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Bissell Pet Hair Eraser Handheld Vacuum, Corded, 33A1
Surface type: Upholstery, auto, stairs; Power rating: 4 amperesFiltration: multi layer filtration, the Bissell hand vac uses the cyclonic cleaning system16 feet power cord. Cleans stairs, upholstery and hard surfaces. Dirt cup capacity: 0.78 litreSpecialized rubber Nozzle attracts hair and pulls out dirt on areas such as stairs and upholsteryIncludes two specially designed nozzlesIncluded components: Bissell - pet hair eraser; Bagless hand vac - black pearlPower source type: Corded electric
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17 Reddit comments about Bissell Pet Hair Eraser Handheld Vacuum, Corded, 33A1:

u/CaptainCoral · 7 pointsr/dogs

This pet hair eraser hand vac. It is amazing. It works so well, and pet hair is loosened by the rubber grips in the end, so it even pulls out pet hair that's threaded into blankets and the backseat. Worth every penny, especially since we have to vacuum our bedding every day when our dog is blowing her coat, and pretty much every few days during the rest of the year, haha.

u/littlestray · 7 pointsr/relationships

>She gets cat hair on his pillow

Oh man, if only humans had developed technology to cope with that beyond "discard our beloved pet!"

The rest of that is so gross. Makes me think of the type of personality that whines and throws a tantrum when sex is turned down. And people who boast that a dog's love is unconditional because they can't figure out how to earn trust or affection.

u/jwallwalrus26 · 4 pointsr/shiba

I've registered for the Dyson vacuum for this very reason. My parents own it and have 5 long haired cats and hardwood floors, and it has done wonders on hardwood and their furniture. I have friends with cats/dogs who have carpet and also swear by the investment.

The dyson vacuum will take care of all your needs and has so many attachments that do incredibly well. The one I've registered for is so much cheaper on Amazon as well (but it is still spendier than most vacuums):

For my upholstry (for now since our current vacuum isn't good) I actually bought this little vacuum and it does incredibly well for both my shiba and kai on both my leather and upholstered couches:

Bathing your shiba during shedding season will help with loosening the hairs and make grooming easier.

I also suggest the following brushes that have done wonders for my dogs and have helped keep our apartment clean during shedding seasons.

Kong Zoom Groom - great for top coat shedding predominantly, but does get undercoat as well, just not as well.

Furminantor - Great to get rid of undercoat or loosening it up. Some people say it damages the top coat, I personally have never noticed, but don't overuse it because I do think it can cause balding, but overbrushing in general can cause balding.

Double teeth Undercoat Rake: MASTER at pulling out undercoat without any damage to top coat.

Deshedding tool: This is also a magical tool to getting rid of the undercoat. I sometimes think it works the best of all the mentioned ones for undercoat at least for Kiba, Taro's fur seems to respond better to the furminantor, while Kiba doesn't release as much from that.

u/DeadPlasmaCell · 3 pointsr/Pets

We have a cattle dog/chihuahua mix who sheds quite a bit, I usually get a lint roller and go to town first then use a reg. vacuum with a brush attachment, but my father in-law sent us this for xmas and it works fantastic

u/Taco_Fiasco · 2 pointsr/HomeDecorating

Awww! Show us the cat please! I have a dog that sheds like crazy too. This thing has worked wonderfully to quickly and easily de-fur my car and furniture:

u/andgiveayeLL · 2 pointsr/dogs

I'm allergic to both dogs and cats and I have both. This list is more of the "nuclear options" just because of how severe my pet and dust allergies are, but even doing these things on a less extreme scale would probably help:

  1. HEPA filters for the air vents. Change them once per month

  2. I take Zyrtec daily (Costco has by far the best deal. You can buy it with a 5% upcharge if you aren't a member)

  3. In the spring when plants get added to the mix, I add another antihistamine (take Zyrtec in the morning and the second one at night). Usually it's allegra or claritin

  4. Brushing. Happens as near to daily as I can manage on my schedule

  5. Vacuuming. We have a Neato bot vac that runs daily, and we have the dyson pet hair (I actually don't love the Dyson. I think it's poorly built. If money were no object, I'd buy a Miele. If you have a rich family member, I'd throw a Miele on your registry and never look back).

  6. An air purifier. We use this in our bedroom because it's quiet and effective

  7. Bed linens and blankets get washed as often as possible (once a week minimum) because the cats share our bed and our dog loves the blanket I use on the couch. Pillowcases get changed every other night because my asshole cat thinks that is the best place to sleep

  8. If it's that bad, consider allergy shots. They are a huge PITA because of how often you have to go into the doctor to do them, but they work for some people

  9. Exposure/time will actually make a difference in the long run. My pet allergies were at their absolute worst when I was in college and didn't live with a pet. When I would come home and see my mom's cats, it was truly miserable. Now that I've got animals in my own home, it's better than it could be

  10. If you have your own home or are looking for one, hard surface floors are your best friend (wood, tile, concrete, etc). Carpet is awful for holding onto pet dander and hair. We don't own our own place yet, but when we do, the first change I'm making is getting rid of any carpet.

    Edit to add: On the topic of vacuuming, I'm getting this for Christmas and I'm hopeful that it will make vacuuming her spot on the couch easier than hauling the full sized vacuum up there
u/whatrosasaid · 2 pointsr/Wishlist

I need this. because I was an absolute idiot when I moved, and thought my Dirt Devil and Swiffer were too difficult to carry.

And I got a dog, post move, and it turns out that hair falls out. A lot! This pet hair eraser majig would salvage any/all fabric surfaces in my apartment. Many thanks, from Fannie and me :)

u/kbrsuperstar · 2 pointsr/CleaningTips

Get the dog hair off BEFORE you steam clean it otherwise it's going to be a huge mess. I use this pet hair vacuum but if you don't have your own pets, this pet hair remover is cheap and people swear by it.

u/spacemonkey86 · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

Here is a pet hair vacuum cleaner

How about a DVD of the movie Ray Bradbury's Something Wicked This Way Comes

/u/uss_Turtle and /u/wine-inacan your dirty birds who needs to be punished

edit: This is weird and I'm so sorry

u/considerthelobsters · 2 pointsr/femalefashionadvice

I believe it was this one. It's new, so we've only used it a couple times, but he said it worked pretty effectively but the downside was it was a little slow.

u/quirkas · 2 pointsr/Pets
u/SonVoltMMA · 1 pointr/AdviceAnimals

Fuck that noise. This thing all day, err day. It was created by the hands of God herself.

u/abby89 · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

Lots of people don't know this, but Australia and Austria are actually related. Australia just has more guys named "Al," so that's where the extra letters came from. Austria doesn't like admitting that Australia is its long-lost relative, because... well... Australia is often drunk.

The more you know!

(I need a hug.)

u/sunshinenfundip · 1 pointr/Wishlist

I just got a handheld vacuum for pet hair once I get around to using it, I'll let you know how it works, if you'd like.

u/eZGjBw1Z · 1 pointr/aldi

Here's a link to the product in this week's ad for $24.99. It's currently $28.99 on Amazon. Here's Bissel's product page for the 33A1B.

u/notacabaret · 1 pointr/randomactsofamazon

I just ordered this to be overnighted, supposed to be here today. You will need something similar. It has good reviews.

Good handheld pet vacuum

Also, my cats love this and it's really easy to get the hair from Kitty brush!