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Layers of 1.5” memory foam and 2.5” high-density base foamIsolates motion transfer between sleep partnersHand-washable, polyester mesh, zippered coverCertiPUR-US certifiedIncludes 5-year manufacturer warranty
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4 Reddit comments about Best Price Mattress 4" Memory Foam Mattress Topper, Queen:

u/benjammin9292 · 5 pointsr/USMC

Protip : go to bed bath and beyond or order off amazon or wherever the fuck, and get a memory foam top layer like this

u/AskMeForADadJoke · 2 pointsr/TeardropTrailers

I have a 4” (2 1/2” of it is soft high density foam and 1 1/2” is memory foam”) and it is perfect and SO comfortable. Easily cut it to the shape of the space and it’s awesome.

This is it

u/CannabinoidAndroid · 1 pointr/CasualConversation

You might consider getting a memory foam topper for your bed in the interm. My grandmother's bed is about 20+ years old and has some painful areas. But the foam topper blunts most of these uncomfortable areas and makes her bed sleepable. Just something to consider. Also you might want to see about reducing the noise level in your room too. Thinks like computer towers, fans, etc. Can create a white noise that you ignore while awake but can affect your brain as you try to reach deep sleep.

Also FWIW I've heard that the brain's "sleep cycles" are 90 minutes long. That is once your asleep your brain takes about 45 minutes to hit it's most regenerative state, after which it slowly crawls back to "light" sleep. If you don't wake during light sleep it goes back for another deep cycle.

If a person is awoken during a deep cycle it's more jarring to the senses than waking up during the light side of the cycle. I am just relating what I've heard. Best of luck finding a better night's sleep. :)

u/itsmikeo · 1 pointr/TeardropTrailers

I bought this and absolutely LOVE it. I cut it to the shape of the inside of the teardrop and covered it with the shallowest fitted sheet I could find (9" deep) and its really, really comfortable. What I like about it a lot was there are two firmnesses put together into one mattress. Helps a lot with support.