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u/bellum_pax · 248 pointsr/evilbuildings

It was set to reopen in a limited capacity, with the expectation that it would be further renovated later. LSU, the school responsible for the facilities, convinced FEMA that the building ought to be a total write off and was effectively useless... despite being nearly ready for a limited reopening. For whatever reason FEMA complied, granting LSU a significant larger payout that they otherwise would have received, essentially funding building the current LSU downtown medical buildings. And Big Charity sits in the center of the downtown area now, vacant and unused

Edit: Here’s a documentary around the issue. It’s somewhat biased against LSU, but is generally reputable and make a decent enough case

u/cpqq · 16 pointsr/AbandonedPorn

> Big Charity

Here you go - Prime Link checking it out now.

Thanks for the heads up guys.

u/g-dragon · 3 pointsr/AbandonedPorn

> That aside, it's also possible they were already planning on building this and just accelerated the plans

that's exactly what they did. the documentary covers how it seemed some shadiness was going on with why the hospital wasn't immediately reopened when it could have been. it's about an hour long if you have the time to watch it.