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Blackstone's Police Operational Handbook 2018
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u/The_Pringles_Man · 4 pointsr/policeuk

Any other kit there is that I should get or think of getting soon?
Yeah - handcuff keys. Issue ones are crap, small, easy to lose. You can buy for a few pounds longer handcuff keys. Also, get a pull reel key chain ( you can whack your handcuff keys on it, and then clip it to your belt - you'll never lose them. I bought one during my first week on patrol and I've kept it since. Also get a folder - preferably with a zip. You can put your tickets and paperwork in there - easier to carry around etc.

Any pre-reading material that would be useful to get in the know? Heard of Blackstones but unsure on the exact ones to get.

If you mean the big books don't bother. As someone whose got the books and passed CID, Sgt's and Inspector's exam - they'll be too much and too in depth for you at this stage. Something like this should suffice;

Obviously I should start upping my fitness in preparation as well.
Yup. I would recommend ideally you look at some self defence. If your force is like mine, the stuff they teach you is almost useless and largely consists of push the person away, shout get back, Pava them. I would recommend somewhere that'll teach you mixed martial arts, or something like Judo so you can take people to the ground - even kickboxing. I've had the misfortune of knowing plenty of probationers who fought they were tough only to get battered because they found themselves in someone's house, hemmed into the corner of a room and couldn't readily access their kit. You need to know how to inflict a decent amount of damage should the situation ever arise - not trying to scare you but given the nature of Policing it could quite literally be the difference between getting the offender in handcuffs or you ending up in a coffin.

Brush up on the Cake fine legislation.
I'll refer you to S11(2)(a)(i) and when you finish your training S11(2)(a)(iii)

u/megatrongriffin92 · 1 pointr/policeuk

As far as the family thing goes declare it. Better to declare it than get it found out later. Even if it's relatively minor chuck it on just in case, it'll be up to whoever does the vetting to decide if it's relevant.

As for books, there's two I'd get: