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u/UCLAKoolman · 11 pointsr/Bioshock

Just ordered it for $5.72 on Amazon with 2-day prime shipping! My wife absolutely loves both reading and bioshock, so I can't wait to see the look on her face when this arrives.

u/Oxygen25 · 10 pointsr/MostBeautiful

specifically the cover for the book: Bioshock:Rapture

u/toxicsnicker · 9 pointsr/Bioshock

In case anyone is interested, this is the cover to "Bioshock: Rapture" by John Shirley. Great book. Link:

u/Ingonzowetrust · 8 pointsr/booksuggestions

I’m a big fan of the series and lore. Have you read Rapture ? It is the prequel Bioshock. Its a fantastic read, even for those who aren’t into video games.

u/Nofacemanifesto · 7 pointsr/Bioshock

Actually if you're interested there is a book that is suppose to pertain to leading up to rapture. How it was built and what not.

Check it out

u/CallofTraviss · 7 pointsr/Bioshock
u/devianaut · 7 pointsr/gaming

might I recommend the excellent bioshock rapture by john shirley?! believe it or not, the audiobook is quite good as well; narrator seems to shift his accent to mold to each decade the chapters take place in. i truly enjoyed both mediums. great prequel story to jump into, as long as you've played some of the games.

u/dinosauriac · 4 pointsr/Bioshock

Tried reading the book?
It's pretty good if you're super into the lore, even if the writing isn't top notch. Ken Levine gave it his blessing...

u/0xtobit · 3 pointsr/BioshockInfinite

It's probably worth mentioning Bioshock: Rapture. A book that details more about the first game.

u/blackraven36 · 3 pointsr/gaming

On a side note to anyone who really likes the Bioshock series, the book is really good.

u/soulofgranola · 3 pointsr/books

Oh! I love that. Rapture by John Shirley is a really neat read into the rise and demise of an underwater utopia-turned-dystopia. It really hits the nail on the head for your genre, and, you're right, I'd love to read more like it.

u/ShartingGoose · 3 pointsr/gaming

Just so you guys know, this is a cover from the book Rapture. Not a bad read.

u/WinterBlastard · 3 pointsr/gamingsuggestions

I personally consider the Bioshock series my favorite, and I absolutely loved Metro 2033 and Last Light, and I recommend you play both. The game isn't all that similar to Bioshock, but it shares a claustrophobic feel and the constant dangers that lurk around each corner. Metro 2033 does have a stealth element to it, while Bioshock doesn't really, so if you don't like stealth to some extent, I would stay away. Either way, both of the metro games are amazing and have good stories.

Also, you said you wanted to learn more about Bioshock. If you haven't already, I highly recommend the book Bioshock: Rapture. It gives some more insight to what went into building Rapture, and I found it very interesting because I also wanted to learn more about the games.

EDIT: I also would recommend Singularity to people who like the Bioshock games. It is heavily inspired by it and is in a very similar vein.

u/RedDelibird · 3 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon
  1. Done :D

  2. Link

  3. Because I read obnoxiously fast, I'm constantly needing something new to read.

  4. Buying a book is not about obtaining a possession, but about securing a portal.
u/chrisrobweeks · 2 pointsr/farcry

Cool, thanks! I wish more games had book companions. I read Bioshock: Rapture and thought it was very well written. And of course there's the F:NV graphic novel and the Witcher series. Are there any other good examples of books expanding on a VG universe?

u/Nevek_Green · 2 pointsr/Games

There is. Link

u/Plainjays · 2 pointsr/Bioshock

Definitely, after playing the whole series its nice to see it all come together as a whole! Don't worry I got you on the book info! Here's a actual link and what not : [Rapture the book] ( ) its fantastic book during the creation of rapture with all your favourite characters. You get to see alot of the universe in the book, also it uses alot of the dialogue that was used audio diaries within it. All of it is in written from Bill McDonagh's pov from the creation of rapture as a city to the fall of rapture as a city.

u/KniveySpoony · 2 pointsr/hockey

Ayyyyy glad to hear it! Bioshock 2 is very, very good. Don't pay heed to any revisionists you may hear from. The mechanics are all around much better and the DLC, Minerva's Den, is top ten in DLC history. Brilliantly done. The story is also great as are the characters. Makes the first game even better.

Whatever you do, save Infinite for last and its story DLC for after you beat it. Massive series spoilers.

Novels? Yo:

Phenomenal book. It's set before the first game, really gets you into what Rapture was like in peace times. If you want a similar kind of game, I recommend Soma. It's a one and done thing but a massive mind fuck and terrifying.

u/A11909 · 2 pointsr/movies

It was this one, been a while since I read it but I remember really enjoying it. It explains the story of how Rapture was made and how it became the place you see in the games.

u/nyan_dog · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

Happy Zambambo!

Thanks! Happy birthday!

u/IzzaSecret2Everybody · 2 pointsr/gaming


Did you know there's a Bioshock: Infinite tie-in in the Rapture book? Page 153, first paragraph refers to "Comstock Mines"! Pretty stinking creative of the author if you ask me.

Edited to pretty-up the link.

u/MrsHirni2012 · 1 pointr/suggestmeabook

I couldn't help but notice the video game-related titles on your list. If you played/enjoyed the original Bioshock game, I would recommend Rapture by John Shirley. Just one book, but I thought it was great.

Edit: My eyes completely skipped "series" for some reason...sorry about that. My recommendation stands, maybe as something to put on your "read later" list? I'll second the Dresden Files series. Again, sorry!

u/litttleowl · 1 pointr/CasualConversation

Oh wow that's crazy tounread that in fourth grade! I don't know if I could handled that so young. i could barely do it at 15!

I love them too! I love that you get to play through the second game as a Big Dadsy and get to interact with the Little Sisters more. It's really cool to explore Rapture from a different perspective. Is it this book. I have this book and have yet to read it. Did you not like the second one? Doesn't seem like many people do.

It is a lot, and a World History class should be broken down into like 5 classes or so cause that's a ridiculous amount of history to know. I also get mixed uo on differenr battles.-. There really is too much too remember, but finding one or two things that makes it fascinating or ar least stands out, always helped me remember the rest of the "story." Haha I've heard of that, I definitelt have the english/history brain. I can compehend most math, but science goes right over my head. I've always been envious of people who can actuallt understand science. High school does cram a lot way too fast. Going to college I was surprised at the difference in how there was less of a rush to learn it all.

u/disgruntledgaurdian · 1 pointr/gaming

There's a book called Bioshock: Rapture written by John Shirley which basically takes you through everything from the construction of Rapture up to the beginning of the first game. It's well written and he talked to the makers of Bioshock while writing.

u/NyanMario · 1 pointr/gaming

yea, the book "bioshock: Rapture" briefly how there are "rapture dollars" instead os us currency

u/Ghosthunter858 · 1 pointr/TrueAskReddit

Insanely good point.

There is a book that goes really deep into the history and story of rapture before you ever set foot into the game and gives insight into a lot of what you mentioned. Very good read if you get the chance

Amazon link:

I feel also like BioShock:Infinite delves a lot into the whole 'Lower vs High class' thing too with Comstock going full out armageddon on the Fitzroy resistance.

u/syxtfour · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

I've just finished playing both Bioshock 1 and 2 for the first time, back to back, and I've fallen in love with the franchise. I'd love to get this book so I can keep reading about Rapture.

u/Bill_the_Pony · 1 pointr/Bioshock

I recommend for anyone who hasn't and is interesting in the early days of Rapture, to read the book. Here's the link.

I just read it about a month ago, and it was really good.

u/Solracziad · 1 pointr/aww
u/Sieberella · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

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u/stevebri · 1 pointr/xbox360
u/zombie_loverboy · 1 pointr/gaming

There was a book written, a prequel to Bioshock 1, in which we see Andrew Ryan's descent into madness, a lot of the main characters, and how Rapture started out and became so messed up. Reading it really felt like playing the game, just the style they used. I recommend it.

BioShock: Rapture

u/fonse · 1 pointr/gaming

If you loved the setting of Rapture, you should check out the novel that recounts the rise and fall of the city.

u/SkoivanSchiem · 1 pointr/patientgamers

Worth emphasizing: If you are intrigued/interested by the story of Bioshock, seriously consider reading BioShock: Rapture by John Shirley. It's a prequel to the first Bioshock game. Not officially recognized as part of the canon, but Ken Levine served as a consultant so I think you can consider it pretty official.

It's good.

u/tolga7t · 1 pointr/movies

Are you thinking of this book? Because that looks really intriguing!

u/DEVOTK · 1 pointr/Bioshock

Giving a link to where to find it might help dude!

Also, can anyone recommend these two?

u/zeppelin1023 · 1 pointr/PS4

Jealous that you're enjoying them for the first time! When you finish the game, i highly recommend picking up the book it serves as a prequel to the first game and it's really great stuff.

u/emthepiemaker · 1 pointr/Bioshock

If you get a chance to read the rapture book they sort of talk about rapture when it was running. I would absolutely love to explore it

u/deusexnox · 1 pointr/Bioshock
u/SurrealEstate · 1 pointr/Bioshock

It's very well done, and follows the novelization very closely.

u/brijjen · 1 pointr/books

Start with shorter stories - much like running or anything else, there's an element of having to build yourself up to reading something longer like a novel. You could also try reading books that connect to the video games/movies/shows/etc that you like. It can be hard to get into a book if you don't care about the characters - but if they're from something you're already familiar with, it can be easier. If you're a fan of Bioshock, for example, there's a great book about how Rapture came to be.

Good luck! :)

u/Maxterchief99 · 1 pointr/CasualConversation

If you like video games and delving into backstories...

Bioshock: Rapture by John Shirley

Sci-Fi / Horror(?)

I particularly like it because it was able to capture the feel of the Bioshock series - dark, mysterious, dramatic and sometimes creepy. I love the fact that radical political ideologies come into play, and the story line is much deeper than most common video games out there. It enriches your experience for the series, and John's writing is easy to read.

u/specialk16 · 0 pointsr/gaming

This is precisely with I think places like /v/ have much better conversations than /r/gaming in general. Whenever a movie-videogame thread appears nobody goes into this "better-than-thou" attitude. Everybody knows it's a joke, everyone does it for fun. Nobody is trying to appear all smart and intellectual because they are repeating what's already obvious.

It really is fun to see people speculate about which actors would play which characters, for example.

Also, Bioshock:Rapture is proof enough that quality adaptions are possible as long as you have talented people behind it.

u/Jrocker-ame · -1 pointsr/xboxone