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BMW 3 Series Service Manual 1984-1990
Covers Models: 318i, 325, 325e, 325es, 325i, 325is & 325i Convertible
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11 Reddit comments about BMW 3 Series Service Manual 1984-1990:

u/Aminalcrackers · 7 pointsr/E30

I'd recommend [e30 zone] ( for learning about the models.

As far as fixing them, a crowd favorite is the [Bentley Service Manual] (
As fair warning, you need to understand that your e30 will break down and there will be periods of time where it's out of commission. You should have a secondary form of transportation. Even though some e30s can be obtained for cheap, the amount of work you might have to put into them can easily be worth double the vehicle. If you don't know how to work on cars, and don't know anyone who will help you work on it, then an e30 or other classic probably isn't the right genre of vehicle for you. However, if you have the willpower, it is a wonderful car to own and maintain.

u/j-blizzle · 7 pointsr/E30

I'd recommend:

  1. buying a bentley e30 manual

  2. Buying a decent mechanic tool set, I just bought a 450 piece one off sears for $250 but any good rated amazon one for $70-$120 should do for basic stuff

  3. Register on a good e30 forum like and look at the diy guides and info there
u/saintdev · 3 pointsr/BMW

According to the Bentley Service Manual (you really should get one of these, even if you don't plan on doing the work yourself) section on the driveshaft:
> Repair kits for the universal joints may be available, but it is not common practice to repair the universal joints on BMW driveshafts, and there are no BMW-recommended repair procedures. Worn or damaged universal joints usually require replacement of that section of the driveshaft.

u/GuntherMontez · 3 pointsr/stickshift

When I was in my twenties, I bought an '87 BMW 3 series from a friend of a friend for $800, it had 146K miles and needed a lot of work, which included: the muffler had a 5 inch hole (the car was loud enough to set off car alarms when driving by); the center support bearing was broken which resulted in the drive shaft causing an unnerving thump-thump-thump between the front seats when accelerating from a stop; the front brake pads were so far gone, the squealing of the brakes was slowly turning into just a metal-on-metal grating sound; the hood release cable was broken, the hood could only be opened by knowing the right spot in the front grill to insert a long screwdriver and twist to release the hood.

I'd been driving stick-shift cars since I was 16, but I had never tried to work on a car until this one. I bought the Bentley manual, watched videos, and talked to my friends that had e30 BMWS. I bought some tools, I found some sites that sold parts for reasonable prices, and was able to teach myself enough to repair most of the issues myself over an 8 month period. Despite all the the problems the car had when I bought it, the engine was still strong and in good condition. Once I had most issues fixed, I was constantly telling myself that a car this old had no right being this much fun to drive.

So, while I'm not really giving a direct suggestion on which way you should go, I just wanted to relate my experience of how much fun it was to learn how to work on a car using an e30 BMW (without it getting too overwhelming). And if you're not looking for a pristine e30, they can definitely be found for under $5K.

u/Projekt535 · 2 pointsr/E30

+1, and don't forget the Bentley Manual!! It is by far the best thing you can buy for DIY projects on these cars. I have one fore my E30 and my E28, and it has never failed me.

I would also add a variety of different sized flatheads and phillips screwdrivers. And I would recommend an actual caliper spreader for brake changes vs a C-Clamp, as it is much easier in my experience and they can be had for ~$10.

u/beefcakez · 2 pointsr/E30

That's a clean E30. Definitely google some "e30 buyers guide" and go through that list.

It's a northern car, so prepare to have to fight rust (hopefully not though).

Absolutely change the timing belt (unless the previous owner shows you with proof that it was done less than 30k miles ago). Even so, it's not a hard job, just takes a while. I did mine the first time in 10 degree weather (no heat in the garage) and it sucked.

If you do buy it, a Bentley's manual is an absolute must. You can download it online in places, but the book is best so you can wrench on it and look at the diagrams too.

Bentley PDF link from r3vlimited I take no responsibility if you download a virus.

Bentley book on Amazon

u/steidley · 1 pointr/Autos

Congrats! I learned how to work on a car with a few E30s. Great fun to drive. Now go out and buy your new bible:

u/kingofpoptart · 1 pointr/BMW

All you'll ever need to fix an e30.

The e30 is an easy car to work on. There's plenty of space under the hood to work with. Its also very mechanical, so there's not a lot of computery things that can break. As somebody who owns a moneypit e30 I say go for it!

u/patrickeg · 1 pointr/E30

I've only worked with one a handful of times. But each time I've had few issues. Just make sure you really research what you're doing, grab a bentley manual and follow its directions. Make sure you have a good set of jack and jack stands, the E30 is a relatively low car, so if you're doing work to it you'll need to lift it up sometimes.

Always do valve adjustments every 15,000 miles and the timing belt every 50,000, the M20B25 is an interference engine, if that belt goes it'll blow the entire thing. Make sure you change the oil and fluids, etc. etc. The engines in these things will go forever if you take care of them.

The cool thing about E30s is they're an enthusiasts car, so there's quite a few videos on YouTube on how to properly do a lot of this stuff, and there's at least 2 active forums; E30tech and r3vlimited so If you need to know how to do something chances are someone has already done it and can tell you how.

u/bodhemon · 1 pointr/BMW

definitely. I replaced a reverse light switch (screws into the transmission under the car) felt pretty awesome about myself. I would recommend getting the bentley manual. I understand that is the one to go with. Good luck!