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Bits Limited SCG-3MVR Smart Strip Advanced Power Strip, 7-Outlets, Surge Protector, 15A, 4ft. Cable, Pack of 1
7-outlet surge protector with 4-foot cord ideal for high-end home and professional workstationsRight-angle plug keeps cord close to the wallAutomatically turns off power when not in use to help save energySuperior EMI/RFI filtering to 52dBDelivers 2175-joule and 37,000 AMP protection
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21 Reddit comments about Bits Limited SCG-3MVR Smart Strip Advanced Power Strip, 7-Outlets, Surge Protector, 15A, 4ft. Cable, Pack of 1:

u/willfe · 14 pointsr/Frugal

Gladly! Here is the model I use in my apartment. A touch on the pricey side, but worth it IMO. They make bigger ones too, but I haven't had the need for them yet.

u/wkrick · 9 pointsr/MAME

A "Smart Strip" is a popular option...

It has 1 "control" outlet that you would plug your PC into. When you turn on the PC, the power strip turns on 3 other outlets (monitor, marquee lights, powered speakers). When you turn the PC off, it cuts power to the 3 other outlets.

To make turning the PC on/off more convenient from outside the cabinet, you can disconnect the PC start button from the motherboard, which is just a momentary contact switch and replace it with really long wires and a momentary contact switch on the outside of the cabinet. Note that windows is designed to shut down when you press the power switch so it works out great.

This is the switch I used. It mounts in the spot where the original cabinet's toggle power switch was located...

Radio Shack #275-609

For wire, I just picked up a roll of cheap, thin speaker wire (two-conductor).

Note that the surge protector cord is only 4 foot long, so you might need a heavy-duty extension cord. I recommend appliance extension cords that are sold at Home Depot and Lowes. They come in shorter lengths.

EDIT: Another (more expensive) option is a USB triggered power strip.

It works the same way as the "Smart Strip" above except that there's a USB cable that plugs into the PC. When the PC is powered on, the USB port gets power and triggers the power strip to turn on the rest of the outlets. Note that this will only work if your PC does NOT keep the USB ports always powered on. Some motherboards can be configured to have "USB standby power on/off" but some are always on with no option to turn it off.

u/agent_of_entropy · 7 pointsr/DIY

Get a Smart Strip Surge Protector with Autoswitching Technology. When the TV is turned off/on, the other devices plugged into the controlled outlets are switched off/on automagically.

u/fudsak · 4 pointsr/cordcutters

Power your Chromecast via a USB port on your TV. That will at least turn off the Chromecast when your TV is off. If you don't have a free USB port to use, there are power strips that use one device's power status as an input to trigger the rest of the strip on and off (example).

u/will_self_destruct · 3 pointsr/cade

Have you looked at Smart Strip? You may be able to make something work using it. I use it for shutdown procedures in my pinball cabinet.

u/VMU_kiss · 2 pointsr/homeautomation

Sorry I'm Australian so you may not call it that it's a powerstrip in the US.

This is what I mean if this helps:

Basically used for PC's where once the PC is off it turns off the rest of the outlets but when the pc is back on it turns on the outlets meant for printers etc.

If it's hooked up to the xbox it will turn all the sockets on when xbox is on and just use some usb power supply plugged into it and your good to go

u/acconrad · 2 pointsr/howto

The worst offenders all revolve around an entertainment center. Which is why one of these bad boy surge protectors were made. Connect your TV in as the master unit, then plug in your game system, speakers, cable box, etc...

this surge protector specifically cuts power when it's off, but better, it will purposefully cut off those "phantom power" units that are joint to the master outlet. And then the green ones are for anything that needs dedicated power regardless of master being on. AND you don't need to physically unplug everything, which is awesome.

So I unplug my toaster, lamps, etc...but I just keep this surge protector for my entertainment center and boom no worries. Definitely worth the $30 bucks and my electric bill is like $20/mo, already paid itself off.

u/adrianmonk · 2 pointsr/audio

> Furman manufacture a sequencer that does exactly this, with three separate timed events in sequence

Another option is a "smart" power strip. They have a current sensor on one outlet and then turn some other outlets on/off. When you switch off the "master" device, a few seconds later it will cut power to the other devices. Some example models:

  • Tripp Lite AV88SATG
  • APC P8GT
  • Bits Limited SCG-3MVR Smart Strip

    I have an older APC model than the above, but they look to be very similar. It has a current sensitivity adjustment for the master outlet, which is nice, although I'd also like some control over the timing.

    This approach only gives you the proper power-on sequence, obviously, as it's always reacting to the "master" device, so it can't turn off the audio equipment until after it detects you've turned off the computer.
u/ZeosPantera · 1 pointr/hometheater

An amp (most amps) are always going to try and amplify something (even silence) which keeps it on, running and hot. I presume you don't leave the denon running 24/7 so you could just buy a "green" power strip that turns other equipment on when a MAIN piece is turned on. IE the Denon receiver.

u/Umlautica · 1 pointr/NoAudiophile

Take a look at smart power strips like this one. Without cracking one open, I bet there is a hall effect sensor on the master outlet that controls a bank of relays on the switched outlets. Just connect anything like a receiver or TV to the master and the speakers to the switched.

u/lanemeyer88 · 1 pointr/Vue

My brother and his family were struggling with their new 1 tb cap with Comcast. He discovered the rest of the family wasn't always backing out of apps like Vue/Pandora/Netflix before shutting off the tv because they were expecting the hdmi cec to put the fire tvs to sleep. Either the FireTV or tv hdmi cec wasn't working correctly but he would turn on a tv later and find apps that had been running for hours while everyone was sleeping or at work/school. He added a smart power strip to every tv which shuts off power to FireTV when the tv gets turned off. It does take the FireTVs a little extra time to power up vs. waking up from sleep but it has solved his particular cap issue. I think this is the brand strip he bought:

u/Synthesis2k2 · 1 pointr/MAME

I used to have a cab set up that way. Then I got this.

It made it much easier, since getting to the regular power strip/outlet/computer power button was a pain. Now I just need to turn on the switch for the cabinet, and go. :)

u/DonFrio · 1 pointr/hometheater

Bits Limited SCG-3MVR Smart Strip Advanced Power Strip, 7-Outlets, Surge Protector, 15A, 4ft. Cable, Pack of 1

u/Chunk_Games · 1 pointr/cade

What you want is a smart power strip. Shut it down properly and power everything down with the single press of a button.

u/CalvinsQuest · 1 pointr/cade

I don't use a raspberry pi, but this is the strip I use for my PC based MAME machine:

u/JasonInNJ · 1 pointr/Monitors

and my questions about the computer? I'm assuming USB doesn't turn off when it is in standby.

a master/slave power strip could work if the display power draw changes when you start using the PC again.

u/Geoff_Sanderson · 1 pointr/MAME

I mounted my motherboard and components to a 1/4" piece of MDF which was then mounted on the bottom of my cab. I attached the motherboard to the 1/4" piece of MDF with nylon spacers and pan head sheet metal screws. This allowed for air to get underneath the motherboard. I didn't bother with fiber washers or anything.

Depending on how much space you have in your cab, you might need less fans than you think.

As far as speakers go, you are better off buying cheap car speakers and wiring them to an amp. This allows you more flexibility with mounting. If you do want to use the 2.1 speaker system you have, you can use a smart power strip to power everything on, like this:

And yes ipac2 is good for 2 player setup. You can just wire up an arcade button to turn on/off your computer.

u/jryanishere · 1 pointr/homeautomation

You need a smart power strip.

Then you plug your harmony hub into a red outlet or leave it plugged into a separate source, plug your TV into the Blue outlet, and plug all your switched loads into the green outlets.

Program a watch tv activity to TURN THE TV ON FIRST WITH A DELAY OF 5 SECONDS!, Very important!

Then allow it to turn on the rest of your equipment. It works very well.

Keep in mind, old av receivers require a standby current to keep their settings once their super capacitor or internal battery goes dead. This is rarely a user replaceable item, so once it dies, it dies, and the receiver forgets about settings every time power is pulled.

u/TheAceMan · 0 pointsr/homeautomation

I use one of these:

Smart Strip SCG-3M Energy Saving Surge Protector with Autoswitching Technology, 7-Outlet

u/EvilGreenDevil · -1 pointsr/cade

Why not use a PC?

To your question: a smart strip will work. Something like this