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Bimeda Inc Chlorhexidine Solution gallon
GREAT FOR - use on dogs & horses for superficial cuts, abrasions, insect stings and moreFAST-ACTING antiseptic and antimicrobial disinfectantEFFECTIVE against bacteria, fungi, ringworm & yeastSAFE - Non-toxic, non-irritating formulaContains 2% Chlorhexidine Gluconate; Label may be different than shown
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5 Reddit comments about Bimeda Inc Chlorhexidine Solution gallon:

u/sejisoylam · 50 pointsr/dogs

Hi, pharmacy tech (for humans) here.

I noticed that the active ingredient in several of the shampoos/lotions/wipes you're using is chlorhexidine gluconate. Now I'm not sure if the strength is comparable, but that solution is available over the counter under the brand name Hibiclens (along with whatever store brands there might be). You can also buy a whole gallon of the stuff on Amazon for about $23 (I just googled the name of the chemical). I'm sure there's other ingredients in those expensive wipes, but if that's the only active ingredient, maybe it could save you a little money to buy it in bulk online!

Anyway, you're great for doing this for your animal and not just abandoning him! Kudos OP :)

Edit: here's the link to the product I found

u/EmeraldGirl · 2 pointsr/AskReddit

For anyone who is interested, look into chlorohexidine solution for cleaning up after the animals. You dilute it using water so a jug lasts forever, and it's much safer than bleach for animal boxes/cages/toys.

u/BarkWoof · 2 pointsr/dogs

I bought some Chlorhexidine Solution but since summer's gone and my dogs don't swim anymore we haven't needed to use it yet. So I can't vouch for it's efficacy unfortunately, but if you haven't tried something similar, it may be worth it.

Check out the reviews, especially the most top rated one about proper dilution.

u/Two_English_Bulldogs · 1 pointr/Bulldogs

The first piece of advice I always give people is: Go to the Vet. Seriously. Do it. Just because someone else on the internet says "Oh that looks like XYZ..." doesn't mean it is. After 4 years volunteering/fostering for a Bulldog Rescue and with two of my fosters currently dealing with paw/skin issues, I can tell you there's many things it could be. The two fosters paw issues look similar, but are two different things so they must be treated differently. One has Inter-Digital Cysts and MRSA, and the other has Demodex. Both treated differently. Yours could be an allergy, hotspot, anything really. So go to the Vet and depending on where you live, look for a Vet that specializes in Bulldogs. If you're in the Southern California area, I can recommend two of the best.

Secondly, buy your self this stuff I'm going to link. You can use it for all sorts of things: Paw soaks, wrinkle cleaning, treating/cleaning of wounds, etc. This gallon bottle will last you at least a year, where as the 16oz bottle you'd get from a Vet wouldn't and could cost up to twice the price of the gallon. (My apologies for the link length/formatting, I'm in mobile.)