 2, 4, and 6 inch; perforated and non perforated. more ladles, particularly 2oz and 4oz. more cutting boards. more buss tubs. more lexans, both perforated and non perforated. lids for those lexans.

if a tilt skillet can be a thing, one (or more) of them. or a steam jacket kettle. just something you can conveniently roll stocks in. garbage disposals in the dish pit. couple of blowtorches.

butcher's twine, cheesecloth, blue (or whatever color you choose) tape, sharpies, and pens - enough that finding any one of those items shouldn't be an issue. a case of bic lighters to keep in the office. more clipboards, because they're fucking useful.

u/bobotwf · 2 pointsr/AskCulinary

You're using one of those "kitchen" torches aren't you? They're garbage. Get a real torch and it'll be easy as can be.

Seriously. It's pretty much impossible to use those kitchen torches for anything beyond lighting candles.

u/jfrey_man · 1 pointr/Bladesmith

If I wanted to make a propane forge could I use this propane head ( ) and just attach it to the side of the forge or do I need something like a trigger start torch ( )?

I know this is a dumb question but I'm on a budget for my starter setup

u/ClandestineIntestine · 1 pointr/Blacksmith

This is the torch head I use for the MAPP gas. I bought a hose extension separately.

u/dankdabber · 1 pointr/CannabisExtracts

That's what I have. I've used a Newport torch as well which was nice for how small it was but it constantly needed to be refilled and took much longer to heat up my nail

u/BillDaCatt · 1 pointr/Blacksmith

As Aureolin22 said, I doubt the flowerpot would tolerate very many heating and cooling cycles before it broke. Have you considered doing the same thing but lining a small charcoal grill or a cheap steel wok instead?

Serious question: Why is propane not an option? Stores won't sell propane to you, or your parents won't let you?

I ask because you might have good luck making a small propane forge using a spiral flame propane torch, a small coffee can or large soup can, and a 50/50 mix of sand and Plaster of Paris. (refractory cement would probably work as well or better than the sand/plaster mix)

There was a post here on it a short while back. It seemed interesting so I built one myself just to see how well it worked. Turns out, it works pretty good! It won't produce welding temperatures, but it gets plenty hot for forging. It worked even better after I partially closed off the mouth of the forge with three pieces of firebrick. The one I made also has a 9/16" hole drilled through the back so that I can heat round stock up to 1/2" inch diameter anywhere along its length. I have used it twice now for about 30 minutes each time and I still have only used about half of the fuel in the tank. (I started with a full tank just to see how long it would last in one of these.)

If you are interested I can take some pictures of the one I made.

If coal or charcoal is your only option and you want to stay really cheap just dig a little hole and build your fire in the hole with your air pipe poking in from the side. (assuming the powers that be at home won't lose their minds over you digging a hole and you have a yard to dig in.)

u/Paridoth · 1 pointr/Beekeeping

Sorry just a little hand torch like this Bernzomatic TS4000 Trigger Start Torch

it will turn it to Ash then it will wipe off.

u/chorizobisque · 1 pointr/golf

Here is a

u/brad3378 · 1 pointr/Welding

It's a pretty damn good deal considering that those wimpy Bernzomatic torches sell for $50 on Amazon.

u/fuzzwell · 0 pointsr/Beekeeping

If you get the small propane torch, make sure to get the "clicker" kind that automatically light. This is the one I use.

It is SO nice to just click the button and shove the flame into the smoker and three seconds later it's lit perfectly.